My Fire Island Vacation


At a gay resort:

At long last! I was so excited to finally be on vacation! I immediately threw on my swim briefs and headed for the pool. All the hard work in the gym had really paid off and I was proud of my ripped, twinky little body. (I was never able to get very big. Oh, well.)

And my package was looking right too! My shit’s pretty average in size, but these briefs really push everything up and out there. Admiring myself in the elevator mirror, my confidence was boosted with the thought of other guys taking a glance and thinking “Hey, he’s really packin!” …

All this self-admiration had me swelling up! How do people keep from walking around with raging hard-ons at a place like this? Now my package was looking extra bulgy…

So, this smokin’ hot guy caught me on the way down to the pool, and flashed me his abs.

“Wanna go up to my room?”, he said.

There’s no way I was turning down that offer! When we got to his room, he dropped his pants and I about had a heart attack. This stud had the biggest fattest cock I’ve ever seen! And he wasn’t even hard yet!

Anyway, we kissed and flexed and felt each other up, peeled Pendik Escort off any remaining clothes, and by then we were both FULLY erect. Fuck he was HUGE! Like how is that even possible?!

Any uncertainty about who was bottoming was quickly put to rest when he threw me over the bed and pulled my ass up in the air. I figured. After all, the hung ones always just seem to assume they get to play power-top.

He tried being gentle and gingerly at first, easing into my asshole, but when it became apparent that wasn’t really working he went with the forceful approach and just shoved it in there.

I screamed… LOUD… and when he started stroking in an out I couldn’t take it anymore. Sobbing from the pain I begged him to stop, so he shoved it ALL THE WAY IN, held it there, bit my ear and whispered “Just relax and breathe. You’ll get used to it.”

We listened to each other breath for what seemed like an eternity. I’m whimpering and sniffling like a little child. This dream come true was starting to turn into a nightmare!

My asshole was on fire and I had a 200 pound muscle jock on top of me. After holding his Kurtköy Escort monster in for a minute or two, he slowly pulled all the way out, leaving my asshole gaping WIDE open. I had never taken anything so thick before, and so deep!

“Your move shorty”, he said with a smile.

My rock hard cock stuck straight up against my belly. I looked down. It seemed like I had micro-penis compared to the anaconda that sat across from me. My insides were starting to feel empty and my cock was starting to droop.

“I don’t know if I can take that thing.”

“It’s OK bud, most people can’t. I’m surprised you didn’t jump off immediately”

“You were kind of pinning me down… and I was screaming for you to stop.”

“Oh, really? Sorry. I get carried away sometimes”

*Sigh* “Well if I’m going to do this thing, I’m sure as hell getting proof!” and I handed him my phone. “Nobody will believe how big you are, or that I took the whole thing unless we get some video” I said. “I’m Chris by the way.”

“Oh yea, I’m Andrei.”

And with that, I bent over and stuck my ass right back up in the air. Over the next few Kartal Escort hours I shot, he shot, I shot again. I came so hard with that big dick up my ass that I shot all over my face, and then with my own cum still dripping off my nose, Andrei pulled out and blasted me all over my face again too. Looking right into the camera, dripping with cum I said “Hope you’re getting all this!”

After that, Andrei shoved his muscle butt in my face and said “You want a turn?”

“What?!” I said, “You bottom too?”

“Yea, usually I have to because no one can take me! I just like trying to top first for shits and giggles. I can’t believe you actually hung in there!”

“You dick! Well it hurt like a bitch but that’s the hardest I’ve ever came.”

Andrei let me pound away for a while, and when I was done popping off (again), we went down to the beach to jump in and cool off.

We didn’t even bother cleaning up, just walked straight through the lobby in our swim briefs, covered in sweat, cum matted in my hair and stuck to my brow.

Andrei looked ridiculous in his briefs… like they were two sizes too small… barely containing his cock and balls… stretched to the maxx. We definitely made some heads turn!

Now, when I recount this story, everyone thinks I’m exaggerating until I show them the vid. I watch their faces as they stare on, jaws wide open. And they all say the same thing… “Dude! You got to send me that!”

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