Seducing A Cowboy Pt. 12


The wagon soon makes it back to Summers Ranch. The boys hop off and down from the ride and stretch their legs once the horses made it to their designated spot. “Heh heh heh… Boy, mah butt is still sore from town” Cody rubs his bare cheeks and struts a bit, arching his back and cracking it a bit.

“How about you, José?” Milo chuckles at his dumbified friend “You’ve had that face the entire ride.”

“Mmmmmhh…” José purrs as he lingers on the side. “Estoy enamorada, amigo.”

“What now?” Nate asked.

“He says he’s in love.” Milo smiles “I had a talking to with someone José’s been feeling for and… Let’s just say my tongue is both skilled AND silver.”

“Right right…” Nate sighs. He turns and opens his mouth to once again apologize to Cody “Cuh…” after he looks, Milo’s voice echoes in his as his eyes gloss over for a moment before he starts staring at Cody objectively. A grin curls from his mouth before his hand finds itself upon Cody’s butt.

“Ooh, huh?” Cody double looks and sees his best friend groping him.

“Mmmm you got one heck of an ass, Cody.” Nate charms as he thoroughly grabs and manhandles Cody’s crack.

“A-Ahh! E-Easy there, Nate. Heh heh” Cody chuckles awkwardly before his hands go to a fence post “If you’re gonna be grabbin’ me down there, at least massage mah back?”

“Sure think, pretty boy~” Nate coos as his thumbs start digging into the small of Cody’s back.

“Oh! Ooh! Oh wow, heh” Cody smiles as he looks over his shoulder and presents himself naturally to Nate “Okay, that’s feelin great.”

“Good boy~” Nate growls and his other hand starts to also knead upon Cody’s shoulder… And then slowly to his pec, while still massaging his lower back.

“Gosh dang, what’you doin to me Nate~ Hah hah hah” Cody giggles cutely as he rises up and lets Nate’s busy hands roam his physique “Mmmhhh this feels real nice…”

“Wait, what?” Milo raies a brow as Nate dry humps Cody and grabs him around.

“Huh? Why is Nate acting like that?” José asked curiously — this is so unlike him. Nate’s NEVER been the touchy-feely type, let alone molesting a fellow cowboy like he is now.

“I don’t get it either. I thought I lifted… Ohhhhhh. That’s right. I did it wrong.” Milo observed.

“What do you mean?” José asked.

“O-Oh! Right there, Nate” Cody mews as those strong fingers dig into his inner thigh. “Oh gooooosh”

“Yeah, purr for me, baby” Nate grins as he woos Cody and playing with him like an instrument. Cody turns his head and starts kissing Nate’s cheek.

“Back in town, I had an errand to run” Milo says, covering up his story for rewriting Zachery “And… Have you ever heard of hypnosis before?”


“Well, I MIGHT have made Nate treat Cody like a whore while I was busy, but I didn’t think it through. It was a mistake on my part.” He gestured to the wagon’s extravagant cargo “Hence why Nate procured a lot top quality stuff that Arthur’s been wanting.”

“So why is he acting like this now?” José asked as Nate fondles Cody in all the right spaces “I thought he was sad on the way home.”

“I undid my trick wrong. Now that I think about it, I told him ‘save it for the ranch’. I should’ve said something like ‘that’s enough’ or something.”

“So why didn’t you?”

“I was in a rush.” Milo conjectured defensively “We were falling behind schedule, and it drives me very crazy when I’m not punctual.”

“Is there a way to change him back?” José asks as they just casually watch Cody practically throw himself at Nate, his back pressing to the other while Nate’s hands knead and massage at Cody’s pecs. “It’s strange seeing this when he’s always been a ladies man.”

“Oh yeah, easily.” Milo nods. “Buuuut… His girlfriend’s not due to come back until next month. Wouldn’t him to get pent up; men who don’t get to blow their load get angered easily in this era.”

“I… Guess?” José shrugs.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Milo chuckles as he goes up to the black and white cowboys.

“N-Nate, what a sec- a-ahh!” Cody winces and Nate’s thick hard manhood hotdog’s Cody’s crack “Stop, it still hurts!”

“Hmmm yeeaahhh…” Nate says as he licks his lips as the whore-mongering side of the behavior spell feeds him further “I’m about to make it…”

Just then, Milo’s İstanbul Escort hand clasps his shoulder and Milo mutters to his ear with his ghost words “~Remember you have a girlfriend. The only hole your cock goes into his Talia’s~” The words echo and seep through his ear and Nate’s eyes gloss over again. He closes them and shakes his head from the shudder going up his spine.

His rigid meat slides down from Cody’s butt and he kneels down…

“Nate? What? Where… O-Ohh!” Cody moans and gasps as a tongue swipes up his crack!

Nate growls hungrily as he nurses and slurps into Cody’s plush cheeks. José’s eyes bug out as he witnesses the straightest man he knows start to bury his face deep into Cody’s booty! “MMmrrrmmmrrrmmmhh” Nate shakes his head and motorboats Cody’s ass and playfully bounce those buns up and down.

“Ay Dios mio” José chuckles as he watches the show.

“Hoooooot DAYUM” Nate says as he admires Cody’s butt “Now ya got me all horned up.” He gives a lovebite on that ass before standing up “Now I need to git milked. Care to take care’a me, pretty boy?” Nate says as he feels up his friend again.

“Ah Nate… But we got work ta do.” Cody whines.

“You’ve worked enough in town.” Milo waves off. “Me and José got this.”

“You okay with that, amigo?” Cody asks.

“Si. I’ve had MY fun in town.” José dismisses. “Go on and get milking”

“Alrighty! You comin’ with me then, boy.” Nate says as he takes Cody’s hand and leads him back to his place.

“So, Milo?” José tells him as both of them start unloading the wagon.


“I uh… I need to talk to you.”

“What’s up?”

“Well… Back in town, something happened to my uh…” José blushes uncomfortably “Palo de carne…”

“Your meaty what?” Milo looks down and sees José’s oversized cock weighing down heavily in José’s thong! “Oh yeah, that’s right! What about it?”

“It… It was NEVER this big before.” José shakes his head “I remember back in town, you touched it, and then it just… Grew. It’s too-“


“A-AHh!” Finally José’s thong gives in and it rips, letting his huge 15-inch meat bounce out and slap his thighs!

“Ho boy.” Milo laughs as José bends over and cups it, even having a hard time hiding it in his hands.

“Milo, just what happened to it??”

“Call it another one of my magic tricks. I can’t even begin to explain.”

“Well, c-can you turn it back??” José whines “I can’t walk around with a big thick buffalo between my legs!”

“Alright alright, I see the problem.” Milo claps his hands together and rubs them together, generating a white and blue static before reaching and grabbing José’s cock like a hose.

“H-Haahh…” José flinches as his penis feels a harsh shocking sensation throughout.

“You know, most guys ask for the exact opposite.” Milo strokes his long flaccid dong and slowly steal its girth and size. José continues to grunt and pant as his thick member reduces and shortens until it’s a fairly whopping 9 inches and a good thickness. Milo irks and winces until his hands start to ache and he pulls away “I can’t make it go back to its original size without turning it micro, but this is as close as I can get it.”

“No no, that’s fine” José says with a bright smile “Is bigger than Nate’s now!”

“Yet still smaller than Arthur’s” Milo chuckles as he stores the stolen size safely in his palm before they got back to work.

“So how DO You do that stuff, anyway?” José asks as he takes his handkerchief and tucks it onto his belt so it acts as a sort of loincloth over his crotch.

“Apples and oranges, José.” Milo dismisses.

Nate escorts Cody to his shack and closes the door behind them. Nate immediately grabs Cody’s ass and latches his mouth onto Cody’s left nipple, shoving aside his vest and pinching his nipple with his teeth.

“A-Ahhoohh!” Cody moans and staggers as he’s manhandled by his friend. His boner pushes firmly against his jockstrap pouch as his Nate’s wet lips squelch on Cody’s teat. “W-Wow, hmmmMFF!” Cody holds onto him to keep from toppling over as Nate switches to the other pec.

“Hooo, mercy” Cody huffs as Nate’s mouth really sucks harshly at his areola. “Ah! H-Haah, whoa boy, heh heh…” Cody flinches Ataşehir Escort and pants hard, looking at his friend “GoOOoosh, Nate, you really like mah nipples.”

“Heh, yeah” Nate growls as his hands go up and squeeze both of Cody’s bouncy square-shaped bosoms. “I love me some big ol tiddies, Cody.” Tucking his hands onto Cody’s furry armpits, Nate buries his face into Cody’s chest.

“Heh heh heh, how’d you git so silly, Nate?” Cody giggles as the tips of their hardons boop into teach other as Nate’s strong hands knead and dig his fingers into those juicy manly tits. His tongue coils around one of those nipples and starts to loudly suck on the meaty teat, almost as if he’s trying to draw milk out of Cody.

“FFFFHHHHSSSS… MMMRRRMMMHhhhh” Cody’s hands firmly grip onto Nate as that tongue presses and tickles that nub while his thick lips pulls and grips onto Cody’s teat before leaving with a wet pop and go to the other one. “A-Awwww… Haaaave mercy… This is makin me wish you had two mouths, heh heh”

“Wait…” Nate says as he goes away from the blonde cowboy and goes to one of his drawers. He comes back to retrieves two clear plastic domes “Milo gave me these to put on my nipples. I wanna see what they’re like on you.”

“Heh heh heh” Cody chuckles as he takes one and seals it over his left nipple. “Ya know, I know you were into boobies, Nate. But this is weird for you.” He takes the other one and puts it over his opposite nub. He looks at his pecs and has to stop himself from laughing “Nate gosh dangit, I look ridiculous. Next thing you’re gonna want me ta- HHhHAaaaAHH!” The twin small orbs sink onto his pecs and his nipples push forward, then are pushed down into themselves, and again “Hahh! HaaH! HHAaaAAHH!”

“Feel good, don’t it?” Nate grins as Cody holds his pecs.

“O-Ohhh, THIS is different, MMHH!”

“Right. Now…” Nate goes and gets two other things from his secret stash — the fleshlight and the prostate milker. “I’mma need you to milk me now.”

Cody looks to the toys, then at Nate, and then at the bed. Grinning, Cody takes the prostate milker and puts it aside. “I got a better idea.”

Before they knew it, Nate is sitting on Cody’s lap, with Cody’s 5-inch dong throbbing between those chocolate cheeks. Nate puts his hands on either side of Cody’s head is about to kiss him on the mouth, but they both stop. “Uuhhh… This is usually when Talia and I… Uh…”

“… On the neck?”

“Works for me.” Nate grins as he ducks down and starts to give a lovebite on Cody’s neck.

“A-Aaahh” Cody moans as those teeth graze tenderly on his flesh before “Haayaaaavvee mercy~” Cody moans as he legs cuddle closer to his ‘straight’ friend. The nibbles on his neck makes him giggle and squirm under him before Nate drives a long delicious lick across the Adam’s apple “M-Mah ear? Chew mah ear”

“Hhrrmm” Nate goes in and smooches one of those earlobes before his teeth starts pulling and gnawing on him.

“A-Awwwwoooo… Hooohh… NNhhhnn!” Cody moans as both men get hot and sweaty just from this alone.

“When you gonna milk mah ass, boy” Nate growls as he yanks that ear with his teeth.

“Shoot, almost forgot, hohh” Cody reaches to the side where one of his boots is located. The spur clinks as he gets it up and turns it over, all the while Nate still grinding up on him. A small vial falls out of his boot and he pops it open.

“What’s that now?”

“Little thing Milo gave me. It makes it easy to go in the butthole.” Cody reaches around and pours the lube onto his erect member.

“Does it work?”

“Oh yeah” Cody grins eagerly “Makes meat slide in easier than a greasy gopher in honeytree.” He even puts the neck of the vial up to Nate’s buttcrack and pour.

“OoOOOoooooOO!” Nate’s back erects and he spazzes bigtime as he feels the very chilly liquid cascade in his divide. “That’s freaking cold!”

“Yeah, I know, just give it a minute.” Cody says as he rubs his cock into Nate’s soaked and lubed crack and even into his hidden taint.

“… Wait waitwaitWAITWAIT!” Nate stops him “Are you about to…”

“Oh yeah.” Cody licks his lips with a grin.

“Cody, I dunno, I never had a man do this-“

“This is better’n the milker, trust me.” Cody says as he gets Kadıköy Escort his cock into position. “Oh, forgot.” He then takes his hat from his own head, and reaches up to put his cowboy hat onto Nate’s head.

“Uhhhh… Your hat?” Nate points as he looks at Cody’s frumpy blonde hair.

“Cause you’re the cowboy, and you’re riding me like a bronco.” Cody pushes his dick inward until the glands squishes against Nate’s pucker.

“F-Fhh!” Nate braces himself as Cody angles his hips and ‘bucks’ his pelvis in. “Awwww! HOHH!” Nate’s body arches as his hole opens up around Cody’s member. “AaaAAAAHhhhh!” That meat just about dives right into him as his buttcheeks nestle right on top of Cody’s bush.

“Ohhhhhh mercy” Cody moans out as that hole is hot and moist around his dick. His toes curl as he just barely keeps himself from blowing just from entry.

“Haawwww, nnhhhh! Hoooooomamaaaaa” Nate bounces up and down on instinct, swimming that cock up and down, then he suddenly shoots up and his asscheeks CLENCH On Cody’s cock! “AHH! There it is! THERE it is!” Nate yelps as his anus sucks Cody’s penis like a vacuum.

“Uh yeah, ride me, Nate!” Cody seeths through tense lips as his hands grip Nate’s hips “Buckin RIDE me! MMNNHH!” His manhood humps and ripples Nate’s cheeks and with each thrust, the head of his dick almost magnetized to Nate’s G-spot!

“Guh-huhh! Uhh! Nnnhh! OOohh!” Nate’s boot-wearing feet clink as he adjusts his hat while his haunches roll and smush his rump down on Cody’s lap “T-ThIs iS different! UHH!”

“You’re not telling me to stop” Cody smirks as his hairy muscles wobble and from his horny veracity, noting how Nate’s huge black monster is absolutely rock hard and spews a dab of precum each time his prostate is JAMMED!

Cody reaches for Nate’s dick, but Nate grabs his wrist “NO!” His ass anchors down onto Cody’s cock as he rides him on his own rhythm “Hhh hhh hhh hhh” Nate growls and pants as he fucks himself with Cody’s meat “That dick’s for Talia… Ain’t no man gonna touch mah dick.”

“Heh… Whatever you say, cowboy” Cody giggles as he continues to hump upwards into Nate’s ass while his wrists are pinned by Nate’s hands.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! There, there, there, there” Nate jerks and irks as his G-Spot gets pummelled repeatedly “Hohhh! Hoohh! HHhhooOOOooHH!”

“Here,” Cody takes Nate’s hand and puts it on his hairy pec “Ya like these?” He says as he makes Nate fondle his chest “Think Talia’s still got them titties on her?”

“Hawwwyeeaah” Nate growls as he grabs Cody’s pecs with both hands and starts digging his fingers into both. With the magic suction cups still pulling and yanking on Cody’s teats, Nate really rides his way on Cody’s lap, his anus pulling that cock with each time he rolls up. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, YEAH! YEAH!” His hands squeeze and grabbed Cody’s furry chest while rampng his asshole harder and harder until his fat cock starts shooting his orgasm hands-free! “AWWW! HAAAWW! OHHHhhh! Hoohhh!”

“WOO! Yeehaw, Nate!” Cody whoops as that black dick shoots rope after rope of cum across Cody’s hairy muscles, “Yeah, huh-huh” Cody seizes Nate’s hips and start railing up into Nate’s ass!

“OHOHOHOHOHOH!” Nate growls loudly as he winces, his anus getting wrecked “Too hard! Too hard!”

“Aw ball-up, Nate, mah Pa rams me harder’n that every morning” Cody laughs. He starts harshly diving his short cock hard and slow “And he… Is… Ten times… Bigger… N’me” He bites his lip as he digs the back of his head onto Nate’s bed as he penetrates deep into that prostate. “FFFFFFFFUuuuuuuuuuck!”

Nate’s eyes widen as his insides suddenly feel hot and wet, even the rim of his asshole is leaking as he feels every inch of Cody’s cock throb inside him. “Cuh… Cody… Did you just…”

“Bust mah nut?” Cody grins as pats at Nate’s butt. “Don’t it feel great?”

“Gengh… Not for me.” Nate grunts as he gets up, his crack sore as hell before he flops next to Cody. Both of them pant out before Nate takes Cody’s hat and lazily put it onto Cody’s head.

“Heh heh… This is usually when me’n Milo kiss each other…”

“Hegghhh… Cody. Your ass may be made of sugar, but I ain’t kissing no man.”

“Okay then.” Cody smirks as he playfully rolls himself on top of Nate “You just lay there and take it.” Cody starts to kiss Nate’s cheek, his neck, even chewing on his ear.

“Hahahahaha, you’re such a fruitcake, Cody.” Nate says as he just starts playfully slapping Cody’s ass while Cody just wiggles his bum as he keeps kissing and lovebiting Nate on the neck and smooching along his Adam’s Apple.

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