My Sexual Awakening – Best Friend

Double Penetration

The prequel to this story is under the INCEST CATEGORY — same title. AS the first chapter this is a fictional account, however I did wish I would have had a sexual relationship with my best friend as described in the story below. It is a fantasy that never happened.

I got up the next morning dressed for school and went down for breakfast. My mom acted like nothing had happened. She fixed me breakfast, handed me my lunch as I headed out the door for school, kissing me on the cheek like she always did and patted my butt.

All I could think about as I walked to school was what my mom had done to me the night before. I don’t even remember anything that whole day in school. All I could think about was my MOM and her wet warm mouth on my dick.

Everyday afterschool I’d walk home with my best friend, Burnie, we are both seniors, nerdy. He’s close to 6 feet tall, regular frame. I’m just over 5.6 and really skinny. He was talking about something, and I really wasn’t paying attention, just thinking about my mom. We take a short cut to his house through this little wooded area and just before we turned to the path I blurted out, “Have you ever had someone kiss your dick before?” Burnie stopped and looked at me, “What? NO! HAVE YOU?” I stammered “No, I just wondered what it would feel like, I was watching this porn of a girl sucking off a guy and thought it would probably feel pretty good.” He laughed and said, “Damn right it would! I can’t wait to have my dick sucked! But it’s not going to happen soon. Girls in our school only want the jocks.” Then I stammered, “If I kissed yours, would you kiss mine.” Again he stopped and looked at me, I guess I was surprised when he said, “I guess, BUT YOU’D HAVE TO GO FIRST!” I said okay. Off to the side was a clump of bushes so we went behind them. I don’t really know why, but I just got on Bostancı Escort my knees. Burnie looked around and then undid his jeans and pulled them down with his underwear. I stared at his dick. I had seen it before after gym class in the shower, but not up close like this only inches from my face. He was circumcised like me, but his dick was about two inches longer and thicker than mine. It was limp. I just looked at it when he said, “So, you going to kiss it or what?” I looked up at him staring down at me. I always admired Burnie, we had known each other since I we were 5 and now both of us just turned 18, he was taller than me, stronger, and smarter. He kind of ordered me around, not in a bullying kind of way, just like go get him something like a snack or coke, or what game we were going to play or what TV show we would watch. I didn’t mind, I kind of liked it. It made me feel a little inferior to him, weak and submissive. But it gave me a tingling sort of feeling when he took charge.

Anyway, I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock, he didn’t really respond. Then I kissed the sides of it. I moved and kissed the tip again, then parted my lips and sucked his dick into my mouth! He gasped, “Man, I thought you were just going to kiss it!” But he didn’t pull away. I started to do what my mom had done with me the night before and suck on it, it started to stiffen in my mouth. I moved my tongue over it, when suddenly we heard voice coming down the path. I stood up and Burnie pulled up his pants. We got back on the path and saw a couple of guys we went to school with. We just said, “Hi”, made some small talk as we walked out of the woods and Burnie and I split off to go into his house. Both his parents were still at work. I followed Burnie up to his room, not saying a word. When we Ümraniye Escort got to his room, he closed the door and locked it. He immediately pulled off his shoes and his pants and I got back on my knees. I looked at the circumcised helmet of his dick, it looked bigger than before and I put my lips on the tip and sucked it into my mouth! Burnie moaned, “Damn Jim.” As I started to suck his semi-hard dick into my mouth and then massage it with my tongue. But when he got hard he, suddenly pulled away from me. “Wait” is all he said. He pulled off his shirt and told me to take off my clothes too. He wanted to see me naked if he was going to be. I did as I was told. As I started to strip, he lay down on his bed watching me. I stood there naked in front of him. “God, Jim your dick isn’t very big.”

I felt ashamed. The he said, “Get on the bed between my legs and kiss mine again.” I climbed on the bed and he spread his thighs wide. I looked down at his stiff dick and his nearly hairless ball sack. I lowered my head and sucked his dick into my mouth, he was still hard. He moaned. “God Jim, that feels weird but SO GOOD!” I continued to suck his cock when he placed his hands on my head, tangled his fingers in my hair and started to pump his cock into my face! I felt so helpless as he fucked my face. He kept doing it a long time. Then he took his hands away and said, “Okay, I guess it’s your turn now.” He told me to sit on the desk and spread my legs. He stood between them and started to kiss my dick, he sucked about an inch into his mouth and then stood up and said, “Okay, we’re even.” I looked at him sheepishly and said, “Do you want me to kiss yours some more?” He just smiled and said sure. He sat on the edge of his bed; I got down on my knees and sucked his cock again. He just put his hands gently Anadolu Yakası Escort on my head and patted me like a dog. Saying stuff like, “You like doing this don’t you Jim? You like my dick in your mouth, don’t you?” “You know girls do this to guys; you wish you were a girl Jim? Huh? You look like a girl with your hair over your face!” Then he got quiet and started to fuck my face hard again. He started to moan softly. Suddenly he pushed my head down onto my cock! It seemed to grow more in my mouth! Then he moaned out loud and started to spray his cum into my mouth! He was holding my head tightly in his hands. I swallowed his first spurt as much as I could then the rest just started pouring out of my mouth, over his cock and balls. He kept moaning my name, over and over, “Oh god Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.” He hadn’t called me “Jimmy” in years, but it made me feel like I was his. Like he was calling me by a ‘girls’ name.

He let go of my head and I let his softening cock slip out of my mouth. I knelt on the floor looking up at his wet cock and balls. I could feel his cum on my lips, cheeks and chin and some dripping on my chest. I whipped it off with my t-shirt as he cleaned himself with his bedsheet. I climbed onto the bed. We just laid there not saying a word. We lost all track of time, when we heard his mom yell, “Burn, I’M HOME!”, bolting both of us back to reality. We both got dressed quickly and went downstairs. We said “Hi” to his mom and she just said “Hi” back to us and then said, “What have you two been up too? You look like you’ve been doing you something you shouldn’t have.” I froze and thought, “God, how did she know?” and Burnie laughed and said, “Nothing mom, just playing some games on my computer.” “Alright you two, so, Jim do you want to stay for dinner?” I stammered “No” that I hadn’t been home from school yet. I picked up my things and left.

It was a long walk home for me. Not in distant but in thinking, “GOD, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? AND WHY DO I LIKE DOING THAT SO MUCH? And GOD, will my mom ever do that to me again? Will she and will she let me cum in her mouth too!?”

That was DAY TWO of my sexual awakening.

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