A Modern Oedipus Act 03-04


[Story from the perspective of a mother, with her college age son]

(Act 3)

“Mmm . . . such an eager cumslut” he growls in your ear.

He pulls away from you letting you slide down the wall. Contented and in self contempt. You relish how naughty you’ve been.

He pulls his pants back up and goes over to the table. He picks up your plate and puts it on the floor in front of you.

As he pulls the food off the skewers onto the plate he commands “Now, like a good bitch you’ll eat off the floor on all fours”.

You quietly move to your prescribed position. He takes his chair and turns it around so he can watch you as he eats from his plate in his lap. His gaze fixated on you. You feel as though you must do everything in a way that pleases him. Not sure of how to do so. Even chewing and swallowing seems more complicated.

None of this is helped by all of your drinking earlier finally catching up to you. Your buzz kicking in full force. Your thirst creeping back at this time as well. You look up at him, but don’t say anything as you are still thinking how best to ask.

“Do you want something, bitch?” he says coldly.

“I’m . . . I would . . . I’m a little thirsty . . .” you meekly reply.

He thinks for a moment.

A wicked smile appearing right before he says “Then strip down and come sit on my lap”.

You stand slowly and pull your panties off. Then take your dress off over your head as you step forward. You turn in front of him as you take off your bra.

“Uh uh uh” he says spinning you back around by your hips. “Straddle me, bitch”.

He pulls you forward over his lap his plate already set aside. He slid his pants down at some point as well. His erect shaft awaiting you. You lower yourself onto him. His hand guides the shaft inside.

“You are so fucking wet for me! such a dirty fucking slut. You like riding your son’s dick mommy?”

You start instinctively bouncing up and down on him, but he immediately pulls you down and holds you there.

“Bad bitch, you are here to drink. I’ll fuck you when I want to and you’ll just suffer until then”.

His shaft is so hard inside you as you feel your pussy throbbing.

“Now grab your glass and drink” he says.

You reach over the table to grab your wine and start to put it to your lips. You feel his mouth lightly nibble on your breast as his hands pull and squeeze on your butt cheeks. You struggle to keep the wine steady as you take a drink. Some wine spills past your lips. You put the glass down.

His hands lift you by your butt and pull you off of him before he shoves you back a little then spins you by your hips again.

“Sloppy bitch, I want to see you keep your ass kayseri seks hikayeleri up my way as you eat, and put your titties on the ground”.

You do as your told and take a few more bites. No longer as concerned with how you look while eating. You finish eating and just shove your plate forward a little to signal this.

You feel his dick on your lower back. He slides it down between your butt cheeks and gripping your hips, he grinds against you.

“Such a slutty bitch you are mommy, I could see you dripping while you were eating. Do you want to ride your son’s meat that bad?”

You nod your head. One of his hands jumps forward onto your head pushing it to the ground. He is now bearing down on you with his body, his massive shaft pressing against you.

“Say it bitch! Tell me my slutty mommy wants me to fuck her like a bitch in heat!” he roars.

“Mommy wants you to fuck her like a bitch in heat, she craves her son’s giant cock. Please, fuck me baby” you whine.

He presses himself back up, his hand leaving your head. You feel him position his tip between your lips, then his hands Grab your lower back and sides.

He slams into you again and again. His violent thrusts dragging your face still on the ground back and forth.

“That’s right you want this, you slutty bitch. You miss having your son inside you, don’t you mommy?”

“Yes baby, fill mommy up.”

He presses deep into you pushing you all the way down to the ground. His chest resting on your back. His head now right above yours.

He sticks his tongue in your ear then nibbles it, before growling “You’re gonna take my dick when and where ever I say and you’re gonna like it, bitch. Mommy is going to be my slutty little fuck toy.”

“Yes . . . baby . . . use mommy like your . . . dirty bitch”.

His thrust become more drawn out and forceful. Pumping in and out. You can’t help yourself but drool a little on the floor. His mouth latches onto your neck. Lightly teething, then strongly sucking. He presses deep into you as he fills you up again. His mouth finally pulls away from your neck. Then he spits on your face.

“I’m done with you for now” he says getting up and walking away.

You just lay there, a slutty mess.

(Act 4)

After a while of laying there on the floor, you feel so dirty you need to shower. You get up and don’t clean up the dining room, you don’t even bother to pick up your clothes. You just go to your bathroom and turn on the shower.

You don’t even bother to close any of the doors behind you. Maybe it wasn’t laziness, maybe deep down you want him to follow you into the shower. Have him fuck you again. One of your hands is groping your breast and tracing a finger on your nipple as the other slides two fingers inside, rubbing lightly on your clit.

The steam wisping in front of you from the shower as you stop spacing out, lets you know the water is warm enough. You get in and take the shower head off the wall and set it to spout out a single stream of water. You are going to wash out what hasn’t already dripped out of you.

You are already turned on again you twist it back a setting to three spouts pulsing. You use two fingers to spread your lips a little as you angle it up into you.

The water pulsing into you , is just nowhere near satisfying after being fucked so rough. You set the head back to shower as you mount it back on the wall. You go back to feeling yourself up. You wish he’d come through that open door and make you his bitch again.

You want it bad. No, you need to have him fuck you again, and soon. You turn the shower off, and grab a towel. You move through the door. You know you shouldn’t be doing this. He is your son, and . . . and . . . just so cruel towards you . . . and . . . you shouldn’t encourage this behavior . . . and you are now outside the door to his room . . . and you are running out of reasons not to, or maybe you just want this more than you want to be a normal healthy mother and son.

Your hand is on the handle. Your pussy is throbbing, your thighs were still a little wet from the shower, now are feeling more liquid at the top. Your heart is in your throat, and beating a thousand times a second.

You open the door. He’s sitting at his computer with his headphones on. He hasn’t noticed you yet, last chance to back out. You step in, and quietly close the door. You are shaking so much you are surprised you could do it even remotely quietly.

You then slowly move behind him and kneel down slightly to his right. Slowly you reach your hand to his lap and start rubbing him through his pants. He jumps and looks over at you.

“Damn you’re a slutty bitch.”

“I . . . felt lonely in the shower, and wondered if you’d want to join me?” you request still touching him.

Feeling him grow.

“You look pretty clean to me already mommy, but if you want to shower with me we’ll just have to mess up that face of yours again” he says sliding down his pants, and turning the chair to face you.

You immediately start to swallow the shaft, it still expanding in your mouth. You start to stroke it as you move down to lick and suck on his sweaty balls.

“Good bitch, now take off that towel.”

You obey as you put his shaft back in your mouth your hands pull the towel from your body and toss it to the side. His hand slides onto your head and starts pressing in rhythm with your head. His moans of satisfaction fueling you as you bob with great enthusiasm and glee.

He grabs your head with his hand and pulls you off while he stands up and with his other hand at the base of his shaft he smack you on the face with his huge member. Then he pulls your face to his balls.

“Dirty bitch, you want me so bad you can’t even get naked without coming running” he chuckles.

You hate how right he is but you love that he sill wants to fuck you, and is so rough about it. He pulls your head back out then moves his other hand to your head as well. Then he holds your mouth on the tip of his dick, before thrusting with his hips. Straight down your throat. His abdomen hitting against your nose. His balls slapping your chin. His rhythm makes it hard to breathe.

“Stupid bitch, if yo want it that bad I’m going to breed you all fucking night.” he says gruffly.

You suddenly realize you’ve been off the pill for a while. You need to go out and get plan b soon, but for right now his hard thick dick is all you really need.

He pushes you back a little and says “Ready for my load slut?”

“Yes, please cover me baby” you say before closing your eyes and holding out your tongue.

His warm, thick semen shoots onto your face, and into your mouth. He pushes you onto your back on the floor.

“Go get me a monster and leave that load on your face”.

You start to stand. His hand crashes down on your shoulder.

“No bitch, you gonna crawl. From now on in this house unless I tell you, you on all fours. Now get!” he says kicking your butt.

You fall forward then pick yourself up to your knees. Then you start crawling.

“Mmm, I gonna be fucking that ass when you get back, bitch. Don’t make me wait long”.

You pick up your pace a little. It has been a while since you’ve done anal, and he is way to big for this to be painless.

You get into the hallway, and you think about standing when he can’t see you. You decide against it and do your best to crawl quickly without hurting your knees.

You get to the kitchen and open the fridge. You grab out two monsters, close the fridge, and start crawling back. You crawl back into his room, and present to him the monsters.

“Fucking butt slut got excited when I said I’d fuck your ass, so you brought me two” he laughs.

“I ain’t done with my game yet so you’re gonna have to wait.” He spreads the towel you came in with on the floor a little and says “Kneel on this, close your eyes, and play with your tits till I’m ready”.

You get on the towel, its a little softer than the floor at least and sit back on your heels as you close your eyes. You start squeezing, kneading, rubbing, and flicking your breast and nipples in variation. Your pussy a soaking mess. You can’t wait for him to fuck you like the slut you are.

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