Sasha the Sexy Nurse Pt. 02


Sasha had a busy night at the nursing home. She knew after her shift was over, she was to report to Dr. Marko’s office. He would be waiting for her to service him. He had caught her a few months back having sex with some of the dementia patients.

Sasha was a sex addict and took medicine to help her urges. She had not had any intercourse with any of the patients since getting caught, except she could not help herself and gave Jeffrey Flynn a blow job because he had taken a Viagra and was hard most of the evening. He begged Sasha to help him so he could go to sleep.

His wife took Mr. Flynn home for the day for a family gathering. She gave him the Viagra before checking with the staff at the nursing home. He was hard most of the night. He and his wife had sex, but the pill was never getting out of his system. His wife wondered if he had taken more than one. When he got back to the nursing home, he was masturbating and begging Sasha, his night nurse to fix his problem.

Sasha is a sexy nurse who suffers with a sex addiction. She was happy to help, even though she knew that they taped activity happening in the all the rooms of the nursing home. She would just have to deal with Dr. Marko later after her shift was over. He had taken advantage of the situation and had blackmailed her to keep her job. They have been having sex for some time now. He loves ordering her around and making her do lewd things for him.

Sasha helped Jeffrey with his problem and offered him a blow job. The old man was like a pig in shit when Sasha, the sexy nurse, with the big tits opened her mouth and sucked his dick. She stuffed her mouth with his cock. She held and massaged his warm balls while swallowing his dick. He loved watching Sasha work his dick to pleasure.

It did not take too long for the old man to drain his cock. Sasha gobbled down his cum and went on her way. After coming, he fell fast asleep. His hard-on eventually went down. Sasha knew he would dream of her the rest of the night.

Sasha knew it would be on tape and Dr. Marko would make her pay for it. Sasha finished up and drank some coffee before stopping into Dr. Marko’s office. She had a snack too and knew she would be busy with pleasuring him.


Sasha knocked on his office door and he greeted her with a smirk.

“Come in Sasha. We will be going to a motel tonight. Let us go! I saw you giving Jeffrey Flynn a blowjob today. Not good for your pending lawsuit.”


“You know what I mean. I could call the police, and have you arrested whenever I feel like it. You will do as I say, or you will go to prison young lady.”

“I know. I understand. Which motel are we going to? I could follow you.”

“No! You will drive with me. We will go together. It’s a motel and you will fit in with the rest of the prostitutes selling their bodies.”

Sasha smiled and followed Dr. Marko to his car. She knew he would use her in every way imaginable. She would do as he said and gaziantep rus escort hopefully, he would grow bored of their arrangement.

“Sasha, you can blow me while we drive. Go on! My cock is hard and wanting your slutty mouth.”


Dr. Marko’s unzipped his trousers, and his cock sprang up. He would drive to the motel while the sexy nurse drained his cum. He loved how good she was with sex. She was like a free prostitute. He used her the nights she worked.

Sasha leaned over and opened her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock. His dick was throbbing while she swallowed it down her throat. His cum was bubbling while she expertly gave him head. He was enjoying her efforts while he drove them to the motel. It was close to the hospital.

“Fuck! Keep sucking slut!”

Sasha continued to blow him. He was getting too excited and pulled over so he could enjoy blowing a load. He moaned out and came down Sasha’s throat.

“That was great. We will do more at the motel. Take your shirt off! I want to squeeze your tits.”

Sasha took off her top and removed her bra. He was driving and was enjoying playing with her breast. He slapped it and pulled on her nipples.

Sasha was a sex addict, and her body was aroused, and her pussy was dripping in her panties. Even though the doctor was not good looking in anyway, her body was responding. He knew she was enjoying it.

Her nipples were stiff like erasers and her panties were soaking wet and seeping through her panties. Her scrub bottoms were wet. The doctor was going to use her in every way.

“Get dressed! Let me get the key.”

The place was an absolute dump. She hoped she would not catch something. She knew it was the type of a place you paid by the hour. Dr. Marko came out with the key and they both walked to the room. It was one of those motels that the hotel doors are all outside.

When they got inside, Dr. Marko grabbed Sasha and held her in a tight embrace. He stuffed his tongue down her throat. He smelled of body odor. His hands were fat, and his body was round. He looked unkept and his hair was greasy.

Surprisingly, he had a decent sized cock. He was a hairy man which made Sasha cringe when he was naked. Sasha was a gorgeous woman, and the doctor would use her in every way imaginable.

“Undress and lay on the bed. I’m hungry and want to eat your pussy.”

Sasha removed her clothes. She was a goddess and most definitely was the best-looking woman Dr. Marko had ever had sex with. She had beautiful breasts and a trim and fit body. She had a round ass and long luscious hair. She had blue eyes and just wore a bit of make-up. She was naturally beautiful.

Her breasts were a double D, and they were round and full. Dr. Marko expressed his joy on what a looker Sasha was. She lay on the bed with her legs opened wide.

Dr. Marko pulled her legs apart and got busy pleasuring her pussy with his tongue. He sucked her pussy lips and fingered her pussy hard with his fat fingers.

Sasha was wet and aroused while he fingered her pussy hard. He sucked on her button which was hard and even though he was ugly, he made Sasha moan in delight. She was ready to cum and she did which made Dr. Marko pleased. Her juices flowed nicely out of her smooth pussy.

“Get on all fours. I want to fuck you!”

Sasha went on to her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Dr. Marko pushed his cock into her pussy. He got into a good rhythm while he fucked her slowly. Sasha’s breasts hung and swung when he fucked her harder.


Dr. Marko slapped at her buttocks while he rammed his cock into her pussy. He pulled out and spread her buttocks wide. He licked around her anus and spat on her butt.

“Going to slide into your butt now. A slut like you deserves to be fucked like a true whore. Get ready nurse Sasha!”

Sasha was more than ready. Unfortunately, she was enjoying their dirty encounter. He was not too bad in the bedroom. Sasha had worse people who were better looking than Dr. Marko.”

He pushed himself into her tight butt. Her butt felt amazing while he pushed up into the dirty nurse. When his cock was inside of her, he began thrusting inside of her butt.

It hurt a little and Sasha whimpered softly. His thrusts became harder and faster. Sasha was not a fan of anal sex. She grunted and wailed out which excited the doctor more. He slapped at her buttocks hard which stung and hurt.

“You are such a dirty slut! Fucking dementia patients! What a whore you are. Using men out of their minds for your own pleasure. Now I will use you like a plaything. You will do as I say to do. If you do not, you will go right to jail. Fucking hell! I’m coming!”

He came in Sasha’s butt. He was so exhausted and grabbed her body while he dumped his load into her butt. He squeezed her breasts hard and lay on top of her like a walrus.

He got up and lay on his back.

“Suck my dick you dirty whore. Taste your ass on my dick!”

Sasha licked at the cum from his dick. She opened her mouth wide and gave him head. She played with his sweaty balls while cleaning and pleasuring him. Sasha sucked his cock all the way down his shaft. She was good at swallowing it whole. She was a true slut and knew how to suck and fuck like a champ. The sounds she made while blowing him blew his mind.

“I bought you a present!”

“What is it?”

“It’s a vibrating anal plug. I want you to wear it on your shifts. I want you horny for our playtime. I do not want to see you doing shit with your patients. You will be a proper nurse for your patients and a dirty slut for your owner. I own you slut. Your pussy is my property. Got that whore!”

“I understand, Dr. Marko. I get it. You own me.”

“Exactly. Now climb on me and let me suck on those huge tits.”

Sasha climbed on top of the doctor. He sat up and squeezed her breasts together. He sucked on her one breast and squeezed the other one. He was hard again. Dr. Marko was in his early forties. He had no problems getting hard.

“Fuck me! Ride me like an animal!”

Sasha pushed his cock into her pussy and rocked her hips back and forth. Dr. Marko played with her buttocks while she fucked him slowly.

“Kiss me!”

Sasha leaned down and kissed him. Their tongues danced together while she fucked him. Her big tits swung while she rode him like a horse. She moved her body in rhythm with his. He was thrusting into her body and they came together. Their juices mixed in her pussy.

“Suck my dick again! Taste our creamy cocktail!”

Sasha climbed off him and began licking his shaft. She tasted their mixed concoction that dripped off his dick. She swallowed it and began working her mouth up and down his shaft.

She gave his balls pleasure and sucked them and went back to his cock. He moaned and groaned while she blew him. He was enjoying their arrangement. Sasha did as he said and when they were finished, he fell asleep.

She was a wreck and needed a hot shower. The bathroom was skuzzy, but she put a towel on the floor of the shower. She enjoyed the warm water and cleaned herself up. She put her clothes back on and the doctor was up and hard again.

“Where are you going? I am hard again and want that sexy ass of yours!”

“I’m exhausted. I am going home. I worked all night and need to rest.”

“You are not going home. You will take your scrubs off and assume the position. If you are a good girl, I will let you leave after this.”

“I said I’m going home. You have fucked me enough for today. If you want to call the police, I will tell them how you are blackmailing me. If I lose my job, so will you. I am not fucking you anymore. You are fat and you smell bad.”

Sasha took the butt plug and threw it at him. She didn’t need anything from the doctor.

“You can shove that plug right up your fat ass. I wouldn’t fuck you again if my life depended on it. Fuck you Dr. Marko.”

“Ms. Green. You will take your clothes off now!”

“I won’t do that again. I did what you said. Now I am going home. I will have my resignation letter to you by tomorrow. I quit! I will not be having sex with you anymore. You can sue me. Go on and I will sue you for sexual harassment.”

Sasha was pissed and she did not care if he called the authorities. She knew he would not because he was blackmailing her. She left the motel and felt better not to be controlled by some crazy fat doctor. She would draft her letter and send it to him.

Sasha needed help with her sex addiction. She called her psychiatrist and he arranged for her to get into a good rehabilitation center to treat her addiction.

She needed help. She knew what she was doing with her patients was against the law. It was time for her to fix her problems and deal with her addiction. She was ready to be helped.

Dr. Marko did not contact her and just left it at that. They never saw each other again. Sasha went to rehab and stayed there until she was able to deal with her problems.

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