A Natural Submissive Pt. 05


A Natural Submissive

Part Five

We continue shopping, and other things

Note to the readers:

As I write this story names, places, businesses, and other pertinent information will NOT be included or provided. I hope by doing this it does not detract from this story, but any of that info would allow others to figure out the names, places, and other Information. In doing so I am just protecting people, businesses, and places from any ill effects from this story.

Sitting there waiting for Missy, young Adrianna naked and sucking on my cock, I was feeling pretty good, considering I could just be reading a magazine or something while waiting. I thought about what fun Missy found with those two in the back room, and what her reaction would be, but I knew I would soon find out.

I got hard in no time flat and told Adriana I would like to sample her anal skills and without a word she got up between my legs facing away from me and lowered herself down on my cock. She worked slowly up and down making sure to wiggle in circles at the bottom of each stroke, moaning the entire time. I reached around and started playing with her clit and she responded with little jerks and quivers I could feel while inside her. I should have been worn out enough the first time to last longer, but this young woman was so skilled in pleasing a man that I felt it would be quick. I played more aggressively with her clit and the light moans turned into groans and a heaving breathing, she was also well on her way to an anal orgasm, and I wanted to share in that, then came her vocalizations.

“Oh Sir, you feel so good inside my ass, keep going, keep fucking me, make me cum all over you.”

“I’ll be happy to fuck you anytime you want.”

“Then do it now, but don’t just fuck me, use me, do whatever you want, I want to feel the animal inside you taking my body for it’s simple pleasure.”

What man could resist an invitation like that, so I flipped her over with her knees on the floor and her face in the cushion and started abusively using her asshole just as she asked. Her moans and groans were now grunts and she was pushing back trying to get more of my cock inside of her. I kept rubbing her little clit that was now hard as a stone, and she got closer and closer to her climax.

“Yes, yes sir, use me asshole and make me cum please. I’m getting very close.”

“If you want harder, I’ll give you harder bitch.”

“Yes, pound me like no one has ever done before, make me cum and make me yours.”

By now I was pounding her like a mad animal and pulling on that erect nub lie a slot machine handle, and I got my Jackpot.

“Ohhhh, fuckkkkkk, yesssss, I’m Cumming!”

With her body jerking and convulsing uncontrollably, it being racked back and forth from my pounding, I unloaded deep inside of her finishing her off. She went limp as I got up and sat back on the couch while she slithered onto the floor at my feet. I fell back into the couch and closed my eyes enjoying the bliss I just experienced, and I felt her grabbing my thighs. I look Ed down to see her trying to crawl up onto my lap, mascara running down her face, knees on the floor, and lowering her mouth onto my cock to suck it clean. When she was done, she just slipped back down onto the floor, laying there with my cum seeping out of her ass, and Chas, Missy, and Sandra walked in from the other side of the room.

“Well, Adrianna looks well fucked for sure.”

I looked up at Missy, I could see her hair a mess, her eyes puffy and red, her pussy lips swollen and hanging lower than normal, and a blank look on her face.

“Ans so does Missy.”

“Yeah, it seems like we all had a good time.”

“It looks like a good time was had by all.”

“We are going to take Adrianna back and get her cleaned up and some rest. You folks take as much time resting here as you need. We will have a few outfits ready for you to pick up tomorrow afternoon and the balance Tuesday night. They picked their daughter up from the floor, half unconscious with cum still leaking from her reddened asshole and took her in the back. We sat for a bit while I get dressed and tried to put Missy back in her dress. I got it on her with the shoulder straps just hanging free and I helped her out to the car. She regained enough strength to get in the car by herself, and to my delight, she lifted her dress over her hips before sitting, then just fell back against the head rest. I got in the other side and just looked at her, sitting there with her swollen pussy showing, her tits coming out over the top of her dress, and looking thoroughly fucked, a beautiful look for a woman to have.

“Well, tell me what happened to you back there.”

“Sir, they did things, things to me. I couldn’t see you to get your approval, and it happened so fast, I’m sorry sir.”

“Relax Missy, it’s OK. I wouldn’t have left you alone if I didn’t approve of what was going to happen.”

“You knew what they were going to do?”

“Well, not the particulars, that’s why I asked. But yes, I knew you were going to get fucked like the slut tekirdağ seks hikayeleri your becoming should be fucked. Now tell me what happened?”

“Well, first she sat and had me lick her pussy until she came all over my face, and man can that woman squirt. And while I was on all fours he entered the d my pussy and ruthlessly fuck me, pushing me harder into her pussy which she liked. Then without a word or warning he pulled out of my pussy and Shiver his cock into my ass with one strong push, I thought he was going to rip me open, but he didn’t stop. He kept that up for awhile until I got used to it, then he put an arm around my waist, stoop up with me hanging from his cock, and sat down in a small stool. She came over and started licking my pussy with his cock still fucking my ass and ai exploded in her face.”

“Well, that all sounds like fun?”

“That’s when things got weird. After I came, she didn’t stop. He had his arms linked in mine and whispered in my ear that she wasn’t going to stop until I gave them more of my cum. She got more aggressive with my clit to the point where it was pain and pleasure all mixed. They kept going doing me from both ends and I felt my second orgasm Coming. This time she strongly sucked my cum from me and still kept going. I was yelling for them to stop but he told me they weren’t done with me yet. She added fingers to the mix, first one, then two, and finally three fingers roughly fucking my pussy while keeping up with the other assaults on my body. I told them I couldn’t cum again, but they just laughed.”

“And did you cum a third time?”

“I didn’t have a choice. By this point she was nibbling and outing my clit while finger fucking me, he was fucking my ass while pinching and pulling on my nipples, and when I was very close to exploding again, she bit down on my clit causing me to scream in pain and cum in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t know that could happen.”

“That Is why I let you go with them. There are so many different things other than just fucking that you need to learn, and this was just one training session. There will be many more for you to experience.”

“Am I to be taken and fucked by strangers at any time?”

“No my dear, I am just showing you a sex life that can be yours if you wish. But I will use you at any time I desire and continue showing you what is open to a woman like you. You haven’t yet figured it out, you are different from other women, you are special in a way that I cannot put into words.”

“Does that make me a whore for anyone that wants me?”

“No Again. You are a submissive woman who will learn how to take ownership of and enjoy your sexuality as much as you can.”

“I’m not sure I understand Sir?”

“You are a beautiful young Gazelle running across the Havana, and there are predictors out there. Right now, if you end up with the wrong person, you could end up naked and broken on some dingy and dirty street somewhere. Instead of you ending up in a hospital broken and beaten, I will teach you how to enjoy your urges, and remain safe and happy.”

“Then do I just keep going from cock to cock after that.”

“Missy, I have taken you as mine. That means I will be there to guide and protect you. You don’t have to worry about any of this stuff, just be the real you and all will be well my slut.”

“OK my Sir, I will do as you describe, and I’ll follow where you wish me to go.”

“That is what a good slut should do.”

“Where are we going now?”

“To go Panty and bra shopping for you dear.”

“It seems I haven’t had much use for either the past day or so?”

“There will be times you go without, and times you will wear them just to show off and make men horny.”

“OK Sir, let’s go.”

“Do you still have you egg inside you?”

“No sir, it is in my hand. Sandra took it out of me.”

“Then put it back in dear.”

There she was, a woman who normally dressed covering any skin now looking very well fucked in the front seat of my car, spreading her legs to put a vibrator in her pussy as we drove down the road. What a quick change for her, and she was enjoying each new minute of her new life. Now she was being a real slut, being the submissive woman that had always lived inside her, and she felt safe enough to let that woman out. Of course, she had worries and questions but that would be normal in a situation like this. Although it was all new to her, I could tell it was also natural for her and she was enjoying the experience of learning about herself.

We arrived at the next store, which was a high-end lingerie store, which I had frequented in the past. We got out of the car, and I redressed her and straightened her up before going in. I reminded her that she was to walk tall and proud and not be embarrassed in any way.

“Well Good Morning and welcome to the back closet, how may I help you.”

“My woman here needs some real risqué bra and panty sets and I thought you could help us with that.”

“Of course, let’s sit and discuss what types you’re looking for.”

This middle-aged woman took us back to a well-furnished sitting room and served us both a glass of champagne. She had a binder with flags for category and design sitting on the table, as well as some material samples on a large card.

“So, what exactly are you searching for, maybe some going out on the town sets or just sexy work lingerie?”

“Neither of those, we want full on slut/whore wear that accents her breasts and leaves little to the imagination top or bottom. I was thinking some 1/4 cup bras and string panties, stuff a,omg those lines.”

“1/4 cup, well than you want a little support but the nipples wide open?”

“Yes, and panties that aren’t very functional that really act like the frame of the picture, if you get my meaning?”

“Oh yes, I understand what you’re saying.”

“Are you looking for mix and match sets?”

“No, I would like full matching sets if you have them.”

“Yes, I keep them in stock. Well, let’s have a look at what you’re dressing up here. Honey, would you please take off your dress and let me see what you’ll need?”

Without hesitation Missy stood and slipped her dress off and neatly laid it on a chair, once again standing totally nude in front of another stranger. The woman asked some questions about her body and made some referrals.

“I see we’re not wearing anything today?”

“Any panties she owns could be run up a poor and used as a flag, and her bras could be put into service as sling shots.”

“Oh, my dear, we can’t have that with such a beautiful body as this. Let me take some measurements, I’ll be right back with my tape.”

Missy looked over at me with a prudish smile when the woman called her body beautiful. It was probably the first time anyone described her as that other than me.

“I told you so, you are beautiful.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“OK, let me see here. She has a very nice full “C”-Cup with a little bit of sag to them, I think you were correct about them 1/4 cup bra, that should do nicely. We want these to be up and inviting for anyone who looks, were you thinking with shoulder straps strapless?”

“A mixture of both I’m sure but let’s say only 30% of them strapless.”

“And for panties?”

“Barely there to petite styles, no thongs please.”

“I agree, why where a strip of tent canvass when you can have soft lacy wear instead.”

“Well then, you and I are on the same page. I would like some of the panties to have string ties on the hips. She has such wonderful hips and I think the string in a bow would definitely accent them.”

She then moved next to Missy and opened her book to show her different styles they carried, along with the material board so Missy could feel the materials and lace. Fully dressed and discussing panties with a stranger would have embarrassed her before, but now she was interacting and handling this like a pro. The lady went to get some sample sets for Missy to see and try on, then came back and showed them to her while helping her put them on.

“Now I’m sure these bras are going to lift just enough to have your breasts sticking straight out and crating a lot of cleavage for you to show off.”

She dressed Missy in four different bras, three with straps and one without, and each enhanced her already gorgeous breath. Them she switched to panties, some your regular slut wear with lace and two with high thigh string hips. When she knelt down to help Missy,step knot them, she saw the wire coming out of her pussy.

“Well, what do we have here. Havenwe been playing a little naughty today?”

“Sir wanted me to wear it, it’s my first time with something like that ma’am.”

“And how do you like it miss.”

“He’s only turned it on once, but it was wonderful.”

“Would Sir like to have you show me?”

“Yes, I think I would, but I wouldn’t want her making any of that lingerie messy.”

“Well let me get them out of the way and she can just lay down in the carpet to give me a show.”

“That sounds great, I’ll get it/her turned on.”

Immediately Missy jumped and cupped both hands around her pussy. I sternly reminded her that she was not to cover herself, and she took her hands away and got down on the floor. She had her knees together playing with her nipples when the woman pushed her knees open. Missy looked up at her in a bit of confusion.

“We can’t see the show if you clamp your legs together my dear.”

“Yes Ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am.”

“You’ve trained her well, how long have you had her?”

“Just a day I’m afraid, she still has a lot to learn.”

“May I ask, are you making her a full-on public whore?”

“No ma’am, I’m training her to be my submissive slut.”

“Well, if you’re ever in the mood, I wouldn’t mind experiencing her once you have her trained?”

“I’m sure we will do that, this is our first trip for panties and such, but we’ll need full lingerie sets and all in the future.”

“That would be wonderful. You know where I am.”

“You are welcome to join her down there on the floor if you wish.”

“Thank you, I think I would enjoy that.”

The woman got up and stripped off every stitch of clothing and laid on the floor caressing Missy’s body as she was being vibes. Before long Missy was in her way to an orgasm and the woman was straddled across her face having Missy lick her pussy. Soon the woman got up and sat in a chair dragging Missy onto all fours to continue servicing the woman’s clit. With her ass up in the air, and the show unfolding in front of me, I took a position behind her and slowly forced my cock inside her only unoccupied orifice. Missy had one hand rubbing her clit and licking the woman’s clit and taking my cock in her ass. It wasn’t long before Missy started shaking and jerking, jerking my cock in every movement, but the woman wasn’t quite there yet.

“Don’t you stop now you little slut, you keep sucking me until I get mine too.”

She grabbed Missy’s hair and pulled her tighter into her cunt, while I just exploded in Missy’s ass. Missy was going through her normal orgasm but with her face smashed into this woman’s pussy, nothing she vocalized came out as intelligible, just muffled speech and sucking sounds. Missy was obviously Cumming, but the woman would not release her, as she was close now to. I walked over to her chair, grabbed her hair and Shiver my cock in her mouth as she was using the mouth, I normally have clean me off. A look of surprise and a little fear overcame her face, but she did nothing to pull back, so she just sucked me until she came. Having finally had her release, she let go of Missy who slid to the floor, and I let go of her and pulled my cock out of her mouth. After everyone settled down the woman tried to take her status back.

“I’ll have you know I am Dominant Lady and I just don’t suck a mans cock whenever he pleases.”

“Well with me around you’ll suck, fuck, and lick anytime I want you to. Do you understand that?”


“What was that? I don’t think I heard you bitch.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now take Missy and yourself back and get cleaned up. I don’t like messy sluts.”

“Yes sir, right away.”

She helped Missy to her feet and then reached for her own clothing.

“Did I tell you to get dressed?”

“No sir.”

“Then leave the clothes and do what I told you to do.”

“Yes sir.”

After they left the room, I sat and poured myself another glass of champagne, thinking about this woman who tried to take a Dominant position with me. I instinctively knew that letting her get away with would have been detrimental to my position, so I shut her down harshly and quickly. Now, I Just needed to see how she acted when she returned. They came back and Missy moved to get her dress and put it on, but the woman just stood there gazing at the floor.

“Come over here.”

She walked over and stood in front of me.

“You have a need for some training as well, I see?”

“Well, I’m not a…”

I cut her off with a slap across the face to get her attention.

“When you speak to me you will look me in the face, not stare at the carpet. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“And as for what you are and what you aren’t, I will decide that, not you. Do you understand that?”

“Yes sir, forgive me for my misjudgment.”

“Good, now get our purchases together and let’s order anything that you didn’t have.”

“Naked sir?”

I reached out and grabbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pinched.

“What did I tell you about looking at me when you speak to me?

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir.”

“Now, if I want you dressed, you will dress. Until I tell you that is what I want, you will remain naked. Is that easy enough for you to comprehend?”

“Yes sir, I understand completely.”

“Now when we return, I will call you and you will set up a private session for us to shop and you will be dressed just as you are now.”

“Yes sir, private shopping session and naked.”

“Very well, now get our stuff together and let me know what is ordered.”

I released her nipple and she went to work getting our clothing pack in nice bags and made a list of what she ordered with dates when we could pick them up. She went to hand me or purchases and she could see the displeasure in my eyes.

“You don’t walk your customers out the front door and help them out their packages in their cars?”

“Yes, but sir?”

“Don’t give me BUTT’S slut.

“Yes Sir, My mistake sir.”

She led us to the door and to our car, then out the bag in the back seat.

“Will that be all Sir?”

“Yes and thank you for your assistance today.”

“No, thank you sir and ma’am.”

With her role as a submissive played properly, she turned and went back into the store. After getting in the car, Missy looked at me quizzically.

“Why did you do that to her Sir?”

“She had occupied your mouth when I needed to be cleaned, then after using her mouth she attempted to tell me that wasn’t allowed. I showed her that what she allowed was not going to work with me. She fancies herself a Dominant woman, but if she were she would have objected and never done what she ended up doing. I basically just taught her a lesson about her status in the Dominant world, that’s all.”

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