1974: A Summer of Incestuous Love

Cum On

Summary: A crazy summer forever changes father, daughter and son.

Note 1: Thanks to Bill who shared this story of his life and his special intimate loving relationship with his children. Much of the story and dialogue are Bill’s words.

Note 2: This story is based on a true story (you know, the way movies tell true stories).

Note 3: All participants are at least eighteen years old.

Note 4: This is a summer 2014 contest story so please vote.

Note 5: This story is somewhat long and has a lot of dialogue and plot before the sex really gets going.

Thanks for editing this story to Robert, MAB7991 and goamz86.

Chapter 1: Revelation

My wife Helen’s death was crushing to our family. She had been having cramps and had lost some

weight, but doctors said it was just colitis. When she was finally diagnosed with ovarian

cancer, it was too late to treat. Being 1973, treatments were far less effective than they are today. She died Thanksgiving weekend and made me a single father of two teens.

Billy had just turned eighteen when his mother passed, and Julie was just about to turn nineteen when the events that started this crazy journey took place (I know we literally had our children back to back). She had just finished her first year at a local college in a pre-vet program. The two kids could not have been more different in their personalities, enough so that many people didn’t believe they were siblings. That said, both kids were really good looking. Billy was such a sweet young boy, rarely in trouble for anything and very close to his mother. He was suffering more than any of us and still hadn’t come to grips with Helen’s death. . Billy was tall, like me, at 6’2″, dark haired, and just recently physically growing into his lanky frame.

Julie, on the other hand, was the wild child, always in some sort of mischief. Julie physically was more like her mother, short at 5’2″. She was also a bit hippy and chesty like her mother, wearing D cup bras (which I learned when I first did her laundry…one of many chores that fell to me once my wife passed). Her dark hazel eyes were gorgeous and always seemed to draw the boys to her. Still, it was her chest that most everyone saw first in spite of a sparkling smile and beautiful eyes. Julie’s outgoing personality bubbled all the time and she seemed a bottomless pit of energy. In high school, she was a cheerleader, in the chorus, the school council and in other clubs I no longer remember. She really was a social butterfly. Her blue eyes and short blond hair topped off a very spicy looking young girl who had plenty of boys wanting to date her.

I tried to have serious talks with both of them about sex and being careful, separately of course, but never felt I got anything more than a dismissive smile and a nod. Julie would be turning 19 in a couple of weeks and I insisted she see her doctor about birth control. She was intent on studying to be a vet and I wasn’t going to let an accidental pregnancy derail her future.

We soon fell into a new routine without Helen and soon became relatively functional and always busy. My job at an ad agency kept me hopping, but I declined any travel that I used to do, so as not to be away overnight anymore. We always had dinner together at least four or five nights a week. I’m a decent cook and Julie was very much at home in the kitchen and very accomplished with basic dishes. By spring we were grieving less and beginning to extend our social lives slowly.

I wasn’t dating, but I was having an occasional dinner at the golf club with a woman I had known for a few years and who had recently divorced. Our relationship was still platonic but she was fun to be around and enjoyed coming to our house for dinner over the weekend. The kids liked her and she very much enjoyed them. Nita Bradshaw was her name and she was exactly the same size as Julie so they had an instant bond with clothes as both had a hard time with anything fitting up top without being too loose elsewhere. Nita was happy to share from her huge wardrobe if Julie needed something different for some occasion…plus it was great to see Julie have an older female role model.

The Fourth of July long weekend of 1974 was the beginning of a series of events that would change all our lives forever. There was a big cookout at the club after a golf tournament for members and, as usual on Independence Day weekend, there was lots of drinking. Nita was a member as well, as were most of our friends, but we chose to pass on the golf and socialize all afternoon. While I visited with friends, Billy was at the pool most of the day and Julie played tennis with some girlfriends.

I was talking with some male friends when I noticed a very attractive woman come up to Nita and begin talking. I’d seen her at the club a few times but didn’t know her. Although diyarbakır seks hikayeleri I wasn’t listening at the beginning of the conversation they were having, as I was involved in one myself, Nita’s facial expressions got me curious. I was just close enough to make out what they were saying:

The attractive woman seemed to be on the offensive, “You seemed to enjoy yourself last time.”

Nita answered, “That is not true.”

“Well, you enjoyed it the first time,” the attractive woman countered.

“That’s in the past,” Nita replied, her tone implying she was clearly uncomfortable with the conversation.

“You should come tonight,” the woman suggested.

“I don’t think so,” Nita answered.

“And when you change your mind, bring Bill,” the woman added, ignoring Nita’s rejection. “It would be good for him…VERY, VERY good for him.”

“I don’t think so,” Nita said shaking her head.

“Think about it,” the woman continued her aggressiveness.

I was drawn back into the conversation with my friends and didn’t hear the rest of their conversation, although I was super curious what they were talking about, especially because Nita was not one to look uncomfortable in a conversation.

By the time I turned back to eavesdrop some more, the attractive woman was gone.

The cookout began at 6 0’clock and the kids were ravenous and grabbed some food and joined their friends. Nita and I waited until the line thinned out and we each grabbed a steak before retreating to a table under some shade trees.

“Who was that woman you were talking to this afternoon? I’ve seen her a few times but don’t know her,” I asked, fishing for information.

“That’s Beth Conley. She and Dan live on Hanover a block down from me,” she answered, without adding any hint about what the conversation was about.

“She seemed to want you and me to come to some event tonight,” I said, too curious to let it go.

“Were you eavesdropping on my conversation with her?” She asked, her eyebrow raised.

“No, no, no. She was just talking loud enough that I could hear some of what she was saying. She seemed rather insistent,” I said, defending myself.

“It wasn’t anything we’d be interested in, so I told her we’d pass,” she vaguely answered, oddly referring to us as a ‘we’.

“Okay, if you say so,” I shrugged. That hardly satisfied my curiosity, but I sensed Nita didn’t want to go into any detail, at least right then, so I let it drop. Everyone was worn out after an afternoon in the sun and the drinking so we called it an early night.

It was a week later at Saturday morning breakfast when Julie said she was going to meet Dot at Conley’s house with some other girls to plan some upcoming church charity event.

“Julie, is Dot’s mother Beth Conley?” I asked, the past week the truth of that odd conversation always in the back of my mind.

“Yeah, why, do you know her?” Julie asked.

“No, but I saw her at the club last week and she knows Nita. They were talking and she invited Nita to a party that night but Nita declined,” I said, before realizing I gave Julie more information than necessary.

“Did Nita tell you why she didn’t want to go?” Julie asked, suddenly curious.

“No, she didn’t want to talk about it,” I admitted.

“Dad, do you know anything about the Conleys?” Julie asked, implying she knew something.

“No. Is there something I should know?” I asked.

“No. Just asking. Gotta run, I’m late,” she said, clearly not comfortable discussing it with me, which only enhanced my growing curiosity (I hate not knowing things).

She was up and out the door before I could get another word out. Curiosity getting the best of me, I called Nita.

“Hi, it’s me… Julie just left to go to the Conley’s to meet with Dot, Beth Conley’s daughter. I asked her if Beth Conley was her mother and she said ‘yes’ and asked me if I knew anything about them. When I said I didn’t she blew it off and ran out the door. What’s going on with these mystery people that everyone knows about but me?” I asked, no longer able to bite my tongue.

Nita sighed, before saying, “Bill, this is something we need to talk about in person, but I doubt it’s something Julie would know about. Shall we do dinner tonight and I’ll try to explain?”

“Sounds good. I’ll go get some steaks and wine. Why don’t you come over at five? Billy’s doing an overnight across the street with friends and I’m not sure when Julie’s due home but I’ll get her one too,” I offered, both of us loving barbecue meals and sitting outside enjoying the summer evening.

“Sounds great,” she agreed.

“See you tonight,” I said, eager to find out what this big secret was.

I ran my errands, had a shower and was fixing a drink when Nita drove up.

“Hi, right on time as usual. I’m fixing drinks, do, you want one?” I asked with a smile. Nita was a very attractive woman and incredibly sweet. Although I wasn’t sure I was ready to actually date someone, I knew in my heart Helen would approve of Nita.

“Sure, the usual for me, although make it a double,” she said, before asking, “Need any help getting dinner ready?”

“I’ll let you make a salad. I’ve got the steaks marinating and potatoes to put in the

oven. Let’s go outside and relax,” I replied. In many ways we were already like a married couple…although we were not even dating.

Once outside and enjoying the early evening warmth, I said, “Your hair looks a little lighter. Did you get it done today?”

“I did. Do you like it? It’s a little blonder. Now I need to tan more,” she said, putting her hand through her hair.

“I do like it. You look very pretty tonight,” I complimented, finding Nita even more attractive today. I hadn’t been with anyone since Helen’s death and Nita and I hadn’t even kissed, but there was definitely chemistry between us.

She gave me a big smile and a wink, “Well, thank you sir. I’m so pleased you like it.”

We chatted about our mundane day, with me wanting to know more about last week’s conversation, but Nita seeming to avoid it. Each of us finishing our first drink, I finally brought it up, “So, this Conley thing.”

She smiled, “I wondered how long it would take for you to bring it up. We should probably talk about it before Julie gets home.”

“I would like to know what all the mystery is about. Are they in some kind of witness protection program?” I joked.

“No, but it’s something they’d likely want to keep just as much their own secret,” she said, clearly uncomfortable and tentative.

“You’re only adding to the intrigue,” I said, my mind spinning with no real idea in my head at what it could be and why Beth wanted me to become involved.

“It’s just a dark side of my past,” she ominously answered.

“I’m just so curious about why she wanted me to come to this thing and you said no,” I continued, consumed by the desire to find out.

“It’s rather complex,” she sighed, before she said, “Let me just start at the beginning so you’ll understand it all.”

“Okay,” I nodded, not expecting a story.

“Paul and I were in Atlanta for one of his business meetings and were staying the weekend to do some shopping. We ran into the Conleys at the hotel we were staying at. We were very surprised to see neighbors from down the block in the same hotel away from home and asked what they were doing in Atlanta. They invited us to the bar for drinks and after a few, Dan Conley told us what the deal was. They were what they termed “lifestylers”, or swingers. There was a club that met at the hotel in Atlanta each month and took over two floors for their private party. It was a couple’s swap party.”

“R-r-really?” I stammered, the thought of someone as beautiful as Beth and Nita swinging instantly filling images in my head. Suddenly a thought popped into my head, ‘Was the offer referred to the other day a swinger’s party?’ This, of course, led to other thoughts: ‘Was there a swinger’s club in our own town? Had Beth wanted me to come to her swinger’s party!’

“We were quite shocked,” Nita continued.

“I imagine you were,” I nodded, trying to listen and be a part of the conversation, all the while my head was spinning with other thoughts.

“A bit embarrassed too, but they kept insisting on us being their guests and attending. We, of course, declined, and said it just wasn’t us. They said the party didn’t start until nine o’clock and to call them if we changed our mind. We left and went to dinner. All through dinner Paul kept talking about how it might be fun to just go and watch. I kept saying no but he wouldn’t let it drop. Our marriage was already pretty stale at the time, and he accused me of being a prude and turning into a cold fish. Annoyed and wanting to prove to him I wasn’t a ‘cold fish’, I snapped and agreed to go to only watch, with the one condition that as soon as I said it was time to leave, we would leave. He, of course, agreed.”

“I’m guessing by your tone that you weren’t really okay with it,” I added, always good at reading people.

“I didn’t want to go, especially with people there we knew, yet I was so pissed off at being called a prude that I wanted to prove him wrong,” she explained.

“Makes sense,” I nodded, “no one wants to be called such things.” Ironically, most people assumed the reason their marriage ended was because she was a prude, although I sure hadn’t felt that way since we’ve begun hanging out.

“It didn’t really,” she shrugged, “but it opened the door to everything else.”

“How so?” I asked, the thought of Nita at a swinger’s party making my cock hard. I found her incredibly beautiful and had considered many times trying to make a move on her. Yet, I just wasn’t sure I was ready to move on.

“Let me continue the story,” she said, “before I change my mind.”

“Okay, okay, sorry,” I said, dying to hear the rest.

“We went back to the hotel and called Beth and Dan. They were excited about introducing us to the “lifestyle” and she asked if I had something ‘super sexy’ to wear. Of course, I didn’t, but she told us to come to their room as she always brought a few outfits with her so she could dress depending on her mood. Not surprisingly, all the outfits were slutty as hell and nothing I would ever wear. Yet, a couple more cocktails and some constant pressure from Beth and I ended up braless in a white blouse so sheer my nipples clear for all to see. I was also dressed in a plaid skirt that barely covered my butt cheeks and a thong that was as thin as dental floss that disappeared in my butt crack. Luckily, I couldn’t wear her shoe size so I wasn’t in the 5 inch platform porn star shoes, she wanted me to wear.”

“It’s hard to imagine you in that outfit, Nita. You’re such a conservative dresser,” I said, although I was completely envisioning the outfit she described.

“I know, when I looked in the mirror I looked like a slutty school girl,” she continued, before adding, “but, truthfully, I felt sexy in it.”

“I bet you looked hot,” I added, my cock stiff.

“Oh, you like your ladies dressing up, do you?” She smiled teasingly.

I stammered, still finding it strange to be flirted with, “I-I-I don’t know, Helen never wore or did such things.”

“Good to know,” she smiled with intent, yet another hint that she was willing and able if I ever decided to cross the ‘friends’ line. “Anyways, even though I looked really sexy, I was overshadowed by Beth’s outfit, which was little more than a black body stocking with rhinestones which had Paul practically drooling and ignoring me completely.”

“That’s a shame,” I said, knowing how insecure women could be.

“Well, it was anger that I believe led me to end up doing what I did,” she continued.

“What did you do?” I asked, my cock begging for release from my shorts.

“You sure you want to hear this?” She asked. “I don’t want you to change your opinion of me. I greatly value our friendship.”

“I don’t judge people on their past, Nita,” I said, before adding, “trust me, I did some stupid shit when I was younger.”

“You weren’t always a perfect boy scout?” She asked, her eyebrow raised.

I laughed, “I never even joined the Boy Scouts.”

“A pity,” she smiled, her tone dripping with flirtation, “Boy Scouts know a lot of ways to tie a knot.”

My face flushed at the innuendo. I quipped, flirting back, “I think I’m still pretty good with my hands.”

“Good to know,” she nodded. “So anyway, we went to the party. There had to be over a hundred people there. A DJ was playing bump and grind music I’d never heard before and the dance floor was filled with gyrating couples bumping and groping each other. It was nothing like I’d imagined…not that I had ever imagined such a party before the moment I was at one.”

“I imagined crazy porn music,” I joked.

“You watch porn?” she questioned, teasingly.

“Just swinger porn,” I quipped back.

She stood up, “I think I will need another drink to finish this story.”

“I’ll get you one,” I offered, standing up.

She glanced down at my crotch, which couldn’t hide my arousal, but didn’t say anything, just smiled.

A couple of minutes later, we were back outside, drinks full, and she asked, “Ready for the rest of my tale of moral debauchery?”

“You have me on pins and needles,” I replied.

She laughed before continuing. “Just about then someone thrust a drink into my hand. I took a sip and it tasted like straight vodka and a hint of olive juice. Beth disappeared into the dancing crowd with a man she seemed to know and Dan pulled Paul over to meet a tall busty redhead he obviously knew from a previous party. Dan walked back up to me just as I watched my husband being led to the dance floor by the redhead. Dan asked me to dance, but I said no, I wanted to sit down and just watch for a while as I glared at Paul who was oblivious to my seething anger.”

“He left you alone?” I asked, appalled.

“He did,” she said, shaking her head. “So I downed the rest of my drink only to have a young girl replace it with another. I chuckled that an orgy would have waitresses. Meanwhile, Dan wandered off in search of easier pickings. I was steaming and getting ready to go and grab Paul when I felt this presence and looked up to see this distinguished well-dressed man standing by the table. He asked if he could sit down and I said sure. He was in his 50s or maybe even 60s, very nice looking and had this sexy confidence and charm about him. I learned he was a doctor in Atlanta. He also informed me that his wife was much younger than he, and with a wild streak that he indulged one night a month at this party. He seemed to be content to just sit quietly in the lounge while she indulged in her antics. I don’t know how many more drinks I had, maybe four or five, but I was getting pretty hammered. I finally suggested we dance to a slow song because I wanted to find Paul and wasn’t sure I could walk on my own. I also wanted to make Paul jealous.”

“How much time had transpired since Paul left you alone?” I asked.

“An hour, give or take,” she shrugged.

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