My Exception is You Ch. 19


Hey everyone!

Not only is it crunch time for me, getting to finals for school, but I also had a really hard time writing this chapter. I think I re-wrote it three times. I’m finally happy with it and hope you all aren’t disappointed after such a long wait!

Thank you all for following thus far and I hope we are excited to see what happens next. Feedback is always appreciated.

Enjoy! 🙂


It had been a few weeks since my parents surprised me. Nothing actually changed. They had already been distant parents once I moved out. And they went radio silent after finding out I was dating Bruno, so everything just felt like more of the same. Except since that weekend Bruno and I had gotten closer. It felt like everyday this invisible barrier that was between us kept shrinking.

That week put a shift in our relationship. It wasn’t one I knew I wanted or needed, but since it happened I couldn’t look back. And to my surprise most of the difference was in Bruno. I thought he was perfect and amazing before. Little did I know he wasn’t even fully in by that point.

“Hey sexy, what are you thinking about?” Bruno’s voice brought me back to reality and I couldn’t help but smile as he slid onto my lap. He had just went to the kitchen to get us two Cokes before Mel got back with our dinner. Bruno had a taste for Chinese food and I couldn’t complain. The cans were sitting on the coffee table as Bruno straddle my legs, pulling my hands up onto his hips. “You look really hot when you’re deep in thought sometimes,” he whispered, leaning toward me.

“Jesus Bruno, Mel left not even five minutes ago,” I chuckled as he pressed his chest against mine. His lips pressed against my neck, his hand sliding up along the back of my head.

“Sorry, I’ve just been really excited to sleep over again,” he admitted sweetly, his lips teasing and tugging at my ear. I closed my eyes, letting my head rest back as my hands slip up into his shirt. I felt his back arch at my touch, like he was stretching into the touch. This pushed his body into mine more, his crotch pushing down on mine slightly.

“Why is that?” I whispered, massaging his back gently as he continued to kiss and suck at my neck. He was already rolling his hips. It was subtle, so I’m sure he didn’t even realize it, but this shit drove me fucking crazy. “Is it just cause you like how good I fuck you?” I ran my fingers down his spine slowly, pressing my lips to his ear. He started to breathe heavier, his fingers clutching at my hair.

“N-no!” he gasped, trembling as my hand slid into the back of his pants. I only teased my fingers between his cheeks and he was already losing it. Fuck. I didn’t want to get like this, at least not until after dinner. “I-I just like sleeping in your arms,” he whimpered as my other hand slid down into his pants. I gripped his ass, sliding my fingers between his cheeks. I felt his asshole as it puckered and twitched with his panting and trembling.

“Mmm, so you like being in my arms?” I rubbed my finger against his tight hole, his hips rolling back as he shoved his ass into my hands. My cock twitched, growing quickly as he continued to whimper and gasp for air as I teased him. Shit. “Bruno you have horrible timing,” I grumbled and he laughed before groaning as my finger pushed into his ass. “What are we going to do, Mel should be back soon,” I groaned, sucking and nibbling on his neck as he clung to me. His ass was hot and tight, clenching around my finger eagerly.

“I’m sorry I just can’t help myself with you,” he whined, clawing at my neck and shoulder as he hung onto me. “I promise it’s not just sex!” he gasped when I slid another finger into his cute little hole. I smirked, licking my lip as I studied the side of his face. His jaw was taut, his neck straining as he groaned and huffed for air. His hair was pulled back into a tiny bun on top of his head, some of the shorter pieces still hanging around his face and neck. He looked so sexy.

“I want a kiss,” I grumbled, reaching up and tugging on the hair lying on the back of his neck. He groaned, letting me pull him back. The hungry look in his eyes would have been my undoing if I wasn’t chanting over and over again that Mel was coming back soon in the back of my mind. “Make it really good too, because Mel is going to be back,” I muttered, my eyes locked on his lips a they parted slightly. The one corner of his mouth curled up, his tongue sliding against the top lip slightly.

“If I make it too good, what’re you gonna do?” he demanded. Our eyes met, my body hot as his eyes burned. Without thinking I pulled him close, my lips closing around his. He responded immediately; his hands gripped my hair and the back of my head. His body pressed up against mine, his ass clenching around my fingers. This was maddening. I felt his tongue and groaned, melting as my hand slid down his back. I pushed his pants down in the back, gripping and massaging Pendik Escort his ass. I let my fingers work in and out slowly, just teasing him as my tongue fought its way into his mouth. “Fuck Clay, I want you so bad,” he gasped, his hands clawing at my shirt as he pushed against my chest. We were both panting, his face flushed. His lips were a bit swollen and wet.

“I’m not done,” I grabbed the back of his neck, shoving my fingers deeper into his ass as I pulled him close. His eyes rolled back as he gasped, before moaning as my mouth covered his. My tongue slid all over his mouth, massaging and coercing his tongue as well. We shared a few tender kissed, his nose sliding against mine before he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I inhaled sharply, the pain dull but kind of nice, and then exhaled through my nose as his tongue pressed against mine.

My fingers were still buried in his ass, my other hand sliding along the waistband of his pants. His stomach tensed and curled at my touch, his mouth frozen against mine. He was panting, his hot breath washing over my chin and neck. I sucked on his lips, nibbling and licking at them, loving the look on his face. My hand dipped into the front of his pants, closing around his shaft. His face twisted as he moaned quietly. I gently stroked him, my thumb teasing his tip as I watched him. His whimpers, the way his nose wrinkled, the way his eyebrows twitched and pulled together as he’d tremble, all of it was so fucking sexy.

I was going faster, wanting to see him cum so bad when we heard Mel’s car. The engine turned off, her door shutting and then the light beep of her car locking. Bruno groaned in frustration when I pulled my hands away from him and pushed him off my lap. I stood up, adjusting my dick to try and hide my fucking boner. I got the door for her, taking one of the bags as she walked in.

“God it’s so damn cold now!” she shivered, sliding her hat off. I locked the door, heading over to the living room. Bruno was sitting casually, his arms between his legs covering his crotch. I smirked, biting my lip and he blushed, looking away as he smiled at Mel.

“Well that’s what happens in November!” he shrugged, leaning over to grab his Coke as I set the bag down. She came over after taking her shoes and coat off, setting her bag down as well. We got all the food out like a little buffet, plopping down and just using forks to dig in. “What’s that new show you’ve been watching Mel?” Bruno demanded, handing the remote across me to her. She giggled, snatching it as she chewed on some chicken.

“It’s not new, well, at least the show isn’t. But it is new for me,” she corrected him and he chuckled, nodding as he leaned across me to stab his fork into two slabs of the steak teriyaki. “Have you seen this yet?” she nudged me and I shook my head, sipping my Coke as she searched it and clicked an episode that wasn’t watched. “So basically-” she started explaining the show as the credits started. It was yet another paranormal investigation show, but this one was based on historical research. Some people would go to the house, some one would research the property and then they’d come together in the end with the owner to compare their notes.

“Do you think ghosts are real? That she could be a medium?” Bruno asked out loud. To Mel or me, I didn’t know.

“Oh a hundred percent. My mom said my great grandma was a psychic!” she started and I chuckled, shrugging.

“It’d be cool if it was true, but I’m not sure I’m convinced with just these shows,” I gestured to the TV and glanced at Bruno he pursed his lips, before taking a big bite of lo mein.

“What a Scrooge you are!” Mel snorted, nudging me. I chuckled, shrugging as I stabbed a few pieces of the steamed veggies and stuffed my face. We watched a few episodes while we ate, just enjoying ourselves before this week. Mel was busy with another huge project and we had a more intense game schedule since the NCAA Championships started.

By the time we finished everything Bruno looked like he was catatonic, Mel teasing him for how much he pigged out. “I just want to know how you stay so damn skinny!” Mel leaned across me poking his belly and he groaned, pushing her away weakly as he fell into my side.

“He works out often enough,” I admitted and she nodded, smiling at me then.

“Sex doesn’t count as a work out,” she teased then and I laughed, Bruno chuckling as he wrapped his arms around me.

“The way this man has sex,” he pat my chest as I slid my arm over his shoulders. “It’s sometimes more exhausting than days we have two practices,” he muttered. I bit my lip, a bit smug about that.

“Well I went and got the food, you two have to clean up. I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted!” Mel got up, scrunching my hair as I smiled at her. Bruno already seemed out for the count too.

“Alright, thanks again for picking it up Mel!” I called out as she left. Bruno mumbled something as he snuggled closer to me. I Tuzla Escort pushed his hair off his forehead, kissing him a few times before sighing. “Bruno get up, let me clean up then we can go to bed too,” I mumbled and he groaned, wiggling closer to me. He went to slide his legs over my lap and I chuckled, pushing him off me.

“Hey!” he gasped, falling down onto the ground as I stood up. “You’re so mean,” he grumbled, curling up into a ball. I sighed, shaking my head as I started stacking everything up into an easy pile. I combined the left overs into just a few containers, setting those in their own pile. The rest of the trash I put into the two bags, bringing everything into the kitchen. When I finished and came back out Bruno was already snoring quietly.

“Guess we can’t continue where we left off,” I laughed to myself, walking over and pulling him up off the floor. He woke up enough to help me get him into my arms. I carried him upstairs as he clung to me, his face buried into my neck.

“Mmm, sexy strong man,” he mused, his finger running along my shirt’s collar. I bit my lip, pushing into my bedroom and kicking the door shut.

“Bruno you are too tired to be trying to turn me on,” I grumbled and he sighed.

“Sorry, maybe tomorrow morning,” he whispered and I rolled my eyes, unable to stop smiling though. I got him onto my bed, pulling all his clothes off him. He tried to stop me from pulling his briefs off but I ignored him. “I’m cold!” he curled up, pouting, his eyes still closed. I threw the blanket up over him and he sighed happily. I got naked too, crawling into bed with him. His body was so warm and soft as I curled myself around him.

“Good night Bruno, I love you,” I whispered. He moaned happily, wiggling back against me.

“I love you too,” he muttered sleepily. I squeezed him gently, kissing his neck and shoulder a few times until I heard him snoring again. This is pure happiness. Nothing could beat this. I was convinced of that as I cuddled into him and let myself drift off to sleep myself.


I was at practice before Bruno, as usual on Mondays, so I was stretching and checking my phone. There were a few texts from Katie that I was reading through when I heard a throat clear next to me. I looked over, confused. Then felt more confused when I saw Zack staring back at me.

“What’s up?” I asked, about to turn back to my phone when he cleared his throat and grabbed my wrist. “You’re freaking me out,” I laughed nervously, prying his hand off my arm as he glanced up toward the locker room before looking back at me.

“Clay I,” he hesitated and then his face twisted as he crossed his arms and sighed heavily as he hung his head. “I really want our senior year to end on a happy note together. I miss hanging out with you man. We’re co-captains and we don’t even fucking talk anymore,” he started and I sighed.

“Yeah ’cause you turned into a homophobic fucking prick,” I laughed once and he frowned.

“I’m not homophobic I just-“

“Zack, you literally harassed and bullied Bruno for weeks-“

“Because why would a gay man not be honest about shit like that if it impacts people. Like the team has a right to kn-“

“Fuck Zack you seriously still on that shit?!” I cut him off and he scowled. “Why does it bother you so much that we hid it for a bit then came out? Bruno and I really only want each other anyway,” I smirked then, my phone vibrating. I saw a text from Bruno, my heart feeling warm.

“It’s just uncomfortable to think-“

“Why?” I demanded, studying him them curiously. “Isn’t it the same if you check girls out who may or may not like it?” I pressed and he hesitated and then sighed, rubbing his face.

“I don’t know how to explain why it’s so weird for me!” he insisted then and I scoffed, shaking my head as I opened the message.

Msg: see you soon! Can’t wait to see you all hot and sweaty today 😉

I laughed, biting my lip as I shook my head and slid my phone into my pocket. I crossed my arms, turning to face Zack head on. He was studying my pocket and then glanced at me warily. “I think it also bothers me that you’re so up Bruno’s ass. Like we’ve been friends since freshman year,” he continued and I sighed, shaking my head.

“Then say that. Why take it out-“

“Because I thought you were straight!” he barked and I flinched, appalled and confused.

“What does that have to do with-“

“Clay I’ve liked you since we met! But I figured you were straight. And when Bruno was outed, people on the team made a stink about it. Hell you even did too! So I went along with it-“

“The fuck you mean went along with it?! You led the whole damn thing!” I snapped and he cringed, hanging his head.

“You started showing him so much more fucking attention, basically abandoning the entire damn team. And me! I was losing my best friend to some random sophomore out of nowhere! I knew I couldn’t date you, but I at least wanted to still be Anadolu Yakası Escort the guy you wanted to hang out with all the time! It wasn’t fucking fair!” he barked and I scoffed, rubbing my face as I tried processing all of this. “And then I find out from the guys that you’re gay, and dating Bruno?!” he snorted and I crossed my arms, glaring at him.

“So the rest of this shit after finding out?” I demanded and he hung his head.

“I was, no, I am jealous! I lost you and the whole fucking team all because of Bruno!” he snapped and I was floored. “No one wants to talk to me and I don’t know how to fucking fix it!” he looked broken as he grabbed my shirt tightly. I put my hands on his trying to push him off. He pushed into me, pressing his lips to mine and I froze. Shock had me stiff like a statue when he gasped and stumbled back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Bruno demanded, glaring at Zack as he crossed his arms. I grabbed Bruno’s arm and he looked at me, his eyes narrowing slightly. “What’s going on here?” he demanded and I took a deep breath, sighing heavily. I had no idea how to explain anything.

“We were just talking!” Zack insisted and Bruno snorted, shaking his head.

“So you didn’t just kiss him?” he laughed sarcastically, and Zack’s face looked pale as he looked between us frantically. “That was you just talking?” he pressed, looking at me then. “Clay?” he asked and I pursed my lips.

“Zack wanted to talk to me. I think he got a bit too caught up in his emotions,” I muttered and Zack scoffed.

“You know what, fuck it. Since Bruno saw,” he turned to Bruno then, crossing his arms and glaring at him. “I’m pissed because since freshman year Clay and I have been best friends, hung out all the time, it was fucking great. We even got to be co-captains this year. And it wasn’t until you started being buddy-buddy with him that anything changed!” he started up and Bruno snorted.

“So you had a crush on Clay, but pretended you were just friends as if you were straight, and now it’s all my fault?” Bruno demanded and Zack hesitated, looking between us before he shrugged and nodded.

“Had you not come out-“

“I was dating Bruno before that,” I interrupted him and he looked confused. “He came out because of what you said about gays, because of me,” I admitted, glancing at Bruno with a small smile. He looked so proud of himself as he smiled back at me.

“Yeah, Clay came onto me. Not the other way around,” Bruno insisted and I snorted, shaking my head.

“Technically-” I hesitated, glancing at Zack who looked confused, hurt, and angry all at once. “Nah, it doesn’t matter. What matters is none of this is anyone’s fault but your own,” I breathed and he frowned when Bruno turned to give me a hug. “And if this is supposed to be some kind of apology or making amends I’d say apology accepted, but don’t expect anything from me,” I sighed and he took a deep breath, crossing his arms as he glared at Bruno.

“I just want my friend back,” he admitted then, looking defeated. “And my fucking team. We’re going to the championships now, but I feel so damn isolated,” he insisted, Bruno pulling away as he studied him.

“Maybe if you stopped being so fucking horrible,” Bruno started and I sighed, squeezing his arm gently. He took a deep breath and sighed crossing his arms again. “Zack I don’t get it man. Why act the way you did if you were fucking gay too?! Do you know how fucking crazy you seem? You were so against my being gay. And then upset when Clay ended up being gay-“

“What am I supposed to do? Be gay and risk people hate me?!” he demanded and I snorted, Bruno looking shocked. “Fuck man I have been trying so damn hard,” he looked angry as he shook his head. “And you two being out has been fucking me up so bad!” he snapped then, glaring at the two of us.

“Why is everything everyone else’s fault?!” Bruno demanded and Zack looked torn. “From where I’m standing you’re the problem here. Not us,” he put his hand on my arm, studying Zack as he glared back at us. “Had you been honest with your feelings, who knows, maybe you would have gotten him,” he started and I snorted.

“No, I wasn’t interested at all,” I breathed, Zack flinching as he glared at me then. “Just being honest. I don’t want you being delusional and thinking anything’s going to change-“

“I just want my damn friend back,” he sighed then, looking deflated as he crossed his arms and dug his foot into the track. “Senior year has sucked so far. We don’t hang out as much as a team anymore, we don’t work out together anymore,” he continued. I did feel a bit bad for him, but then again he only had himself to blame. “Could you guys not say anything to the team about this too?” he muttered then, looking panicked.

“The fuck?” I demanded, honestly baffled. “If you just apologize to us and admit your fuck ups to the team I’m sure things would be so much fucking better immediately!” I snapped then, trying not to raise my voice as I got angry. “How fucking dumb are you?” I demanded and Bruno sighed, squeezing my arm.

“You were on his side of the fence before you came out,” he reminded me gently and I felt uneasy, studying him then. “Don’t act like you don’t understand him,” he muttered, his eyes hard to read as he studied me.

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