Sharing the Feeling


“When can you leave on Friday?”

That was the blinking message I read on my IM the Thursday morning.

“The usual time,” I typed back hitting send.

“Any chance you can you leave earlier?” the screen blinked back.

Thinking about spending some extra time with you alone on a sunny afternoon made for a easy decision. And there will always be more work, but not enough moments we can have for ourselves.

“I can get out at four.” I typed back

“Great! You can drive with me then. Meet you in the same place?” came the answer.

The rest of the day could not go any faster and Friday dragged on so painfully as I became an obsessive clock watcher.

As soon as the clock hit 4pm I dropped everything and waited at the usual spot. As soon as you pulled up I jumped into your car and with a quick kiss buckled up. Speeding up the highway we were enjoying the beautiful weather, to such an extent that we were singing along to the music on the radio, an eclectic mix of songs that I never thought you would be into as well. It was so nice seeing you with your hair in the wind singing along at the top of your voice.

Turning into your drive the cars’ tyres crunched on the gravel, and as I helped you carry your things I noticed there was a bag I haven’t seen before.

“And this?” I asked as I lifted the bag.

“Oh, just some things I brought along,” you smiled.

Entering the cool hallway was soothing after the late afternoon heat, and we made our way tot the kitchen. Placing your things on the table I heard you ask, “Red, white?”

“White,” I said as I saw you holding up two bottles. “Here, let me.”

I took the bottle of wine and hunted for a bottle opener in the drawer and corking it I poured us each a glass.

Turning around I caught you reaching up behind your back and unclasping your bra. Shimmying it off you lifted your dress over your head and in a matter of seconds you stood there naked, blowing the hair out of your eye, and reached for one of the glasses.

When my brain stopped skipping and I got control again, I placed my glass down and followed suit. This is one aspect of our relationship I utterly love. When we are alone it does not take long before we are naked and just wander around the house in the nude, so comfortable being naked in front of each other and feeling free being bare to each other.

Waking into the living room we both fell into a sofa together and grinned at each other. Raising our glasses we drank a sip and fell into conversation. A few minutes passed and as I was saying something I could feel that unmistakable feeling of a finger being dragged up my chest. Looking down I met your piercing eyes staring up at me.

“You know how you always talked about how it feels for me to get fucked?” you said.

Thinking back over our IM’s during the week I could feel the thrill returning of talking to you about this subject.

“Well, I thought you might like to know,” you said as you were reaching into the bag. You took out what I thought was a latex mask, but after seeing what attachment fitted it, I instantly knew that you were the best at understanding me. Looking straight at me and licking the black rubber cock attached to the latex pants made my heart skip a beat.

“Would you like me to use this? Would you like me to fuck you?” you said as you stared me in the adana seks hikayeleri eyes, an inch away from my face. I could smell the rubber and latex, and at once I knew that from now on, nothing on my body is mine any more and you have me fully.

“Please fuck me”, was all I could say. I was still a bit stunned by what was about to happen. Getting up you slid into the pants. It fitted you so snugly, and the latex tight over your skin gave me all sorts of pleasure to look at.

There was a pouffe in the living room, and you pointed to it. Wordlessly I went to get it and placed it in the middle of the floor. Taking me by the shoulder you turned me facing it.

“Kneel down,” you said and guided me down so my chest was on the pouffe. It gave way a bit and naturally I bent so my ass was a little higher and my hips was in the air.

Your hands on my shoulders ran all the way down my spine pushing me even lower. Soft kisses on my lower back felt so good, and then these turned into little licks. Licks that went lower and lower, onto one cheek and the other. With your hands on my cheeks I could feel you grabbing them and pulling them apart. Then the unmistakable feeling of your flat tongue stroking down my crack and licking my anus with long strokes, only stopping to gently probe it.

The fact that you so unashamedly started rimming me made me very, very aroused. I could feel your hair falling over the small of my back and the hotness of your tongue probing deeper and licking me thoroughly, almost made me cum just there and then. Your searching hand grabbed my cock as I was by now heavily breathing and this added attention made me inhale so deeply I thought I would pass out. You found me so wet with precum that you wiped the drip off, and when I heard you suck your finger off I thought I never heard anything so erotic.

Hearing you fiddle with something and the cold feeling of something dripping between my cheeks made me realise you are lubing me up, and not a little. I was thoroughly coated and the coldness was replaced by a sensation of heat starting in my pelvis and running up my chest as I could feel you gently working your thumb into my ass, while gently cupping my balls and slowly working your way in deeper. Patiently you kept on lubing and pushing deeper and deeper into me. The sensation totally alien to me, but also incredibly new and exciting. As you were pushing in deeper I found I was totally tensing up.

“It goes better if you relax, let me play here, you just enjoy,” I could hear you say

Taking your advice I slowly relaxed and immediately I felt looser, and you started slowly and surely to finger me deeper and deeper. When your finger could not go in any deeper you just held it there and stroked my cock. I was thoroughly starting to get into the sensation but then I felt you slowly pulling your finger out my ass.

Leaning over me you said in my ear, “I am going to fuck you in the ass, just the way you messaged me about it.” I just nodded and giving my ear a bite I could feel your hands on my thighs as you kneeled behind me.

I felt the tip of the dildo sliding in the lube as you slowly pushed the tip up, getting it just over my anus, and the slow, slow push in. I gasped a little, as this felt ten times bigger than your finger, but trusting you I relaxed and with a small resistance I could feel the huge rubber cock slide into me.

I let out a big “ahhh” as this new sensation of being pegged in the ass rolled over me. I could feel my back muscles tense as I let my body adjust to the huge penetrative feeling. With slow, slow movements through the dildo in me, I could feel you flexing your hips getting into a thrusting motion. Slowly you pushed in and out of me, getting me used to the feeling, building up a rhythm that every time you thrust it ended up fucking me deeper. With your hands gripping my hips, you slowly eased in and out.

Them with a deep thrust you buried the strap on deep in me, while grabbing my hair with one hand. The sudden change of pace was made even more pleasurable because when you fucked me so hard I could feel an unexpected surge of sensations erupting from just below my own cock, as you hit my prostate. The incredible weird and wonderful feeling just added to the total scene of you riding my ass and fucking me with abandon.

By this time I was sweating all down my back and from my moaning you could tell I was so so close to cumming. My brain was scrambled by the situation as I could not process the pleasure you were giving me. You must have sensed it because you reached around and started pumping my cock in time with your fucking, and the one thing I can remember clearly before cumming and grunting like an animal was your thighs against the back if my legs and your soft skin pressing against me with every thrust.

I simply moaned as I emptied my balls and jizzed all over your hand, the feelings simply running away with me. I was at this stage just laying collapsed trying to find my breath. Looking back I will never forget the way you liked at me while licking my cum off your fingers while smiling one of the most devilish smiles it ever see you give.

Grabbing my cheeks I could feel you were pulling out of me and a sensation of numbness spread over me when the dildo eased out of me. Lying forwards you hugged me from behind as I collapsed there with a stupid grin on my face, with your hot body and breasts pressed against me, our skins slippery from the sweat on my back.

Turning me around you straddled me.

“How was that?” you asked.

Wiping my face down all I could say was “Fuck that was intense”

“It looked intense… and hot,” you replied. “I loved seeing you like that.”

“It was incredible, I never thought you would actually rim me like that.” I said.

I could remember your shy smile,”I really liked that, just having your ass to play with, all mine to lick and tease,” you said.

I immediately knew what I wanted to do so badly.

Sitting up I kissed you deeply, tasting lube and cum, and pushing you back I rolled you onto your hands and knees. Reaching behind me I grabbed the pouffe and stuffed it under you. Grabbing your arms I pinned them behind your back and pressed down, making you arch your back with your amazing heart shaped ass sticking out, your cheeks spread open for me.

Looking at you I could see your devilish smile still there, and without hesitation gave you one long lick between your cheeks. I could see the little hairs on your back stand up. Taking that as a good sign I gently started rimming you. Pressing you down, I was forcing your ass higher up and more open.

It was an amazing feeling that I was doing this to you, something so intimate and taboo. Feeling you clenching yourself every time I gently probed it with my tongue, I started to slowly push it in as far as I could, raising a gasp from you every time I slowly pushed it deeper and than before. Tracing around your and teasing you was so exiting for me, because I could start feeling how aroused you were.

The wetness you got when you were in a fuckable mood is such an intoxicating smell and when I touched your pussy it was dripping. Not wanting you leave you in that state I gently ran my fingers through your pussy lips and when I grazed your soaked clit I could feel your hands flex where I was still pinning them to your back.

Letting go of your pinned arms you stretched your hands in front of you, gripping the pouffe so tightly I could see your knuckles going white.

After a little more teasing and your heavy breathing I lifted my mouth off you. You were still covered in cum and by that time I just wanted to fuck you so badly, ready to come deep inside you. Grabbing you by the hips I pressed the tip of my cock on your pussy, but I could see you lifting your head. Just as I started feeling my tip sliding up between your pussy lips you shook your head…. it took me a second to realise and I angled my hips so that my now rock hard erection rested on your anus, and I could see you nodding your head, never looking backwards.

Looking behind me I grabbed the lube bottle and lubed up my cock with copious amount of the soft, velvety liquid, squirting some over your ass and working it around and in-between.

Resting myself against you I could feel you moving, angling and them pushing back against me. Making sure I held steady and not slipping on all the lube, I could feel you putting more and more pressure on pushing your ass over my cock, and with a sudden slide I was so tightly deep in you and a long moan escaped you.

Riding me forward and backwards I could feel your strong grip gliding over my shaft, holding it tightly. Feeling you relax I started gliding my hips with you and putting my hands on your hips I started fucking you deep with smooth strokes, enjoying the incredible feeling and sight of me fucking you in the ass, with your shapely hips and muscles tensing with each thrust as you pushed back against me. Faster and faster you rode me and the all familiar feeling of a building orgasm was getting closer.

But I wanted you to come too, so I gently let go of your hip and with the gentlest touch reached down. Finding your sopping pussy I slid my finger around your small stiff clit. This has the desired effect and you stood up on all fours and staring at the opposite wall I could hear your labouring breath getting shorter and shorter as the gasps was telling me you were building up to your own release.

I could feel your ass clenching my cock in quicker and quicker succession and the low moans and the shuddering of your body finally made me cum. While I was spurting cum into your ass, you must have felt it because the sounds you were making had me worried that people across the street would hear you orgasm. Pumping my balls empty I was riding my own orgasm again in as many minutes. I did not want to end it but at last I was spent and sliding my dick out of you we slid to the carpeted floor and we held each other and started laughing, just the honest laughter of happiness and on the post orgasmic bliss we kissed for such a long time, just amazed at what we do for and to each other.

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