Sodom-me, Sodom-you


It all started when I was shaving your pussy. I had finished and was giving your pus the tongue lashing it deserved. I thought to myself while I’m down here I might as well see what other adventures I can have. While strumming you clit with my tongue I pumped 2 fingers in and out of your pussy. I pulled my middle finger out of your pussy and gently laid it against your rosebud asshole.

When I did this I felt your body hump up and you softly cooed. Getting this kind of a response I ventured a little further and gently pushed my digit in your ass up to the first knuckle. Your response again was favorable so I finger fucked both you pussy and ass. I felt your body tense up and your breath come quicker so I knew you were close and then you spoke. “Don’t stop” was all you said so I didn’t and moments later you came. Humping, moaning, crying and pawing. I hummed into your pussy trying to make it last a little longer. You sucked in air and grabbed my hair. This was your signal to stop. Your clit was too sensitive to take any more oral attack.

I climbed up your body sucked each of your nipples then kissed your lips. You spoke softly. “That was fantastic, now fuck me.” Who am I to deny such a request? I rubbed my throbbing member along your slit then slid in with one smooth movement. We both sighed in unison. We fucked in this position for a while gazing into each other’s eyes. I whispered in your ear “Roll over.” You smiled and complied. I loved fucking you from behind. I entered you again and really started fucking you. You barked, chirped and grunted with every thrust.

As I pounded you your lovely asshole was staring and winking at me. I thought what the hell, reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the hand cream and squirted some along your crack all the while still gleefully pounding you exquisite pussy. I pushed my thumb against gaziantep rus escort you rosebud this time it was excepted very easily. You purred back. As my cock pulled out of your pussy my thumb would plunge into your ass. I did this till I felt that familiar tingling in my balls and knew I couldn’t last much longer. I warned you I was close. Your response was” Fuck me harder.” So I complied. Half a minute more and I was in the middle of orgasmic heaven. “Don’t stop pumping” you cried over your left shoulder “I’m almost there.” In less than a minute more we were both enjoying sexual bliss.

My softening penis slipped out of your sopping box. You flopped onto you side and stared into my eyes and kissed me softly. I spoke first. “You really seemed to like a finger in your ass why didn’t you speak up sooner.”

“I don’t know. I didn’t know I liked it till now” you said still catching your breath. “Would you like me to fuck you in the ass?” I asked figuring I should strike while the iron is hot. “Sure” you answered without thinking “but you’d have to let me do something first.”

“What’s that” I asked tentatively? “I get to do you first.”

“If that’s what its going to take to fuck your sweet ass, I’ll do it.” Nothing else was said and we both slipped into peaceful sleep.

When I awoke the next morning you were gone all that was there was a note saying you’d see me this evening. The day dragged not knowing where you were and anticipation of tonight. After you came home we silently ate dinner. When we were done you spoke. “I have a surprise for you” Your eyes sparkled wickedly and then you went into the bedroom. My cock got instantly hard. I heard you before I saw you. I turned and saw you standing in the door way to the living room wearing black thigh high stockings a black teddy with a ruffle and the waist like a short skirt and last but not least there was and appendage sticking out from your body.

“Where did you get that” I said pointing to your artificial penis. “Never mind where I got it. The question is where am I going to put it.” My cock throbbed when you said that. You wagged your finger to follow you and I did as if under some kind of spell. On the bedside table was a jar of anal ease and a bottle of clear lube. There was also a razor and shaving brush. “I thought I would shave around your asshole to help ease insertion” You said with authority. I didn’t say a thing I just dropped my clothes and crawled onto the bed and stuck my ass in the air just like you did when I shaved around your asshole.

My cock was nearly bursting and you noticed. “Maybe we should take care of this before we start so we don’t have any unfortunate accidents.” You lowered your face to my cock and licked it from balls to tip leaving a shiny trail along the bottom the shaft. You then engulfed the whole thing into your mouth. I was blown away. You had never done this before. You noticed my surprise and when you removed your mouth from my member. You spoke to the tip of my cock and said, “I’ve been practicing” and continued sucking me until I exploded down you throat. “Thank you” I managed to mutter and rolled back over to let you continue you end of the fantasy.

When I was a shaved clean and all the shaving soap wiped away I felt my cheeks being spread apart and then warm breath near my asshole. Your tongue then touched my smooth asshole and swirled around the same way I licked your pussy. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and pushing my ass in your face. I then felt a cold digit against it. I realized you were lubing me up for the big show I tried to relax my ass as much as I could. Your finger went in easily and started to move around.

There was a strange numbing sensation as you pumped one then two fingers in and out of my asshole. “Are you ready” you asked breathlessly. I could hear you were just as excited as I was. “Do it” I answered . I felt the soft rubber dong press against my ass then pop in. I sucked air in through my teeth. You stopped and asked did it hurt. Surprisingly enough it didn’t. ” Do it” I said again “pound my ass baby.” I felt the dildo go in all the way and the cold strap touch my balls. You began fucking me with slow deliberate strokes then faster and faster harder and harder.

You were grunting on each stoke along with me. Then I realized that there must be a part of the dildo inside you because when you were all then way in me you ground against me to get more sensations in your cunt. “I ‘m coming” you grunted and ground your pelvis into my ass and pulled me as close to you as possible. “God that was great” you said, gingerly pulling you artificial cock from my ass. “Do me now” you said getting on all fours.

I grabbed a scoop of anal ease and smeared it around your asshole and dipping a finger in. “Stop messing around and fuck me up the ass” you said with urgency in your voice. I grabbed my diamond cutter hard cock and rubbed it up and down your crack then centered in on your asshole. The knob popped in easily and I knew the exact feeling you were having so I waited a second then pushed all the way in till my balls touched you drenched cunny. “Fuck me” you insisted and pushed your ass onto my cock so I did. I fucked your ass just like I fucked your pussy long and hard. Your ass cheeks jiggled every time I hit bottom and you grunted “harder, harder” I pumped and knew I would come soon in your tight ass. “I’m coming now” and thrust one last time into your and spewed jizz all over your insides. You cried out also and came right along with me. Your ass tightened around my cock like no pussy ever has and I knew this could never be the last time we did this.

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