Gimp Weekend Pt. 02


My cock throbbed in my jockstrap as the intensity of the vibrations in my ass were getting more and more intense. At this rate, I was going to blow a load, or at least feel like I was going to. I lost all focus on my other senses, and focused purely on my cock and hole.

I suddenly feel a hand on my ass, slowly rising from under my pouch and up my crack, pushing on the plug in my hole and causing me to moan in my gag.

Master’s voice suddenly rings in my ear, “Such a nice fucking ass, and it’s all mine. Damn, that plug is working hard isn’t it Gimp?”

I just nod my head, and he removes the gag from my mouth, “Thank you Master.”

“Good Gimp, now, suck my fucking dick, you slut!”

He shoves his hard cock in my mouth, and I’m surprised he’s ready to go again, but I use my tongue to run up and down that bottom length of his shaft, and when he slows down, I swirl around the head of his cock, elliticing a moan from his mouth.

“Fuck Gimp, that’s so good. I’m not ready to blow another load, but I need to get you in a better outfit before I do. And I think my driver over there wants a piece of this. What do you think? Should I let him fuck you too?”

He pulls his cock from my mouth, grabs my hair, “If it pleases you Master. My holes are for your pleasure Master.”

He shoves his cock back in my mouth, “Yeah, that’s right Gimp. Learning your place already,” his thrusting in my mouth pushing his head further and further down my throat, “Okay Jamie, come over here, and grab a condom on your way, and fuck my Gimp. I want his hole so thoroughly fucked that he won’t shit right for three days, and you’ve got a big fucking dick.”

“Yes Sir,” his driver calls as I hear the movement get closer.

“That’s right, plunge that monster dick inside his hole,” Kadıköy Escort Master commands.

“Yes Sir,” as Jamie removes the plug from my hole, and pushes himself slowly into me.

“Holy shit,” I think! His dick must be as thick as a beer can.

He pushes all the way to the base, and I feel like I’m so full. I have a thick 8 inch dick in my mouth, and a thick long cock in my ass, and I’m in heaven.

With both of them thrusting inside me, Jamie makes no noise as he pushes my hole further open than before. Master in front of me gliding his wet cock in and out of my mouth, slightly gagging me.

Soon, Jamie begins to grunt, and as he grabs my hips, I feel his thick meat pulsating inside me. Cumming deep in the condom, he grunts a little more, with a short slam forward inside me, eliciting a moan from my throat while Master’s head sits on my tongue.

“I think the Gimp likes that,” he says, “He’s such a fucking cock hungry slut. Jamie, take that condom off, and come pour it on my dick. I know you’ve had that load built up for three weeks now.”

Master pulls his cock from my mouth, and I hear movement, but am still blindfolded, “Keep that fucking mouth open Gimp.”

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, and I feel something warm dropping on it. It must be Jamie’s cum.

I leave my tongue stuck out for him, and he pours about a tablespoon on my tongue, then slides his cock once more into my mouth, pushing my tongue back in. His cock is covered in Jamie’s cum also. I suck that warm salty load down my throat, and work to clean the hard cock in my mouth.

Once Master seems satisfied, he pulls his cock from my mouth once more, and replaces it with the ball gag again.

I feel the pressure of something being Ataşehir Escort pushed into my hole, which is larger than the other plug was, and as it pops in, the pressure settles, and I’m full once more.

He removes the clips from my wrists and ankles, and carefully pulls me to my feet, ensuring that I’m not going to fall over.

His hand quickly wraps around my throat, “So far, you’re the best fucking Gimp I’ve had here, and I’ve had quite a few. Jamie, how many Gimps have I tested out?”

“This one makes 48 Sir,” Jamie replies.

“You see Gimp, Jamie is my driver, but he is my original boy. Underneath that suit, he wears my collar and he does what I say. I give him a comfortable corner of the suite, and a small stipend to do what he wants with, but that cock stays locked up otherwise. I only let him out of his cage for this weekend so he could fuck you, and I think, he’s going to have permission to use you anytime he wants this weekend. That big cock of his really is meant to wreck holes, too bad he’s also a submissive slut boy. Let’s go Gimp, I need to put my feet up and catch the news.”

Master drags me with him as we walk towards what I assume is the living room.

When we arrive, Master snaps his fingers, “Knees slut.”

I drop to my knees, and I hear him sit down, the leather sofa creaking under the pressure, “All fours.”

I drop to all fours, and he puts his feet up on my back, crossing them, and turning on the news, which I faintly hear, but don’t quite pay attention to because the plug in my ass has turned back on, sending waves of vibration from my hole, to my prostate, to my throbbing cock which only wants to be released and stroked.

“I haven’t locked you in chastity yet Gimp, not sure if I will. Bostancı Escort Maybe I’ll have you fuck Jamie and feed him your cum. Or maybe I’ll just let you suffer all weekend. Hard as a rock, but no release for those full balls, which usually makes my Gimps too horny to focus on anything but getting off. Something tells me that you’ll channel that focus into serving me. Now, shut up and quit moaning, I need to see the stocks for the day.”

I try to contain my moans as best as I can. The intensity of the plug is getting faster and faster, causing me to begin to shudder.

“What’s the matter, Gimp? Vibrations got you going?”

I nod my head, and I feel it. The intensity in my dick growing, I’m close. It’s getting there. My hips are shaking, I’m going to cum from a prostate massage. I’m almost there, I focus my mind on all the dirty phrases that Master has said, when suddenly the vibrations stop.

“I don’t think so, Gimp. You only get to cum if I say so. Thought you were gonna be slick.”

His feet come off my back, and I feel him begin to swat my ass again. This time, it’s not a belt, but from the short sharp smacks, feels more like a crop.

He hits each cheek ten times, “That’s for almost cumming without permission. Dirty Gimp. Now, crawl over to me.”

He pulls the leash in the direction he wishes for me to go, and I take a few steps forwards and his hand stops my head. He removes the ball gag from my mouth, and pulls my leash once more.

“Put my balls in your mouth, and I’m gonna rest a minute. Don’t let that sac fall from your mouth, or you’ll get 30 swats to each cheek, and 10 swats to those sensitive swollen Gimp balls. And once I feel rested, I may have Jamie fuck your face and cum all over it while I drop another load in that tight hole…. Well, what used to be a tight hole.”

I open my mouth, and he pushes his balls inside, I step slightly forward, to ensure I have enough room to keep them there, and I gently suck on his sac as his dick rests on my face.

A Gimp weekend to be remembered, and we’ve only just begun!

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