A Mother’s Curiosity Ch. 02


This is the continuing story of my email conversations with one of my readers. If you have not read the first part, I would suggest that you do. I enjoy the feedback that I receive from readers. Both good and bad! But I ask that if you do send a comment, please, don’t just send one saying that you want to read about the mother and daughter fucking.

If you have read some of my stories, you already know that I don’t just jump into the ordinary fuck scenes. I like for my characters to have character. I like for the scene to have depth and allow it to build up for my readers. For me personally, this gives the reader the feeling of sharing my pleasures.

I want to take this time to thank all of you who have sent in comments on my stories. It is your encouragement both good and bad that keeps us writing and improving. Even if they were bad comments, you still took the time to read the story. You may not agree with everything that I write. And I don’t expect you to judge me on the content. After all, these are just stories. And if the content offends you, you are free to hit the exit button.

Spanker Sam


One day passed and I didn’t receive a word from my inquisitive mother. Then I opened my email and found three messages from her. I read each one slowly. And with each one, I could see that her sexuality had not only blossomed, it had in some ways exploded.

Hello Sammie:

I hope you don’t mind my formality. I read your letter and have to tell you that at first I got mad as hell! Then I reread it while sipping on a drink. Why does alcohol make things seem different? Anyway! I did as you suggested and reread Cynthia’s comments.

Damn! I guess I read only what I wanted to. She was a lot more explicit about what she thought and felt than I read into. You’re right. She did imagine a man doing those kilis seks hikayeleri things to her. And that man believe it or not, was you.

She wanted it to be an older man like you. One, who would appreciate the fact that she isn’t all that experienced in sex. She wanted it to be you directing her as she played with her pussy. And it was you that introduced her to the joys of fruits and vegetables.

How do you make things that I have always thought of as gross or nasty seem so sexual? I am going to read more of your stories. I know! I said I wouldn’t! But after your letter I couldn’t help it.


Hello Sammie:

I read “She Pees!” I never thought, that the simple act of taking a piss could be in any way sexual. But I have to admit; I have since changed my mind. Can I tell you a secret? I even slowly fingered my pussy when I took piss! I came so hard! I think I shouted!

(Big grin!) And the comments that Cynthia wrote after that story had me so red, I had to close the screen and catch my breath. I am pasting a copy of her exact words so that you will see what you have done to her. I feel like I am starting to share a lover with my own daughter. Does that make me a slut like the women in your stories?

“I am sitting in the chair in my kitchen. Sam caught me reading the story about a woman pissing. He told me that he would show me what she loved about it. Sam has been slowly fucking my mouth with his hard black dick. Sometimes he makes me gag, by pushing it deep in my throat. But he only laughs as he pulls it back.

He has been calling me names like in his stories and I only get hotter as he does. I am looking up at him as his long dick slowly works in and out of my mouth. I love the taste and feel of it sliding over my lips. His hands are rubbing and massaging my big tits. He is calling me his sweet, juicy, fat slut. And somehow, him calling me fat doesn’t make me feel bad at all.

He makes me close my eyes. Sam told me that if I didn’t drink all of him, he would never touch me again. I couldn’t stand that, so I will make him proud of me. Suddenly, I feel it begin to slowly dribble into my mouth. My whole body is shaking but he told me not to cum.

It is bitter and hot. But suddenly, it is the most exciting thing that anyone has ever done to me. I can hardly keep myself from Cumming. Will he drink me like in the story? I hope so.

Suddenly he stops and pulls out. I feel it burning as it splashes over my tits and down to my hairy pussy. Oh shit! I’m gonna cum from having this delicious man piss on me. And I want it! Oh how I need it!

Sam told me to scoot my big fat black ass to the edge of the chair. He’s on his knees before me. I never knew a man could enjoy licking a pussy so much. But he never stops. He looks up at me and asks me to please him with my nectar.

I laugh, cause I never heard of anyone’s piss being called anything but piss! But I would do anything to please this man. He has given me pleasures like I never experienced before. He pushes my fat thighs open wide and fasten his mouth to my hairy slit. I can feel his tongue slowly fucking my hole. How can I pee when he makes me feel like I need to cum so hard? But then he begins to suck my clit.

I cry out in pleasure and pain. But the way he is jerking it back and forth as he sucks, makes me want to let go. Suddenly I feel it explode from me. I grab his head to hold him there, but he slaps my hands away. He grabs my nipples and pulls them hard, making me cry out. And I piss all the harder.

He’s drinking me! I can feel him sucking it from my pulsing pussy. Then I feel my pussy explode in the wildest, most intense climax I have ever had. And Sam is right there at my pussy. Drinking like a man gone wild! I cum again and even more piss shoots from my pussy. Then I collapse into the chair.

When I open my eyes, Sam is gone. But the floor is covered with a spreading puddle. How I need that to happen to me. I would give anything to have Sam do that to me. But he wouldn’t want a fat ugly bitch like me. I clean up my piss and go to bed. Another night of humping my vibrator and dildo, wishing for a man like him.”

Sammie! I cried reading the anguish of my daughter’s loneliness. I wish that I could find a man to give her that kind of pleasure. Hey! Want to rent yourself out? I pay well! And there is nothing I wouldn’t do to give my baby some pleasure in her life.

I guess you know that it was her words and descriptions that sent me into the bathroom to experiment. And Damn! I think I scared myself! I had to clean up the bathroom floor. It shot all over the place when I stood up to give you better room. I know! I’m starting to sound like Cynthia.


Hello Sam.

I see that you write a lot of incest stories. I am not into that, but I will read one to see how you treat the family in it. Hell! It seems like you’re already fucking Cynthia and me in our minds anyway.


This time I had to stop and jerk off as I read her letter. Did my stories have that much of an effect on every reader? I know that I have gotten many responses and a lot of offers because of them. But to hear Samantha talk about it, she would be willing to pay me to give her daughter the kind of pleasures that I would willingly give for free.

And Samantha is getting more turned on by what she reads. But I think that she is also secretly getting off, on knowing what her daughter is doing to herself. Could I give her a push towards helping Cynthia to fulfill some of her dark desires? I can only wait to hear from her again.

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