Bound for More Ch. 01 – A Ranch Hand


Bound for More – 1: A Ranch Hand

I did not think the week would ever end. I was so anxiously looking forward to seeing DDT (Daddy Dom Tom) on Friday, that the days just dragged on. Thankfully, I was very busy at work, in the evenings I would finish routine chores around the house and focus on the tasks DDT had given me for the week. We would speak on the phone for a few minutes each evening, but that only made me more anxious to see him. Last weekend was so amazing; I could not get it out of my head. I had never been used so thoroughly or completely. And he promised that he would make this coming weekend even better. I honestly cannot imagine how.

DDT instructed me to use my largest toys every day on my pussy, as he liked to call it. He wanted me to focus on training and stretching my hole. He said he loved a sloppy cunt, and I gave it no more thought. I was just happy to have something to focus on, and loved the idea of working on things to make him happy. So with my chores done, and the evening call wrapped up, I lined up my toys. I would start with the largest toy I knew I could coax into my hole. In my eagerness I would quickly move to the next size toy up. I had to huff on some poppers to relax my hole and get my head in the right space to take it. But ultimately had no problems, considering my motivation. By Thursday night, I had taken my largest, a 9″ round rubber cock, without too much difficulty. I proceeded to ride it for nearly an hour. I fell asleep that night with my pussy stretched and aching.

I also followed Daddy’s instructions and stayed locked in my cage all week. I would only take it off for my morning shower, to clean myself and the device. I was horny as ever, but amazingly, had no trouble staying locked. The thought of being DDT’s pussy boy kept me on task and eager to comply. All I wanted was for him to destroy my cunt again.

Friday, at last. I was surprised how much my ass had recovered overnight. I could feel some tenderness from that big toy, but overall my pussy felt good and hungry. The work day moved at a snail’s pace. My thoughts were consumed with getting to the ranch this evening and start in on another amazing weekend with DDT. 5 PM could not come fast enough, and when it finally did, I shut down my computer and raced out of the the office without saying a word to anyone. I did not mean to be rude, but I was on a mission. I rushed home and jumped in the shower. I wanted a deep cleaning in preparation for whatever DDT had in store for me. He did not say anything about dinner, so I just grabbed an apple for a little sustenance. I already had a bag packed, and he wanted me to bring some of my own toys, so I had packed them in another duffle. I threw them in the back of my little SUV and got on the road.

It was an easy drive. I did not live far from the highway, so I was on it in 5 minutes heading south. Anther 30 minutes and I turned east onto a paved 2 lane farm to market road. There was little to no traffic on this road, so the next 15 minutes flew by like the rolling country side. I was using my phone for directions and I could tell the next turn was coming up. My heart started to beat a little faster as I knew I was getting close. That and the fact that I had instructions to follow from DDT after the next turn. I slowed and made the right hand turn onto a wide dirt packed road in good condition. It was lined with thick rows of trees on either side, but you could see grazing fields beyond them. I passed the first drive off the road and just beyond the next rise in the road, I pulled over.

I stepped out of my SUV and shucked all of my clothes. I neatly folded them and placed them on the floorboard in my back seat. I got back in my vehicle and continued my drive. My dicklet already leaking in anticipation. I followed the dirt road for a couple of miles and finally turned into his drive. It was marked with big stone block pillars and a wide electric gate between them. A sign over the gate read “Bear Stone Ranch.”

The drive was long and winding and packed gravel. The house sat up on a hill overlooking a valley and was ringed by very old Live Oak trees. The gravel drive ended in a large circle connecting the house and the barn that sat about a hundred feet away. It was picturesque, somewhere between quaint and breathtaking. I stopped the vehicle in front of the walk leading up to the house, as instructed, and stepped out. I had texted him when I had stopped to strip, so he should be expecting me. Since I did not see him, I decided to grab my bags out of the back and head up to the front door.

The back of the SUV was raised and I bent over to pick them up, thinking to myself, “it looks like I am moving in, not just staying a couple of nights,” and quietly laughed to myself. That’s when I felt something grab my ass. I jumped a little, but another hand was on my shoulders holding me in place.

“There’s my boy!” I heard DDT’s voice state. “And he looks good enough to fuck right here.” I felt the buttons of İstanbul Escort his 501s push into my ass and he grabbed me in his arms for a tight squeeze. I could feel his big cock was hard, even through the denim. He was happy to see me. This of course, made my own clit pulse and respond with a dribble of precum. He did not let me turn around, but I could feel his cowboy hat brush my head as he nuzzled my ear. He kept me facing my bags in the back of the vehicle. Daddy hugged me and caressed me and ran his hands all over me. His oversized buckle pressing into the small of my back.

Then he pushed my head forward, until I was laying on the bags. His cowboy boots kicked at my tennis shoes nudging my feet apart. I could hear him undoing his belt, and the cool buckle fall across my ass and rest against my leg. His hands kneaded my thick meaty ass, pulling the cheeks apart and exposing my hungry hole. He spit onto it and his cock head was right there to keep the spit in place. “Spread that pussy open for me son,” he directed in that soft drawl that made me melt. So I reached back and grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled. His hands moved to my waist where he gripped me firmly. He gyrated his own hips around to make his cock head spread his spit across my hole and then he slowly started to poke some of it into my awaiting pucker.

Suddenly, without warning, this went from a hot, anonymous, stranger teasing my ass to a full on fucking ass assault, as DDT plunged his cock deep inside me all in one urgent rough stroke. I yelped with surprise. He immediately pulled out, held for a second as he admired his handiwork My angry hole winked and struggled to close back up, before he slammed his rod back inside me again. Daddy rough fucked me like this for several minutes with me crying out with the pleasurable pain and trying desperately to relax my hole. But the uneven pace of the fuck and him yanking his cock out all the way every time, kept me and my cunt off balance.

Finally he sank into me again and laid his weight on top of me. “Glad I had you stretching that pussy for Daddy this week?” He asked me tauntingly. He bucked his hips into me and continued his fuck, but slower now… not gentle, but easier. My ass finally started to relax and accommodate his horse cock. I was purring now instead of crying, though there were a couple of tears on my face. “Damn son, I just couldn’t resist that pussy. I have been imagining it milking my dick all week long. Seeing you get out of your vehicle buck naked like I asked, just got my blood boiling. I just knew I had to seed you, right here, right now, before anything else.”

I did not even get a chance to answer his question, he just started his rut. He picked up speed and took longer strokes in and out of my already gaping hole. He stood back up and resumed slamming his cock completely in and out of my hole. He had released the beast and I don’t think anything could have stopped him at this point. He was like a wild dog after a bitch in heat. Mindless, wild, fucking to release his spunk into that fertile cunt. But he did not cum immediately. He rocked his hips in and out hard, causing my SUV to bounce and I was afraid at one point he would set the vehicle’s alarm off, he was pounding me so hard.

It was not a marathon session. DDT was on a mission. He wanted, no… needed, to breed my ass, and so he thrust into me with that singular goal. He took me, naked, in the back of my open vehicle before he even greeted or welcomed me to his place. He took me, like a piece of property that he had to claim before someone else did. He took me, like a man takes another man when there is nothing but lust and desire on their minds. After about 20 minutes of pure primal fucking, he finally gripped my hips harder, pulling them into him to meet his invasion. He quickened his assault even more and was no longer completely withdrawing from my slot. He was jack hammering his dick into my backside, repeatedly, like a machine. He started a low growl and gradually it rose until it culminated in an all out yell. He arched his back and screamed into the open door of my SUV raised above his head.

I could feel the gushing of his load as it filled me. He buried his hips in me as if he was trying to push his cock up into my chest. He held me fast as he spasmed, with his continued orgasm. After what seemed like 5 minutes, he collapsed on me. His sweat soaked shirt against my back felt hot and cool at the same time. I was grinning ear to ear. This was an amazing start to the weekend. Barely out of my car and I have already been fucked senseless and flooded with spooge. Though to be honest, I think he fucked himself senseless with this one, but I was more than ok with that.

Another few minutes went by and he pushed himself back up to his feet and slowly started retrieving his cock from my hole. He started swatting my ass as he did this, causing me to clench up. “Good boy, squeeze every drop out of Daddy and hold it in there.” Maltepe Escort When his cock was finally free he pulled me back up and turned me to face him. I was ready for a kiss from him after that, but he had other ideas. DDT pushed me to my knees, “clean it off boy. Show Daddy how much you loved it.” And I did. I took his still swollen member in my mouth and sucked. I tasted my own ass on his cock, mingled with his cum and our sweat. He was already starting to bone back up.

But he hooked his hands under my pits and dragged me back to my feet. He looked me deep in the eyes as he said, “good boy!” I went weak in the knees. Then he kissed me deep and passionately. His tongue sponging up the taste of my ass and his spunk from my mouth. My arms were curled between us as his were wrapped around me and holding me tight against his frame. His hands wandered down my back to my ass again, and his fingers lightly ran across my freshly fucked pussy lips. He growled into my mouth showing me his appreciation. I jutted out my hips into his hands to show him my own. To which he responded with a couple of more swats.

“OK sexy boy,” he said to me, “Let’s get your stuff into the house and really get this weekend started. He grabbed one of the bags then set it back down, and then picked up the other bag as he looked at me with a cocked eye and a mischievous smile. I glanced back at him questioningly till I picked up the bag he had set down. It was the one filled with toys and was a little heavy for it. Well, he said bring my favorite toys… I like em all!

I followed him up to the house, naked, cock locked, and ass flooded. Daddy looked like the consummate Texas rancher, dressed in pressed 501s, a t-shirt that was soaked in sweat and hugging his torso, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. His muscular ass flexing in those jeans made me drool. I’d follow him anywhere, I thought to myself. He led me inside and set down my duffle with my clothes in his bedroom. I went to drop the duffle of toys I was carrying when he stopped me. “Hang on to those… we’ll need those soon.”

He next led me to the study. It had French doors that led out onto a big porch on the back of the house, overlooking the Texas countryside. The sun was starting to set, so the sky had a beautiful orange tint to it. He pulled out a couple of Yettis and made us a couple of “tall” whiskey and sodas. He handed me mine and we clinked a toast. After a sip of that more Whiskey than soda cocktail, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him and gave me a deep tongued passionate kiss. Then he said in a soft voice, “Are you ready to show me what that pussy can do? Are you going to surrender it to me completely? Let Daddy own it and use it for all its worth?” His voice was commanding, husky, and loaded with expectation, yet thick with his drawl and charm. How could I say no. I was within his thrall.

He grabbed a cigar and sucked on it while he searched for cutters. Finally he found them and clipped the tip. He picked up the lighter and led me out the back of the house. We headed toward the barn, and I could see there was another patio on the back of the barn, complete with an overhang. He lit his cigar as we walked and I breathed in the aroma as he puffed the smoke. I was still carrying the toy duffle when we rounded the back side of the barn. I almost dropped it when I saw…

There was sling set up, hanging at the far end of the patio. A cabinet near the sling was backed against the barn, with a small fridge next to it. There were chairs and tables and other things you would expect to find on a country patio, but the couple of low stools set under the sling caught my attention. DDT had turned to watch my reaction, and his mouth had pulled to a wry smile as it still gripped and puffed the cigar.

“What do you think boy? You ready for this?” He teased me and knew I was more than ready when he looked down at my caged clit and saw the thick strand of pre hanging from it to the ground. I had no idea what “this” was exactly, but I wanted to find out! “Help Daddy out of these clothes son!” So I went over and tugged on his t-shirt in an effort to peel it from his flawless frame. He grabbed his hat and held it first in one hand and then the other, and finally replacing on top of his head it as I pulled the t-shirt clear of his arms.

He took the t-shirt from me and proceeded to wipe it across the dark damp hair on his chest and arm pits as I undid his big silver start belt buckle… I remembered feeling that buckle against my back side just a little while ago. I pulled the fly of his 501s apart, popping each button one by one revealing his free balling crotch. His dark, short cropped pubes accenting his sexy, dark olive colored, thick meat, already plumping up. I started peeling them off, over his muscled ass and down his strong hairy legs. His hardening cock bouncing right in front of my face. I opened wide and moved to take it in my mouth, but he sat down and raised a Maltepe Escort Bayan boot to my face, and waited for me to remove it.

So I pulled each boot off and then each leg of his pants. He motioned to one of the chairs, indicating for me to put his pants there. I folded them neatly and placed them in the chair and turned to take the t-shirt from him. He was putting his boots back on when he noticed my out stretched hand. Again he used the shirt to wipe the still dripping sweat from his body, vigorously wiping his crotch and ass crack this time. Then he grabbed me and pulled me in close to him, taking the shirt and shoving it in my face. Making sure my mouth opened, he gagged me with it. He smiled big, loving the site of me sucking on his sweat soaked shirt. “Hold onto that awhile son!”

DDT left me standing there facing the sloping lawn to the valley behind the barn as he moved back to the cabinet against the barn. He started pulling things out of the cabinet and fridge and lining them up on top. “Grab your bag son and pull out your toys. Arrange them in order of girth here on this table next to the sling.” My clit jumped in anticipation at his orders, and so did I. I grabbed the bag and pulled out several toys; short, long, plugs, snakes, from 5″ round to 10″. That was a lot of plastic, rubber, and silicone… I looked over at what he was arranging. He had pulled out some lubes, poppers, a couple of other toys, and a couple of devices I did not recognize.

He slowly spun me around and backed me up to the sling. My mouth drooling into the already sweat soaked shirt at the site of my naked cowboy Daddy wearing nothing but his boots and hat. He helped me up into the sling. I had not even noticed the restraints on the chains of the sling until he began to close them on my wrists and ankles. He locked my legs so that my knees were gently bent above and to the sides of my torso. This raised my ass and opened my pussy nicely, giving him easy access to my fuck hole.

Daddy moved up to the head of the sling and grabbed a device from the top of the cabinet. He removed his shirt from my mouth and started securing the thing to my neck… it was not exactly a collar but it fit snuggly onto my neck with a thin rod reaching from it in front of my face. There was another little device on the end of the rod. “Place your nose onto it,” he directed me and I complied. The tip of it compressed slightly and I smelled poppers. “Breath boy,” Daddy instructed. I did and got a nice hit of those poppers. Ingenious I thought. The poppers went straight to my head and felt a little loopy as I relaxed. Then they hit my ass and I really relaxed.

Between the Crown and Coke and the poppers, my pussy opened right up… and nothing was even touching it yet. DDT just grinned a big satisfied smile as he watched. He placed a couple bottles of water on the table with all the toys and sat down in one of the stools with his face right in my crotch. He let his fingers brush my hole and it reflexively clenched, like a Venus Flytrap. I felt his breath on my sphincter as he gently blew on it… teasing me. A long puff on his cigar and and a slow exhale over my swollen hungry hole. I watched through my popper haze as the smoke wafted up between my legs around my sac and caged cock. I swear I could feel the smoke and heat. His fingers traced my crack and hole and it seemed like he spent forever memorizing every fold and wrinkle of my experienced pucker.

Finally he leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss right on my pussy lips. He began making out with my pussy as if it were his long, lost, high school sweetheart. At first he was very tender, just lip to lip. Then he grew more aggressive, passionate, hungry. Pushing his tongue in and separating my pussy lips to give him more access to my sex. Then he spat on my hole getting it nice and wet. He would chew on my ass cheeks and even on my sphincter. Sucking and tongue fucking me passionately. “Give it back to me,” he coaxed softly. “Give Daddy his seed back. I closed my eyes and bore down a little, trying to give him what he asked for. In a moment I felt him stop and then his face was hovering over mine. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. A thick dollop of milky white, sat cupped in his tongue. I opened my mouth and he let it slowly slide in. Daddy bird feeding his chick. He returned to my ass for more of that amazing make out session.

Eventually, a hand came up as he slobbered into my opening bud. A finger pushed inside me as he kept his mouth on the opening, keeping it wet and lubed. Then another finger entered me. His fingers and tongue explored my relaxing cunt, as I pushed back onto his intrusion. Slowly he explored my cavity. He would stare at it intently while he would add yet anther finger. His other hand rose and both hands grabbed my glutes firmly, massaging them before running up the back of my thighs and caressing firmly up and down as he leaned in for another make out session with my pussy. I took another hit of poppers from his device and soon my hole opened up wider and kissed him back, deeply. His hands slid back down to my ass. One thumb from each hand working their way into my twat, hooking the sides. They gently tugged outward, opening me. He spat in the maw. He repeated the action with his first 2 forefingers on each hand.

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