A Helping Brother Ch. 02


Important note: this is the final chapter of a story that was posted 10 years ago on my old account. If you want to read the first chapter (not necessary but completely worth it!) then look for the story from Mr.Illusion (with a period).

After waking up in the middle of the night to clean myself up (you know: cold, sticky and congealed cum all over your belly isn’t the best thing in the world), I went back to sleep and woke up very late. Before realizing that Cally probably needed my help early morning with Stephen, I tried to remember what happened yesterday… And I still couldn’t believe it. Regardless of the why and of the excuse it provided, I still had sucked on my sweet sister’s breasts. Damn!

After all those years of looking at Cally taking her shower through the old key-hole, staring at her from my bedroom window as she sunbathed and swam in the pool, even spying on her on a few of her dates, while her boyfriends fondled her in front of a movie… Damn again! I had had my fair share of girlfriends and had not been a virgin at the time, but I would have given a lot to be able to touch those breasts, her ass, slip my hands down her pants and cup my fingers around her pussy…

Well, the biggest of my fantasies came true yesterday. And this hadn’t been any accidental contact, like the few I organized to have while we were growing up. No, this had been distinctly sexual. Up until yesterday, I had never had any sexual contacts with my sister. Well, almost never.

The only time one of these many dreams came somewhat true was at a Halloween party. It was at one of her friends’ house, two years ago. I was between girlfriends at that time and Cally still hadn’t met The Jerk. Her friend, Jenny, had invited me along with Cally. After Jenny left, when my sister asked me if I was going to come, I told her no. So she was not expecting to see me there.

I picked my costume carefully: the phantom of the opera. I chose a big mask, shaved myself clean for the first time in months and even colored the skin around my eyes black so that I’d be even harder to recognize. The long cape would allow, I hoped, for a bit of that thrilling exhibitionist privacy. I looked at my self in the mirror, satisfied that no one would recognize me, and even undertook to change my posture and gait.

It worked. Worked perfectly in fact. I arrived quite late at the party to make sure everybody would be drunk, including my sister. I wasn’t supposed to know what her costume was, but two days before the party I had searched through her drawers until I found it: she was going to be catwoman. And a sexy one too. So here I was, around midnight at Jenny’s house, looking for catwoman. I found her on the dance floor with a bottle of beer in her hand. It was really dark, the dozen or so candles were the only light sources. Perfect. Just perfect.

I slowly made my way through the crowd and began dancing in front of her. She grinned at me, oblivious to the fact that she had started dancing with her brother. We began touching each other only minutes afterwards, and soon, the slower music perfectly timely, dancing in each other’s arms. I had no idea that my sister was so easy when drunk, by I didn’t care. Soon her beer disappeared and her arms were under my cape, caressing my back and ass. Feeling confident I lowered both my hands down to her ass and squeezed it.

And for the first time I had something of a sexual contact with my sister. She was barely 19 and I was 22 at the time, so we were not exactly innocent, but I didn’t care. And if she ever found out that I was, …well *I*, I could reply that I hadn’t known that she had been *she*. But at that moment those dangerous thoughts were pushed away to let the feelings wash all over me. Her firm and generous ass was dancing in my hands, and I could feel Cally either pushing it outwards against those hands or driving her lower belly against my cock.

Which was, obviously, hardening quite fast. Her head was on my chest and shoulder, and when she felt my hard cock she purred against my neck. Encouraged I slipped my right hand lower and between her cheeks until I firmly cupped her crack. Then her pussy. I could feel her soft flesh under my fingers, and guessed that she hadn’t worn any panties. But it was her breasts I really wanted to feel. So while keeping my right hand around her firm ass I slipped the left one up her thigh and side and directly onto her breast.

I moaned loudly and thanked the loud music. Then I heard Cally whispering: “Oh yes…” and I grinned widely. Ignoring all decency and incestuous warnings, I moved my hand back down and under her shirt, finally feeling the flimsy bra she had underneath. I was a very fine little thing: a metal outline under the breast and then nothing but insubstantial stuff that was probably transparent. I had seen such bras in the past and I had loved each and every one of them. And right now this one allowed me to feel Cally’s breast as much as I wanted. And it was great! My head was spinning too much for me to remember every detail of this first encounter, but I remember that I spent the next few weeks masturbating to those images and feelings…

The karabük seks hikayeleri sound of Stephen crying in the kitchen broke me out of my memories. Not only had I touched them again: I had sucked on them like a milk-deprived junkie! I dressed in a simple tee-shirt and boxers and walked in the kitchen to see if she needed help. Oh my God. Big mistake. Cally was bent over the kitchen sink, giving Stephen his first bath of the day. She had on her usual tank-top, which would most likely fail to hide the fact that she had gone bra-less again. All right: that was expected. What was not expected was that below that top, she was wearing nothing more than a white thong.

Now I’m a breast man, and Cally has everything a breast-man could want. But still: all those years playing volley and basketball had done wonders for her legs and ass. Barefoot with tight calves, lean thighs and a round pair of firm cheeks crowing it all. I must have groaned, or moaned, because Cally turned around quickly. She began laughing nervously. “Oh, hadn’t heard you… Sorry about… er…” She looked down at her legs and kept her ass against the counter. “I didn’t think you’d wake up while I bathed him… Here, can you take care of him while I go and put something on?”

I think I replied something like “sure”. All I know is that she ran out of the kitchen and disappeared. Why was she so tense about this? Sure a thong is a bit inappropriate, but that much? For God’s sake: I had sucked on her breasts less than 24 hours ago! Or maybe that was why she was all shy and nervous? Maybe she regretted it? She seemed quite relaxed and cool yesterday, but maybe she had some time to think about it and now… Hmm, not clear. Well, at least one thing was clear, I grinned to myself as I washed Stephen: she wasn’t wearing a bra.

And she wasn’t wearing one when she came back either. Soft flannel pants, but definitely no bra. Although my quick erection hadn’t completely gone away when she came back, the sudden ambiguity about yesterday managed to quiet it sufficiently. But had she seen it? Was her very brief flick of her eyes towards my crotch been enough? Mystery.

After putting Stephen in his park, we sat together and ate breakfast.

“I’m sorry again, Johan. I shouldn’t have—”

“Don’t worry about it Cally,” I said, cutting her off, “don’t even think about it anymore. In fact,” I continued, testing the waters, “I should be the one apologizing… I mean: gawking at my sister like that!”

She seemed surprise by the turn of events, but took it in stride: “Indeed! How long has it been since you broke up with Caitlin now? Five months?”

“More like seven.” I said glumly.

“And no other girlfriend since?”

“Nah, nothing serious. Heck: nothing funny either!” She laughed nervously.

“Well, I can understand why you would… er… when you saw me this morning with…”

We both laughed, neither of us quite sure how to keep this discussion going. An offer of milk was a gentle way of stopping it before it became too awkward. Then again a quick “oh ooooh” moment when we both remembered what we had done yesterday morning…

I spent much of the morning cleaning out the basement, which had been “The Jerk” space before he moved out. Cally had always wanted a little studio space to paint, and all I had to do was clean out some of the trash and piles of useless junk. Cally came down a few times to see how things were going and to make sure I wasn’t getting fed up with this boring work. All of the earlier awkwardness had vanished, and although the work *was* boring, it felt great to be able to help her out like this.

Last thing I had to move was a large pile of boxes. They were filled with old paperwork, of course. Nothing lighter than a sheet of paper; nothing heavier than a box full of them. But Cally had been adamant: it was her old stuff from school, and she was still sentimental about it. Just how sentimental, you ask? 32 boxes’ worth. From first grade to her last college exam. To her credit, Cally had looked slightly embarrassed when she asked me to move them from the basement to the cellar. But why should I complain: I was here to help her after all.

The day was very warm and I was sweaty all over when I finished pushing the last box up against the far attic wall. When I got back down, Cally was mercifully waiting for me with a cold glass of beer. And, of course, her two wonderful breasts veiled by nothing more than a thin tank top. Sitting in the living room, with Stephen asleep in her room, we talked about our college days while I cooled down. Turns out I was not the only one cooling down: Cally was in a session of power yoga: the dvd was still paused on the tv. Her face was just a touch redder than usual and I could see some of her fine hair matted down on her nape.

What I could very clearly see, though, was her nipples growing. And growing. And growing. At first she didn’t really notice them. But when she reached for her glass of water, she saw her two very prominent peaks. She flushed again, and even though she didn’t make to stand up and leave, she was clearly embarrassed. Sighing, I said.

“Cally… Please don’t worry about it… For God’s sake: I sucked on your breasts yesterday night!”

There was a short silence, but thankfully she broke it by laughing out loud.

“Oh I’m sorry Johann. I know I shouldn’t… It’s just so weird, and my nipple are just so fucking big!”

We laughed together.

“Yes they are Cal, and they’re gorgeous!” She smiled coyly. “Oh come on Cally: you must have known that it was a fantasy come true for me yesterday?”

Another small silence, a bit more tense.

After looking at me very seriously for too long, she finally grinned and said: “I know Johann, I’m just teasing you. But I was not even that comfortable with… you know…”

“The Jerk?” I supplied for her.

“Yes. That’s a good name for him.”

“What do you mean, not comfortable?”

“Well, even before Stephen was born we…” She took a deep breath, steadying her voice, “let’s say that The Jerk was never really interested in anything more than… Oh, how can I say this?”

“What? In bed?”

“Ya… Nothing more than a quick tit-fuck, quick caresses to get me wet, then about 2 minutes of fucking. That’s it.”

Cally was clearly uncomfortable talking about this, but it felt like she needed to get it off her chest. Damn! Stop thinking about he chest! But I could barely believe it. That Jerk had a sweet woman with a body that could make pornstars jealous, and he didn’t even want to do more than… Unbelievable.

“Are you sure he wasn’t gay, Cal?”

“Bah. I’ve thought about it. But he’s with some young chick now. I’m not even sure she’s 18 yet. No tits, no ass.”

“Dumb fuck…” I whispered. Cally laughed again, for which I was thankful.

She looked at me with a gentle smile: “So it really was one of your fantasies?”

“Oh my God, yes!” I exclaimed, and went on before fully realizing what I was saying, “You have no idea. Since you began developing breasts, and then even more once they started growing with Stephen.” I paused, not sure if I should continue. But it seemed to make her feel better. “I even followed your progression in bra sizes… Are you very mad at me, sister?”

She was definitely surprised about this, but she finally laughed with me. “Really? Oh Gods, you’re crazy Johann!” And she laughed again.

“I even kept the little graphic I made, month after month while you were a teenager!” We laughed harder.

After we calmed down she said, more seriously: “Oh, Johann, I really have to get that Jerk out of my mind. I never thought of myself as a beauty queen before, but neither did I ever feel like a… like a used cow either.” There was a silence, and I thought that she might start crying. But she took a deep breath and smiled. “But if my big brother finds me beautiful, that must mean something!

“Beautiful? Of course you are!” I shifted my weight on the couch, trying to move into a more comfortable position: my erection was becoming painful.

And she saw it. Her eyes darted to my crotch again and she failed trying to hide her smile. “That much?” She asked, laughing.

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. “Oh give me a break Cally… You know I’m a breast man, you know I love your breasts and you keep walking around with nothing more than a tank top!” I grinned and she smiled with me.

“So you’re really hard right now?”

“Er… yes.”

“Does it, hmm, still, hmm, tend to go left?”

It took me a while to understand: did she really ask if I had a small bend in my hard-on? And judging by her grin, I do believe she asked that! And my cock *did* have a tendency to go down the left side of my pants when it grew. Before I could try and answer to that question, she said:

“Because from what I remember…”

“What? What are you talking about?” all kinds of ideas went through my mind at an incredible speed. Was she spying on me too? Did she ever see me masturbating? Did she ask one of my girlfriends?

“Do you,” she asked, with that soft smile of hers again, “still fantasize about catwoman, these days?”

While I tried to understand, Cally got up and picked up both our empty glasses. But she clearly took her time picking mine, bent forward towards me, offering me more cleavage than I thought possible. And then I clicked. The Halloween party. When I looked up, my eyes wide open in surprised, she grinned and patted my head a few times.

“Go take a shower Johann: you’re starting to smell. Sweat and dust. Just like the Phantom of the Opera must smell like.”

She left me alone in the living room, flabbergasted, still in shock. She knew!!! She damned well knew! And she was letting her brother grab her ass, feel her breasts… But from the kitchen, she said: “Before you get too excited, I didn’t know at the time.” She walked back in the living room, and laughed at the expression she saw on my face. “Jenny discovered who you were late that night. But she didn’t see you, er, dancing with me. Your secret is safe…” She grinned, and then left again.

While I was trying to re-organize my thoughts, she cried: “The shower Johann!” I grinned. I had to. I was starting to see another side of the young woman I grew up with. And I’m not only talking about the nude skin side. When we both allowed ourselves something completely crazy yesterday, something changed. I sucked on her breasts. Sure I had an excuse, but still! These kinds of situations only work in fantasy, not real life…

Making sure that Cally wasn’t anywhere between here and the bathroom, I got up, my erection pointing the way brazenly. I stripped and hopped in the shower, realizing that my sister’s Jerk had had glass shower doors and walls installed. The large bath, where she took her showers, had glass walls on three sides! That meant that the ingrate would have been able to look at Cally take her shower every morning. In essence, he could do up close, every day, what a little key hole had allowed me to do from afar. My erection pumped back to life as I imagined my sister taking a shower, her huge breasts covered with water.

Just as I was starting to masturbate, the shower being one of my favorite places, I heard Cally knocking on the door. Before I could reply, she said: “Turn around Johann, I need to get the laundry.” Once more not letting me any time to reply, she pushed the door open and barged in the bathroom. I turned around, hiding my erection, but I could feel her eyes on my skin. Damned glass panels! Cally didn’t say anything, but I’m sure she was grinning.

A few seconds later she left and I relaxed. My hard-on, despite this interruption, hadn’t gone anywhere and demanded attention. So as I lazily washed my self with my left hand, my right hand was giving me sweet pleasure. After rinsing my face of the soap, I looked out and saw that the bathroom door was slightly ajar, and that Cally was right there, looking at me. Well, I couldn’t really see her, but as I couldn’t see the door on the hallway wall, I was guessing that something, or someone, was in the way. I controlled the grin that wanted to pop out, the irony of the situation nearly overwhelming me. But I wanted to milk this opportunity for all it was worth.

So playing the innocent I kept on masturbating, but putting a lot more effort into it now. Sometimes using both my hands, spitting on my glans to lube it while away from the water, playing with my balls. I couldn’t hear much above the sound of the shower, but I made sure that Cally could hear my moans. Before letting my climax explode, I even said her name, not knowing if she would hear it or not. But then it took all my self control not to gasp in shock: right after I said her name I heard her moaning, then take a sharp breath. Then silence. She had heard. My cock was starting to pulse, I knew I was very close. Then I heard another moan, and I knew that Cally was still there, watching.

It was a lot more than I needed: sperm finally boiled and sped up the length of my cock. It erupted all over the glass panel before weakly dripping down around my fist. But wanting to provoke something, I’m not sure why, I quickly cleaned myself and the glass then stepped out of the shower. I saw Cally’s shadow moving away from the door and disappear. Hmm. Not what I had in mind. Then again, what did I have in mind? She probably had no idea that I knew she was there. Of course she ran off when I got out. Stupid!

I sighed deeply, not realizing just how lucky I actually was. First: had I known what Cally heard, then saw and finally did in my room last night, things would have been different this morning. And now there’s another thing I learned much later: Cally had been masturbating behind the door, and had been really close to an orgasm when I got out of the shower! My quick exit had prevented her from reaching it. Yet since I had no idea of what really had happened, the following events didn’t make much sense.

I choose a clean par of jeans and tee-shirt and came back to the living room where Cally was still doing her yoga routine, probably finishing the session I had interrupted. Now I had just orgasmed in the shower, shooting cum all over the place. But seeing my sister doing power yoga in a tank top and very tight sweat-pants cut-offs… Wow. We talked for about 5 or 10 minutes before her routine stopped. I swear that 5 more minutes would have killed me off: don’t know who choreographed that routine, but it couldn’t have been more erotic had I designed it myself.

I spent those 5 or 10 minutes gawking at her, as her head and eyes were nearly constantly turned away from me. Either she had to turn or angle her head in strange positions, or she had too look at the tv screen to know what to do. Since my sweet little sister was between me and the tv, she couldn’t really look at me. I spent those minutes in heaven. I could look at stare shamelessly, because she couldn’t really see me. It was as if I was spying, but doing it right in front of her. Breasts pushed out during an arch of her back; hanging loose when she bent forward; her legs spread wide as she bent forward again, pushing her ass out a few feet away from me; now rotating that ass to stretch her lower back; dropping on all fours to push her back up and down like a cat stretching, in effect pushing her ass out and in as well; now laying on her belly, only to raise her upper body using her arms, pushing her breasts out like divine offering…

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