Bi Secret Life Ch. 04


This story brings you all upto date on my bi life,I have only written about the meets that have been memorable. I have a lot more stories but feel that they are not good enough to put on here, however I will continue to post any future stories that are worth telling.

The last guy I had met was a bit of a disaster, he had been too rough and had put me off sex with guys for a while. I continued to chat with guys on the net but did’nt want to meet anybody. But after nearly a year without any cock I started to think about meeting a guy for some fun.

I had been chatting to a guy named Carl for about two months and during that time we said that maybe one day we could meet up. While chatting to him one afternoon I suggested I might be able to come over to his house if he was free that evening, he told me he was and I could call round anytime.

I used the excuse that I was going for a drink with some friends so I could get out of the house. I got a little side tracked though and it was getting late when I got away from my friends.

I decided Maltepe Escort to call round to Carl’s to see if he was still up for some fun. I was nervous as I knocked on his door and waited, after a few seconds the door opened and there stood Carl.

He was about 6ft with cropped hair and what looked a nice shaped body, he was wearing a shirt and jeans.

“Hi come on in” he said as he moved aside.

I stepped inside and he showed me through to the lounge, I sat down on a sofa and he went to lock the front door.

“You want to watch some porn?” he asked as he walked back in the room.

“Yeah sure” I answered.

Carl then put a video on and sat down next to me on the sofa. The video started and showed three guys on a bed one was led down while one guy sucked him and another wanked over him.

I looked over to Carl who had unfastened his jeans and pulled out a large hard cock, it was about 8 ins and thick.

Carl began to wank off as he watched the movie, I could feel my cock getting hard, Kartal Escort but that was more to do with seeing Carl wanking his cock.

I undid my jeans and pulled them part way down and I started to stroke my cock, Carl looked over at me and put his hand around my cock and started to wank me slowly.

Carl bent over and took my cock into his mouth and started to suck gently on it, he took a few sucks on it before sitting back up.

“Let’s go upstairs” he suggested.

I pulled off my jeans and boxers and followed him upstairs to what looked liked the spare room. We both stood at the bottom of the bed and began to kiss with a wild passion, our tongues probing each others mouths.

We pulled off our t shirts and Carl pulled me down onto the bed, i was on top of him as we kissed more, he pushed me down his body. As I moved down his body I kissed and licked as much as I could untill I got to his cock.

My tongue licked up and down his shaft as my fingers caressed his balls, then I took his cock into Pendik Escort my mouth, firstly sucking on the head as I wanked him off. I took as much as I could in my mouth, sucking it hard as I could and my fingers began to feel his ass.

I sucked him for a while before I moved back up the bed next to him and again we kissed passionatly, he moved me over onto my stomach and pulled me up onto all fours.

I felt the head of his cock against my ass, he pushed more against me and I felt him opening my hole. I was now very horny as I felt his cock just inside me that I started to push back onto his cock and felt him go deeper into me. He was deep in me and I couldnt belive I was taking him so easy, he continued to fuck me pumping me real hard.

“Oh yesssss oh fuck yesss” I shouted as he pushed in more.

He then pulled out of me and pushed me onto my back, he knelt astride me and started to wank off hard and fast over me, I felt his body shake then I felt his cum as it shot over my face and chest.

I started to wank off and Carl put his open mouth over my cock, I wanked harder as I felt myself on the verge of orgasm, my body shuddered and I shot into his mouth, he clamped his mouth round my cock to make sure he got every drop.

We cleaned up and got dressed and have agreed to meet again sometime, watch this space.

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