A Man in the House Ch. 02


The last few months since my nephew moved in with me have been very… “interesting”. Our relationship has made a few twists since I started peeking in on his ‘tutoring sessions’ (which is our code name for whenever he brings a girl over to the house for sex).

For one, he’s been a lot more open about bringing these young ladies over. Nate has introduced me to most of them and I accidentally “met” the other. We had breakfast with Natasha, Angela, Lisa and Tamika. And we watched movies and had pizza with Cassandra. I “met” Lupe when I walked in on her in the shower one morning.

Nate made sure that I was able to see and hear them having sex each time. I’ve learned enough about each of them to feel as if it were me they were sleeping with. Lisa is multi-orgasmic and likes to talk dirty. Lupe cums in Spanish. Cassandra cries when she cums and Angela likes being tied up and spanked.

I almost lost track of them all.

I kept calling Cassandra by the wrong name (Natasha – they’re both white), but she just laughed it off. Each of them actually was very nice and none seemed to mind or care that Nate was seeing other women.

I’m still not 100% sure if any of them knew that I was listening in the next room or watching from the hallway. But Angela made jokes about “entertaining me” and Cassandra looked embarrassed the next morning.

But even stranger, I had no regrets about any of it. I felt no shame or embarrassment about any of it. I’ve been enjoying every single minute!

I’ve made some efforts of my own to change things as well. First off, I asked (actually ordered) him to stop calling me “Aunt Michelle” and instead call me “Mickie” like everyone else.

Every night before we go to bed I have him give me a “goodnight kiss” and a long, full-body “goodnight hug”. Ever since then I’ve been going to sleep with his scent and the lingering sensation of his semi-hard cock pressed against my thigh.

And lately I’ve been “flashing” him by not closing the bedroom or bathroom doors. Nate must have seen me in various stages of undress at least 10 times in the last few weeks. He seems not to mind at all and has himself been wearing as little as possible around the house.

I told my girlfriend Vera about our “tempting and teasing” games and she got really excited.

“You lucky cow!” she laughed at me over drinks. “You know it’s just a matter of time before you’ll be ridin’ that boys’ dick and screamin’ his name.”

I seriously hoped she was right!

During one of our Thursday nighr Picochle games, Nate gave us a “special surprise”. He decided to bring Lisa over to the house again for another “tutoring session”. I was shocked, a little upset and excited all at once. I was so caught off guard that I couldn’t say anything.

Only four of us were there that night. Me, Vera, Marisol and Janice. Louise was sick and Melanie was away on a cruise with her boyfriend.

We were all sitting around my kitchen table, drinking, laughing and gossiping (we actually play cards only 10% of the time). Nate showed up with Lisa a few minutes after 8:00. Immediately I knew what he was planning.

Vera knew as well because she started nudging me.

“Oooh girl!” she whispered excitedly, “Showtime!”

I admit that I was a little turned on too by the prospects of what might happen, but I was very worried about what the other two ladies might think.

“Nice seeing you ladies again.” Nate finally said, “but if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a lot of studying and cramming to get to.”

He winked at me, and then led the petite, dark-complexioned girl with short, curly hair down the hall and up to his room.

I was so nervous then that I spilled my drink. Vera had a good laugh.

Everything was quiet for a while and I started to think that maybe they were actually studying. I went back to the gossip and fixed more drinks for everyone.

“Waitaminute, hush!” Vera said suddenly, causing us all to freeze. “Did y’all hear that?”

I wanted to kill her!

We all waited a few seconds and then we heard it too: faint moans and swearing coming from the hallway. And occasionally the sound of creaking floorboards.

“What’s that?” Janice asked.

Her pale skin was bright red, which told me she knew exactly what “that” was.

“That’s Mickie’s nephew getting’ down with that pretty young thing!” Vera informed us. “Them two wasn’t foolin’ nobody! Didn’t see a single book in their hands when they came in…studyin’ my ass!”

We listened again.

“If only I could do it like that again.” Marisol sighed, closing her eyes and reminiscing.

“Shit!” Vera snorted, moving to the kitchen doorway. “I can still throw down like that. Probably even teach those two a few things.”

Janice, Marisol and eventually I went to stand with Vera at the doorway and listen. Lisa’s moans, gasps kastamonu seks hikayeleri and muffled swearing echoed down the hallway. Nate had definitely left the door open.

“Does he do this a lot?” Marisol asked.

“As much as he can!” Vera answered before I could.

Jancice and Marisol looked at us, then at each other and shrugged.

We listened some more.

“Oh, if only we could see them!” Janice suddenly blurted out.

We all looked at our shy, widowed and sometimes prudish friend and smiled. I had been most concerned that Janice, more than anyone, would be the first to run blushing from my house and never return. I was very pleased to be proven wrong.

“Well I don’t know about y’all,” Vera said as she slipped out of her shoes, “but I’m gonna go and get me a little peek!”

She tip-toed down the hall and up the stairs, leaving the three of us standing there in shock. If I were here alone I would have been up there long ago! But I felt it was necessary to try and keep up appearances for my friends. Vera was showing me just how unnecessary (and frustrating) that could be.

A few minutes later the three of us were slipping off our shoes and quietly making our way up the stairs. When we arrived at Nate’s bedroom door, it was indeed wide open. There was a dim light coming from the room and Lisa’s moans and swears were now loud and very clear.

But Vera was nowhere in sight.

At first I assumed she had gone into my room to listen from the closet. But as we crept closer we found Vera: standing INSIDE Nate’s bedroom. (Not even I had been that bold!)

She was leaning against the wall quietly watching the action. She saw us, smiled, and motioned for us to join her. Reluctantly, we each crossed the threshold.

Lisa was propped up against the pillows, moaning, swearing and thrashing about. She wore only a red lace bra. Nate, also naked, lay on his stomache with his face buried between her thighs.

He glanced up to see us all standing there, then he and Lisa smiled.

“Welcome ladies, glad you could join us.” He said winking. “Make yourselves comfortable.”

Lisa and Nate shared a quick laugh before he went back to pleasuring her. They were enjoying us being there to watch them have sex as much as the sex itself.

I looked at the faces of the other three women. Marisol and Vera stood on the opposite side of the bed, smiling, pointing, whispering and giggling like two teenagers. Janice sat on a chair at the foot of the bed with a perfect view of Nate’s ass and occasional peeks between his legs. She had a slight smile on her face and her eyes seemed glazed. Her hands rested on her knees and her right leg bounced nervously. I had the impression that she might pounce at any moment.

Lisa suddenly got louder and for the first time I wondered if the neighbors might be able to hear her.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck yeah!” she screamed. Her knees shot up and her heals dug into the mattress. She sat upright with her eyes shut tight and her teeth clenched. Lisa’s entire body shook and spasmed for several seconds before she finally collapsed back into the pillows. The four of us tried to catch our breathe along with her. Nate softly kissed and stroked her thighs.

“Damn girl!” Vera panted. “I felt that too.”

“Aye, Dios mio!” Marisol said fanning herself.

Jancice leaned back on the chair. Her skin shined with sweat and her eyes remained transfixed on Nate’s ass.

There was a long pause before Lisa suddenly popped up and grinned at everyone.

“Well, I could certainly us a drink right about now.” She smirked as she flung her legs over the side of the bed and walked towards the door.

“Me too, girl.” Vera called after her.

Nate rolled over onto his back and propped himself up on his elbows. His fully-erect, 10” manhood pointed straight at Janice. He smiled and caused it to “jump” twice, like it was waving at her.

“So, what you ladies wanna do now?” he asked.

No one answered for a long time. Four sets of eyes were fixed on his crotch.

Without saying a word, Janice rose from her seat, sat on the bed next to him, leaned over his lap and swallowed as much of his cock as she could.

Our jaws literally dropped to the floor!

“Nate baby? Are you two-timin’ on me?” Lisa smiled returning with the drinks. She nonchalantly strolled in and gave one to Vera and sat down to watch Nate and Janice.

Nate stretched and folded his hands behind his head. He closed his eyes and sighed, with a big goofy grin on his face. I almost laughed at him.

We watched in silence for a while as Janice slurped and sucked my nephew’s cock. I would never have imagined that this woman even knew what a blowjob was, let alone how to give a GOOD one! She seemed perfectly content and in control, her pale complexion contrasting nicely against Nate’s very dark complexion.

A few minutes later Vera downed the rest of her drink in one gulp. She smiled at us, pulled her shirt over her head, revealing and over-stuffed, white lace bra, and then went in for the “kill”. I was surprised that it had taken her this long.

“Can anyone get in on this?” she asked Nate, stroking his hair and chest.

“Sure,” he smiled, “the more the merrier!”

Vera removed her bra and released the “wonder-twins” (her name for them!). She rubbed her 48DD breasts and held them over Nate’s face. His eyes bulged trying to decide which one to have first.

“Go get him, girl!” I laughed as Lisa and Marisol clapped and laughed with me.

Vera struggled to free herself from her jeans and still smother Nate with her breasts. She almost fell from the bed twice, so Lisa and Marisol decided to give her a hand.

“Mmmm hmmm. Go on an’ suck on ‘em, baby!” Vera continued as they pulled at her jeans and panties. “You like suckin’ on them big titties, don’tcha?”

Vera was another “talker” – and she kept going nonstop!

Once Vera was left wearing nothing more than her socks, Lisa turned her attention to Janice, who was still concentrating on devouring Nate’s dick. She was completely oblivious and never reacted to strange hands removing her blouse and skirt.

“Just wanna make sure everybody’s comfortable.” Lisa smiled after tossing the last of Janice’s underwear into a pile on the floor. She unhooked her own bra and tossed it onto the pile as well.

“Well?” she said, looking from Marisol to me, “What are your two waiting for? Special invitations?”

Marisol and I looked at each other like deer staring into oncoming headlights. Was Lisa asking us to strip and join in? I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take things this far yet, especially with an audience.

“Aye, coño!” Marisol finally said. “What the hell.”

She proved that she was much braver than me and began stripping and tossing her clothes onto the pile. Lisa turned to me with her hands on her slender hips and glared as if to say, “see how easy it is?”

I coundn’t believe how stupid I was being. Isn’t this what I’d wanted all along? So what if there were other people here, just as long as I got myself a taste of Nate’s good cock why should I care.

I smiled at Lisa and started tossing my clothes onto the pile. It was going to be hell sorting out our things later, but that didn’t matter now. I felt so relieved to be out of all my clothes and in the same room with Nate. But once I looked over at the bed I wondered how I was going to get to him through all the bodies!

Janice was now riding my nephew’s cock and Vera sat astride his face. Marisol sat next to them kissing his chest and playing with her own nipples and pussy. Lisa seemed to just move around attending to all of them, helping everyone into more comfortable positions and cheering them on. And somewhere under all of these women was my nephew. I just hoped there’d be enough of him left for me.

Janice finally reached a high-pitched, screaming orgasm. Lisa helped her over to the chair. Vera took her turn on Nate’s cock and Marisol took her turn on his face. I was starting to believe I’d need reservations.

Marisol came rather quickly and took a rest on the pillows. Nate turned all his attention to Vera who was bucking wildly and trash-talking on his lap.

“It’s good ain’t it baby?” she moaned. “Can’t get enough of this pussy, can you, baby?”

Nate took it all in stride and began thrusting up into her even harder, almost lifting the short, dark “butter-ball” of a woman off of the bed. Each thrust lessened the amount of trash-talk and she was reaching her climax in no time.

“Oh shit!” Vera squealed, with sweat running down her back and forehead. More squeals and spasms followed until she begged him to stop. She rolled over onto the bed next to him sweating and panting.

Nate sprang to his feet, with a broad grin and his cock still standing at attention.

“Now that I’ve warmed up,” he announced, clapping his hands and rubbing them together. “Who’s next?”

“What about auntie-dearest?” Lisa asked, nodding towards me.

“Well, Mickie?” he grinned. “Whaddoya say?”

I swallowed hard as they led me to the bed and positioned me on all fours. My heart was pounding and I felt as if I might cum before he even got started.

He place his hands on my ass, gave me a squeeze and spread me wide. My knees felt weak and I took a deep breathe. I cried out louder than I’d anticipated when he entered. It had been too long since I’d had a (real) cock inside of me. Way too long!

He felt like silk as he slowly thrust himself in, going deeper and deeper each time. Nate took his time, gripping and kneading my ass with each stroke. I felt fingernails lightly scratching circles on my back, making me tingle all over. Lisa leaned forward and began whispering in my ear.

“Is it everything you’d hoped for?” she purred. “Is this how you’d imagined it would feel when your nephew fucked you?”

“Yes. Oh yes.” I moaned.

She was right on all counts. This was everything I’d fantasized about and more. I hadn’t felt this good in a very long time.

Nate started to increase his pace. His thighs slapped rhythmically against mine. The bed made the steady pound against the wall that I had always heard from the other side. My wet pussy made sloshing, slurping sounds as his cock slid in and out of me.

Lisa continued whispering in my ear. By this time I had no idea what she was saying, but I moaned and nodded in relpy. I felt her hand on my breast, squeezing and pinching my nipple. I’d sometimes wondered what it may be like, but I’d never been touched by another woman like that before. It didn’t really matter though because it all just felt so good.

“Oh Nate! Oh Nate, baby! I’m cumming baby!” I suddenly cried out.

Nate began pounding even harder. Lisa’s tongue darted in and out of my ear and she reached back between my thighs and toyed with my clit. A few seconds later my toes curled under and every muscle in my body went tense, then relaxed and tensed again. I closed my eyes tightly but the room got very bright, like fireworks were going off. I felt a cold tingle go up my spine before I screamed his name one last time. Then I fell flat onto my stomache. I don’t remember much about what happened after that.

When I “came to”, Nate and Lisa had each of my friends on the floor, on their hands and knees lined up side by side. First Vera, then Janice and then Marisol. Nate took each of them “doggie-style”, while Lisa helped to get them off by sucking and fingering their nipples and clits, like they had with me. It looked as if they had this routine down to a science.

They had just finished servicing Vera and moved next to Janice. Marisol anxiously swayed her hips and watched, anticipating her turn. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes before Janice was screaming and quivering again. He casually pulled away from her and moved on to Marisol.

I happened to glance over at the alarm clock and gasped. It was almost 11:30. We’d been going at it since 9:00.

“What kind of nuclear-strength Viagra is this boy on?” I wondered to myself.

I shook my head in disbelief as I helped Vera and Janice, who were stumbling on wobbly legs towards the door. I guided them both to my room and got them settled in my king sized bed. They were definitely “done” for the evening!

When I went back into Nate’s room he and Lisa were doing their best to get Marisol to cum. They were now on his bed, with Marisol on her back and her legs spread high in the air. Nate was on his knees beneath her, holding her ankles and slamming into her. Lisa was laying next to her, whispering in her ear and fondling her breasts. Ocassionally, Marisol would pull Lisa to her and kiss her.

“Is she bi?” I wondered about my friend.

She and Vera had always been the most boisterous and open about sex among our group, but I never imagined that either of them was bisexual. The thought that she might be was intriguing, fueling my own curiosity.

The longer I watched them, the hornier I got, so I decided to “lend a hand”. I sat down on the bed next to Marisol and imitated what Lisa was doing. I stroked and fondled her breasts and gentlely sucked on her nipples. I felt a rush that I’d never felt before.

“You pretty good at that, mami.” She said smiling at me.

Marisol stroked my hair and pulled me close to her and kissed me. I almost came again when my tongue met hers.

The rest of the night is still kinda fuzzy. I was so light-headed and horny that I only remember bits and pieces. But from what I can recall: I kissed Marisol and then Lisa and then Nate; Lisa went down on me; I went down on Nate then he went down on me and then he fucked me again; I went down on Marisol and she went down on me; and then at some point, I came Lisa came Marisol came and then (FINALLY) Nate came too.

I woke the next afternoon, in Nate’s bed, with him between myself and Lisa. Marisol slept in my room with Janice and Vera.

I climbed out of bed, stepped over piles of clothes and went to shower. My nipples, thighs, jaw and crotch were sore (my anus was a little tender too, but I couldn’t remember doing anything with that). I found my robe and went to fix coffee. I was surprised that everyone was still asleep, especially with Vera’s snoring.

Eventually everyone made their way down to the kitchen. We drank coffee, laughed and ate. Around 5:00 that evening all of our guests had left.

My weekly Pinochle games have never been the same. The ladies are a lot more eager and no one has missed a single Thursday night since then. Nate makes a “special” appearance each week.

It is VERY good to have a man in the house.

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