Bound to Meet Pt. 04


The doorbell rang and I could hear Dom Tom answer the door. Muffled voices and laughing… I wondered how long it would take before they came out here. Tom had left me hog tied on the bench on the patio. Naked, caged, and on my back. He found an unoccupied eye hook, used for hanging plants on the beam of the roof of my patio, and strung my bindings up to it. While I was not suspended, it prevented me from rolling to either side or putting my limbs down.

It was not too long before I heard their voices getting louder as they approached the French doors leading out to the patio. It was a comfortable evening, so we had left them open. I heard Gates booming voice when he laughed and exclamation upon seeing me. “Ho Ho, what do we have here? You gift wrapped the goddamned boy for me? Damn, looks like I am in for a good time tonight!”

“I hope we all have a good time!” Tom added. “Let’s get a drink and light up the cigars. We can enjoy watching our trussed piglet struggle for a bit.” He led Gates over to the cart and poured himself a whiskey. “Neat or on the rocks?” He asked.

Gate pointed to the ice bucket and Tom handed him two fingers with two large cubes of ice. They sat in the loungers against the house where I could see them a little better. Two bearish men. Both over 6 feet tall. Tom was a little more muscular than Gates. While Gates had a sexy beer belly, he was still quite solid. And both were nice and hairy. Tom’s black and grey hair was cut in a nice short flattop, and Gates had thick short messy reddish brown hair. Gates hair color was closer to mine, if I had not turned so grey already, and my head was not shaved. That thought made me notice the spread of hair on my own chest as it rose and fell with my breathing.

They lit the cigars and chatted. They got to know each other a little and Tom told Gates how he and I had started chatting online and finally met, just this weekend. So Gates asked him if I was a good lay. “The boy has a sweet pussy that will make your knees buckle. You have to maintain dominance or he will hypnotize you with that beautiful cunt of his. I plan on owning him if he’ll have me. But that doesn’t mean I am too selfish to share him with a good friend. I have a feeling his pussy is insatiable.”

Gates laughed again a big hearty approving laugh. He tugged at his own crotch. I could tell he was thinking about partaking of my hole himself. Tom noticed as well, and stood up shucking his shirt. “We might as well get comfortable. We’re gonna be diving into the main course soon anyway.” Then he dropped his shorts as well. He sat back down, wearing only a cock ring and his motorcycle boots.

Gates did not need any further encouragement. He took a big puff on his gar and set it down. Then he stripped and grabbed his drink and gar back up. He walked over to me, walking all the way around me studying every angle. “Sexy boy! You got a good Daddy there. You best treat him good. But tonight, I am gonna have some fun with you myself!” Tom walked over and joined him. They stood above my head, puffing on their cigars and enjoying their whiskey. Tom grabbed a hold of Gates growing cock and tugged until it was engorged with blood. He stroked it a bit and Gates returned the favor. It was so hot watching them stroke each other above me.

I must have been grinning from ear to ear. “Something you like boy?” Tom teased me. I shook my head up and down, trying to nod yes. “You want to taste my whiskey?” He asked me then. I shook my head yes again. He took a sip, dropped to one knee and gave me an upside down kiss. When our lips touched he dribbled the whiskey into my mouth. He had fed me drink a double shot before Gates arrived so this sip just warmed me up again and brought me to a full buzz.

Gates rasped his approval under his breath and asked, “is that enough or do you want more?”

“More, please… Sir.” I said, not sure how to address him, He chuckled, “Good. I like that, I think. Sir…” He mused. But then he dropped his drink to his crotch and dipped the head of his cock into his cold drink. He let out an “OH,” it was colder than he expected, but just laughed more. He was quite a happy guy. Then he started to squat, dropping his cock into my mouth. I gobbled the whiskey flavored cock, tasting his musk and a slight hint of piss through the whiskey. I should start my own whiskey company and bottle this flavor mix… “Cock Royal – Texas’ Finest Blended Whiskey”

Tom was pleased to see Gates taking his pleasure with me. He encouraged Gates, Fuck his face! He is a cock hound. Feed him your nuts and drop your ass on his face. He wants to taste all of you!” Tom rubbed Gates back, letting his hand fall to his ass and grabbing a fistful of Gates beefy butt. Gates growled with the attention and the two of them made out as he fucked my throat… stabbing his thick cock as deep as it would go.

Eventually Gates stood up with slobber on his cock and me looking up at him with pleading eyes. İstanbul Escort He laughed again at the sight. “Don’t fret boy! We are just getting started. You might be insatiable, but your also gonna be sore at both ends by the time the night is over.” And they both shared a laugh at that. I nervously chuckled with them.

Gates moved around to my ass. He licked his lips and brushed his fingers across my cunt. Tom dropped his cock into my mouth then and again encouraged Gates to enjoy himself. Gates remembered his drink suddenly and dipped two fingers in it and rubbed them across my hole. I flinched from the cold and the slight sting of the alcohol. Then he dropped to his knees and I felt his hot breath warming my pussy lips. The curly whiskers of his full beard tickled my pucker. He teased my pussy for what felt like forever, as my newfound daddy fed me his rigid cock. Finally, Gates stopped teasing and his hot wet lips kissed my hole. His tongue flicked out, exciting my flesh. I winked my hole at him… begging for more. He obliged by pressing his mouth over my hole and chewing gently on the ring, and shoving his tongue as deep as he could inside of me. I could feel him moaning into my hole.

Dom pulled his wet dick out of my mouth and dropped his sack on my mouth. “Lick em boy. Taste the sweat and daddy musk.” I lapped at his balls, he had shaved them, and I loved the feel of the soft skin against my lips. He tasted so good. He nudged forward. I thought he let me eat his hole, because he knew how much I loved it… but now I am starting to think that he was enjoys it as much as I do. My tongue darted over his taint and touched his hole. He flinched at the sensation and then relaxed. His hole eventually opening for me to explore. I took advantage and plunged in, tasting him. The soft, raw, forbidden flesh kissed me back.

I felt a prodding against my wet hole. Gates was pushing a finger in while still eating me out. Then a second finger. He started to open me up. A third finger pushed inside and he started to fuck me with them. “You were right Tom. This is a sweet fucking pussy!” He sat on the end of the bench and lined his hard cock up with my exposed and well worked hole. Then he pushed forward. He sank his cock into my pussy in one stroke. I shouted into daddy’s ass. That amused them both and they laughed. Gates wasted no time and pulled out only to slam right back inside me. He shoved his head through my legs, under my bindings. This gave him leverage and he began to rut in my ass. He pounded me over and over, pulling his 7″ beer can cock out to the thick flared head and pumping it back again. I felt his nuts slap my ass as he fucked me.

Daddy reached around my limbs and grabbed my ass. He pulled my cheeks apart so my cunt was stretched open. Gates slammed his cock into my spread hole appreciatively. Grunting with each stroke. Daddy upped the ante and started digging his fingers into my ass as Gates raped it. The extra friction pushed Gates over the edge and he howled, flooding my guts with his DNA. He pumped his hips several more times as he loaded me up with the rest of his orgasm.

Tom stood up. I thought he was going to take his turn on my ass now. But instead he brought Gates back to my head. Gates sat down on my face and I sucked his cock clean. Then he hovered his ass over my mouth and I licked his hole… tasting all the sweat dripping down it from his rut. Daddy undid my bindings and I lay flat on the bench. Gates stretched out across me.

He spit on my caged cock. That was unnecessarily cruel, teasing me like that, I mused to myself. He continued to blow his hot breath onto it and lick it. He seemed to enjoy teasing my locked dick. I continued eating his ass, and Daddy bent down and shared a lick or two of Gates hole with me. Tom whispered to me then, “looks good enough to fuck, doesn’t it boy? Lube it up real good son, and keep it wet as I fuck Gates.”

Wow, I thought. I did not see this coming. But fuck! I loved it. Daddy stood up and placed his thumb on Gates hole as I spit on it. Gates hole opened little and Dom’s thumb pushed in. He was tight. Much tighter than me. I worked Gates hole with my tongue, keeping it wet as Daddy loosened it up with his thumb and then a finger, and then another.

Tom stood up then and pushed his cock head into the crack of Gates’ thick ass. I spit again leaving a dollop of saliva on Gates’ beautiful pucker. Tom used the head of his cock to push the slick into Gates hole. They both cried out in pleasure, though I think Gates had a bit of pain there too. He was very tight and Daddy’s big dick was not for beginner’s. Daddy just sat the for a minute letting Gates get used to the girth of the cock stretching his hole out. I licked and teased the fuck hole and the bit of Daddy’s shaft not inside of Gates. Gates was steadily moaning. Daddy began to slowly piston in and out. His strokes becoming longer and faster.

A Anadolu Yakası Escort long stroke back and Daddy’s cock slipped out. As he pushed back in, it missed Gates’ hole and entered my mouth instead. I sucked on it. Tasting Gates’ insides on my Daddy’s slick cock. Dom withdrew again and re-entered Gates’ ass on the down stroke. Gates moaned again. Dom really started to fuck him then. In and out, driving that big daddy cock deep in Gates’ guts. I licked and spit and kept the action friction free.

Gates scooted a bit on top of me, lifting my legs back up and under his arms. My ass raised in the air and he dove in. He was eating my just fucked ass now. I am sure he could taste his load because I could feel a bit leaking out of me. He fingered my hole as Daddy fucked him… teasing out more of his sperm. He would lap at it like a thirsty dog. He was bouncing on top of me as Daddy pounded his hole. Daddy had a way of loosening a hole with that big monster cock of his. Gates was no exception, his hole stretched to the point of sloppy. It was so hot, watching close up, as his pucker expanded and grabbed at Daddy’s cock as it stroked in and out of him.

I knew that was getting Tom hot too. I could hear his breathing getting huskier. Shorter heavier breaths. Little grunts as he continued to plow Gates. Then his piston rhythm became erratic and he jerked his hips into Gates’ backside hard and rough. He shot his load deep inside, but as he would thrust back and forth, a little would splatter out and onto my face. My face was covered in sweat and cum. Daddy pulled his cock out slowly. It flopped on my lips, still half hard. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. Tasting the salty sweet cum and ass juices. Dom started to get hard again… the head of his dick in the very back of my throat… halfway down my throat. And then… he started to piss.

It scared me. I thought I was going to choke… or drown. But he grabbed my head on both sides and tilted it back just slightly. The throat opened up and his piss went right down. I couldn’t even swallow. It just flowed down my gullet.

Gates slapped my gaping hole and Daddy bent over to taste Gates’ new gape. We were all spent then, used and drained. They moved back over to the loungers against the wall. They looked so hot and sexy slouched nude in the loungers and breathing heavy. Cigars were relit and fresh drinks poured, as I lay on my back, unbound and recovering. I could hear them chatting, but lost in my own reverie, I could not make out anything they were saying.

“Come here boy,” my new Daddy’s drawl drew me out of my daydream. I slowly rolled off the bench and crawled the few steps over to his feet. “You need another taste of Daddy’s whiskey?” Apparently, I had been staring at his glass before he snapped me out of it. I nodded yes, and he swigged his entire glass. Then he pulled my face up to meet his own and kissed me. His tongue parted my lips and let the whiskey flow into my open mouth. It was still cool and the heat of his lips and touch of his spittle gave the Crown a sweet and unique taste, it was a Daddy mixer. My light buzz was refreshed in no time and the warmth spread throughout my body.

Another hour had passed with the cigars burning down and a couple more drinks disappearing. We were all relaxed and energy renewed. Gates suggested we go inside and see just how much my “pretty pussy” could take. Daddy helped me off the ground and smacked my ass a couple of times, “brushing off the dirt,” he cajoled. I was curious now, as to what Gates was actually suggesting. My hole was so tender at this point… but also very… loose.

We walked into my bedroom and all climbed into bed. Daddy put me in between himself and Gates and we all made out and fondled each other. I loved the way Gates’ fingers could not stay out of my Gaping cunt. He was constantly wetting his fingers and pushing them into me. He had a good four fingers in me when he looked at Tom and said, “I think the boy is ready. He’s got all four of my fat fingers up his hole and I swear he’s trying to suck my thumb up there too!”

Daddy did not reply. He simply grabbed me and rolled over onto his back, pulling me on top of him. Then he looked in my eyes and asked, “are you ready boy?”

I did not know exactly what was going to happen, but I trusted him so I nervously replied, “Yes sir!?!”

“Put Daddy’s cock in your pussy boy!” He demanded. So I spit in my hand and lubed his hard rod and pushed my ass back on him. His cock head easily squished into my backside. I could hear Gates clucking his approval behind me as he watched my hole swallow Daddy’s long thick tool. “Now kiss me boy… eyes open and relax. I want to see the look in your eyes as you take Gates’ cock with mine.” He plunged his tongue back in my mouth before I could respond, but my eyes popped wide open as I realized what was about to happen. His eyes just twinkled back at me maliciously.

Daddy’s Kartal Escort arms were wrapped around me as we Frenched. His cock was half buried in me as I was lay on top of him. Gates sidled up behind me, straddling Daddy’s legs. He spit on my half filled pussy and managed to push a finger in besides Daddy’s cock. He finger fucked me a bit and pulled on my cunt lips. He swore in admiration of my hole as he played until he finally lined up his own rigid meat. He withdrew his finger and I felt the head of his dick push on my pucker. He tested the resistance of my hole, already stretched with Daddy’s cock inside it. Then he began to put his weight behind the push. Slowly my cunt relaxed and gave way to his advancing head. I swear I could feel his heart beating in the throbbing his cock head as he entered me.

Daddy grabbed my head between his hands and pulled my face a few inches away and bore into my eyes with his own. Watching my expression as Gates slowly shoved his fat cock inside me along side my Daddy’s. My eyes were wide and I was holding my breath concentrating on letting my hole open. I heard Daddy whisper, “breath boy! Just breath! You can do this. Take both our cocks, boy. Show me what that pretty pussy can do. Show me how much you want it. Show me how much you want to please Daddy!”

I could feel the scratching of Gates’ thick bush on my meaty cakes as he pushed the last inch of his girth inside me. My pussy stretched to accommodate both of these thick bear cocks. I felt fuller than I ever had. My mind was exploding. I had not even taken a hit of poppers. I could not believe I had two cocks inside my cunt. After just a few seconds I could feel Gates slowly start to grind his hips. Slow, short strokes at first. Then Daddy joined in. His hips slowly bucked up and down. These two incredibly sexy men’s cocks pumping in and out of my hole.

“Fuck!” Gates exclaimed. “I never imagined I’d get a ride like this when you started coming in the diner boy. You are an amazing fuck hole, boy!”

“Yes you are boy!” Daddy chimed in, “such a good boy! My boy! Giving that beautiful pussy to me. Letting me share it with our new friend. I am going to reward you boy. You have made Daddy very happy!” His words spread goosebumps across my flesh. They were both rutting my cunt now. Their piston actions picking up speed as they competed to make me moan and scream. I noticed my belly seemed to be sliding across Daddy’s own, before I realized I was leaking so much, I had made a precum slick between us.

My own clit still locked in the cock cage… I had all but forgotten about it. I probably would not have remembered at all if it wasn’t for the slippery ooze. I was not hard at all, or straining against the cage. My little dicklit was happy to take a back seat and let my hole be my sexual organ.

Gates’ hands wrapped around me grabbing my nips as Daddy’s stayed locked around my torso. I was pinned between these two studs just as I was impaled on their fuck sticks. I could not believe they were still fucking me. Even if they did not cum, how did they still have the stamina. I think I may have collapsed from exhaustion myself if they were not propping me up. But with every stroke of their cocks, I found new energy. I could feel their heads sliding in and out of my gaping twat. It’s like the nerves inside of my chute had become supercharged. I never wanted it to end, but at the same time, I did not know how much more I could take of this “fucking” sensory overload.

Gates’ breathing began to deepen and quicken. Daddy’s own reacted and followed suit. I could tell they were both building to their climax. We were all drenched in sweat… and my mind flashed with the thought of having to change the sheets before we finally called it a night. Each of them determinately slamming into my ass with animal ferocity. I was not going to be able to walk right for a week. Then it happened. Suddenly, Gates reared up, grabbed my hips and froze with his cock buried deep in my guts. He flooded me with his seed. This sent Daddy over the edge and he pounded me as he shot volley after volley chasing Gates’ load. I still had Gates’ earlier load inside as well.

Daddy squeezed me tight as he finished unloading inside me. My guts were full of their thick batter and all the action my hole was seeing this weekend was finally to much for my caged clit. I began just oozing cum out of my locked cocklette. I don’t think I even realized it was happening at first since an assgasm feels different from stroking your dick to climax. I shuddered and clenched and squeezed Gates out of my cunt. He just laughed and growled.

We were all a puddle of sweat and sex. Gates rolled off and fell on the bed beside us. I lay limp on Daddy’s belly as his still hard cock throbbed in my wrecked hole. Tom reached for my ass with one hand, while still holding me close with the other. He caressed my wet, swollen ass lips. He felt his cock still pulsing inside me while rubbing my hole. He continued to whisper to me, “what a good boy you are. I love my boy’s pussy. You made me proud taking our dicks like that boy! I loved seeing your clit cum. Tells me how much you need Daddy in your cunt. Are you filled with cum now? Are you satiated… for tonight at least?”

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