My Pretty Fucked Up Story Ch. 02


The next day I had to get up early in the morning to make it to the university. I was in a very good mood. I felt more relaxed than usual. Apparently it was all because of what I had experienced last night.

Stefan was at work that day until evening. So I had time to talk calmly with Danuta about what happened yesterday. When I told her that Stefan had given me some lessons yesterday, she was clearly pleased.

If I had known it was so great, I would not have held back so long – I told my friend.
I told you… This is the power of orgasm – Danuta answered me and then added – Now it is only a question when you will spread your legs for him.
What will I do? – I asked Danuta.
I have a feeling that if you continue to explore the world of intimate pleasures, it is just a matter of time when he will tear you apart – and then she added with a smile – as long as there are no children out of it.
Don’t exaggerate. We… I did it just for the pleasure – I told Danuta.
It always starts like that. And it ends with a loss of control and a growing belly. Take care of yourself dear – said Danuta and then we ended the conversation.

After the end of the conversation I felt that my pussy was hot. Apparently the conversation with Danuta made me so hot. So I pulled down my panties and just like yesterday I started to massage my pussy. In the meantime I was thinking about Stefan and his swollen member. I began to think about what would happen if I let him have intercourse with me. What it would be like if he were to devirginize me tonight. Unexpectedly, I climaxed quickly and felt a long-awaited relief. After a while I came to my senses and got dressed.

Stefan came home from work tonight and after dinner we spent time talking on the couch in front of the TV again.

After yesterday I felt great today – I told him, referring to yesterday’s climax.
It felt good to me too. Besides, you saw it yourself – answered Stefan and then suggested – Would you like to do it again today?
Why not? – I answered without hesitation.

I did not have to tell adult hikayeler Stefan twice. He pulled down his pants and panties so that his already swollen member was visible to me. Then he helped me to pull down my pants and panties. Just like yesterday we were both undressed from the waist down. After a while he grabbed my shirt and asked if he could take it off. Without thinking I nodded affirmatively. After a while my shirt went over my head and landed next to me on the couch. I was already only in my bra and he was in his shirt. That didn’t last long because Stefan took off his shirt and for the first time I saw him completely naked. I saw that his gaze was directed at my breasts. I felt that it was only a matter of time before he asked me to take it off. After a moment of hesitation I turned away from him giving him a clear signal that he could unhook my bra. He read the gesture instantly and took advantage of it. My bra was pulled down by him and for the first time Stefan could admire my breasts.

You look beautiful, baby – said Stefan.

It was the first time he had called me that caressing name and I actually liked it. It was a sign that he was starting to really like me. I started to feel the same way. Stefan laid me down on the bed and, just like yesterday, brought his head close to my crotch. Once again his tongue brought me to an orgasm, after which I had to recover for a while.

Just like before, Stefan was kneeling on the bed masturbating. He wanted to douse me with his semen just like yesterday. But when he got closer to that moment, he directed his penis at my breasts. This time it was my breasts that were covered with semen. When Stefan finished coating my breasts, I started to massage them. I rubbed them as if I wanted to rub his semen into my skin. Stefan just smiled and lay down next to me, satisfied.

You are fantastic – Stefan complimented me.

I lay next to him for a while, looking straight into his eyes and thinking what to say to him. But I could not think of anything to say. After a short rest, I got up and went to the bathroom to pee. It didn’t even occur to me to get dressed and I went completely naked. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my breasts were still sticky and glistening with semen. I then lifted my leg and placed it on the toilet bowl. I saw that my crack was also glistening in the light of the bathroom lamp. I couldn’t believe how I had changed in just two days. I hadn’t even considered it at the time. Now I was starting to get used to it. After a while I left the bathroom and walked over to the couch where Stefan was still lying. I lay down next to him and turned my head towards him.

Thank you – I said and then brought my lips close to his and kissed him for the first time. It was a long and passionate kiss. It was like two people in love with each other. After a while I pulled my lips away and I saw that he was surprised at what I had done.
Now I’m the one to thank you, baby – he said and lay down on top of me and this time he kissed me.

During the kiss I felt his member on my thigh which was swollen again. I began to wriggle underneath him trying to get his member to latch on to my pubic area. Instinctively I moved my hand lower to where Stefan’s member was. I grabbed the tip and directed it towards my clit. It was located right between my labia. I began to wriggle around trying to impale myself on his member. Stefan realized what I wanted to do and pulled his mouth away from mine.

Are you sure about this? – asked Stefan looking straight into my eyes.
I want it – I answered, whispering in his ear and making another attempt to impale myself on his member.

Stefan put me down next to him and got out of bed. For a moment I didn’t know what he meant. Did I say or do something wrong. Maybe I had been too pushy. Stefan got up and reached into his wallet, which was lying on the cabinet next to the room. He pulled out a condom.

Isn’t it a bit early to be making a baby? – Stefan asked teasingly.

Then it occurred to me that if it wasn’t for Stefan, I would probably be on my way to becoming pregnant right now. I realized that I had lost control of what was happening. Luckily for me, Stefan was able to keep a cool head in this situation. In front of me he took the rubber band out of the foil and rolled it around his penis. I looked at him in awe, feeling that it was only a matter of time before I lost my virginity.

Stefan lay down on the bed and then on top of me. I took hold of his member and felt the rubbery sheath that enveloped it.

Now we could begin. Are you ready? – Stefan asked one last time.
Yes – I answered.

Stefan positioned his legs between my thighs. He did this to spread my thighs as much as possible. This way his member would have an easier job of entering my slit. Stefan positioned his member between my labia and started thrusting. I felt Stefan’s penis trying to penetrate inside my pussy. I felt some discomfort, but Stefan kept reassuring me and did not push too hard. In this way, after a few moments, the head of his penis was inside my pussy. This was only the beginning, and Stefan kept on trying to penetrate deeper and deeper, which with time he was able to do. After a while, half of the length of his member was able to hide in my pussy. Stefan kept sliding his member in and out, trying to penetrate deeper and deeper. A dozen or so tries later he pushed in all the way and I felt his member spreading inside me.

We had done it. You are a woman now, baby – said Stefan.
Thank you, baby – I told him.

Stefan started to fuck me faster and faster now. I felt a pleasure that I had never experienced before. This went on for a few minutes, then Stefan pulled out his penis and took off the rubber band.

Where should I cum? On your pussy or on your breasts? – Stefan asked me.

I did not answer him. I stood up and slid his member into my mouth. Stefan came after a while and started shooting cum in my mouth. Even though the taste and smell was just as bad as before, I persisted and swallowed it all.

You keep surprising me – said Stefan.
Thanks – I answered shortly and fell down on the bed.

After a while Stefan lay down next to me. I cuddled into his arms and fell asleep.

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