Long Trip Home (Darcy’s Surprise)


By far my favorite year of college was my senior year… ok, who am I kidding, it was my second senior year (Hey, it’s a lot of work to cram a 4 year degree into 5 years!). It wasn’t the classes or the knowledge that at the end of these last two semesters I would be turned loose on the world, a highly educated young professional; it was the girl I dated that year.

Perhaps girl is too mild of a description, this girl was a freak! Her name was Darcy and she went to a University about 45 minutes south of me. She was a cheerleader and built unlike any girl I have ever seen before or since and she knew what she had and how to use it.

Not the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, but she had great big green eyes, dark dusky skin and curly black hair. Her body was just smoking in everyway starting with a big pair of perky tits (large C for those who like details) with great, small nipples that were ultra sensitive. Her ass was perfect and swayed seductively with every step she took and her legs were strong, long, muscular and shapely… a leg man’s dream. She had a great shape too, with curves in all the right places. But what was great about this girl even more than her physical attributes was her almost complete lack of inhibitions.

Over the course of the year this girl and I fucked in every way, position, and place that we could think of. I experienced my first threesome with her, one weekend when I went to stay with her at college. She was the ultimate college girl friend, always hot, always horny and always ready to try whatever I could dream up. But of all the great memories I have of this girl, this one day stands out in my mind more than any other.

It was a Saturday early in the spring and I was going to pick her up and bring her back to my campus for a quiet weekend just the two of us (my housemates were God knows where). I got to her dorm and she was outside waiting for me. She ran up to me when I got out of the car and kissed me, hard and deep, trying to shove her tongue down my throat as was her way. When the kiss ended I stepped back and looked her up and down.

She was wearing a tight white tank with a white bra that pushed her tits up and out of her shirt and a short (and I mean short) sport skirt.

“Well hello,” I said admiring her assets and visions of spreading her legs and taking her filled my head. “Ready to go?”

“Not yet, gotta get my bag. Come up to my room with me.”

Whenever she brought me to her room like this it always meant that some ‘erotic doings’ were going to take place before the trip home. Sometimes she would blow me, sometimes I would eat her, other times we would have a quick fuck… I never knew with this girl just what it was going to be, and quite frankly I didn’t much care. But today, today I had something in mind and was just hoping that I could pull it off.

We got insider her room and no sooner had the door latched and she was all over me, kissing me, rubbing me and grinding on my rapidly growing cock. I felt for her, one hand going for her perky breasts and the other reaching under her skirt to stroke her slit. She wasn’t wearing panties, which didn’t surprise me. She was bare under her skirts so often that I wondered if she even owned a pair of panties!

I slid a finger into her wetness and she cooed into my mouth. She was fumbling with my zipper, trying desperately to get to my cock. I slid another finger in her pussy and began to finger her with the quick in and out motion that she loved so much. She stopped fumbling at my zipper and was lost in the feeling of my fingers inside her. I loved how easy it was to make her cum and I had spent a lot of time between her thighs mastering the craft. I took my other hand off her breasts and preformed the move that I knew would leave her knees shaking and leaning on me for support; I gently slipped my finger inside her ass and moved it around in a circle. That gesture along with my fingers in her pussy had her cuming just seconds later. She moaned and I could feel her go limp in my arms.

I half walked, half carried her over to the bed and laid her down, well actually it was her roommates bed but that prude bitch never used it for more than sleeping so whatever. I lifted her skirt and spread her incredible legs, admiring them from ankle to hip. Her legs were always tanned and always smooth to the touch, a more perfect pair of legs I have never seen. I dropped to my knees before her and kissed up her inner thighs, stopping just short of her pussy each time. I breathed deeply the scent of her, it was musky and inviting and my desire to fuck her almost clouded my purpose.

“I have something I want to try, are you up for it? I asked.

She nodded her consent. I stood and walked over to her closet, up on the top shelf was where she kept all her toys. Darcy and I had just recently begun to explore the world of anal sex and even though we had been able to have some gentle sessions, we both wanted the kind of anal adventures one normally sees in porno’s. To that end we purchased a set of three butt plugs, each in increasing size; from the size of gaziantep escort bayan a finger to one that looked to be about the diameter of a beer can. Over time and with lots of lube, she had at one point in time had all of them in her ass. I selected the medium sized one, this one about the thickness of my cock, and grabbed the bottle of lube.

Back between her legs I spread some lube on my finger and on her ass hole. I slipped my finger in her ass and gently worked it in and out, making sure that she was getting lube deep inside her. She moaned slightly and I knew she was liking what I was doing. I gave her pussy a quick, teasing lick. I took some more lube and worked a second finger into her ass, I began to finger fuck her ass a little more feverously and she moved her hips to allow me to push into her even deeper. After a while I worked a third finger into her and she went crazy, her hips bucking and thrashing as a wave of several orgasms washed over her and left her panting for breath.

“Mmmm, that was so very nice,” she said smiling at me. “But that wasn’t what you wanted to try is it?”

“Nope,” I said and began to spread lube over the butt plug.

“Just what do you think you are going to do with that,” she asked coyly.

“Get on all fours and I’ll show you.”

She did and I placed the toy at the entrance to her ass. I pressed it into her and it went in slowly at first, then when she relaxed it went all the way inside her leaving just the flat, pink ‘handle’ pressed against her.

I stood back and admired my work (and her ass, of course).

“Now what,” she asked, looking back at me over her shoulder. “You going to fuck me with that big cock?”

“Not yet, stand up.”

She did as directed.

“Get your bag, lets get outta here.”

“But this thing is still in my ass,” she retorted.

“Yep,” I said, “and it’s going to stay there until I say so. Got it?”

She looked a little apprehensive but nodded. Grabbing her bag, we went out the door and hopped in the car. I laughed to myself as we walked, there was something a little different about the way Darcy was walking.


Rides with Darcy are always fun and there is always something going on. One of her favorite things in the world to do was to give me a blow job while I’m driving, and to be honest, it’s one of my favorite things in the world too. Other times I would spread her legs and finger fuck her to orgasm. I can remember many times as we were passing other cars on the highway getting looks from the occupants as she convulsed and screamed. I swear that if I had a car with a sunroof I could have charged the long haul truckers for the show!

Things on this ride however started rather lame, Darcy sitting with her knees together looking straight out the windshield in front of her. A sly, half smile was on her lips.

“Doing ok,” I asked.

She nodded. “It takes some getting used to, but I like the feeling. I feel so full, and it’s making my pussy incredibly wet.”

“Really? And how would you know?” I said slyly.

She grinned and spread her legs. One of her hands disappeared momentarily under her skirt, when it reemerged two of her fingers were glistening with her wetness. She reached over and placed one of them in my mouth. I sucked on her finger, tasting her sweet juices. When I had cleaned that finger she helped herself to the other. She did this all the time, loved the taste of herself, and it never failed to produce a reaction in my pants.

I put my hand up her skirt and rubbed her thighs, she squirmed down in her seat and spread her legs even further. Two of my fingers slid effortlessly into her and she was as wet as I’ve ever felt. I began to finger fucker her with quick thrusts that had her breathing rapidly in no time. She came, grabbing my wrist to hold my fingers inside her and grinding her hips against my hand. When her orgasm subsided I began again, faster and harder this time and not even a minute later she was cuming again. Her pussy was getting even wetter and made a soft ‘squishing’ sound as my fingers probed her depths.

She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, sliding it off from underneath her tank top expertly. Her full breasts strained against the thin material and I could see her nipples were standing at full attention. She began to rub her breasts through her shirt, occasionally squeezing her nipple gently in her fingers. This only heightened her arousal and I felt her cum again. She was so wet now, I was sure she was leaving a puddle on my seat.

Her hand went inside her top and she pushed her shirt down and exposed her breast for me to see. She bent her head down and licked her nipple seductively; I just kept fingering her fast and deep. She grabbed both her breast with her hands and squeezed, I knew she was about to have a massive orgasm. I put a third finger in her and pushed into her as fast as I could. Her eyes went glassy and she threw her head back. She half moaned, half screamed and her body convulsed.

I kept my fingers inside her while she recovered, staring out the window and taking big, gasping breaths. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and offered them to her, she took them into her mouth and began to suck on them as if they were my dick. Speaking of my dick, it was rock hard and straining against my pants in an effort to get in on the action.

“Can I suck you,” she cooed?

“No, we’re almost home,” I said as I turned off the highway. “There will be plenty of time for that very soon.”


When we got to the house we went straight to my bed room. She dropped her bag and tackled me on the bed. She straddled me and began to kiss me, shoving her tongue into my mouth kissing me hard. My hands found her breasts and caressed them through the thin material. They were so firm and perky, her nipples were so hard they almost poked through her shirt.

She reached down and stripped off my shirt. She sucked both of my nipples and bit them, rather hard. This girl was getting out of control. She continued down my body and was soon unbuckling my pants and pulling them down and off. She mouthed my penis through my underwear, teasing me in a most enjoyable way. The head of my cock was sticking up above the elastic band and she flicked her tongue across it, over and back. Occasionally she would take the head in her mouth and suck on it softly. Her blow jobs were always amazing; this girl sucked dick with passion.

She pushed my underwear down to my mid thighs and exposed my whole cock for our mutual enjoyment. She started the way she always started, by dripping a large mouthful of spit onto my cock and lathering it up and down my shaft. When I was wet to her satisfaction she began to suck me. She opened her mouth wide and put my cock in the back of her throat before closing her mouth around me and slowly dragging her lips up the length of my shaft.

Down she went again and again, each time my cock touched the back of her throat causing her to gag slightly. After a few more minutes she stopped sucking me and started to lick on my cock in long soft strokes of her tongue. With each lick my cock got harder and harder, straining to it’s maximum size in her gorgeous hands. She stroked me slightly and I wanted to be inside this girl badly. However, before I could fuck her, I still had more of my plan to execute.

“Stop,” I ordered, reasserting my control on this occasion. “Take off your cloths, I want to sixty-nine.” After her cloths hit the floor she crawled back on the bed and straddled my face. My cock went back in her mouth and she began to happily suck on me again.

We played a little game when we would pleasure each other like this, it was to see who could do what they were doing well enough to make the other person get so distracted they couldn’t continue their giving and could only concentrate on their receiving. Most times she won, tonight I was going to win – only I knew it and she didn’t.

The pink bottom of the butt plug was still sticking out of her ass and my nose touched it as I stuck my tongue into her. God I loved the taste of her, especially after making her cum so many times in the car. She had her juices all over her inner thighs and lower butt cheeks and I licked those areas before concentrating on her pussy.

Between my legs she was deep throating me with all she had, trying to take my whole cock down her throat. She had never been able to, but that didn’t stop her from trying it or me from enjoying her attempts. When my tongue found her clit, I felt her pause in her sucking and take note of what I was doing.

I licked her clit in long strokes of my tongue, bringing it to full attention. I would circle it slowly and then take it into my mouth and suck on it gently before releasing it and running my tongue down her slit. I moved my hand around her hips and pressed on the plug hanging from her ass, this really got her attention and her blowjob became abbreviated and cursory. I knew I had her.

I kept licking her clit and sticking my tongue into her pussy while I played with the toy. I pushed it into her, putting pressure on her anus, and then pulled it out partway to stretch her asshole out. I slowly fucked her with the butt plug, pushing it in and out of her slowly. After a few minutes I pulled it out of her completely and she gasped audibly. She had long ago given up sucking my cock and was instead stroking me lazily.

I reached over to the my nightstand and pulled the dildo she kept there out. I slid it in her pussy to lube it and then I placed it at the entrance to her ass. Darcy really enjoyed the feeling of being anally penetrated and the ‘in and out’ feeling of being fucked there, whether it was my cock or one of her various toys.

I began to push the dildo into her ass slowly, taking the time to make sure she felt every inch of it invade her colon. My mouth continued to work on her clit, and I sucked on her with a little more force. Her ass took the dildo completely, and I kept only enough outside of her to pull it back out. I started slowly but soon I was fucking her ass hard and fast and she was loving every second of it.

“I’m going to cum,” she screamed and no sooner had she said the words than she was cuming. Her hips thrust forward and then back, pushing the dildo in her ass deeper with each thrust. Her pussy became noticeably more wet and I stuck my tongue insider her to taste her sweet nectar.

I pulled the dildo out of her ass and her hole gaped. I pulled my pillow under my head to get a better angle and I stuck my tongue in her ass. Since we started our ass play I had begun to really enjoy the sour-sweet taste of her butt. I tongued her ass deep, then pulled my tongue out and licked around her hole with a swirling motion. All of which, I knew she was loving. She reached a hand back and grabbed my hair, holding me in place. I licked and licked, trying to shove my tongue down her hole as far as I could.

“Holy fuck, I’m going to cum again.”

Her hole clinched and relaxed, clinched and relaxed as yet another orgasm ripped through her body. While she was occupied I reached up under my headboard and brought out my surprise; unbeknownst to her I had ordered us a new toy off the internet, a big black dildo about a foot and a half long and very thick. I took the tube of lube that was always handy and coated the top half of it. While she was still rotating her hips, coming down off her orgasm I placed the tip of it against her ass.

She began to push back against it, thinking it the normal toy. Her ass kept stretching around it and then the head popped inside her. Her back went straight with surprise and she looked over her shoulder at me, at her ass.

Noticing the new toy hanging out of her ass she smiled seductively. “A new toy for me to play with?”

“Of course, I thought you would like it.”

“I do, now fuck my ass with it baby.”

And I did just that. I went slow, it was by far the biggest thing she had ever had in her ass, but she was really enjoying it. After a few minutes getting used to its size, she began to push back on my thrusts and had about half of the toy insider her when she began to cum. She arched her back and gave into my thrusting as the wave of pleasure washed over her again. When her orgasm subsided she looked back at me again.

“I think my ass needs a rest, how about you stick that cock of yours in my pussy?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, I was excited as hell from watching her get off on her new toy. I put the dildo on the table ‘for later’ and slid out from under neither her. I rolled her onto her back and spread her legs; I placed my cock at the entrance to her.

I pushed insider her in one motion, she was so wet. I started to fuck her with long, hard thrusts putting all my pent up lust into my actions. I bent my head down and sucked on her nipples, biting at them and sucking on them with the same ferocity that I was fucking her with. My hands caressed her legs and ass, feeling their muscular smoothness. I wanted to look at her ass so I rolled her over.

I teased her ass with my cock a bit before sliding in between her pussy lips. Grabbing a hold of her hips I eased into a smooth rhythm sliding my cock almost out of her before plunging back in her deep, letting her feel every inch of me. I fucked her in long strokes for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of being inside a beautiful woman. I pushed her forward off all fours and onto her stomach.

Cushioned by her ass, I began to fuck her hard again. Skin slapped and the bed creaked and in no time she was cuming again. I never slowed down, not even for a second as I kept right on fucking her. I was going after her with a vengeance, driving into her with all my might. She came again. And then again. Still I kept drilling her. On and on I fucked her and I was surprised that my orgasm hadn’t hit me yet. Again and again I went into her as deep as I could – in fact I may still be in her today if we hadn’t knocked the lamp off the bed side table, sending it crashing to the floor.

I disengaged and set the lamp right. “How’s your ass?” I asked.

“Ready for your cock, if you’re offering.”

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and I stood. She grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart and back exposing her ass to me. I squirted some lube on it and then entered her. Even with all the toys that were in her today, she was still tight and it took me a few more squirts of lube to get my cock all the way insider her ass. Darcy was coming almost constantly now as I gently pushed inside her again and again. I had to control myself, I wanted to really fuck her hard but I didn’t want to hurt her – after all we hadn’t been doing anal all that long and I was afraid that one bad experience would limit my access in the future.

While I was fucking her ass I placed my hand on her clit and rubbed; she came harder, screaming loudly with each wave that hit her. I was glad my roommates weren’t home; they would be knocking on the door by now making sure I wasn’t committing a homicide. She let go of her ankles and placed her legs on the bed. Her hands now free she began to play with her pussy, putting the fingers of one hand inside her pussy while the other one worked her clit feverously. She was really enjoying herself and I wondered if she would ever stop cuming.

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