3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 08

Cadey Mercury

This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 8

We pulled the covers up and went to sleep without cleaning up. It was well past ten before we got out of bed. I took a shower alone. Sally was filling in Nikki and mom on last night’s drama. As the water cascaded over me I had a chance to reflect.

It occurred to me more and more people were beginning to depend on me. This was something new and exciting but also sobering. With George my mentor no longer in the picture I wasn’t sure I was up to the task. I needed to talk to Kat.

Sally stayed Saturday night but I was with Nikki. Sunday night she went home and Nikki took Kyle to Sharon’s to spend the night with her and her mom Mary. Kat and I went out for some ribs. On the way home I explained what was going on and how I was feeling.

Kat listened patiently reassure me that I would be fine. Mom praised me for being such a responsible adult and reminded me with or without George I was not alone. Kat then asked me if I could take Thursday and Friday off. When I said I could she said we were going to go see Charles and Eve.

With the house to ourselves mom and I spent a leisurely night of sex. I drained both of her tits of their milk as I fucked her pussy. Then before we went to bed I ravage her ass as she begged me to fill it with my cum. Monday morning she had me take her ass again telling me she wanted to remember me through the day. I drained her tits again as she stuffed them back in her bra before driving off.

I talked to Art about the days off. He was fine with it offering to help if anything came up. I had an exceptional day at work. Talking with Kat always seems to help.

Kat and I told Nikki we would be gone Thursday to Sunday. Nikki was happy to hear it. She told us she had a surprise for me when I returned. That night she slept with me, she was insatiable. There seemed to be something about the surprise that excited her as well. The thing that got me excited was her growing baby bump.

Sally came back Tuesday night. She spent the night with mom while Nikki and I slept together again. The night produced only one orgasm for us each but hers was a big one. Wednesday night Sally went back home to George. Mary was coming to stay with Nikki Thursday and Friday night. Then she and Sharon had a date for Saturday. Sally would be with Nikki Saturday and would wait for us to come home Sunday.

Thursday we were on a plane to Orlando. Charles and Eve met us at the airport. We arrived back at the condo in time for lunch. After we ate Charles invited me to spend the remainder of the day with him. We went to his office where I met his general manager Ivan. Ivan introduced me to the staff and a couple of the sales people that happened to stop by. Ivan was maybe sixty. Tall and fit he seemed professional, but not a salesman type of guy.

Charles finished dealing with some business. I thanked Ivan, and then Charles and I left. We went to check on some condos he was going to list. Charles had quite a reputation and still did much of his own selling.

The first stop was his favorite watering hole. After everyone in the place greeted him we took a seat outside in the shade looking at the water.

“So what brings you here young man?” He knew all about Becky, Val, and of course George. He sat patiently and silently as I explained all but Sally being my pet.

“That’s about it. But there is one thing I would like to talk about later.” I said as I wrapped it up.

“Daniel sometimes you’re the pigeon and sometimes you’are the statue!” Charles joked. We both laughed. “You my son have had a bad run of luck.” I felt a renewed kinship as he called me son.

“Bad luck.” I reminded him.

“Mark and Becky you married into. No fault of yours. But you stepped up like few real men would and handled the situations admirably. I know many that would have walked away or taken advantage of it.” Charles rested his hand on my shoulder.

“Take advantage of it. You mean with Mary?” I asked.

“Not that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t join the flock at some time on her own volition!” He laughed loudly. “I know you would never do that. I meant blackmail. You had Mark by the short hairs with those pictures and that video.”

“Charles I could never do that!” I replied düzce seks hikayeleri stunned anyone would have.

“My point exactly. You did the right thing, at least as I see it.” He nudged my shoulder. “Then the thing with Val and Doug. Again not your problem. But what do you do? Step in handle the situation without throwing the father under the bus. Then with a brilliant chess move you fix the original problem for two people and leave the door open for Doug to return without losing face.” Charles laughed.

“What about George?” I asked. I looked over. Charles started to become more serious. “He and Sally are all but finished.” I suggested.

Charles sat silently for a moment.

“Daniel there is blame enough to go around for that one. No doubt you had a hand in it…” My head sunk to my chest.

“Son look at me!” Charles said. I raise my head looking him in the eyes.

“You may have had a hand in it, but you aren’t to blame. Not even slightly. You did what we all knew you would do. You were a child playing and adult’s game. George and I knew what was going to happen when we sent our wives into the lion’s den. I’m man enough to admit I wanted you to fuck Eve. She has never been happier, and she makes sure I stay happy! She never let me touch her ass until you stretched it out for me!” George grinned.

I couldn’t believe he was talking like this to me. He could see my discomfort. Grabbing my shoulder again. He continued.

“Were men here Daniel! Look at me 300 plus pounds, high blood pressure, cholesterol off the charts, and full of hot air. I’m surprised the woman has stuck it out this long. I owe you more than you can ever fathom. You have brought so much happiness to the both of us we could never repay you!” Charles boasted.

I was touched by his compliments but still wanted answers.

“But what about George he’s still my uncle? I don’t want to lose him!” I argued. Charles laughed loudly.

“I’ll give you this Daniel you are loyal to the end. George is a good man as you know, but he is too prideful to see past his nose. From what I know you brought him out of his depression, set him up with the woman he has been lusting after for years. And taken his wife off of his hands.” Charles chuckled.

“The guy should be sucking your dick right now!” Charles was on a roll. “Daniel, man up. You stop by and see him first, give him some time and he’ll come around. He’s bull headed but not stupid. Given time he will come to his senses. My guess is things will be different in some ways but in others you might find he becomes closer than before.”

“Thanks Dad, you’ve been a lot of help.” I nudged him now.

“Well some of those genes you have are mine. You know Duane was my son, right?” It had been years since his name had been brought up.

“Yeah. Good thing too. I need all the help I can get!” I teased him again.

“Ok, what’s the other question we need to take are of?” I blushed not sure how to approach the subject.

“Well spit it out. I don’t have all day.” Charles scolded me.

“Sally wants to be my pet…my slut!” I blurted out. I thought he would be shocked but instead he just grinned and folded his arms across his big belly stroking his chin.

“I always thought she was more like Eve than she let on. Still waters do run deep.” He said cryptically.

It took me a minute to comprehend what the meaning of that was. Then it dawn on me what he was saying is the meek and quiet ones may be hiding their true feelings where no one can see them.

“So Daniel, what’s your concern?”

“Dad, I am not the dominate type of guy. I can be that guy for a night. But that isn’t me. I don’t know what she expects. I don’t know how far…” Charles turned very serious as he listened.

“How far what?” The way he looked at me gave me confidence to spit it out.

“I don’t want to be like Mark! Charles, I can’t go there!” I confessed. He hugged me for just a second.

“Daniel, first just because Sally wants to spice up her life doesn’t mean she wants to be tortured. And if she does then you need to send her packing. Daniel you’re a smart young man. You have come so far in such a short time.” Charles reminded me.

“Taking control can be very significant for most women. Why is a whole other discussion. Let’s just say she may like the feeling of submitting to a man she feels safe and protected by. They find comfort in having a strong man determine their fate so to speak. Each woman is different. Just like each man is.”

“So what you are saying is she may want me to take more of an active role in her life?” I asked.

“My guess is with Sally she wants you to tell her what you want and she will try and satisfy your needs. It’s the same thing you do just to a different degree. You wait for them to come to you then you take over based on their desires.” Charles tried to explain.

“Sally is trying to tell you she needs you to just take over. She needs or wants you to be her protector now. To handle the world and all of its complications. Daniel she wants you to be her world. Small, safe, and from what I have heard sexually exciting.” He made it all so clear. It was as if he knew exactly what I needed to hear.

“I think I understand. I’ll need to work on that.” I replied. “About the other. You know sexually?”

“I think you could teach me more about that than I could you!” He teased me again lightening the mood. “But with what you want to know let me say this. Anticipation is sometimes more erotic than the actual act. For instance if you tell her you’re going to spank her. Just the thought of you doing that will get her mind racing. How hard, where, how long? Well you get the point! The actual spank may or may not be more of a turn on.” He suggested.

I thought back to the cum farts knowing what he meant.

“It’s like going to a movie that you are dying to see. Sometimes we anticipate it so much that the movie itself is a disappointment and then, sometimes it’s even better that we dreamed. Sex can be the same way. Learn how to build up anticipation and then give her a movie she never dreamed of.”

Charles punched me lightly. “If it’s a flop experiment to see if you can make the movie better. I can make Eve cum just by playing with her tits. By teasing her days or even hours before. She is so ready in her mind that just brief contact will bring her off!”

“Did you really need to tell me that? I’ll be thinking of that all day now!” I teased him.

“Paybacks are hell buddy!” Charles teased.

“Daniel, Sally deserves happy endings too. If it gets to the point where she is just servicing you then I would worry. Change things up. Be spontaneous.” Charles offered. “We all have our favorite movies that we can watch again and again, but sometimes you need to see the latest flick to see if should be added to that list. You keep doing what you’re doing. Keep learning. Keep growing, and you will be fine.” He looked back at me. “We good?”

“Better than good. Thank you Charles.” I replied thrilled we talked. He finished his drink

“Come on I have some properties to inspect. Tomorrow before I leave you and I are going to set down with Ivan and talk some business.” We headed to the car.

“You’re going somewhere?” I asked stupidly.

“Of course I am. Eve wants to watch a movie with you! I believe it’s a double feature.” He joked.

I wasn’t sure if he meant for two nights or with Kat and me, but I wasn’t about to ask. The next day Charles and I sat down with Ivan. It was clear he was the financial brains behind the business. He had been with Charles from the beginning. Oh, I’m sure Charles knew what was going on, that much was clear, but Ivan was a walking calculator.

I had learned much of this with Art. But these were real numbers. George’s actual business profit and loss. Properties he owned. Companies that he controlled. He was worth millions, at least on paper. After we went over everything. Charles asked me my opinion on several things. I made some suggestions. He looked at Ivan and smiled.

“I told you he was sharp!” Charles gloated. Ivan in his own emotionless way seemed to agree. “Daniel I have been talking with Art and his dad. Starting next month I want you to come down here and spend a couple of days every other week working with me and Ivan.”

“Really?” I asked. They both nodded.

“I want you to learn this business inside and out. I have made Ivan a very lucrative offer to stay and manage the business. He will get one percent of the business each year he stays. If he stays to seventy, the age he picked I might add, he gets a sizable bonus. The bonus is already in escrow.

“I am looking forward to working with you.” Ivan offered his hand.

“I don’t know what to say!” I blushed.

“When I’m no longer here you will be taking over with Art. In exchange you will have an equity position in the business at home. Ivan will be keeping their books as well and audited by their accountant. Right now it’s set up on a five year transition.” Charles continued to explain.

“Oh and just so you know you will have to pull your own weight, this is no handout. The companies will pay for your actual business expenses, but any salary will have to be earned. Ivan has a vested interest in keeping costs under control so don’t go all rock star on us.” George said seriously.

“George you know I would never do that!” I protested emphatically.

“Yeah? Well money like sex can be very addicting!” Charles replied. He reminded me in a not so subtle way referencing Mark.

“Thank you Charles!” I stood as he did and shook his hand. I shook Ivan’s hand as well, he welcomed me aboard.

“Gentlemen I have a little white ball calling my name. Daniel I’ll see you Sunday before you leave. Ivan get with Daniel and pick up the cost of the flight for him and his mom and put it down as a business meeting expense.” Ivan looked at me and smiled.

“Well there goes this year’s bonus!” Ivan said. I knew he was kidding I just saw what he made last year. He was good and we all knew it. Charles left but I stayed and talked to Ivan for another two hours.

I arrived back at the condo Kat and Eve were on the patio tanning in the nude. Eve was slick with oil. Her small tit’s reminded me of Charles discussion from yesterday. They sat high and sagged just slightly, the nipples long and stiff. Kat had on sunscreen I guessed. Her milk filled tits drifted to her sides, they looked like they had just been drained. Looking lower both of their pussies were red and puffy. Kat’s lips glistened in the sun. My guess is they had just come out.

“What would you like for dinner honey?” Eve teased. “I just had an appetizer!” She looked over at Kat’s boobs.

“You mean other that what I am looking at?” I teased back.

“Well you know you’re going to get that. Besides after talking to Sally I have plans for you tonight. Both of you!?” She winked at Kat. “So you better eat. You’ll need the nourishment.”

“I’m thinking to go then. Any ideas?” I asked.

“Mexican. Just up the road they make great fish tacos.” Eve winked.

“Mom fish taco’s ok for you too?” I teased. She looked at Eve’s pussy.

“Well I guess I could eat another one!” We were all laughing now.

By the time I got back they had showered and slipped on some shorts and thin tank tops. I brought back some cold Coronas with the tacos and Mexican rice. After dinner we took a leisurely stroll on the beach. Charles must have told Eve some of our conversation from yesterday but not all.

“Danny. Charles told me you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Is there anything I can help with?” Eve asked as she squeezed my hand. “Has your dad been back to see you?”

Charles brought him up yesterday and now Eve today.

“Sally and I talked about that months ago. I am pretty sure I made that all up as a way to cope.” I explained.

“Or was it to get us adults to bring to light all the dirty little secrets we kept from you? The ones you knew of but were too polite to ask about?” Eve suggested. It was something to contemplate. “Danny you were so much smarter than any of us realized. Well except your mother. She knew.” I looked at Kat, she smiled.

Kat looked to Eve but said nothing. Turning to me Eve asked.

“But you still have the ability to sense things before they happen. Read people or situations?”

“Yeah a bit. I don’t know if I do it less or it’s just so natural I just don’t even think about it anymore.” She squeezed my hand again. “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know? I just thought I should. So you’re good?” Eve checked again. She and Kat they both looked at me.

“Yeah I am. Charles helped a lot, just having the two of you here with me now …”

“Feels right?” Eve asked.

“You feel it too?” I asked a bit surprised. I knew she did I could feel it bind us together.

“I do Daniel I always have and always will!” She pulled me in for a long loving kiss. “You and your Mom are the most important people in my world along with Charles and Sally. She kissed Kat as we turned back to the condo. “I need you both tonight. Let’s go back. My pussy has been wet ever since yesterday when Charles told me you were going to fuck my ass tonight” The bastard was making a point and wasn’t even here to get the reward.

Back at the condo. Kat and Sally went in the master bath as I freshened up in the main one. When I came out they were waiting for me on the bed. Eve reached out and took my cock as I stood by the side of the bed. Precum was forming on the head of my cock she bent over on all fours and took it in her mouth. Kat started rimming Eve’s asshole as she moaned over my cock.

Eve sucked me for a few minutes then pulled off and had me lay on the bed. Kat straddled my cock easing it in her pussy. Eve straddled my face then kissed each other as we all started to find a rhythm. Kat was getting very excited. Eve sensing this ground her pussy hard against my lips. Eve must have been squeezing Kat’s tits I felt her milk spray on my chest.

“Deeper baby. I am almost there!” Kat hissed as more milk coated my chest. Eve shifted, her clit now over my mouth. I could her the slurps of them kissing their ragged breaths grasping for air at the same time. Kat grunted as she impaled herself on me. Eve’s clit danced on my tongue. Before I knew it they were both getting off, one on each end of me.

My face was coated with Eve’s slippery cum, my balls drenched with Kat’s. I was just starting to get that feeling when it all stopped. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for it to start again. Kat moved off my pulsing cock and Eve quickly took her place. Her tightness almost had me going but Kat distracted me by lowering her rosebud to my tongue. Eve jack hammered me sending pangs through my cock. Kat continued to grind her asshole on my tongue. The brown star parted easily the tight ring now trained to accept intruders.

The muffled sounds of my lovers I couldn’t understand but I read their body language. I could take no more. A gentle push and Kat lifted her ass. I saw Eve’s tits flapping like little bat wings. I reached up and gripped them pulling her down hard against my cock as I thrusted up. That was it.

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