Our First Time Ch. 04


There’s something special about that first time of intimacy between a couple, no matter how it happens and we lay there for a while basking in the moment. Eventually Miss O rolled over and lay beside me for a while. I had not come yet and my cock was still stiff, throbbing with excitement while she played with it idly, watching my foreskin slide up and down hiding, then concealing the head of my cock.

“I love your cock,” Miss O said.

She continued, “that is not to say I didn’t want you to come along with it, but I really like it. It felt good in my pussy, it needs to go back there soon.”

“Well I think I can help you out there,” I replied smugly, “of course there are other places I’d like to put it, but all in good time!”

“Butt all in good time?” she retorted with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

“Haha, you’re quick!” I told her.

And with a sly grin she scooted off the bed and towards the bathroom.

“Hey wait for me!” I said.

“Oh, you wanna watch?” Miss O asked.

“Sure I do!” I told her, tagging along behind.

She paused at the bathroom door eying me for a second or two and then sat down on the toilet with her legs firmly together.

“Well okay, I suppose you can gaziantep escort bayan watch,” she said coyly.

I find it strange how one minute you can have your nose up a gal’s ass, tongue in her pussy and enjoying her most intiment orgasmic moments, then the next minute she is all shy about a little pee squirting out of her.

As she sat there naked I stroked her hair, and assured her, “Really, don’t be shy, you can watch me later too, if you want to.”

Then I stroked her breasts, let my hands wander down her waist and towards her thighs which I then spread. I let my hand slide over her pussy and gently started rubbing her labia, still moist and hot from our fun.

“Now how am I going to relax?” she asked me.

“Isn’t this relaxing?” I replied.

“Well it is, kind of, but rather distracting if you know what I mean,” Miss O answered.

“Well maybe I can do something about that – why don’t you close your eyes,” I instructed, which she did.

With one hand still rubbing her pussy I reached over and turned on the faucet, yes everyone likes a bit of a distraction and what better than some running water. Then with the other hand I rubbed her neck, massaging it gently.

“Ummm, that feels gooood!” Miss O told me.

Some more quiet moans of pleasure followed and then suddenly I felt a hot warm splash of her pee on my hand and Miss O opened her eyes and looked contentedly at me with an “I’m a clever girl!” kind of grin and bright wide open eyes. I smiled and looked down.

“You’re liking that you dirty little man!” she retorted in reaction to my expression.

I couldn’t deny, her surrender to the moment followed by warm pee gushing against my hand was a big turn on and had my cock twitching briskly. Just to make it worse she reached for my cock and leaned over to suck on it as she peed harder, grinding a little into my palm.

“How does that feel?” she asked between sucks.

“Mmmm, so good – I can’t believe you just did that!” I told her.

“Ummm hummm, I did didn’t I,” she said. “Now how about you clean me up, we don’t want to waste any natural resources on such a simple job now do we?” and at that she scooted forwards, spreading her legs wide and pushed my head down towards her pussy.

“I’ll be happy to take care of your natural resources,” I told her obediently.

I’ll have to admit at this point I’d never tasted another persons pee so I extended my tongue to her pussy with just a little trepidation. But I figured, compared to licking a gals ass how bad could this be?

As it turns out she was somewhat dehydrated and the acrid taste of her urine wasn’t exactly a tasty beverage I’d want to gulp down. However the eroticism of the moment wasn’t lost on me – people have done far more unpleasant things in the name of love, let alone hot sex. So I just ignored the taste and after lashing her pussy with my tongue a few times I had her all cleaned up and I was soon forgetting the initial unpleasantness of it and beginning to taste her natural juices again.

“How did you like that?” Miss O asked.

“Well, honestly?” I asked

“Yes, honestly” she demanded.

“Well, I enjoyed it, but pee isn’t exactly my cup of tea.”

We both laughed.

“You know next time…” I started.


“Well, next time, maybe you could just pee on me instead…” I trailed off seeing how that idea would sit with her.

After thinking for a bit Miss O quizzed me, “Hmmm, how’s that going to work?”

“Well, we could just get in the tub first…” again letting her mind do the imagining.

After a brief hesitation she concluded, “Okay, that would work, I think. Lets try it next time!” and at that she stood up, turned off the faucet and led me back to the bedroom.

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