Piece of Paradise


“Why? Why do they have to do it on such hot humid days? If they wanna waste their time tossing that stupid feathery ball around, be my guest, but why today, when its 100 in the shade, why not on a cloudy cool day?” Those were the kind of thoughts that were going through my mind as I sat on that wooden step watching the two girls play badminton. They were not bad looking girls, no way, but they were wasting their energy in badminton, and I was getting terribly bored sitting there in the hard sun watching them play.

No, I didn’t know who exactly they were but I was sure they were in the friend circle. The same stupid friend circle that had dragged me here on this smoldering hot day. Two of these guys were cab drivers like me and that’s how I came to belong to the elites. Sure they were not college graduates like me but I am not an academic snob. They were not ruggedly handsome like me either but…;), I didn’t hold that against them. 😉 Just kidding. Anyway, the bottom line is, I was hot, my throat was dry and I was too fucking bored. I was trying to not get bored out of my mind by trying to imagine those two young girls without clothes, bouncing on the court, their young soft tits jumping up and down……….


I turned my head quickly, I hadn’t realized when she had sat down beside me on the bench but I sure was glad she had. And boy! Was she a vision of loveliness! Long blonde hair, flying loose on her back, (for those who don’t know, blondes are my weakness), deep blue eyes the color of inviting peaceful lagoons, soft cheeks with a dimple when she smiled, a breathtaking, lovely smile that showed off her even teeth and her full luscious lips, she was all gorgeous!

She spoke again, “Hi”

Having heard that great relationships begin with a Hi, I said “Hi”

“You seem lost in thought! What were you thinking?”

“About my apartment!” I wasn’t the quick-flip Romeo for nothing.

“Oh really? What about it?”

“Well, you see about 5 minutes after you turn on the air conditioning unit, the whole apartment gets so deliciously coooool! And you just gotta mix yourself a drink and relax on the couch with soft music playing in the background to feel that you are in the best of all possible worlds!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You do make it sound so tempting!”

“Well, I am a man of meagre means! That is my heaven on earth!”

“Oh my, you got me all excited now. Wish I could see that heaven on earth and feel all those sensations! But how do I invite myself!”

“You don’t need to!” I looked directly into her blue beautiful eyes, and said “Madam, would you be so kind as to grace my humble abode with your gracious presence?”

“Oh, how can a girl decline a charming invitation like that! Let’s go!”

I couldn’t help admiring her perfect figure as she stepped down, she was wearing a sun dress with thin straps, it stopped 2 inches short of her thighs and the display of white, long, slim legs was so tantalizing. As she turned and stretched her hand to me, her full gorgeous breasts pushing against the silky fabric, I felt my heart jump up a foot and get stuck in my throat. I swallowed it back and took her silky soft hand like one handles fragile glass.

All the way in the car, we talked of this and that, and I kept trying to make her laugh, she laughed a lot, and she looked so lovely when she laughed, with her blonde curves bouncing around her soft oval face.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked once I had switched the AC on and she had settled down on the couch.

“What are you drinking?”

“Umm..I have a confession to make. I don’t drink alcohol. I usually make myself a cool and juicy smoothie.”

“Smoothie for a smoothie..ha.ha..Ok, whatever you are drinking.I’ll have the same.”

I made two smoothies and after handing her one I sat down on the other sofa close to her but at an angle. My apartment being a large studio, the bed was in the same room but I had arranged the furniture in such a way that it looked spacious and did indeed leave enough space to play around if I wanted to.

“Mmmmmm, gaziantep escort bayan very nice!” She said after taking a large sip of the smoothie, “So this is your perfect paradise!”

“Well, not so perfect right now!”

“Why? What more would you like?”

“If it were perfect you’d be standing here before me and taking off your clothes one by one!” I said with a naughty smile.

“Well, you have been very nice to me. Maybe I can fulfill your wish! But in fact, I am not wearing much. Just this dress and panties!”

“Tell you what! I’ll be a gentleman and help you with the panties once you take off the dress!”

“Instead why don’t you be my man and help me with the dress too?”

She came to stand before me and her hot body was so alluring I almost dropped the glass.

“Ok!” As I stood up to help her with her dress she put her hand on my hard hungry cock that was trying to poke through my jeans, her hand was hot and soft, so arousing, but I took her shoulders and turned her around, her semi-bare back to me. I undid the straps and let the dress drop to the carpet, bringing my hands down in front of her body, caressing her soft warm chest and feeling her proud, erect, bare tits. She moaned as I leaned closer and touched the tip of my tongue at the base of her neck. “Oh God!”

I pressed her hard nipples with my hot rough palms and she sort of melted into me, pushing her bare back into my chest. Abruptly she turned and putting one hand behind my head pressed her lips to mine, I started devouring those full, juicy lips with relish. I felt her mouth open a little and I pushed my hungry tongue into her mouth, massaging her hot tongue with mine, and sucking her mouth. The kiss was so delicious, so hot, I sucked her hard and she sucked me deep, my hands were roaming on her body feeling her back, caressing her neck and then I grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed her into my crotch. As she felt my hard rod push into her almost naked pussy, she moaned in pleasure, without breaking the kiss. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Finally we broke the kiss, both of us breathless, she whispered, “I wanna return the favor”, she started unbuttoning my shirt and pushing me gently with her body towards the bed. As I felt the bed behind my legs, she took off the shirt and threw it in the general direction of the couch, and started kissing my neck with her soft yet hot lips, lower and lower, licking my chest and then my belly, as she reached my waist she tried to push her tongue inside my pants and also undoing the pants, so as she unzipped me she pushed down the pants and the boxers and her lips were on my hard cock standing erect and throbbing with passion. I stepped out of the clothes and pulled her before me, bending her over the bed, her hands on the foot of the bed. I took the sides of her panties and rolled them down slowly, my hot breath on her ass making her realize I was admiring her hot ass and her tight sexy pussy. And this thought was making her wet.

After I had her naked, I grabbed her firm round ass cheeks and pushed her forward making her sit on her knees on the bed and got behind her my knees around her and my hard hot rod right between her sexy buttocks. As she felt it rub in her butt crack, she moaned, “Oooh God!” Without losing any time I put my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it gently. Her pussy was very wet by now, as I rubbed the pussy slit with my fingertip in her tight slit, she started dripping with juices and moaning loudly. I grabbed her tit with the left hand and rolled it around, pressing and rolling. Pinching her nipple no so gently, feeling her get wetter as I teased and played with her breast. Suddenly I pushed the right middle finger deep into her pussy, ramming it hard into her tight pussy without any warning. She gasped and jumped, pressing her soft hot body back into me, my hard rod pushing harder into her butt crack. She moaned in a begging tone, “Oh, please fuck me. Fuck my pussy please, it’s so wet, fuck it hard please!!”. I pulled my finger out and started fucking her pussy with my long finger slowly, teasing her pussy, knowing it was making her wet pussy flow more and more. This was more than she could take, she started bucking into my hand, taking my finger deep into her pussy. I pushed another finger into her tight pussy and she moaned, “Oh yessss!” Her hips moving harder now, she pushed into my finger taking them deep and hard into her tight cunt. All the way deep. I kept sucking her neck and licking her cheeck as she fucked my fingers.

Nuzzling her neck with my face buried in her soft silky blonde hair, I ran the tip of my hot tongue on her neck, causing her to moan loudly and push harder and faster to fuck my fingers. Soon I felt her pussy flooding with juices and I knew she was ready to explode, I started fucking her pussy harder, pushing my fingers in deep in tune with her hip thrusts, which caused her to moan so loud and long, “Ooooooooooooh, yes, fuck me hard, yes, yes, I am gonna cum, oh God! Fuck me please!”

As I rammed my fingers harder and harder into her tight cunt, my cock rubbing in her butt crack, the hot rod pressing on the tight hot asshole, she suddenly screamed, “aaaaaaaa! Oh God!!” and she exploded all over my hand, her wet juices flowing down her legs and on to the bed.

part 2

As her wet pussy flowed with her hot wet cum I fucked her harder and deeper with my fingers, making her cum even more and harder, her moans so loud and ecastatic, her juices flowed in abundance, wetting my hand, soaking her legs and wetting the bed. Finally she collapsed face down on the bed with a very satisfied moan.

I caressed her back feeling her body soft and warm under my hands then I turned her over and started playing with her full, gorgeous breasts. I cupped them in my hands and pressed them hard, rolling them in circular motion, feeling her nipples getting harder and pushing into my hot palms. She grunted in heat, “oh my god! You are making me wet again!”

“Mmmm, that’s good news!” I pinched her nipples, rolling them in my thumbs and fingers, she sighed uncontrollably, “Oooh yes,squeeze my tits, take me, fuck me!” I felt her hot pussy with my probing fingers, rubbing it, spreading her wet cum on her thighs and pushing my fingers into her wet pussy playfully, just teasing her soft hot cunt. She knew what those fingers could do, and it was making her wet faster than before. I could see the lower tip of her pussy drip with juices. Now I spread her legs wide with my hands on her thighs and got on top of her putting the wet tip of my hard hungry cock on her soft wet pussy. A long, erotic moan escaped her lips. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. I gently opened her tight pussy forcing it with my hard cock’s swelled head, as it entered her tight pussy, she groaned in passion, “Ohhh, please more, I beg you, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Push your cock deep into me.” Abruptly I pushed hard and sank the whole long hard cock deep into her cunt. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”, her scream was long and and so damn arousing. I pulled out my cock almost all of it and rammed it in harder and deeper, getting a scream that was longer and much more arousing. I just left it there while I played with her tits, pinching her hard nipples and pulling on them, the sensations making her squirm, it was too much for her pussy to be made to wait for more harder strokes, but that anticipation was making the pussy much wetter.

Then I grabbed her tits hard and rammed her pussy hard and fast making her scream another erotic scream “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah god!” I knew she couldn’t hold out much longer and started fucking her pussy in hard long strokes, every deep thrust making her moan and groan. Soon she exploded, flooding my cock with her overflowing juices. I kept fucking her pussy, in and out, deep, hard and fast. That made her cum more, her wet juices flowing all over my hard cock and the bed. And then I exploded inside her! My hot cum made her more excited and her pussy spurted more juices, with every spurt of my hot cum into her I thrust my hard cock deep into her cunt, making her scream and moan anew. We both came very hard and for a long time it was a hot wet fuck. Finally I slowed down and collapsed beside her.

She turned to smile at me, “Oh baby, you are so good!”

I smiled back with a naughty look in my eyes, “I am not done with you yet, sweetie”.

That pleased her, “Mmmmmm, wonderful!”, then added, “but please fuck my ass this time, I would love to have your hot cock deep in my ass! Please!”

“Oooh, lovely! I would love to pump your hot ass hard and deep!!”

“Please do! Hey what’s your name!”

“Romeo. What’s yours?”


“Nikki darling, you are going to get your ass fucked so hard, it’d make your pussy flood with juices!”


As I put her on her knees with her hands on the wall above the headstand, I caressed and squeezed her ass cheeks and noticed that her ass was really really tight. I pushed my fingertip insider her hot ass and the way it clutched my finger I knew she hadn’t had it fucked too much. I pushed my long hard finger all the way into the tight hot hole feeling it open a little as I forced my finger in. I pulled out my finger and pushed it into her pussy still wet from our juices, then I put the wet figner on her tight ass hole and rolled the wet finger, stretching her tight little hole, hearing her moan with every move I made. I wetted her ass hole good with our combined juices then I suddenly rammed my long finger all the way inot her hot ass without warning. “Aaah!” she cried out in pain and pleasure. “Oh please”, she pleaded, “Fuck my ass! That feels so good! Fuck my ass deep!” Well, she was asking for it. Her blonde hair were making me so hard it hurt, I put the hot swelled head of my hard cock on her ass and pushed a little, as the hot head entered her tight ass she could feel it throbbing so much inside her.

Putting my hands on her thighs I started pushing harder, penetrating her tight, hot ass deeper and deeper. With every little bit of the hot cock that went into her tight hole she moaned louder and louder, “Oh god, yes!! Go deeper, fuck me! Fuck my ass!! Please fuck me hard Romeo! Make me yours!” Her ass was so tight I had to pull out a little and then push in harder, going a little deeper, every hard stroke earning me an erotic moan from my blonde playmate. When I was all the way deep into her hot ass, I was so hard and hot, filling her tight ass so good and tight. I left it there in her tight hole as I went to work on her gorgeous tits, squeezing them, pinching the nipples, pressing and rolling them as I licked around her soft smooth neck, sucking her smooth warm flesh. From her erotic moans and by the fact that her pussy was overflowing with juices all over her legs, I knew I was successful in driving her wild. I pushed a long finger into her wet pussy, eliciting another hot moan. Then I started fucking her hot tight ass, letting my finger wiggle in her tight pussy as my hard strokes pushed my hard hot cock deep inside her ass. Soon she was screaming and gushing her hot cum all over my hand. I pumped her hot ass making her cum more and more as the throbbing cock penetrated her tight ass again and again. I kept sliding my hard throbbing cock in and out of her ass and the thick rod stretched her tight ass hole as it penetrated her deep inside.

Her pain-and-pleasure screams were driving me wild and I was fucking her ass harder, going so much deeper in her tight ass. In and out I shoved my cock into her hot, tight ass, grabbing her shoulders for deeper penetration and she screamed loud and long. She came again, screaming loudly, “Oh my god! I am cummmmming, oh god! Fuck me!” I kept pumping her ass, and suddenly I exploded hard inside her, filling her tight ass with my hot cum. I rammed my wet hard cock deep into her tight ass again, shooting my hot wet cum into her ass, feeling her ass so hot and so tight around my cock.

We were lying side by side again. She smiled, turned and kissed my cheek, “Mmmm baby, you are the best.”

“Hon, I loved fucking you so damn much! I would be dreaming of your hot body forever!”

“You can dream awake, if you like” she said with a wink, “Whenever you are horny, just give me a call and I would be here, ready and willing, hungry to take your hot cock deep inside me. “

I smiled contentedly thinking that the day wasn’t all wasted after all.

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