Never Had I Ever…


He growled in my ear, a low, husky voice “Your ass is mine.” A shiver ran through my entire body bedding itself down in the moist warmth of my pussy. He meant exactly what he said. It excited me. I’d never given my ass to anyone before. The truth of the matter was that is belonged to him already, it always had. Memories flashed through my mind. The first time he slipped a finger into my tight little ass, I nearly came. When his tongue followed, I squealed and wriggled. He held my hips and ground my ass down on his soft slick lips. I couldn’t contain myself.

That was all he had given me for months. Playing with my ass every now and then making me come harder than I could imagine. He teased me with it, made me want it more and more. Then finally, after telling me for days all the dirty things he was going to do to me, the moment was here. His rough kisses claimed me like they never had before. I drank them up like I would delicious wine, arching myself into the heat of his embrace. My whole body came to life under his hands. He squeezed and kneaded with an intensity so new to me, then paused and started again with caresses so gentle their sweetness gaziantep escort bayan moved me. His kisses came more sweet and delicate than before as well on my mouth, my cheeks, along my chin, down my neck, then up to my ear. Then, squeezing one of my tits he bit down. I cried out, startled and oh so turned on.

Running his strong hand down my spine to my ass he squeezed it too. He whispered again, in my freshly bitten ear, “Bend over.” I was all to happy to oblige. His hand stayed on my ass as I bent forward, touching my fingers to the floor. Once I was down with my ass as high as it would go his hand was gone. But only for a moment. There it was again with a thundering crack across both of my cheeks, stinging my flesh and teasing my tight virgin asshole even more. I rocked and moaned as his hand came down again and again.

Then, with more unexpected tenderness, he knelt and kissed the heated red skin of my ass. “Now lay down.” I did, on my stomach lifting my hips just enough that he could survey his handiwork. He ran his hands along my inner thighs squeezing and kissing here and there. He spread my legs apart lifting my ass higher still. His tongue surprised me as it slid into my dripping wet pussy. He lapped at my juices, licking and sucking my swollen lips. I pushed myself into him rubbing my clit while his tongue teased my ass hole. It was too much. I was about to cry out, begging him to give me anything, to end the beautiful torture.

But he was gone, his tongue, his lips, his hands, even his weight had vanished from the bed. I whimpered at his absence, but the sound of his belt sliding out of his pants gave me such delight I quieted, waiting. Expecting the slap of the leather against my ass, I was surprised to feel his weight above me. “You’re ready for me.” His voice in my ear again soft and slow. “The ass doesn’t lie, baby.”

I felt his cock, rock hard, as it slid between my ass cheeks, nudging my tight puckering little hole. I squirmed under him, writhed to meet him. My pussy, wet and hungry took all of him as he pumped once, twice, hard and fast then once more slow and deep. I cried out again, a sound more animal than human. I felt empty as he pulled out of my pussy, but not for long. I felt the tip of his cock as it rubbed on my ass hole, huge as he pushed it in. Oh so slowly, he slipped deeper and deeper. I turned to look at him, my eyes huge as I felt him ream my ass. It hurt, but it felt so good. There was a fire in my body like I’d never known. It burned in my tits and face. He kept on easing himself into me, pulling back a bit then dipping back in.

When his hips met my ass cheeks I felt so full and wonderful I moaned and purred rolling my ass against his hips. He stood still while I accustomed myself to the girth of his full cock, reaching around he rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples. I wailed with joy. That’s when he really gave it to me. Pulling out his huge cock just to jam it back in, in one hard thrust. My eyes watered, I screamed and begged for more. It kept coming, harder and faster, over and over again. I came so hard, it ran down my legs. Every part of me pulsed and throbbed with pleasure as he pummeled my ass with his wonderful cock. With both hands on my ass he squeezed hard spreading my ass cheeks apart. Then, pulling out and plunging deeper still he let out a low groan. More pulsing flesh, as he shot his load into my ass deep and hard. I rocked against him feeling another tremor of joy as he pulled his still hard cock out and gave my ass a playful smack.

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