Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 11


It’s now time for my second to last punishment session at your office. It’s going to be another after-hours one, which hints that something unusual is going to take place again. I cringe at the thought of what else could it possibly be that I haven’t been subjected to already?

Well for starter, when I walk into your office there’s an odd-looking wooden bench placed in the middle of the floor. You refer to it as a “spanking horse”, where my punishment is going to take place today. First I must strip naked and lay across the bench lengthwise in the face-down position. It is pretty tall so when I’m bent over it my face is just about at your waist level. Then you retrieve some rope and proceed to tie my wrists and ankles to each of the four legs, securing me in place. Except for a little space for me to squirm around in I won’t be able to get out of this submissive position now.

Of course you take advantage of this situation to fondle my vulnerable body unimpeded. As your caressing hands pass over the cool, snow-white surface of my wobbly asscheeks, I moan in enjoyment of this sensation — knowing that very soon my behind would no longer be cool or white.

“Do you know who is kind enough to lend me this spanking horse for your session today, Ling?”

This perks my curiosity. Who else beside you would possess such a “contraption”? At that moment the door to your office opens and in walks someone. I look over my shoulder and to my shock see Mrs. Jones walking towards me with an evil grin on her normally kind looking face.

“Ah yes,” you beam with joy, “that’s right it’s my faithful assistant. Not only is she so kind to let me borrow her equipment — for your benefit, mind you — but she’s gracious enough to accept my invitation to actively participate in your punishment today!”

“That’s right, Ling, I’ve been looking forward to this occasion for quite a while!” Mrs. Jones says standing in front of my face now. She’s wearing a very sexy dress, showing a lot of legs and cleavage, something you wouldn’t normally expect her to even OWN one, let along wear it. She had her amber hair down and loose, making her look younger… and a lot wilder today! Now that’s a side of her I never imagined, in all these weeks that I’ve known her.

“Ohhhh poor Ling, you’re always the one NAKED in front of everyone,” she teases me to my utter embarrassment. “I bet you wish to see some naked gaziantep escort bayan female buns just about now, don’t ya?” She winks at me then slowly turns around to present her backside to me. Could this be my lucky day?

Mrs. Jones wriggles her attractive posterior inches from my face, then ever slowly she starts to lift the hem up, revealing more and more creamy thigh flesh to my hungry stare. Surprisingly (or not so anymore by now) she’s not wearing any panties beneath her dress. So pretty soon I’m rewarded with a pair of mature sexy womanly bum. She thrusts her behind towards my face and tells me to kiss her cheeks. “Come on, I know you want to.” I obey eagerly and kiss her silky skin all over, temporarily forgetting that I’m supposed to be here for chastisement.

After a few minutes she reaches back with her hands to spread her cheeks wide apart, exposing her cute puckered anus to me. “Now I want you to starting licking my asshole while you’re getting your naughty bottom PADDLED — that should take your mind off the sting a little, ha ha ha…”

Oh no, a paddling today?! Before I even have time to be frightened, a solid wooden paddle makes a tremendously loud connection with my up-turned buttocks. WHACK!! My instinct is to scream out at this unexpected pain but the sound is cut off by Mrs. Jones’ milky-white buns as she simultaneously plant her rear end squarely on my face, resulting in an muffled “MMMMMMMmmmphhh…”

You start to paddle me giggly twin globes with a steadily rhythm, pausing for 5 seconds between each swat to let the pain sink in. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

In the meantime I’m rimming the wrinkled anus of a middle-aged woman for dear life. She’s practically smoldering me with her broad rump as she rotate up and down and sway from side to side, getting the maximum enjoyment out of my oral “service”. This does distract my mind from the scorching pain of your unrelenting paddle to some degree, but it’s still very difficult to endure such agony.

This goes on for quite a while. I’m not sure how many whacks I received from you, probably 20 to 30 but it seems a lot more than that! Finally you announce that the corporal part of my punishment is over. While a relief, it also implies that a more sexual — and hence more degrading — part is soon to follow. And I guessed right. Mrs. Jones steps away from my face a little and turns around to face me again. But she has something strange in her hand. It looks like a… a huge dildo! And it is attached to a leather belt!!

“Yes Ling, that’s right.” You kindly settle my doubt by telling me what it is that’s going to happen to me. “You may not know this, but my loyal employee here has a little secret of her own. She likes to dominate naughty boys like you, and she especially likes to BUTTFUCK your girlie bottom.”

No way! I can’t believe an angelic looking, kind woman like her can harbor such a dark secret… or fetish I suppose is the term. But yep right in front of my disbelieving eyes, Mrs. Jones begins to strap on the enormous black cock around her hip. Once it’s properly worn, she points the fat snake head at my mouth and orders me to open wide. She wants me to lubricate her strapon with my saliva before she tears my tiny ass apart with it. But that’s so shameful — to accept a cock-like object into my mouth! Except I have no choice because I’m tied down to the spanking bench and must let the thick rod slide in. Fortunately she does not force it down my throat but just let me suck on it about halfway inside my mouth. I also hear the unmistakable sound of you taking off your clothes behind me while I desperately try to lube up the plastic monster as much as I could before she violates my asshole with it.

Pulling out of my mouth Mrs. Jones walks around to my back, getting ready to satisfy her carnal lust to deflower sissy boys like me with her cruel apparatus. Meanwhile you trade places with her and walk to my front. Oh no, you can’t expect me to “service” your tool with my mouth as well could you?! But my deepest fear is answered when you level your throbbing thick cock at my oral opening and starts to shove it inside. I have never suffered such humiliation before, accepting a real man’s dick into my mouth for a blowjob!

My worries are quickly interrupted by the unbelievably pain that’s searing me from behind as Mrs. Jones starts to enter my unnaturally stretched asshole with her nasty “cock”. It is even longer and thicker than yours and I just know there’s no way it’ll fit inside my body. But obviously she has a different opinion. Without letting up she applies ever greater pressure against my tight orifice until suddenly it gives way and is forcibly widened and penetrated. “oooooowwwwwwww….” I cry out in agony but the volume is suppressed by your thick organ which is now sliding down my throat almost gagging me at the same time.

You pull out a little before I pass out from lack of air and orders me to lick and suck on your big meat, which I quickly obey. Wrapping my soft lips tightly around your cock I suck on it and than let go, repeating a few times eliciting manly groans of sexual gratification from you. With effort I move my head up and down your long shaft within the limited movement space I can, feeling this fat “sausage” sliding in and out of my mouth. Behind me my female fucker inches her colossal “dick” inside my tortured anal passage mercilessly. I’ve never been opened so wide before, I thought I’m being split in two!

When I feel her body pressed against my scorched asscheeks, I know that I’ve been completely impaled by her huge toy. Oh the ultimate humiliation of being anally penetrated — by a woman! After resting for a moment, she grabs hold of my hips and starts to assfuck me with her strapon cock. Slow and steady she’d pull out of me until just the tip is in, and then she’d plunge in reopening my inner rectum. She does this again and again with increasing pace. She’s moaning in pleasure herself because apparently there’s something on the other side of the strapon harness to tickle her clit as she ravages me.

A tear of abject shame rolls down my face but I keep on licking, kissing, sucking on your big cock giving your tremendous pleasure with my virgin mouth. Soon your animal instinct takes over and you hold my head tightly with your hands and starts to brutally face-fuck me. I choke several times on your unyielding cock-pole that’s now forcing its way down my throat. I’ve heard of the term “deep-throat” before but I’d have never guessed in a million years that I’d be the one giving deep-throat to a man now!

So now I’m servicing your hardened dick orally while getting pounded from behind by that redheaded devil Mrs. Jones. I can’t believe I’m being stuffed at both ends at the same time! But the worst part is that instead of fucking a female, now I’m the one being fucked by one! This removes any lingering doubt in my mind that from now on I’ll always be the bottom in any sexual intercourse. This is who I am, my place is to always be the one getting fucked…

This shameful realization has the sudden unexpected effect of triggering my orgasm as I spill cum uncontrollably all over the spanking horse that I’m tied to! At the same time I hear roars of ecstasy as you forcibly pull out and shoot your jism all over my face!

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