A Dark Desire Ch. 05


Three weeks had elapsed since Mike had shared his bed with his nieces. His work commitments had again forced him out of town. He had kept in touch with them by email and Hayley in particular. She was keen to follow her sister’s lead after sharing the experience.

Mike returned on a Friday and was on the train when he received a text from his sister. Her best friend had suddenly gone down with flu and was unable to go on a weekend trip with her husband and children to Wales. A lack of foresight had meant she had failed to take out travel insurance and rather than let the whole thing go to waste, offered Katherine the opportunity to take her holiday for a small token gesture. Katherine suggested it would be good to go with him and the girls, instead of the March break, which she had earlier suggested. Mike thought it was a nice plan on the one hand but also thought of the various naughty encounters temptation might push his way. Despite this potentially tricky complication, he accepted the offer.

He had a week to prepare for the break and get the things he would need, including some new clothes. Early February was not the best time he thought for a break in that part of the country, but as it was costing him next to nothing, it didn’t matter. Never the less, he would buy a new waterproof, as his old one had outlived its usefulness. It was while he was shopping on the Saturday that he bumped into his nieces in town. He didn’t go into the city centre that often, so it was good fortune or something, that they should be there.

‘Hey girlies! What you up to?’

‘Ah, we’re meeting Kayleigh and Stacey for coffee and shopping.’ Said Hayley.

‘Oh good.’

‘Can’t wait for the weekend.’ Said Nathalie with a wink.

‘Yes, it will be fun but, you know, we have to be careful.’

‘Yeah, we know!’

‘Well, as long as you do.’

‘Anyway, we got to go, we’re meeting them at the Arndale Centre.’

Mike gave them a hug and they went their separate ways. He couldn’t resist the look round as they walked off and watched their lovely butts wiggle up the precinct.

The week seemed to pass quickly and as Mike was working from home, he lay in most days and finished around tea time and went for a couple of long runs in the afternoons. By mid week, with his nieces on his mind, he relieved himself, one night before bed time. He was horny at the best of times, but since he had begun the affair with his nieces he seemed to be turned on nearly all the time. He was always thinking about what they had done and all the other lovely things they could get up to together. His imagination was vivid and he had an almost endless capacity for invention in terms fulfilling his desires.

He drove over to Katherine’s on the Friday morning and left his car there. Katherine had a rather larger saloon with a big boot and it made sense to go in hers and share the petrol. Hayley insisted on navigating, although Mike was pretty sure he knew the route, but indulged her anyway. Nathalie just sat quietly listening to her ipod. They stopped after an hour and a half for coffee at some services.

‘It’s cold Mike.’ Commented Katherine.

‘It’s freezing!’ Agreed Nathalie.

‘Well it’s February and we’re higher up than at home. It will be even colder in Wales.’ Mike pointed out.

‘Brilliant! Was all Hayley could add as they entered the cafeteria.

Oh, we’ll be fine!’ Said Katherine.

They arrived at their guest house on the north coast of Wales in the afternoon. Although bracing, the calls of the sea gulls and the smell of candy floss, lifted the girl’s spirits. The sleeping arrangements involved Katherine and her daughters taking a family room and Mike in a twin. ensest sikiş hikayeleri The rooms were on the first floor at opposite ends of the landing. This was not ideal for Nathalie and Hayley but they were prepared to share with their Mum for a weekend, especially as I they knew it was free.

They went for a walk later and had fish and chips in a café on the sea front.

‘Hey this is the life!’ Said Stephen.

‘I know, you can’t beat fish and chips at the seaside.’ Confirmed Katherine.

Nathalie was less chuffed.

‘They don’t have mushy peas!’

‘They’re a bit regional Nat. They’ve got beans.’

‘No thanks.’

After the meal they took a walk along the promenade and took in a couple of amusement arcades. Katherine got bored in there quickly though and arranged to meet them back at the hotel later on. Hayley won a bit on the slot machines, while Mike beat Nathalie twice in a Sega car racing game. Hayley was cheering her sister on, willing her to win, but Mike’s driving skills were too good.

‘Well done Mike. Phew can we get a drink now, there’s a bar down the road.’

‘Is there?’

‘Yes, I saw that.’ Confirmed Hayley.

The bar was quiet inside and Mike put some songs on the jukebox to liven the place up. He purchased three beers and they sat down.

‘It’s not bad here actually.’ Said Nathalie.

‘Yeah, what we doing tomorrow Mike?’

‘I don’t know babe, it’s your Mum’s trip. I think she’s on about going to a big garden, arboretum thing.

‘Oh fucking hell.’

‘Eh, it won’t be that bad Nat.’

‘I suppose.’

‘I quite like trees actually.’ Said Hayley.

The other two looked at Hayley in surprise at this disclosure.

‘There you go. It’ll be cool. Let’s just chill.’

‘I hope we get time this weekend for…you know?’ Said Hayley

‘I’ not sure babe. It would be nice but you know what I said.’

‘I know I know.’

‘I’d rather wait till we’re back home and you can come round.’

‘You OK Hayley?’ Asked her sister.

‘Yes, I’m just a bit you know…randy.’

The other two laughed.

‘Hey that’s good. I am all the time’ Said Mike.

‘We know you are Mike.’ ‘Let’s hope we get the opportunity though!’ Suggested Nathalie, suddenly getting in the mood.

‘Hey I have an idea Mike.’

Nathalie’s idea was interrupted by her a call to her mobile.

“Hello Mum.”

“Oh. Who?”

“I’ll ask them.”

“Do we want to go and see Ken Dodd? He’s at the theatre tonight.”


Mike shook his head.

“No, we’ll sit that one out if it’s OK.”

“Eh? No, no you go for it.”

Nathalie put her phone on the table and punched the air.


‘What?’ Asked Hayley.

‘Mum’s going to see this Ken Dodd person tonight.’

‘He’s a comedian Nathalie, you must have heard of Ken Dodd.’

Both the girls looked blank.

‘This is good news indeed my lovelies.

‘I know.’ Said Nathalie.

‘Ken Dodd’s shows are notoriously long. I bet it starts at 7 or 8 and it won’t finish till 11 at least.’


Hayley licked her lips naughtily and Nathalie sneaked a kiss on Mike’s lips while he was distracted.

‘This weekend is going to be alright Nat.’ Said Hayley.

‘Yup. Especially for you.’


It was the evening and Nathalie and Hayley wished their Mum a pleasant night out and watched her disappear down the well lit street before they joined Mike in his room. Mike lay on his bed in his dressing gown when they knocked on the door. He jumped up and let them in.

‘She’s gone then?’


‘Awww bless her, she loves Ken Dodd.’

Mike gave both girls a smoochy kiss as Nathalie undid the belt on his robe.

‘Shower?’ Said Mike.

The girls began to undress. It was a nice big room and it had a big walk in shower. It was spacious enough for two but three was cosy. That wasn’t a problem. The twins sandwiched Mike as he attempted to get the nozzle to emit the right force but gave up and just snogged the girls as they were sprayed with the hot water. Mike’s cock was positively priapic as there was a mutual soaping of bodies and he was amazingly turned. He was fondling their breasts as much as they were fondling each other. The sisters knew he loved it when they ‘lezzed up’ and were only too happy to share a girly kiss as her fingered their butts.

After the shower they dried off and returned to the bedroom. Mike returned to his position on the bed and Hayley straddled his face. Mike shuffled down a little so he could get his tongue in her ass. He kissed the soft flesh inside her butt cheeks and worked his way inside until he could lick her ass hole. Hayley giggled and squirmed as she savoured the new experience. While this was going on, Nathalie was sucking his cock, slowly and sensitively. She sucked him how only someone who loved him could. Mike, now began to make a meal of Hayley’s pussy, building up her arousal. Making her good and ready for sex. Nathalie, expert as she was in fellating her uncle, could feel his cock get close to coming and eased off in plenty of time. He lifted Hayley off, and with his mouth glistening with her juice, they shared a passionate kiss.

‘Hey baby, would you like me to make love now?’

‘Hmmm….oh yes please. Be gentle Mike.’

Mike briefly turned his attention to Nathalie, wary of leaving her out and fondled and sucked her breasts and then lay on the bed next to Hayley. Nathalie lay on the other side and the girls kissed for a while as Mike stroked Hayley’s body. Hayley was very relaxed as Mike got on top of her and kissed her face and nibbled her neck. He whispered in her ear as he entered her slowly and gently. He pushed his dick against her introitus and moved in a circular motion. Hayley began to breath softly but deeply as she felt her hymen give way and a moment later her pussy yielded to his manhood. Mike had learnt from Nathalie’s experience and therefore had been even more tender with her sister, taking her virginity with less of a fuss. There was no blood this time, just a little red juice, which seeped on to her legs and that was all.

Mike eased himself further into her and Hayley wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him closer. She felt the amazing, new and unique sensation of a penis inside her and because it was Mike, she felt safe and loved. It was bliss. Mike groaned as he began to fuck her slowly, until he had all seven inches in. Only then did he realise just how tight she was. The sensations in his cock as he slid in and out were just beyond anything he had felt before and his moans and her little whimpers combined into a song of love. He fucked her a little faster until he could take no more.

He pulled out just in time to shoot a thick spurt of cum over her face. His spunk pumped out in three more fine shots, leaving streaks of white over her neck and breasts. Nathalie got up and sucked any remaining drops from his penis. She then licked all the cum off her sister’s face and licked her lips as it went down.

Mike lay between them and they engaged in a session of three way kissing, paying particular attention to Hayley.

‘Are you OK baby?’

She held Mike’s hand and kissed him.

‘Hmmmm, it was beautiful.’

They lay together on the bed for an hour just fondling and kissing. The sister’s had now both been deflowered. They both felt that little bit more mature now. Hayley, had been like a cat on hot tiles, waiting for her turn, but was happy and contented now. Mike was happy to give them his love while he could, knowing that they would be going to Uni that autumn. This would bring a natural conclusion to events. He also felt a sense of relief, knowing that their first time had been beautiful and tender. For years as they had grown up it had pained him, worrying about them being ill treated in their quest to lose their virginity. Now he knew they could go out into the world, wiser young women.

An hour or so later they dressed and gave Mike a bed time kiss before returning to their own room in plenty of time.

The next day was bright and cloudless. They were seated together at breakfast.

‘You two seem in high spirits this morning.’ Commented Katherine.

‘Yeah – we’re on holiday!’ Confirmed Hayley.

‘How was he show then Kath?’

‘Oh, I thought my sides were going to split! He’s so so funny.’


‘Yeah, I saw him ten years ago and he’s just the same. Very good value.’

‘Great. ‘Where are we going today then Sis?’

‘There’s a sculptured gardens I’ve always wanted to see along the coast, they have the largest Sequoias outside of the USA.’

‘Ooh Sequoias or Wellingtonia as they’re known in England.’ Chimed in Hayley.

Katherine looked at her daughter, shocked by this gem of knowledge.

‘Yes, how did you know that?’

‘I like trees, I read about them. Stop laughing Nat! Hee hee.’

‘Aah full English – here it comes.’ Said Mike as the waitress brought his huge cooked breakfast.

‘Erm…Mike, we’re in Wales, pointed out Nathalie.’

‘OK, full Welsh then. A nice fry up anyway.

After breakfast they took the car and Katherine filled up with petrol and they set off further west. There were blue skies and the odd wispy white cloud and it was almost warm in the sunshine. Mike pointed out a Raven on the way and they had an enjoyable game of attempting to pronounce the bizarre Welsh place names. Aside from the sex, Mike cherished these moments with his family. He would always feel some guilt, because he knew this was something, which inevitably left his sister in the dark. Ultimately his conscience was assuaged by his knowing he had pursued the greater good.

It was lunch time later that day and the four were traipsing around the rhodendron-lined paths of Bodnant Gardens. There were little waterfalls and statues, little dark paths, a maze and lots and lots of trees. There were trees from North America, Europe and Asia. They walked together for a while but Hayley and her Mum wanted to take photographs of some particular specimen or other.

‘Me and Nat, will take this path then. See you in an hour.’

Mike wandered off in the opposite direction and followed signs for “the secret garden.” This took them through a shady path, where the Elm trees had gown over and met overhead forming a tunnel. A sign at the end named it “Lover’s Lane.”

‘This is very appropriate Mike.’

‘I know babe.’

They stopped to kiss. Mike squeezed her bottom through her leggings as their tongues intertwined.

‘Nathalie, I’ve never asked you this. I know this started as our special secret.’

‘Shhh..Mike, I know what you’re going to say.’

‘You do?’

‘I love Hayley as much as anyone could love their twin sister. I would have been uneasy leaving her out anyway. I think it’s better this way.’

‘OK, thank you baby. I love Hayley too, with all my heart, but you know I’ll always have a special place for you in my heart.’

‘Nathalie didn’t speak, but kissed him again and they walked hand in hand to explore the secret garden.

The end.

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