Biker Boy Ch. 02

Big Tits

If you are reading this and still in your late teens, or even twenties, then you know how many times a day you need to, and can, ‘take-care-of-business’. My name is Tom, Tommy to a select few. I had my first real guy on guy sexual experience today. It was wonderful! I know that as I age, my body will eventually need to rest a bit, or more, between sex sessions. And I’ve read that most men can keep sexually active for their entire lives, just maybe with less frequency. I hope everyone can relate to my story at this stage of my life. Thanks.

“Hey! Hop in! I got the water real nice and warm.” That’s Tank. He’s my ‘first’. Maybe I am naive and all, but for right now I just can’t imagine being with anyone else!

“Okay. Okay. Shove over so I can…Tank!” He has me in a tackle hug; and we just swiveled under the shower head. Just to let you know, I am very ticklish. Tank does not know this yet, but he might catch on if this continues.

“So, Mr. Thomas…how is your day going – anything interesting?” He keeps running his fingers along my back at a few of my….

“AHH. Stop!” I have to giggle. I just have to, even though he’ll find out my weakness.

“What’s this? Do I have the pleasure of holding Mr. Ticklish Thomas with me, naked and wet, in need of a real good soap-down here in this very private and cozy shower in my parents house while they are away for the weekend?” I am now seriously in trouble. Tank has me all squirming and giggling and I am not in control at all. I can barely blurt out a reply.

“How the fuck did you have enough breath in you to get out that last long sentence, asshole?”

“Asshole? Who, me? As I recall, you are the one who is the ‘asshole’ in this relationship.” OMG, it hurts. I am at the point where my stomach muscles ache from laughing so much. Tank is loving this. I have to do something quick or I will pee all over us.

“WHA…?” Right. That does it. I now have a handful of nutsack, full balls and all, in a real good Midwestern Boy grip. I may be gentle in many ways, but my grip is good and strong.

“You have something to say, Tank?” He is shaking his head ‘no’, and though my eyes and his are gleaming with excitement and delight, I do see him lifting both arms up in the ‘surrender’ posture over his head.

“Good boy. What?” I want to laugh so bad, and I know that my constant smile is tipping off how playful I feel, but if I don’t teach Tank a lesson about my ticklishness, I will be doomed. “I can’t hear you. Did you say you give up?” There’s that beautiful smile…and another head shake ‘no’. Squeeze play!

“GIVE! GIVE UP!” Leaning in to kiss the hot man who took my virginity just a short time ago…and easing up my crunch on his nuts. Tanks Kurtköy Escort arms are at my shoulders. His hands at the sides of my head. His wet mouth and tongue are probing mine, and I just know where this is about to go!

Part 2″You surprise me, Tommy. Not as shy as I thought you were; and I love it about you.”

“Why, Mr. Tank. Did I just hear you say that you love me?” Now I have to giggle again, and not because i am being tickled. Tank has the sweetest look on his face – a combination of puppy dog look, wide-eyed wonderment, and open mouthed surprise.

“Uh. Well.” If there is one thing I cannot stand it is to see a guy in any kind of emotional distress. I have to back off a bit.

“No worries, Tank. We like each other. I hope this day is the start of, well, everything you and I hope for.” I’m in another tackling hug. No tickling this time. Tank has his head over my shoulder, pressed to the side of my head.

“I’ve loved you since the beginning of High School, Tom. Not being with you until now has been the most painful thing to endure.” As we open up our embrace, I think there’s tears in Tanks eyes, but the shower water might be fooling me. He is looking real serious, though.

“Me, too, Tank. I just never thought I had a chance with someone like you…always with sports, girls, you know.”

“Couldn’t admit how I felt about you even to myself at first.” Tank looks vulnerable. He never looks vulnerable.

“I hope my hand strength didn’t do any damage to your bollocks, my good man.” He smirks at me.

“Sit down on the shower bench and let’s have a look.” I am in my most ‘doctorly’ mode now. “Oh, my. In my professional opinion, you have ballitis!”

“What the fuck?” His smile kills me.

“Ballitis. A very serious condition where the male cojones have swollen due to excessive internal pressure. There is only one remedy available to modern science. I am afraid to tell you that we don’t have much time. We need to act now.”

“Okay, Doc. Do what you have to do. Just save them for me, okay?” Damn, he has a straight face and everything.

“I’ll do my absolute best.” Now I am kneeling, and my face is moving closer to my target. Tank has a ‘belly slapper’ dick, and right now it is in full glory near his stomach; out of the way, and not needed at the moment. I am going in for my first meal of ‘meat and balls, hold the spaghetti!”

Part 3″Oh, yeah. That sure feels good.” I hope so. I’ve watched enough porn to know how, in theory at least, to please a man. This is a man I definitely want to please, by the way. I may be new to most of this, but my ‘practice’ is paying off today.

“Dang, Tom. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Göztepe Escort you had done this before. You…you haven’t…right?” I just give him a shoulder shrug and ‘maybe’ look. I do love a good joke.

In my best ‘Doctor’ voice, I ask: “Mr. Tank. In your condition, I must ascertain if you know the difference between a dick and a joke?” He looks puzzled. Shakes his head ‘no’.

“Obviously, you can’t take a joke!” I delight in seeing him hesitate; and the wheels turning inside his brain. My man has an amazing and infectious laugh; and it is now ringing off the shower stall walls! But I have a job to do. My tongue loves the feeling of the fullness within his taint. It’s firm, yet spongy, and I wallow there, pressing in gently, making little circles with the tip of my teaser, loving how he is moaning.

“Nice. Never have I ever…” This is a game I can win at!

“Then what about this, Mr. Tank?” In proportion to his dick being about an inch longer than mine, his nuts are also a lot bigger, too. Not sure if I can….Oh, yeah….I can. Reminds me of this old TV add I saw on some retro channel: “Chock Full of Nuts is that Heavenly Coffee.” I’m ready to move on to other crotch hot spots.

“Ball sack, not coffee!” I kind of say it under my breath, but I know he heard me. I don’t have time for his reaction. My hand is reaching for his dick; my tongue is lapping at his nuts in a feeding frenzy of eighteen year old lust.

“What?” No time to answer him My work here is too important. Did I mention that in between all the horseplay we did get in a little soap cleaning action? Maybe not enough yet, but at least a little got done. I’m real glad, because Tanks dick was recently a visitor inside of my ass, and I am about to deepthroat his somewhat clean phallus.

“Oh!. Damn!” A man of few, but accurate words. YouTube taught me (once again, in theory) how to deepthroat a dick in one swift gulp without gagging. I just fucking did it! Feels nice to slide slowly up the shaft to circle his cock head with my tongue. And now…deepthroat! Again. Again. Again!

“Close. Getting close, Tommy.” Music to my ears.

“Okay. Pull off. Tom?” When will he learn? I have a long list of ‘firsts’ to check off with him.

“Now, bud. Okaaay. Now. NOW! FUCK. NAHOWW!!” Seven. Eight. I better pull up a little to get a taste before he’s out of juice. Ah. Nice. Back down the hatch for…Nine. Ten even. Ten big ropes of boy cream shot directly into my stomach, sliding down my throat, on its way to breed my belly. Got a good taste of him though. Me likey!

Part 4Spent. Tank looks spent. Smiling. Spent.

“Give me a minute…Doc. I think you ‘fixed’ the problem.” I nod ‘yes’.

“Certainly, Pendik Escort Mr. Tank. My pleasure. But now there is the small matter of your bill.” He is recovered enough to smile at me, with twinkling eyes; and a devilish look on his face.

“And what type of payment do you prefer, Doctor?” Now standing right in front of him, my crotch at his mouth and hand level, I ponder my answer.

“Tommy, I really liked what you just did, but I don’t know if I’m ready to…” I put a finger to his pouting lips to silence him.

“I will demonstrate my payment needs for you, Mr. Tank.” With that, I reach out and take his hand, pulling it toward my crotch. As I press it to my penis, Tank warms to the idea. He grabs my shaft, and together, we begin to slowly stroke me off. Even though my hand is covering his, his is the first hand besides mine to ever touch my dick, and it feels amazing. As we get into a good rhythm, I let go and steady myself on his shoulders.

“What amount of payment do you require, Doctor?”

“You’ll know when you’ve settled the bill. Mr….Mr….” That’s it. All of this sexual innuendo has turned my cock into a battering ram of young man meat. Tank knows I’m close, and he is speeding up his strokes. Can’t. Can’t hold back.

“YES! Give it to me!” WTF is he talking for? I couldn’t NOT give it to him if he offered me a million dollars! My dick is pulsating like crazy and it’s a good thing my hands are on his shoulders to steady my body. That gut wrenching feeling when being tickled is now a gut wrenching feeling of my crotch spasming to its limit. I can’t count my ropes like I did his ropes, because my head is awash in a sea of euphoric light show graphics. I honestly can not see where I am at the moment. My knees are buckling. Strong hands are holding onto me. Better. Okay, yes,… coming back now.

“I trust that takes care of my bill?” If I had the strength I would give him a good answer. A nod will have to do. I just coated Tanks hand, arm, chest, abs, belly, and crotch with a torrent of thick white cum. Never gave up so much of it at one time before.

“I’ll just have a small taste.” Tank is dipping a finger into my spooge. He wipes some of me off his chest, holds the finger to his face, looks at the dripping string, and sucks it into his mouth like a lollipop.

“Not bad. Want some?” He doesn’t wait for me to answer, His finger is dipping back into my cum cascade, and now he is offering a dollop to my mouth. Open up. Suck. Taste. Swallow. Done.

We all know how to take a shower, so I won’t bore you with what we are now doing – soaping up each others body – nice and sensually…just to be clean, you know! We are going out to dinner tonight. Gotta get to know this guy on some level other than sexually, if we are to really have a chance at a relationship. After all, the sex might get old and boring. Not. Guess I owe it to you to tell about our dinner date. Oh, and the fun we had dressing each other after the shower. I will. Promise!

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