Blacked Out



This is the story of a young straight male who learns the hard way that using a bathroom in a dark basement was a bad idea when he is taken by force at the hands of two muscular black men who use him like a woman.

By Steve Hedges


It was a long day at work that was finally over. Being the I.T. guy at a small law firm takes its toll on you from time to time, but is the perfect job for a skinny little 24 year old white guy like myself. As elevator approached the ground floor, I couldn’t wait to make my way to my car and get home. I turned on the radio as usual to get the latest traffic info, only to learn that an accident on the freeway I take has traffic at a standstill. No problem, just do plan B which I have done many times, driving through the downtown area bypassing the freeway. While driving through the area of downtown known as The Tenderloin, a neighborhood know for it homeless, drug dealers, prostitutes, transsexuals and hard-core gay bars, I suddenly heard and felt the rear tire going flat. SHIT, I thought, I really want to get home and don’t need this crap. Luckily I saw an available parking space to pull into. I grabbed my cell phone and called AAA for assist. I was informed that assistance would be here in 60 minutes.

Thirty minutes into my wait, I really had to piss badly. I was afraid to go far fearing I might miss the AAA guy when I noticed what looked like a bar across the street. Perfect I thought, I’ll slip right in, use the bathroom and be back at my car in no time. As I entered the dark bar I was having trouble seeing after being exposed to the bright sunlight outside. I walked up to the bar and asked the bartender where the restrooms were. He replied, you need to buy a drink if you want to use our restroom buddy. So I ordered a draft beer and as he put the beer in front of me, he pointed to the back of the bar where the restrooms were located. As I took a quick sip of beer before heading to the restroom, I couldn’t help but to notice two very muscular black men staring at me from the other end of the bar. One was about 5’10 wearing jeans and a bare chest wearing only a leather vest. His friends was about the same size wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I took another sip of my beer and headed for the john, thinking I can’t wait to get the fuck out of here. I found my way to the bathroom only to see a sign that read “Out of Order”. There was a guy cleaning there who said, Sir you’ll have to use the employee’s bathroom room down in the basement. As he pointed to a stairwell in the corner, I thanked him and headed down the stairs. The basement area was dimly lit by a single low wattage lightbulb hanging in the corner. I looked around and saw an open door with a toilet in the room. That must be it as I headed right in and unzipped as I walked up to the toilet. As I was pissing I heard the Bathroom door slam shut.

I looked up at the mirror in front of me and saw the same two black men who were staring at me at the bar. The one in the t-shirt walked over to the sink next to the toilet I was using and began washing his hands, while his buddy remained by the door. I couldn’t wait to finish up and get the hell out. I zipped up and turned to head for the door when suddenly the black guy at the sink grabbed me from behind. Before I could react or utter a word, a switchblade was at my throat as he whispered in an authoritative voice “Make a move or make a sound and I’ll slice your throat open Mother Fucker!”

Overwhelmed with fear at the prospect of my throat being sliced open I didn’t say a word or struggle to get free. The other black guy by the door slid the lock closed on the door and slowly walked right up to me. The man holding me then whispered “On Your Knees Fucker”. I obeyed his demand and dropped to my knees as the other black man began to rub his finger around my mouth as he said “You Have Some Sweet Lips Bitch”. There was a short pause in his voice, then he said “Time to put them sweet lips Tuzla Escort to work”. He stopped rubbing my lips with his finger and rested both hands at his side. He then told me to pull down his pants. Scared and confused I hesitated as I was unsure what to do next. He then said in an angry voice “I SAID, UNDO MY BELT AND PULL DOWN MY PANTS MOTHER FUCKER!” as the black man holding the blade to my throat said forcefully “DO IT MOTHERFUCKER BEFORE I CUT YOU!”

I Hesitated for a moment, then reached out and began to unbuckle his wide leather belt. With his belt dangling un-done I then reached up and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper. I could see the huge bulge of his cock down the pant leg as I began pulling his jeans down to his knees. At that moment he said “ALL THE WAY DOWN TO MY ANKLES MOTHER FUCKER”. I then pulled them down to his ankles as ordered and all that remained was his boxer shorts. There was a pause of silence for a moment as I was staring right at his crotch. I could see he had a huge cock as it bulged from the mid-section along the length of his shorts, with a fat cockhead protruding from the bottom. He yelled “WHAT THE FUCK YOU WAITEN ON MOTHER FUCKER, PULL’EM DOWN!” I did as his said and began pulling down his boxer shorts. As they slide down past his crotch, I could now see his entire cock. It had to be at least 11 inches long and 3 inches thick.

As many times as I’ve seen other men nude in the locker room of the gym I go to, I never seen a cock this large before. I was startled at the size and shape of his cockhead. It was the size of a medium plum, deep purple in color, tight skinned and shiny. I damn near looked like a plum.

He then said ordered me to grab his cock. Scared, dazed and confused I complied and reached out my hand and lightly gripped his semi-hard hanging thick cock. He then said squeeze harder and jack it, jack it slow. Squeezing his cock harder, I lifted it up, and with its fat head pointed right into my face, began to slowly jack it forward and backward. I was completely freaked out at this point and could not believe what I was being made to do, but the feeling of sharp cold steal pressing at my throat by the black man holding me from behind reminded me quickly to do as I was told. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder as I slowly jacked him until he was fully erect. I was totally freaked out over the size and feeling of this huge black cock I had gripped in my hand. He whispered “That’s It Bitch, Squeeze It Hard and Jack It Slow”.

As I continued jacking him I could see a huge droplet of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his enormous cockhead. A sudden chill ran through my body as I knew inevitably what I would have to do next. It was just a matter of time before he spoke those dreaded words. After another minute of slowly jacking his cock he finally said what I didn’t want to hear, “Now Put It in Your Mouth Mother Fucker!” For a moment I froze, almost forgetting about the black man holding the blade to my throat until he pressed the blade a little harder as yelled out “DO IT MOTHER FUCKER!” I then leaned forward and slowly took his cock into my mouth. The taste of the warm creamy pre-cum oozing from his cock totally grossed me out. I had to open my mouth wide and literally push my head forward hard to get the huge cockhead to slide pass my lips as it finally popped into my mouth.

He then reached out and held my head between his hands and slowly pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. I could feel his cockhead pressed against the back of throat. At that moment I feared he would try to ram his cock down my throat, but he didn’t… thank God. Instead he began to slowly mouth fuck me, sliding his cock back and forth just a few inches. I heard him moan slightly as he whispered “That’s its cracker, mouth fuck your daddy’s cock”. As he continued to mouth fuck me, I began to taste more and more of his pre-cum flowing out of his cock into my mouth. Because of the Anadolu Yakası Escort size of his cock I could not swallow, so the cum just filled up in my mouth until finally it flowed out passed my lips. As more and more pre-cum oozed out of my mouth, I could feel it dripping from my chin. After another minute of mouth fucking, suddenly I felt his cockhead swell up and throb as he began to moan loudly.

I knew immediately what was about to happen, so I shut my eyes and tried to prepare for the mouth full of cum I was about to receive. I felt the first warm stream of cum shooting from his cock into the back of my throat, and it was a HUGE load. I tried not to gag as he shot a second load, a third, and finally a fourth. Some of it shot right down my throat while the remainder filled my mouth. I tried my best not to gag worried a sudden movement might get my throat cut. As he pulled his cock from my mouth, a river of cum flowed out of my mouth dripping all over my chest. I had to fight hard to refrain from vomiting. He just stood there for a few moments in silence. I saw that his cock was still as hard as before and did not begin to go limp. Suddenly he reached forward and began to undo my pants. He then leaned in close with his face right up to mine, grabbed my chin and looked me straight in the eye as he whispered . . .

“I’m gonna fuck your sweet white ass like it’s never been fucked before!”

He then pushed my face away and began to unbutton my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. He took off my tennis shoes, grabbed my jeans at the ankles and lifted my legs up while the man behind me held me tight supporting my upper body. And in one swift motion pulled my jeans off completely as my legs then fell back to the ground. Immediately he reached down grabbing my ankles firmly in each hand and lifted my lower body high in the air, resting my ankles over the top of his shoulders. As one of his strong arms was wrapped around my waist supporting my back, the other began to rub his hard cockhead up and down my ass crack, spreading his remaining cum around my asshole.

I suddenly became more terrified than ever. I had not said anything either man up to this point, no pleads to free me, no refusals to suck his cock, and had been very consenting throughout this ordeal in fear of being cut. But now the thought of my ass ripped wide open by this huge black cock finally made me yell out “OH GOD, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS, PLEASE LET ME GO!”. The man behind me suddenly covered my mouth with his hand, muffling my pleas. The man about to fuck me said . . . .

“You feel that big black cock pressed up against your asshole, I’ll ram that mother fucker all the way in at once and split your white ass wide open, or I can go easy and make it really good…Your choice bitch…so what’s it gonna be?”

Was this a statement? Was I supposed to give him an answer, was he serious, or did he say that just to fuck with my head. He then whispered to his friend to remove his hand from over to mouth, and then said “Bitch, you have 10 seconds to give me an answer, otherwise you’re getting fucked the hard way”.

The mere thought of the pain of having my ass ripped apart caused me to reply “Please go easy”. Good choice he replied as he used his hand to guide the head of his cock right up to my asshole. The man holding me from behind then whispered in my ear “Relax sweet thing, your gonna enjoy it”, as his friend then placed both his hands on my hips and very slowly began pushing his enormous plum sized cockhead into my ass. I did my best not to cry out from the pain. He then would back off, then press against my asshole again. He keep on pressing and backing off about ten times, with each new thrust inching more and more of his cockhead into my asshole, all the time repeating “Just relax bitch, it won’t hurt for long”. And with the final thrust, his cockhead managed to slide right in past my tight sphincter and into my asshole. And he İstanbul Escort was right, now that the head of his cock was in my ass, the pain began to subside. He then began sliding his hips from side to side in a wave motion, slowly pushing his huge black cock deeper and deeper into my ass.

Not only did the pain subside, but I was shocked to discover it actually starting feeling good. He then started to withdraw his cock from my ass slowly, only this time it didn’t hurt as much as his cockhead slide out past my sphincter. Again he slid his cock into my ass, this time all at once. A shiver came over me as I was being stimulated in a way I never felt before as he slowly slid his cock in and out of my ass. I suddenly realized I was getting a hard-on. As he continued fucking me slow and deep, he saw my hard cock and said “See bitch, I told you I would make it good for you”. I was somewhat embarrassed at the fact I got a hard-on from being ass raped, but what the hell, it felt really good. His thrusts began to increase in speed, and with each new thrust working deeper into my now relaxed ass, I began to moan softly.

His buddy chuckled and said “Brotha, I think you just turned this boy out”. Never in my life would I have believed that getting my ass fucked would be such a hot pleasurable experience. The pleasure was almost unbearable, as I never felt anything this good before. As he continued fucking me faster and faster, harder and deeper, for a brief moment I felt ashamed over the prospect that he was turning me into a faggot that was enjoying getting his ass fucked by a big black cock. Just then I realized the man holding me from behind was no longer holding his switchblade to my throat, and was softly stroking my hair as he whispered in my ear “Just relax sweet thing and enjoy it”. I then thought to myself, my God, their using me like a woman. I finally gave in completely, relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling of my ass getting fucked hard and deep by this muscular black stud’s enormous cock.

After a few more minutes of fucking me, he looked me straight in the eye and said . . . .

“Sweet thing, you’ve been so good and cooperative, you deserve a reward”

And with that, the man holding me then spit twice into the palm of his hand, then reached forward and took a firm grip on my long hard cock and began to slowly jerk me off. I was so overwhelmed with a sudden rush of pleasure so intense, I could hardly control myself. Getting ass fucked AND jerked off at the same time was more than I could stand. I let out a loud moan as my cock suddenly shot a huge load like it never did before. Not just one, but three streams of cum sprayed into the air landing on my chest. Seeing me shoot my loads must have got the man fucking me really excited, because suddenly I could feel his cock swelling up in my ass and I knew what that meant. Just as his cock swelled up in my mouth, I knew he was about to cum.

And just as I felt those warm streams of cum shooting into the back of my throat, I could feel the same warm cum shooting into my ass. With each stream of cum filling my ass, his cock became slicker and slicker, lubricating it’s self with its own cum allowing it slide easily in and out of my ass. He then stopped fucking me and with his cock rested motionless in my ass. I could feel his cock slowly begin to go limp, gently throbbing a couple times discharging the last remain streams of cum. Moments later he withdrew his cock from my ass and gently set my legs back to the ground.

He began to pull up his pants as the man holding me from behind let go. As I stood there silently and feeling fulfilled and ashamed at the same time, I glanced up to see the two black men walking out of the bathroom without uttering a word. I grabbed some paper towels and wiped the cum from my ass and pulled up my pants. Still dazed and confused over the entire ordeal I walked out of the bathroom and quickly made my way back up the stairs and out the bar door, not looking at or saying anything to anyone as I walked out the door. Soon I was home and couldn’t wait to get into a hot bath to wash the cum from my body. I laid in the tub pondering on my ordeal, an ordeal that I would never ever tell anyone about, and one in which I would hope to soon forget.

The end

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