The Price of Her Peach


I was bent over the bed with my legs spread and my palms flat against the mattress, looking at my reflection in the mirror on the wall behind the bed.

Harry Holmes, my new trick, was kneeling on the floor behind me, eating my ass while Nikki Berlusconi watched.

Nikki was a slender young black woman with long kinky black hair and skin the color of coffee with cream. She was naked, showing off her beautiful little pear-shaped breasts, shaved crotch, and the narrow strip of close-cropped hair stretching from her bikini line to her tiny little pussy lips.

Harry was a big hairy muscular stud with a long thick dick. I was built like a college wrestler with short blond hair, blue eyes, and an oversized pole rising from my shaved crotch.

“Oh my God!” Nikki fingered her pussy roughly while she watched Harry’s tongue playing over my asshole.

The cum was boiling in my nuts when a big deep angry male voice roared, “What the fuck is going on here?”

In the mirror, I saw Nikki jerk like she’d received an electric shock while Harry jumped to his feet. They both turned to face the door. I stood up, feeling naked and vulnerable.

Tony Berlusconi, Nikki’s husband, was standing there. He was an investment banker, but looked like a Mafioso straight from Central Casting: in his mid-20s, tall and solidly built, with brown eyes, olive skin, thick black hair, and strong Italian features. His face was red and his hands were balled into fists. “Well?” he demanded, taking a step toward Nikki. “What are you doing?”

She held her ground with her feet planted widely apart and her arms folded, glaring back at Tony. “Watching Harry and Charlie having sex.”

“What?” Tony took another step. Harry and I moved to flank Nikki, taking stances like cavemen protecting their woman. “You’re standing her naked with two guys and you’re just watching?” He looked at me. “I know you’re gay…” He turned to Harry. “But you?”

“Bi,” Harry said calmly. “You got a problem with that?”

“Yeah. When you’re fucking my wife.”

“I’m having sex with Charlie,” Harry answered. “Nikki is just watching.”

“Oh sure. Like I should believe that.”

“Why not?” Nikki said. “You’ve watched lesbians having sex.”

Tony looked startled. “No. I’ve never–“

Nikki stamped a bare foot on the thick carpet. “Oh come on! Your buddy Paul got drunk at our wedding and told me about the live sex show he arranged for your bachelor party.”

“No.” Tony shook his head violently. “Paul babbles when he’s drunk. Makes things up…”

“I believed him. Three woman. Mouths, fingers, dildos and butt plugs. Even a strap-on.”

Tony put his hands down, looking defeated. “Okay. But it didn’t mean anything. Just a guy thing.”

“Well, this is a girl thing.” Nikki walked up to Tony and put her hands on his hips. “We get just as horny as men.”


“Anyway…” Nikki plastered her body against Tony, flattening her breasts against his chest and grinding her vulva into his crotch. “You and the boys were having a stag night: playing poker, smoking cigars, drinking whisky… and talking about pussy.”

“Hey, not true.” He caressed her sculpted buttocks. “Brady, yeah. But Adam and Karl are gay. They’re not interested in pussy.”

“You abandoned us girls. So, we had our own party.” She kissed him briefly on the lips. “This place has some great champagne. We got all giggly… Linda and Janna started making out with Alexia.”

Harry and I exchanged a look. We’d both lost our erections and had been silently watching Nikki and Tony, ready to jump in if things got rough. Harry was looking cautiously relieved. I guess I was too, because he smiled at me.

“What happened then?” Tony was trying to sound casual, but I could tell he had a big bulge in his pants. Did you–“

Nikki giggled. “No, silly. I’m not into girls.” She paused. “But the three of them were tempting. If I was going to switch teams, I’d sure do it with them.”

“I decided I’d just go to bed.” Nikki pulled slightly away from Tony and put her hand on his crotch. “But then I saw Charlie and Harry from the balcony. Harry was standing in front of the great room’s big window and Charlie was sucking his cock.”

Harry’s and my rods hardened as we watched Nikki unfasten Tony’s belt. “I couldn’t help playing with my pussy–on my knees with my panties pulled to the side–while I watched them.” She opened his fly and took his hard cock out. It was big and fat.

“Then Harry told Charlie, ‘I’m going to fuck your ass.'” Nikki fondled Tony’s swollen pole. “That got me so fucking horny… And you’d watched lesbians… I figured it was my turn, watching a pair of gay studs.” She looked into his eyes while jacking his stiff dick. “That’s fair, don’t you think?”

“Uh…” Tony looked like he was close to coming. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Good.” Nikki released Tony’s throbbing pole. “I bet you’d like more than a hand job.”

“Well, sure. It feels great, but I can jack myself off. Your hand isn’t as good as your mouth Ataşehir Escort or pussy.”

“How about my ass?”

“What?” Tony looked shocked.

“You want it. Those times you’ve asked… You said you were joking, but I knew better.”

“You’ve always said my cock was too big for your tight little asshole.”

“Well…” Nikki turned around, bent over, and waved her naked butt at Tony. “Maybe not.”

“Are you serious?”

Nikki smiled at Harry’s and my towering erections and winked. “Yeah. But there’s a price.”

“What?” Tony stepped behind Nikki and pressed his stiff deck between her buns.

She pulled away, turned to face him, and curled her fingers around his hard-on. “You go first.”

He looked confused. “You mean I fuck your butt FIRST? What happens after that.”

“No. YOU get buttfucked first.”

“No way!” He glanced at Harry and me, standing there with our towering poles and looking at him. “I’m straight.”

“So you just want a handjob tonight?” She started stroking him again. “No peach for your eggplant emoji?”

“Uh… No.”

“You sure?” Nikki jacked Tony’s cock faster, kneading his balls and rubbing her thumb and index finger over his cock-head. “I do like seeing the cum shooting out of your dick and feeling it spray my tits.”

“Uh…” He looked at Nikki, then at Harry and me, and finally back to Nikki. “Oh Jesus!”

“I’ll sweeten the honey pot.” She stopped jacking his dick, but didn’t let go of his swollen pole. “If you have sex with Charlie and Harry, I’ll let you fuck my butt… And put on a lesbian sex show for you. If you’ll take a walk on the bi side, so will I.”

“Uh…” Tony grabbed Nikki’s hand and moved it away from his throbbing pole. “Will the other women do that?”

“Oh yeah. Alexia will for sure.” Nikki held Tony’s balls on the palm of her hand like a bag of gold dust. “She might even let you fuck her.” Nikki smiled at Tony’s expression. “I wouldn’t mind, as long as I’m there to watch.” She looked thoughtful. “I’d have to ask Linda and Janna. They’d probably go along. They’re big show-offs. And they like men. Just not for sex.”

“Uh… All right.” Tony patted Nikki’s ass and kissed her, then stripped hastily. He walked to the foot of the bed and bent over with his feet wide apart and his palms resting on the mattress. “Just take it easy, okay?”

Harry and I spent a few seconds admiring Tony’s muscular butt, long thick dick, and heavy swinging balls, then looked at each other and laughed.

“Eager, isn’t he?” Harry asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Too eager.”

Tony twisted around. He looked surprised. “What do you want?”

Harry and I exchanged a glance. “The whole deal,” I said. “Starting with kissing me.”

Tony opened his mouth, but then closed it again. I crossed the short distance between us, took him in my arms, and kissed him. A man-kiss, roughly thrusting my tongue into his mouth.

His body froze like a marble statue. He tried to force my invading tongue out of his mouth. I was relentless, thrusting and parrying, tongue-kissing him in the way that women hated.

“No!” he moaned through our pressed-together lips. I answered by man-kissing him even harder, sliding my hands down his back and gripping his taut buttocks.

Suddenly, he melted, kissing me back with raw male fierceness and kneading my butt cheeks while rubbing his hard cock against my swollen pole.

“Oh… my… fucking… God,” Nikki whispered off in the distance as Tony kissed me even more aggressively. He was ready to push me down on the bed and pound my ass and I was more than ready for him to do it. But, that wasn’t on the program…

I pushed Tony to his knees. “Suck my cock.”

He threw a panicked look at Nikki. She was standing a few feet away with her legs spread, slowly working two fingers in and out of her gleaming wet pussy. Harry was behind her with his hands on her shoulders. “Do it Babe,” she said in a throaty whisper. “Suck his big hard dick.”

Tony stared at my long thick cock like a rabbit hypnotized by a snake. It was exceptionally large, with a wide plow-shaped head and a deep furrow. “Jesus,” he whispered, cautiously reaching for my rod.

“Go ahead,” I said softly. “It won’t bite.”

He curled his thumb and index finger around the base of my shaft and then took my rod deep into his mouth. He held it there briefly, then drew back until he was barely kissing my crown. “Oh man,” I whispered as he swirled his tongue over my cock-head. “That’s good.”

I ran my fingers through Tony’s hair as he slowly bobbed over my rod, taking it deep and then lifting almost off. After a few strokes, he let my cock slip out of his mouth and looked up into my eyes. I thought he was going to say something, but then he dived back onto my swollen pole, sucking it harder and faster while squeezing my shaved balls.

The tension was building in my nuts when Tony let go of my dick. “I didn’t want to suck your cock, but I like doing it.” He looked Kadıköy Escort over at Nikki, who’d stopped fingering her pussy and was kneading her firm breasts and playing with her nipples while she watched us. “It’s as sexy as eating pussy.”

He dived back down on my rod and sucked it hard, then let it go and moved to my shaved balls, licking, kissing, and sucking them while tickling my taint and teasing my crack. Then, he licked his way up my shaft and jacked my pole while sucking my cock-head and pressing the tip of his tongue into my cum-slit.

I grabbed his head to hold it still and rolled my hips, fucking his face. He bucked and fought at first, but then got into it, aggressively sucking and jerking my driving rod while roughly kneading my tight balls, pushing me toward an explosive climax.

“Oh no.” I pulled my throbbing cock out of his mouth. “You’re not getting off that easy.”

“Good.” Tony looked at Nikki again. She was staring at us, wide-eyed with her mouth open and her chest heaving. Harry was standing behind her with his hands on her hips to hold her steady. “Because I’m ready for a good hard buttfucking.”

“Yeah!” Nikki was squirming in Harry’s grip. It looked like she was rubbing her crack against his hard-on. “Fuck my husband’s ass.”

Tony stood up and kissed me. “How do you want me? Bent over the bed?”

I shook my head. “I want to watch your face when I stick it in.” I set a pillow at the foot of the bed. “There. On your back.”

“Okay.” Tony lay with the pillow under the small of his back and folded his knees against his chest, lifting his butt high. “How’s this?”

“Perfect.” I looked at Harry. He was still standing behind Nikki, fondling her breasts while she fingered her pussy and rubbed her butt against his crotch. “The lube’s in the nightstand drawer,” he said.

I got the little squeeze bottle out of the drawer and squirted a big blob of the slippery gel onto my index finger, then rubbed it over Tony’s sexy male pucker.

Tony moaned. “You like that?” I asked. He nodded and I pressed my slick finger into his rosebud. It went in easily. His cock jerked as I fingered his asshole, occasionally pulling out to add more lube.

“You ready for my cock?” I slathered my stiff rod with lube and pressed its head into the center of Tony’s asshole.

“Uh, huh.” Tony stroked his stiff dick and rolled his hips as I eased forward, stretching his tight asshole. “Feels good.”

“Man! You’ve got a sweet tight–” My cock-head suddenly slipped through Tony’s anal ring and slid home, bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks. “Damn!” I drew back and then pushed in again. “Fuckin’ tight asshole.” I fucked him slowly, pulling almost out and then slipping back into his depths.

“Oh God!” Nikki cried. She was bent over, staring at my sliding cock and playing with her breasts while Harry humped her crack. “You guys are so hot.”

“It gets better.” I pulled out completely and then drove my cock-head back through Tony’s tight anal ring, slamming my pelvis into his butt cheeks.

“Jesus!” Tony gasped. “I almost came right then.”

“You’ll get used to it.” Tony moaned and his stiff cock jerked as I teased his anus, pulling completely out and then pushing back through his anal ring and stopping just inside his entrance.

“Fuck!” Nikki moaned. “That’s so sexy…” She was standing right beside Tony and me with her legs open wide, fingering her pussy while Harry fondled her breasts.

“Your husband has a great ass.” I fucked Tony with long hard strokes while Nikki watched. Breaking in virgins is always great. Doing it with his wife watching made it even better.

Harry turned Nikki around and kissed her. “You enjoying the show?”

“Oh yeah.” She plastered her body against his and kissed him passionately. “Two men together are so fucking sexy!”

“Three men are even better.” Harry patted Nikki’s ass and then got on the bed, kneeling beside Tony’s head. “Suck my cock while Charlie fucks your butt.”

Tony jerked and sucked Harry’s rigid pole enthusiastically while I fucked Tony’s hot tight asshole. His cock had softened under my anal onslaught, but was still long, thick, and in an upright position.

“Damn! Watching you three guys is getting me so wet.” Nikki was staring at us with one hand buried in her crotch and the other playing with her breasts.

Harry laughed. “We’re just getting started.” He pulled his dick out of Tony’s mouth and said, “Bend over the bed.”

Tony moved into position, with his feet on the floor and his elbows on the bed. He sucked Harry’s cock frantically while I fucked Tony’s ass roughly, bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks.

“Oh God!” Nikki growled. “Oh God! Oh my God!” She got louder when Harry stood up on the bed and straddled Tony’s hips.

I sucked Harry’s cock while continuing to pound Tony’s ass from behind. It was so sexy… A big thick pole in my mouth, tasting of sweat, precum, and overheated man, the super tight anus gripping Bostancı Escort my driving rod, Nikki screaming beside us…

Harry jumped down from the bed, stepped behind me, and gripped my hips, bringing me to a stop. “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

“Oh yeah,” Nikki said as Harry was lubricating his swollen cock. “I want to get a good view.” She lay on her back between our spread feet, staring up at our stiff dicks and hanging balls.

My dick had slipped out of Tony’s ass. I gripped my shaft and pressed my cock-head back into his pucker, working it in slowly, giving Nikki a show and acting like his asshole was still virgin tight.

My dick slid up Tony’s butt and I stopped with my balls pressed against his buttocks. As Nikki moaned under us, fingering her pussy, Harry entered me slowly and carefully.

I held still, afraid I’d come if I moved. I hadn’t been in the middle too many times and the sensations were almost overpowering as Harry took my asshole, starting with slow short strokes, but gradually gaining speed and lengthening his thrusts.

The tightness in my balls receded and I swung my hips, driving my cock into Tony’s muscular butthole while fucking my ass on Harry’s big rod.

Our driving cocks synchronized like a finely-tuned machine as the fuck train rolled on. Harry rammed me hard and fast while I plowed Tony.

“Oh man!” Harry gasped. “I’m gonna–” Nikki squealed as he yanked his throbbing pole out of my butt and sprayed hot cum on my asshole.

I held still with my stiff dick buried deep in Tony’s butt as Harry patted my ass cheeks affectionately and then stepped away.

“Wow!” Nikki rose to her knees and ran her finger over my butthole, smearing the cum that coated it. “Watching gay men fuck is so sexy.” She slid her finger up my asshole and worked it in and out. “You like that?”

“Oh yeah!” My cock jerked in Tony’s ass as she fingered me roughly. “Feels good.”

“Good as my husband’s ass?” She slipped a second finger up my butt, crossed with the first, and twisted her wrist while finger fucking me harder.

“They go together well.” I rocked my hips, thrusting my stiff pole into Tony’s butt. “Your fingers aren’t quite as good as Harry’s cock, but still…”

“Yeah. Nothing compares to a cock.” She pulled her fingers out of my ass and knelt on the bed in front of Tony. “Does it, Baby?”

“Feels great.” He gripped her thighs and pulled her forward. “But so does your pussy.” He pushed his face into her crotch.

“Oh yeah, Baby!” she moaned. “Eat my hot wet cunt!” She played with her breasts while staring at my driving rod sliding in and out of Tony’s tight butt. “While Charlie fucks your sexy ass.”

Nikki looked into my eyes. “Fuck him, Charlie. Pound my stud husband’s ass.”

The cum built in my nuts as I slammed his asshole, smashing my pelvis against his buttocks, hard enough to shake the bed. “Fuck!” I groaned. “I’m getting close.”

“I want to see it.” Nikki squealed with delight as I yanked my throbbing pole out of Tony’s hot tight fuck-hole. Long streamers of shining cum burst from my pulsing tip, sailing through the air and splashing his sculpted buns.

“Oh my God!” Nikki fell back on the bed, lying with her eyes closed and chest heaving. Her knees were lifted, displaying her gleaming pink pussy. “That was so fucking good. So good…”

She opened her eyes and smiled up at Tony. “Fuck my ass now.” She folded her knees against her chest, lifting her sexy butt into the air. “I’m ready for your big hard cock.”

“You sure?” Tony knelt between her open thighs, gripped his rod, and positioned its head.

Nikki grinned. “Uh, huh.”

Tony started to push forward. I stopped him.

He glared at me. “What?”

“You need this.” I squirted a big blob of lube into the palm of my hand and caressed his stiff pole, coating it with the slippery gel. Then, I lubricated my index finger and slid it up Nikki’s ass. Her butthole was tight, but she took my finger easily. She moaned as I fingered her butt roughly.

“All right.” Tony grabbed my hand and pulled it away from Nikki’s butt. “I’ll take it from here.”

“Oh yeah, Baby. Give it to–” Nikki squealed as Tony pushed his cock-head through her anal ring. “Fuck,” she moaned.

Tony froze. “You okay?”

Nikki looked at him with tears in her eyes and a twisted grin on her face. “It hurts. But it feels good, too.” She swung her hips up, driving his cock all the way up her ass. “Oh God!”

“Jesus!” Tony exclaimed. “Your ass is fuckin’ tight.”

“And you’re a fuckin’ stud.” She rolled her hips, shifting his rigid pole in her butt. “So, fuck me hard… Stud!”

Nikki moaned as Tony took a few slow careful strokes. “Go ahead, Baby. I’m ready for you now.” He gripped her ankles and spread her legs in a wide Vee, then fucked her harder and faster.

Harry and I knelt on the bed, facing each other with Nikki between us, watching Tony’s plunging pole as he plowed her ass. She grabbed our stiff rods and stroked them roughly while Tony hammered her butt.

Tony roared like a rutting bear and slammed Nikki’s asshole. “Yeah Stud!” she gasped. “Come in me.” She screamed rhythmically and jerked Harry’s and my throbbing cocks as Tony plowed her asshole, pulling almost out and then slamming home, grunting with each rough thrust.

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