Shanti’s Sexual Odyssey Ch. 09

Big Ass

Ever since Ratan first introduced Shanti to Karan, the young woman had taken quite a liking to him. Of course, Shanti liked EVERY man. But in the case of Karan, she felt an extra something for him. Perhaps the main reason was, Shanti thought Karan was VERY good in bed. Any man who had that quality… the Tamil Beauty simply found irresistible.

It should go without saying that Karan also had taken a considerable liking to Shanti. But then again, what man didn’t? Shanti had the face of a covergirl and the body of a centerfold, along with the sex drive of a porn slut. What man WOULDN’T like her? Shanti was a living fuck-doll.

Likewise, it should come as no surprise that when Shanti invited Karan over to her apartment for an evening of sex, the 25-year-old man did not refuse. During the course of an earlier gang-bang, Karan commented to Shanti that he would like to have a one-on-one sexual encounter with her. Never one to disappoint, the slut had decided to grant his request. Of course, Karan was looking forward to this particular evening. He had watched Shanti satisfy seven men before, one of them being himself, all AT THE SAME TIME. Karan wondered how much pleasure the Tamil could provide, if paired up with a single man. That way, she could concentrate all of her sexual efforts and energy on just one person. Karan figured that the satisfaction would be unparalleled.

As he soon found out, his assumption was correct.

Karan got an idea of what type of night it would be when Shanti gave him a telephone call at his office that afternoon. “Make sure you have already eaten dinner before coming over here tonight,” she told him. “Because when you get here, we won’t have any time for food. All I want to do tonight is FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!…”

After that telephone call, Karan had a non-stop erection for the remainder of his work-day.

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, Karan jumped into his car and raced over to Shanti’s apartment. He could not wait to get the festivities started! After parking his car in the visitor’s lot, Karan actually RAN to the front door of Shanti’s apartment. He knew that tonight, Shanti would provide him with the fuck(s) of a lifetime…

Before he could knock on the front door of her apartment, it started to open. Karan’s eyes grew wide with pure lust as he took in the lovely sight standing just before him. At the door was Shanti, wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie and a seductive smile. Her large, bountiful breasts were barely concealed by a lacey, black strapless bra. The bra was made of a see-through material, so her plump nipples were clearly visible underneath it. She also wore a very similar G-string. Black and made of see-through lace, it left very little to the imagination. The gorgeous Tamil topped off her lingerie outfit with a pair of black beaded Mangalasutra to add pleasure to the sex, they were different beads and Karan close look told him they were Anal beads which were to be used for anal penetration.

. “I’ve been waiting for you and these beads – you are the first one who will use them on my ass” the slut purred, her brown eyes flashing with lust as she continued to smile at Karan.

“I was starting to wonder if you’d show up…”

“Oh…” Karan moaned, shaking his head. “I wouldn’t miss this night for ANYTHING…”

“Hmmmm,” Shanti grinned, her eyes shifting down toward his crotch.

There was a HUGE lump in his slacks. “I can see that.” She tilted her head in a sexy manner and offered another seductive smile. “COME on in…”

After the young woman stepped aside, Karan went into the apartment and closed the front door behind him. The next thing he knew, Shanti had her body curled up to his in a hot embrace. After finding his bulging cock with her right hand, Shanti pressed her lips hard against Karan’s and offered him an intoxicating kiss, her left arm around his back. It took Karan a second or two to adjust to this sudden onslaught. But when he did, his arms were encircling Shanti’s hot body.

He embraced her tightly, smashing her large, firm breasts hard against his strong chest. As the two swapped tongues in a series of heated kisses, Shanti’s right hand was already pumping and frigging away at Karan’s enlarged cock, through his slacks.

In response, he moaned against their shared kiss. For such a petite woman, he thought, Shanti had a strong grip! She kept squeezing and frigging away at his prick, with her right hand. Karan moved his own hands downward, so he could grab and latch onto Shanti’s ass. He gripped and cupped it with both hands, while pulling her gaziantep rus escort pelvis harder against his. Her right hand trapped between their pressed bodies, Shanti could feel Karan’s cock bulging against her abdomen as she kept squeezing and pumping away at it.

“Thank you for being alive,” Karan gasped at Shanti, after breaking their mutual kiss. “I don’t know what me or the other guys would do if we didn’t have a fuck-doll like you.”

Shanti giggled and returned, “You’d probably sit in your room and whack-off all day long, WISHING there was someone in your life like ME!”

“You’re such a nasty slut…” Karan moaned at her, before finding her lips again with his own, and kissing them. “And that’s why I love you…” he added, moaning.

Shanti’s right hand continued to grind away upon Karan’s cock, as both of his hands kept up the squeeze-assault upon her magnificent ass. About 10 seconds into their latest kiss, Karan managed to wiggle Shanti’s sexy ‘chastity’ nylon covering on her pussy down. It clung at her mid-thighs until she shoved it down and off, with her left hand.

Now, Karan took his index finger and pressed it between Shanti’s ass cheeks. He then slid it downward, until finding her puckered anus. The Tamil moaned and writhed about in lust as Karan pressed his finger HARD against her anus. Always one to return such favors, Shanti quickly undid Karan’s slacks and pushed them down. With her right hand, she then reached into his boxer shorts and found his cock. Now instead of squeezing it through his clothing, she could grip and pump away with any artificial barriers in the way.

“OHHHH my ass…the beads – use them Karan, pucker my ass with the nice slimy sweaty grime of those beads” Shanti whined after breaking the kiss.

She looked down behind her, watching Karan’s finger as it grinded hard against her anus. It felt so damn GOOD! Karan used his other hand to reach up and grab a nice handful of Shanti’s right breast, through her see-through bra. He cupped and cradled the large mound, caressing its thick under side with his thumb. Shanti’s expression brightened once she caught Karan’s eyes with her own. “I want to give you a blowjob,” were her soft words. She grinned and added, “Would you like one?”

“HELL, YEAH!” Karan roared, smiling from ear-to-ear.

“Over here,” Shanti chirped, taking ahold of his right hand and leading him over to the large sofa.

Still smiling, Karan flopped down onto the sofa and took a seat. Just as quickly, Shanti sank to her knees and then got rid of both his slacks and boxers. While giggling, a toothy grin came to Shanti’s lovely face as she caught sight of Karan’s fully-erect shaft.

“OH YEAH…” the 25-year-old man groaned, as Shanti took hold of his cock with her right hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Beautiful…” the Tamil murmured, her eyes fixated upon Karan’s pulsating shaft. “So beautiful…”

“You’re the one that’s beautiful!” Karan exclaimed.

In response, Shanti flashed her man a smile before tickling his balls with her left hand. Still stroking his cock with her right, the young woman licked its tip with her tongue. Then, Shanti’s red lips parted, and she S-L-O-W-L-Y took his erection into her greedy little mouth.

Karan threw his head back and moaned in sheer ecstasy. Like the great majority of Shanti’s boyfriends, Karan thought that NO ONE could suck cock as good as this slut. In fact, according to Karan, NO ONE even came close in comparison!

Shanti took the full length of his cock into her mouth, but then quickly withdrew it. She proceeded to grasp its base with her right hand and then lick it with her tongue… as if it were an lolly-pop.

The Tamil used her own sweet time, deliberately working her tongue all around Karan’s erection. She made sure to lick and tongue its every exposed area… In response, Karan could do nothing but moan and shudder and delight, as he received oral pleasure from an expert on the subject – at least, in his mind (well, Shanti’s too).

Karan started to writhe around on the sofa as Shanti began tickling his delicate testicles with fingers from her left hand again. Still grasping the base of his cock with her right hand, the nymphomaniac let out a hungry growl as she suddenly engulfed Karan’s entire length into her mouth again. This time, she did not take it out right away. In fact, Shanti’s lips closed tightly around his prick, and she started to suck on it, as if it were hard candy.

The young woman sucked on his cock HARD, trying to swallow its entire length down her hungry throat. All the while, Karan groaned and sighed in a pleasurable sort of pain. Finally, Shanti let up on the hard sucking. Wanting to go a slightly different route, she grasped the base of his cock with both of her hands.

Then, Shanti’s head started to bob up-and-down, her lips creating pleasurable friction with Karan’s cock, as it slid in-and-out of her mouth. Inside her mouth, Shanti’s tongue worked like a buzz saw as it licked away upon Karan’s bulging prick.

It would be an under-statement to say that Karan was in sexual heaven right now. What else could a man ask for? Here he was, with a beautiful woman on her knees in front of him, servicing his cock with her mouth. Is there ANYTHING in the universe better than this?

Karan sure didn’t think so.

As Karan watched Shanti’s Tamil head continue to bob up-and-down over his erection, he knew what she was striving for.

The slut wanted a cum-bath, and she wanted it in her mouth.

Karan had NEVER met a woman who enjoyed guzzling sperm down her throat any more than Shanti did. He could have lasted a bit longer, but Karan wanted to surprise Shanti. He did. After letting his inner defenses down, Karan’s cock suddenly erupted in Shanti’s mouth. With the sudden jet-stream of sperm coating her mouth, Shanti choked for an instant.

But she straightened up then started to swallow his gooey load down her hungry throat. Karan moaned in pure ecstasy as he watched a series of hard ripples appear on the Tamil’s throat – a sign that she was guzzling his cum right down to her stomach.

Once the explosions finally settled down, Karan let out a gigantic moan before smiling. He then sat up and leaned over, his lips close to Shanti’s face. “You are incredible, baby,” he told her, pecking her forehead with a kiss.

“Thank you,” Shanti giggled, withdrawing his cock from within her mouth. She looked up at him, with three gooey globs of cum dangling from her chin.

“You should get a picture taken like that,” Karan laughed, referring to her sperm-coated chin. It would look good, Karan thought, in a wall frame.

“I know,” Shanti giggled, wiping the cum from her chin. Then, she sucked her fingers until they were dry. “Hey,” she added. “I’m not finished with you yet, mister…”

With those words, the young woman suddenly sprang up and landed on Karan’s lap. She quickly undid his shirt and tie then got rid of both. At the same time, Karan unsnapped Shanti’s lacey bra and disposed of it, as well. Now with the exception of the Tamil’s high-heels (fuck-me pumps – as she called them), both individuals were completely nude. With Shanti in his lap, Karan started to stroke and squeezes her 36d-sized breasts. The slut moaned at his caresses then wrapped her arms around his neck and shuddered in pure delight.

Karan then tweaked both of her nipples – pinching them with his thumbs and index fingers, while tugging away at the same time. Shanti slipped her right hand between her own thighs then sighed as she rubbed her pussy. “You’re incredible,” Karan grinned, watching her as she masturbated. “Is there anything you WON’T do?”

The Tamil giggled and replied, “I’ll do just about anything when it comes to sex. I LOVE sex…”

“Nasty little slut,” Karan chided, knowing that she enjoyed being degraded.

“Shanti is a Slut =pure Slut.”

For a response, the young woman did nothing but give him a playful expression, followed by a shrug of the shoulders. In an unspoken way, she was agreeing with him.

Why shouldn’t she agree? Shanti knew it was the truth…

Karan moved one of his hands from a breast down to her ass. He pinched and squeezed the supple flesh there, while continuing to tweak and tug away at her other breast. At the same time, Shanti continued palming away, upon her pussy. “T & A show,” Karan grinned, simultaneously squeezing both her breasts and ass. “You’re nothing but a living, breathing, walking T & A show…”

“I know,” she giggled.

It wasn’t too long before the slut was in a sexual fever again. With three hands working on different intimate parts of her body – two belonging to Karan, the other to herself -Shanti was very aroused. In fact, she had the sudden urge to quit this touchy-feely stuff, and get down to business. “I want you to fuck me,” she told Karan in a serious tone. “I want you to fuck me NOW!”

Karan did not need any more coaxing.

In a flash, he laid the slut down upon the floor then mounted her in the missionary position. His cock hard and fully-erect once again, Karan fisted it and prepared for entrance. He used his other arm to securely hook Shanti’s legs over his shoulders. Then, it was time for him to sink his prick into the tight confines of Shanti’s heavenly pussy. Not wasting any time, Karan quickly prodded his cock all the way into her – up to his balls, in fact. “FUCK ME!” Shanti demanded, screaming at him. “HARD!”

Her lewd, nasty outbursts triggered an inferno within Karan’s body. He obliged the nymphomaniac, immediately starting to slam away at her petite body. In fact, his erection was piston in and out in-and-out of her at break neck speed. While screaming in a delirious delight, Shanti managed to wrap her arms around Karan’s shoulders and squeeze tightly. Meanwhile, her face rocked from side-to-side in a continual motion. Shanti LOVED hard, physical sex like this. It was as if she and Karan were wild animals, fucking in the forest.

This was HER type of sex…

At the same time, Karan was growling and moaning in a frantic manner as well. Likewise, he LOVED physical sex, too. He could pound and thrust away at Shanti, and she would never ask him to stop. Shanti was a living fuck-doll, Karan thought, and she NEVER said ‘no’ or ‘stop’ to anything!

Her face still rocking from side-to-side, Shanti continued to scream and yelp in pure lust as Karan kept pounding her.

His hips were moving at maximum speed, his cock sliding in-and-out of her sweet pussy at the same time. The pair of lust-lovers continued to scream and roar, their sounds of passion echoing throughout the entire apartment.

“MY ASS!” Shanti suddenly roared. “Before you cum, I want you to fuck my ASS both with the beads and your massive prick!”

“Wet dreams do come true…” Karan growled, as he pulled his cock out of Shanti’s pussy and then flipped her over onto her stomach, upon the floor.

She immediately rose to her hands and knees, with her ass jutting upward – awaiting entrance. Still in a frantic state of mind, Karan somehow remembered to smear the slut’s ass with a helping of anal lubricant. After tossing the tube of K-Y Jelly off to the side, Karan then fisted his cock and FORGED the mangalasturra laden beads one by one his way into Shanti’s ass.

“AAaaaaaah – hooooo –slowly Karan insert them one and one and then one and one – ohhhhhh yes – Karan ohhhhhh – I love them Karan slowly – Karan – take then out Karan – put your cock in my ass now” Shanti wailed.

Karan slowly removed the beads and licked each bead while it came out and finally cleaned the whole with a satiny tissue and the jelly liquid before inserting his massive prick into the tight puckered sexy heavenly asshole, Shanti and her hips wiggling in a lewd way, Shanti cried in pure lust as Karan buried his cock all the way inside her anus. With his balls stuffed against her ass, Karan grabbed her hips and then started a hard, fierce thrusting motion.

Needless to say, Shanti’s tight, puckered anus gripped and squeezed Karan’s shaft like an unforgiving vice. To him, the feeling was incredible. It felt so good, mere words could not do it justice.

Gripping and squeezing her hips with both hands, Karan growled as he continued thrusting his cock in-and-out of her vice-tight anus. There wasn’t anything like giving a woman a serious ass-fucking, Karan told himself. Unfortunately, he did not have the stamina to last much longer.

No one could blame him… not only was Karan fucking Shanti’s little anus, but he had just finished doing the same exact thing to her sweet pussy!

Sensing his climax was at hand, Karan once again buried his cock to the balls inside the Tamil’s ass. He then roared in wild, passionate ecstasy, as his shaft once again exploded – this time, deep within Shanti’s bowels.


And that was just their first encounter of the evening.

As things turned out, Karan somehow found the strength to fuck Shanti four more times over the next couple of hours. In addition, he filled and flooded her mouth with his sperm two more times. At age 25, he had just enough power to do it. Since it was so late when they finally decided to call it a night, Shanti told Karan that he could sleep over, if he wanted to.

Too tired to drive home, he soon curled up with the Tamil bombshell in her bed, and went to sleep. The next morning, Karan went into the restroom to take a much-needed shower. This should come as no great shock – a minute after he started it, Shanti slipped into the shower with him and immediately dropped to her knees.

Without a doubt, it turned out to be the greatest night of Karan’s life.

The greatest morning too, for that matter.

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