Bloodthirsty Ep. 02


2 days had passed and Jason was still thinking about jade and wondering whether he would ever see him again. Jason wasn’t gay but something about jade made him want to find him again. No, he thought, he couldn’t do that. So to calm himself, he got up, grabbed his keys and left for a local coffee shop around the corner. He took a shortcut through what looked like an empty alleyway, but as he strode along, Jason felt a sudden sharp pain in his head as he was knocked out by a hooded stranger. All he saw before he blacked out was a glimpse of bright red hair.

Jason awoke, slowly opening his eyes and realising he was still in the alleyway but his clothes, keys and phone had been taken. All he had left were his yellow briefs covering his junk. As he stumbled to his feet, he realised a sudden stinging pain on his neck. “What the fuck happened” he said aloud as he tripped and fell onto his face.

Jason Kadıköy Escort awoke with beads of sweat dripping down his face and realised gladly it was just a dream. He was back in bed with his clothing next to him in a heap on the floor. But something frightened him as got up and looked in the mirror to see what he thought was a snake bite on his neck.

“Snake infestation” he grumbled under his breath. He called the pest control over to eliminate the problem. But after 4 straight hours of searching there was nothing found. He looked in his wallet to see how much money he had on him. Inside there was a $100 bill. With no idea how it had ended up there, he kept it as he needed money desperately.

Later that evening Jason was feeling rather horny so he decided to get his laptop on and ready to go. After a few minutes he was jerking off, but that’s when it got weird. His Kadıköy Escort Bayan dick went limp and he couldn’t do it. He tried loads of different solutions and that’s when he realised something. His dick always did this during straight sex and he wasn’t so sure why. Now he knew. He was gay.

After clicking on a gay porn video, his cock went rock hard like a rocket. He couldn’t believe it but he knew he would keep getting worse if he didn’t fuck someone soon. Jason hadn’t ever fucked with another male so he was afraid of what it had on store.

He decided that he would go back to that gay club and find a willing male of roughly the same age (18) to experiment his feelings. He walked in to hear the loud blaring music again and went to the same spot as he had before. Jason was pretty shy when he was sober, so he wanted a couple of drinks to get drunk on. That few İstanbul Escort drinks turned to a lot of drinks and Jason ended up passed out.

His dream was strangely frightening as he saw the same red head, but Jason tied up and nude. The red haired boy smiled and winked at Jason.

Jason awoke in a bed, but it wasn’t his own this time. It seemed to be a nice apartment that made the owner look very wealthy. He looked at his watch seeing it had only been a few hours since he was raving. He was pretty hangover and his head hurt and he thought “Where the fuck am I?”. His thoughts were interrupted as a familiar face walked in the room.

“Jade? Jason questioned. Where am I?”

Jade replied “You were passed out on the floor so I took you home”

“I guess I need to thank you somehow now”

“There’s really no need to. But I do have a question. Why were you in there in the first place? I thought you were straight”

“after some thinking I realised I was gay”

A few seconds later, the door opened and a boy walked in. He had red hair and looked exactly like the one in his dreams.

“Holy shit”Jason stuttered.

“What’s wrong” jade asked.

Jason, once again fainted…

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