A Royal Jealousy Pt. 01


Dear Readers…this story is going to be posted in parts. I already have a plan for how it will end, so this should bode well. Princess Cleo is over the age of eighteen. This part of the story does include the themes of femdom and pegging (so if these themes are offensive or a turn off you may wish to skip this story). Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Princess Cleo – Jealousy is an ugly thing

Cleo rolled over and came to face her bed companion. He was still sleeping soundly, and snoring lightly. He always snored, but at least it was soft. She could tolerate that. Her dark hair was loose around her face, which only he ever saw. Her hair was just about always bound back tightly except when she took him to her bed. He liked her hair down, and she allowed him that. It was just about the only thing she allowed him to be honest.

She wore a dressing gown, which she had pulled on after their lovemaking the night before, to stave off the chill of the night. Her breasts were unbound as she wore no under things on her lower half either. She could still feel the extra wetness from him between her legs. She liked the sensation of his seed being inside her and on her thighs. However, she would not tolerate it anywhere else.

She could smell him too, both on herself but also from his sleeping form next to her. It wasn’t an unpleasant scent, just masculine. She quite enjoyed it actually. Just as she enjoyed the enormous bulk of him. He was a massive hulk of a man. A warrior actually, and of course a palace guard. This made taking him all the more sweet for her. Cleo smile was cunning. She reached out one delicate hand from under the animal pelts and moved it to his shoulder. Mustering all of her strength she shoved him as hard as she could.

He barely moved of course, being that he outweighed her by nearly a hundred pounds. Regardless, he woke and looked at her sleepily. “What?” He asked at first, but then remembered himself, “Yes, my Princess?”

“She must die.” Cleo said simply. She didn’t bat an eyelash. Her beautiful face looked perfectly calm.

“Whom do you mean?” Amadeus asked cautiously. He was groggy, sleepy, and confused. However, even with complete alertness and clarity he wouldn’t have followed this conversation.

“My sister. She must die.” Cleo said in a very straight forward way. Her words were stunningly cold, and caused an icy sense of dread slide up Amadeus’s spine.

He sat up and moved to the side of the massive bed. The feather mattress sagged at the edge under his muscular bulk. He shook his head to clear it, and wondered to himself, not for the first time, how this woman could go from such heated passion to this cold hard woman he had woke to.

This wasn’t the first time she had shocked him by saying such cruel and evil things, but this was pretty much the worst thing she had ever demanded. And it was a demand. He didn’t even try to pretend otherwise.

“Please tell me you don’t mean that, Princess.” He almost begged over his shoulder. He didn’t want to look at her.

“Of course I mean it.” Cleo moved on the bed and came to press her body to the big man’s back. Her night shirt was very thin, and she knew he could well feel her soft feminine curves. “Amadeus…come lay back down.”

Cleo pressed heated kisses to his neck and shoulders. They both knew, even with her teasing kisses that her words were still an order, not a request. They also both knew that despite what the Princess was intending to do next, this conversation wasn’t over.

Shifting back in the bed Amadeus assumed his position on his back with his hands above his head. He was at her mercy as he always was. She liked him prone. It was a true love hate thing for him. Amadeus had come to fall in love with his Princess and would do anything for her, and she had tested that love to extremes that made him feel sick to think of.

Like he always did, he mentally shoved those thoughts away. He was curious what Cleo would do to him this time. He felt a little trepidation but none-the-less looked at her expectantly.

Amadeus was not surprised when she moved to her side of the bed and retrieved her harness that held a smooth polished wood phallus. Princess Cleo enjoyed wielding power even more than she enjoyed her own physical pleasure and release.

Sure, she let him make love to her sometimes, like she had allowed last night. She also enjoyed the ministrations of his tongue quite often, but nothing made her eyes glitter with delight so much as when she strapped on her fake cock and took him.

There was always the same wave of mixed feelings that washed over him. He was big and strong – a warrior. He had aksaray seks hikayeleri been born to a strong woman, and his father had been a warrior as well. He was trained in full combat to defend the Kingdom and all the people within it. He had been doing just that for thirteen years. So many like him had died already, never to even come close to seeing the age he had reached.

He bore scars from such bloody fights. His big hands had killed men, many men. He couldn’t avoid the initial wash of shame, at how easily he submitted while in Princess Cleo’s bed. He was built and raised to be a man, and he had become a strong and responsible man when his father had died when he was seventeen.

“Princess…” It was almost a plea. One he occasionally couldn’t stifle. It was one word, her title, but it was his way of asking her to let him be the man. He knew this would fall on deaf ears, and suspected it really only incensed her even more to take him.

“You know if you relax this always goes easier for you, my love.” She whispered menacingly.

She climbed back onto her bed with the large phallus bobbing obscenely in front of her. She was naked now, and he feasted his eyes on her pert and perfect breasts with their hard pink peaks. Even in the dim light of the morning he could see the soft curve of their underside. Her skin was pale and silky. She looked like a dark angel with black locks of hair flowing freely and tumbling over her shoulders.

Amadeus groaned. “How do you want me, Princess?” He asked obediently.

“On your back, of course.” She twirled in her hand a pot of slippery jelly.

Amadeus watched her flip and move the pot of jelly from hand to hand. On his back was almost always her choice. That was her power position when she truly wanted to show him his place. It was always the same. on his back with his legs spread wide for her.

She would refer to him in feminine pronouns. He hated it with a passion, but his body betrayed him anyway every single time. These sessions with her seemed to almost be a grueling mental trial for him. Every single time she did this to him he felt something inside him change. What he couldn’t determine was if it was a good change or a bad change.

“Does my good girl want some jelly on his…?” Cleo taunted.

“Yes, Princess.” Amadeus spread his muscular legs and lifted them slightly to give her access to his rear entrance. He looked away and hoped she didn’t notice. Sometimes she liked to be watched. Sometimes she wanted him to watch every single thing he was willingly letting her do to him.

“Do you ever wonder why you allow me to do these things to you, Amadeus?” She asked, seemingly zeroing in on his thoughts. He turned his head to look at her and found her staring at him. He saw hunger in icy blue eyes. This was part of the game for her, and it clearly excited her.

“Yes.” He answered. Truth was he knew the original reason why he had come to her bed and allowed her such control, but he could never tell her. The problem was that the original reason wasn’t the only reason now.

“You’re so big and so strong. You could overpower me at any moment. You could hurt me easily. You could hurt me, and be gone before anyone even knew what had happened. We both know this.”

It was the honest truth, and had crossed his mind on more than one occasion, and yet here he was just letting her take him. His jaw clenched tightly as he felt her slender finger begin to spread the cool slick jelly into his crack and particularly over his sensitive rim.

As always, his cock – his very manhood, betrayed him and grew strong and hard against his belly. Amadeus glanced at the Princess’s beautiful face and saw her eyes shine at seeing how his body reacted. They both knew this was part of why he stayed and didn’t fight her. That delighted her, and shamed him.

Amadeus cleared his throat but spoke softly. “Your father would never let me live if I harmed you.” He said. It was a reasonable explanation for why he didn’t fight her even if his hard cock was undermining his words.

“That is true, but still doesn’t explain why you willingly allow this. You’re my bitch, Amadeus.” She shoved a slippery finger up inside him to the knuckle. Amadeus grunted. “Say it!”

“I am your bitch!” He grunted again and her finger was slid as deeply as it could reach before being wind.

“I own you, Amadeus, you are mine and you will do my bidding.”

Amadeus suddenly felt that sense of dread wash over him again. He looked at the

petite princess between his legs and realized she was evil. He knew just what bidding she meant. She was serious about killing her sister, Princess Nicolette.

Amadeus was just about to open his mouth to ask for an explanation, when Cleo position the rounded head of the polished wood phallus at his opening. He knew he needed to relax, because otherwise it would hurt.

Shoving the unpleasant thoughts aside, he forced his body to relax. His legs spread a little wider and he took several deep breaths. On his third intake of air, she pressed the rounded head firmly against his anal opening. His body gave and she slid easily into his anal passage way until the phallus filled him completely. He felt stretched and violated with the quick and complete penetration.

“That’s a good girl. Take my cock.” Cleo crooned. She loved being the dominant and reveled in it. She was aggressive and even sadistic at times.

Cleo set a fast pace for her thrusts. Amadeus kept his legs raised to give her access to thrust into him, which she was doing without mercy. He mentally tried to concentrate so he could orgasm faster. She wouldn’t stop plowing into his anus until he finished, and even then sometimes she kept going. He didn’t want to be sore, so the faster he could complete the faster she would hopefully stop.

It wasn’t completely unpleasant experience. Actually, if he was to be perfectly honest it actually felt quite good when she wasn’t being too rough. Today she was being a bit rough with him, but he knew she was proving a point. She controlled him, and she wanted him to not just know it but feel it. He was feeling it.

With each of her thrusts up into his anus he grunted loudly. His stomach muscles were clenched tight. He wasn’t allowed to stroke his cock to aid himself, and she wasn’t going to stroke him either.

He needed to focus and conjure up thoughts and images that made him climax. There was a spot inside him that the phallus would hit that helped, but that typically took much longer. Long sessions left him uncomfortable for days, and more so when he sat a saddle. .

Amadeus forced himself to focus. He thought about how amazing it feels when he sinks into the Princess’ tight wet cunt. Feeling her squeeze tight around him like a perfect sheath. The sounds she makes when he thrusts hard and deep into her. Stroking into her pink wet heat again and again.

That incredible moment when he can tell she is going to cum all over his cock. Her cunt clenches him at first sporadically, and he can always tell she’s on the edge. He makes faster thrust deep into her and soon enough her cunt grabs his cock tight and clenches so hard she makes it impossible for him not to spill his seed into her.

Cleo really worked her hips to thrust hard into his stretched opening. He was fully open for her now and took her with relative ease. He grunted hard on the deep thrusts. When she pulled back he panted, and then she would slam deep again. Amadeus’s eyes rolled back as she hit his magic spot deep inside, and almost instantly his release was upon him. Thick hot seed shot out of his cock and all over his belly and chest. It felt incredible. His head rolled to the side as he stifled a loud moan.

Cleo made a sound of disgust almost as soon as he finished cumming. It was what she wanted from him, but she always seemed disgusted with the mess. She quickly moved back, dislodging the fake cock from Amadeus’s anus. She moved away and discarded the harness on the floor for one of her chambermaids to clean up later. He lay there panting hard feeling elated and disgusted himself.

“Go wash that stuff off of yourself. I don’t want to even smell a hint of it on you. Then return. Remain naked.”

“Yes, Princess.” Amadeus quickly got up from the bed and went to the washing chamber.

Amadeus closed the wash chamber door behind himself and let out a deep breath. He knew he had not yet endured the worst part of this morning with Cleo. She still had her orders she wished to give him. A heinous act she expected him to carry out at her bidding.

He moved to the wash basin and looked to the chamber maid whom sat meekly in the corner. She had the good graces to keep her eyes lowered. She would have been fully privy to the entire act that had just taken place in Cleo’s bed.

“Come wash me.” He commanded. She leapt up and immediately came to his aid. She approached him shyly. Amadeus didn’t know her name since he didn’t pay much attention to the chambermaids.

She was a pretty lady he noticed absentmindedly. He watched as she placed a cloth into the washbasin and then used her petite hands to ring the excess water out of it. She turned to face him. She was between his nude body and the washbasin.

Amadeus noticed how much taller and larger he was than her. She looked up at him tentatively. He watched her face as she took in the cum all over his belly and chest. Two little pink spots formed on her cheeks. When he thought she place the damp cloth against his skin to clean him, she surprised him by leaning forward and licking some cum from his chest.

Despite himself, Amadeus smiled at the maid. “Have some more.” He whispered. She needed little encouragement, and continued seeking and licking up the jets of cum on his skin.

Once she had cleaned most with her tongue she then used the cloth, water, and a scented soap to wash his stomach and chest. She then used fresh clothes to clean his cock and balls. She gestured toward his back end. She never spoke since she was forbidden to do so.

Amadeus turned and bent over the washbasin to give the chambermaid access to clean his abused back entrance. She was very gentle and he honestly appreciated it. “Thank you.” He he said softly as he left. She didn’t respond of course.

When Amadeus returned to Cleo’s bed chamber she was swathed in a luxurious silk robe. She sat in her high back chair near the fire and sipped hot tea from a china tea cup. She gestured for him to take the seat opposite her. Of course, he was still completely naked. She liked to keep him on edge and exposed.

“That’s a good girl.” She murmured as he sat. He had never expressed how much he hated that, but of course she knew.

She put down her steaming cup of tea, but didn’t bother to offer him any even though there was a second empty cup and a full tea pot. She crossed her hands over her flat stomach and regarded him watchfully. “Nicolette must die.”

“Why?” He asked. He knew he wasn’t to speak and certainly wasn’t to question her.

Her eyes narrowed and her mouth pursed slightly before she spoke again. “Remember yourself, Amadeus, for I don’t believe you want me to show you your place again so soon.”

His eyes skittered over the stone floor to where the harness and phallus sat, then he returned them to Cleo’s icy gaze. “I apologize, my Princess.”

“Good girl.” She smiled smugly. “I will answer your question anyway. Nicolette must die because she is the favorite. Everyone loves the lovely and gracious Nicolette, but she is second born! I am first born! She is taking the attention that is rightfully mine.”

It was pure jealousy in its ugliest form, and Amadeus felt his stomach churn a little. Both Princesses were beautiful if truth be told, but Nicolette was so pure and almost angelic in her beauty. She shone from the inside out. Where with Cleo there was always a darkness to her. The darkness in her seemed to keep the people of the Kingdom from warming to her, including her own parents as far as Amadeus could tell.

However, there was something about the darkness that drew men to her. Maybe they sensed the deep sin inside her. It had drawn Amadeus in himself, so he knew first hand. Cleo knew the affect she had on men and she capitalized on it every chance she had. Amadeus was no fool and knew very well that he wasn’t the only of the King’s guards to share her body and bed.

“You take her riding almost every day. Well, say she had an accident while riding? Accidents happen all the time, even to lovely little Princesses such as Nicolette.”

“His Majesty would have me killed.”

“Not if you are sure to make it look like an accident.” Cleo’s eyes were rounded in false innocence.

“Nicolette is precious to your parents.” Catching himself, he added, “You both are, and if anything happened to either of you on my watch, they would have me killed.”

“She must die!” Cleo said through gritted teeth as she sat forward so fast she took him by surprise. Her small fist smashed down on the table making her tea spill over the edge of the china cup. “You will kill her!”

“Tell me how, Princess.” There was no point in arguing with her. She was livid now, and well beyond reason. Actually she could never be reasoned with.

“It’s very simple, really. I shouldn’t have to do all the thinking for you, but since you lack the capacity to do so for yourself, I will lay this out for you.”

It wasn’t true and they both knew it. Amadeus was every bit as educated as Cleo was. The King had made sure his closest warriors, the ones he let nearest to his family, were very well educated men. Of course, Amadeus knew he wasn’t to point this out, so he remained silent and listened.

“Take her to the cliff edge and make sure she goes over. See? Simple.” Cleo sat back looking smug.

“I will be put to death. A gruesome death I might add.”

“I won’t allow it. I will go to my father and plead for mercy on your behalf.”

Amadeus almost snorted with a sharp laugh. The very notion of Princess Cleo pleading or having even a concept of mercy was amusing.

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