A Perfect Thunderstorm


“The most perfect thunderstorm.” I said out loud to myself, sipping a predawn cup of coffee.

One of the advantages of a three story home on a hill outside of town is a great view out over the lake. I had not built the house, buying it cheap in foreclosure from the bank instead, but the designer had thoughtfully included a front wall on the top floor made entirely out of glass.

“It must be incredible to have sex in front of those windows, lit by lightning.”

I turned, startled to hear another voice.

“The thunder woke me up and I needed my Daddy,” my daughter giggled. I guessed that she had padded quietly up the stairs, perhaps not realizing that I was awake already, watching the storm. As a little girl, she had loved to climb into bed with her mother and I for comfort during a storm. Now she was 24, almost 25, home for the summer before heading off to grad school. The thought that this independent intelligent science major needed protection from a storm made me guffaw.

“You’re no longer seven- and Mommy is no longer here to sleep between us.”

“You know I always liked the middle best,” she teased back.

Just then another flash illuminated the room. I saw her long hair loose over her shoulders, tousled by sleep. She was wearing a flimsy tank top and boxers for sleeping comfort in the heat- the downside of the big house being that air conditioning was impractical. Those shoulders were tanned from a summer spent outdoors. Her biceps bulged with athletic muscle, her long legs were just as tan; her belly was flat, peaking out between the bottom of the top and the waist of the shorts. I noticed that it was just as tan, and that a teeny jewel winked at my from her navel.

The fabric covered her chest, but was snug against skin. She had perfect breasts, like two half grapefruit, big enough to scream “I am woman”, firm enough to stand proud without assistance from a bra. I felt my cheeks blush warm as I realized that I was checking out my young adult daughter’s tits. I became more confused when I found myself noting that her headlights seemed to be on.

“It doesn’t matter, because I’m not in bed,” I finally managed to stammer, sipping my coffee in an effort to calm, my nerves. Instead, I choked on the hot liquid, spewing slightly. That made her laugh, deep from her belly, her flat washboard abs rippling, her tank top gaping to show cleavage.

‘No tan lines,’ I thought as I tried to turn away, but my eyes stayed locked on the display. ‘Must have sunbathed topless while I was off at work.’

I suddenly realized that I wished I had been home to watch that, and wondered whether she went just topless or fully nude. Was I missing nubbin points raised to the sun, or those long limbs bare, leading to naked hips, dipping down to a forbidden triangle?

My eyes focussed on my daughter’s boxers, wishing that they were more see through, so that I could determine whether or not she was shaved bare, or maybe had a nicely trimmed little bikini patch- I knew from watching her cavort around the pool that she had at the very least a well tended garden. As I sipped more coffee, I wondered whether I had been unknowingly checking out my daughter in those teeny bikinis all summer.

“Well, can we snuggle in here and watch the storm?” she asked, returning my brain to the moment.

Of course, it was totally possible for two people to watch the storm together without snuggling, but my brain was not working quite right- afterward, I realized that blood was already flowing down to fill my cock. She pranced over to the over-sized swivel chair I had positioned for the ultimate view over the city to the lake. My eyes followed, appreciating the curve of her thigh and the tilt of her hip- again, no visible tan line, even as the shorts rode up when she plonked into the chair, but the boxers were more fabric than her usual bikini, so that offered no clue as to whether she sunbathed nude or not.

“There’s really just the one decent seat,” she encouraged, but I think we can both fit.”

“Well, I’m a bit big to sit on your lap,” I chuckled, stepping across toward her.

“Bet I can still on yours,” she replied, shifting into a corner of the chair, patting the space next to her left hip, her fingers almost caressing that curve.

It was then that I first realized that my cock was stiff, and that the next lightning flash would make it apparent to her- as would allowing her to sit on my lap. I wracked my brain for a solution, but my feet kept walking- and it was just a few steps to the chair.

“You probably can, but then I might not be able to see the action,” I rationalized. “It’s a huge chair, I bet we can fit side by side.”

I was in front of the chair by then, and at that moment the room was illuminated again by lightning. My daughter was startled, almost jumping up out of the chair, one arm flaying against the front of my flannel sleep pants, lightly and casually brushing up against my hard cock. That made me jump, komşu seks hikayeleri but I thought she would assume that I was also reacting to the light, not to her accidental touch.

The chair was a snug fit- she had to shift he right hip up onto the arm, and still her left hip was not just touching me, but was actually overlapping on top of my thigh. She reached across and silently took the coffee cup, daintily sipping it. In the dim light of predawn I admired her lips, so soft, so inviting- I gave my head a shake and told myself to stop with such thoughts.

The cup ended up on the side table to he right and she snuggled tighter against me as another bolt raced across the sky.

“Are you comfortable?” I asked as she settled back down.

“Could use a bit more room,” she sighed sleepily.

She reached across and grabbed my right arm, guiding it behind her, around her shoulders, allowing her butt to slip into the gap between my thigh and the arm of the chair. I nuzzled my nose accidentally in the cascade of floral scented hair, which made her moan softly. She closed her eyes and settled her head on my shoulder.

Her right hand held my arm just above my wrist, but after a few minutes, she seemed to doze off and her left arm dropped beside her. It landed limply in my lap, where my cock, separated from her skin by a thin layer of flannel, throbbed. I wondered how she could not notice. To my eternal shame, I wished that she would sneak her long thin fingers an inch to the left, ease my organ out of my pants, and gently stroke my shaft.

Thinking her to be asleep, as I too began to doze, I could not resist using my left hand to nudge my cock free from the flannel, and wrapped my fist around the flesh that stood erect in the dark room. Just then, another crash of thunder followed closely by a brilliant slash of lightning struck, causing us both to be startled awake.

Instantly, I dropped my left hand away from my bare cock, but her hand automatically jumped in that direction, her flesh now rubbing the very member that had given her conception. At the same time, she released her grip on my right hand, which dropped directly onto the side of her right breast.

Her right arm came across my body, finding my left shoulder and dragging me tight for a hug. Instead of moving her left hand away from my erection, her fist gripped my shaft tightly.

“I’m scared, Daddy,” she sighed, her lips almost touching my ear. The warm moist breath sent shivers through my spine, right up and out the tip of my cock, where the first drop of precum spurted onto her wrist.

She wriggled against me, still holding my cock in her fist, but not stroking it. The arm trapped between our bodies also kept her nipples from rubbing my chest, or her groin from bumping the throbbing head of my fat hard cock. Her naked thighs rubbed against mine, the flannel only heightening the sensation.

I found my mind half removed from the situation, thinking all these taboo ideas, but unable to initiate a response, or to draw a line and stop her from going further. And I had to admit, I did want her to go further, I did not want her to stop. A decade of watching ‘barely legal’ porn, and half a dozen years of sublimating my improper thoughts around her, and barriers were ready to fall. I was not totally overcome with lust though, as I recall thinking that this would go just as far as she took it, and no further.

She settled her head on my shoulder, snuggling tight against me, her hand finally falling away from my cock. In the darkness, I thought she might be dozing off again, that the moment might have passed. My right hand though had stayed attached to her right breast, and as she shifted, the back of that hand rubbed roughly along two diamond hard nipples. I felt the shiver flow through her body as she responded, her hips flexing. A womanly scent leaked into the air.

I caressed her left breast gently and then began to softly stroke up and down her back and flank, ending up cupping her firm young ass as she shifted and snuggled closer, the naked flesh of her left inner thigh brushing along my aching cock. The tip of my mushroom was sliding along the loose edge of her boxers, as if positioning to explore further, deeper, to seek eager young wetness.

My breath ruffled her hair. She turned her head slightly, her lips brushing the stubble on my cheek. She kissed the tip of my nose and giggled. Her tongue darted out and licked my nose, and then brushed my lips, which opened in response. Suddenly we were kissing in a way that broke all the rules.

Her hips were now humping against my erection. I knew how wrong this was, and that this was the last moment to stop things from getting out of hand.

Turning my face so that I broke the kiss, I said, “Daddy will hold you but as the adult here, I have to draw a line at that.” “Silly Daddy, I’m an adult now too,” she giggled, writhing harder against my hardness.”Don’t you think that when I’m off at grad school, I’ll want someone to hold me during the thunderstorms?”

She paused, looking me straight in the eye.

“And that person will want to fuck me, just like all the guys I already fucked at college, and working life-guarding.”

I suppose I had assumed my baby was no longer a virgin at 24, but the casual frankness startled me.

“I like to fuck, and I like being fucked, and that seems a fair trade for being made to feel safe.” She continued talking, and twisting her pelvis against my groin. “since no one makes me feel safer than my Daddy. I think I’m ready to fuck him too.”

“Are you sure? Because that’s a line where once we cross it, there is no undoing it. Even if w just fuck this one time, it will change our relationship forever.”

“I can feel how badly you want this Daddy. Don’t fight it”

Another flash lit the room as she tiled her torso away from me, hands grabbing her tank top, freeing those firm young tits to my gaze for the first time since my daughter’s puberty. The nipples were rock hard little pebbles of pink bubble gum.

Her hands clasped behind my head, dragging my mouth to her left tit. I tasted heaven, and then licked across to the right nipple, drawing it more slowly more deeply into my lips, testing her tolerance with a quick nip of teeth. Her groan told me that she had inherited her mother’s lust for pain, and I bit harder. She responded with a gush of wetness into my lap, right through her boxers.

“I better get out of these wet things,” she giggled. I released my grip and she slid swiftly off my knee, standing in front of me as the sky lit up once again. The noise a second later made her jump a bit, allowing me to enjoy the teeny wobble of those ripe melons. I barely noticed her hooking a thumb in either side of her shorts and edging them down her hips, but the stripper wiggle grabbed my attention. My baby was clearly no innocent.

Stepping free of her last scrap of clothing, my daughter started as if to fling the boxers across the room, but then she chewed her lower lip just like she had since she was two.

“I can see the smoke coming out your ears you’re thinking so hard.” I joked like I had a thousand times before.

She stepped closer, knees straddling my knees, and bent low, her nipples inches from my eyes. Distracted, I was caught off guard when she passed the sodden fabric of her shorts under my nose.

“Does Daddy like how sweet his baby smells?”

She glanced toward my groin.

“Oh, I see he does! Well, I wonder how he’ll like the taste”

My chin automatically dropped half an inch, my tongue stuck out past my lips. As she rolled the shorts along my mouth, her free hand finally found where my cock was poking up out of my flannels, and she stroked it, firmly and confidently.

She shoved the fabric into my mouth, her eyes locked on mine, our noses almost touching. I could feel her warm breath on my cheeks as she tugged the panties, taking care to make sure I had a good tongue full, but as she asked, “Can you breathe?”

I nodded, and made some muffled sounds of encouragement. This made her grin spread even wider as her hand pumped my shaft faster and she bounced her wet cunt against my leg. That was almost certainly the first time that I had ever thought of my baby’s vagina as a cunt- a crude, obscene object made for fucking.

Before I had much time to roll that thought around my overheated mind, she giggled again and rubbed he tip of her nose against mine. Her tongue then flicked out where her mouse had just been, and the next thing I knew, my daughter was kissing my face, while still stroking my cock. I felt her rock hard nipples press against my chest and then tantalizingly dance away as she swayed on my leg, not quite my lap, because she wanted access to my cock. My cock that badly wanted her to suck it, to fuck that cunt. To this point, she had been the seducer, in control, but I felt my blood rising to a boil, and knew I was about to pass the point of no return, to take her.

I swallowed, tasting the musk of her excitement from her used panties as I allowed my hands to caress her tanned back, travelling from her shoulders to her ass. She moaned extra hard when I cupped her butt and squeezed.

Just then another lightning bolt lit the sky, and the thunder that rolled after made my baby jerk on my lap, her ass bouncing on my thigh, bumping against my shiny knob. My fist tightened instinctively around my cock, as if holding onto my life-maker for her dear life. As suddenly as it happened, it passed and she released my cock, which still stood upright between us. She moved that hand to one shoulder while settling her head on the other. Her thigh was warm in my lap, close enough to my cock that I felt her warmth.

“I’m sorry I jumped, Daddy,” she whispered in a little girl voice. “You really do make me feel safe, but I was startled. I hope I didn’t choke your chicken.”

She giggled, lifting her face closer to mine, eye to eye, nose to nose. I just mumbled in response, my words absorbed by the fabric filling my cheeks.

“Cat got your tongue Daddy?” she giggled harder, her groin now rolling up against my cock. Her hips rolled, grinding her wet cunt against my aching cock. “Or I guess, it’s the pussy cover that is the trouble.”

Her fingers brushed my lips, easing my jaw down. She slowly extracted her sodden boxers from my mouth, making sure to rub the gusset against my lower lip a bit extra as she finished. Her tongue dashed out of her mouth and licked her own fluid off my lip, pausing briefly to tease my teeth. As she licked, her hips rolled against my thighs and my cock was trapped between our bodies.

“My cock feels fine,” I shocked myself by using the common vulgar term for the organ which had spurted the seed that grew this vixen, but there it was, that word, hanging in the air between us.

“Fine? What sort of word is that?” she pulled her body back a touch, allowing her arm room to move and squeezed my balls hard. “MY Daddy taught me that if I used weak words like that in essays, he would spank me.”

She chuckled from her belly. I had never spanked her, but perhaps had threatened it a few times.

“Something tells me that you would have enjoyed that too much to learn a lesson.”

Mmmmm…maybe,” she moaned, nibbling my ear. “But back to your cock- it is a beautiful cock, not just a fine cock- though I am sure it does the job just fine.”

She was still speaking in some conditional grammatical sense, not yet admitting that we were about to fuck, but her fist had resumed pumping my shaft.

The next bolt of lightning was weak, and the thunder seemed more distant. Rain now beat hard against the glass, leaving us enclosed in the barely lit room. I wondered whether she might decide it was safe to return to her room, in which case, would she masturbate. I wished that I could watch that. Or maybe she would still want to crawl into bed with her Daddy. For now, she seemed content to curl up with me in the chair, and I wondered if we might doze off, but her lips and teeth continued to explore my ears, my neck, my shoulder. Her palm stayed loose around my cock, giving it a tiny tweak just often enough to keep me hard.

“Your cock is bigger than I imagined, Daddy,” she giggled. “Yes, Daddy, your naughty daughter masturbates herself to sleep almost every night and dreams about big fat hard cocks, and the one she likes to dream about most is yours. And now, I have it for real. My dreams will be so much better after tonight.”

Her hand slid halfway down my shaft, and then back up, her palm surrounding my head. She then lifted her hand to her mouth and licked, slowly, her eyes locked on mine as I saw my precum coat her lips, her tongue.

“In my dreams, Daddy, your cock is always the biggest, and tastes the best,” she continued. “I don’t have much to compare to, but it sure does taste great so far, and should be more than filling enough.”

Every nerve ending in my body was humming with more electricity than the storm outside supplied. A fresh lightning bolt lit the distant sky, as if offering me a recharge. I tried not to think about her final words, the suggestion that I might fill my baby, in case it was a tease, but could not help wondering whether she wanted her mouth filled, or her cunt, or both.

She began to move her hips harder on faster against my leg. “Hold me tight, Daddy, I’m scared.”

I complied, wrapping arms around her back, feeling her tits tight against my chest. She brushed her cheek against mine, and then her tongue teased my mouth open, initiating a deep kiss.

My cock throbbed, trapped between our bodies. It yearned to be buried deep inside that womb, inch by inch. I no longer doubted that we should fuck, but still was unsure whether to just lift her onto my hardness right in the chair, or to snuggle in bed and fuck her rear entry, that delicious ass pressing into my groin, my arms holding her tight, fingers teasing her tits, tugging her nipples.

I was hard, she was wet.

“I want you inside me,” she breathed, removing any doubt, knowing that as the adult, I needed her consent before I violated this most sacred bond. Now, I knew, we would form a new union.

She shifted her hips slightly, moving with intent, then she lifted her body, still pressing her nipples against me. She felt so soft and warm. The tip of my cock was tracing along her taint. Electricity flowed between us as much as it was lighting up the sky. I kissed along the side of her neck, not trusting myself to talk, as the room lit again from a lightning bolt. She jolted slightly, grabbing two fistfuls of my hair, and gasped, covering her fright by sticking her tongue down my throat. Settling back down after being startled, her ass slid back along my thighs and finally, my cock slid effortlessly up inside her cunt entering her completely in one continuous motion. Our bodies were fused together from chest to groin by the heat the passion and the sweat. Her breathing was hard and fast, driving her nipples against my flesh.

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