A Sexual Rebirth Ch. 01


I hadn’t been with a woman in more than a year. No, it wasn’t because I was a loser, or unattractive, or even shy. Scoring with the ladies has never been a problem for me.

At 6’1”, 190 pounds I’ve always been in shape. I’m also friendly and outgoing — or, at least I was until my wife was killed in a car accident fourteen months ago.

A part of me died that day too. A part I wasn’t sure would ever recover.

For the past six months well-meaning family, friends and co-workers have been attempting to gently push me back into the dating scene. They tell me it’s what my wife, Tracy, would have wanted. My mom (who desires grandchildren above all else) is fond of reminding me I’m not getting any younger. I suppose she’s right. I turned thirty-three a couple of weeks ago.

Still, it hasn’t changed the numbness I’ve felt. When it comes to sex I’ve been content to jerk off every week or so, often fantasizing about my wife. The rest of my free time is spent in the gym, taking my pent-up aggression out on the weight machines. Sounds pretty depressing, right?

It all changed last week thanks to the kindness of two horny sisters.

My parents had gone out of town on a dream vacation to Alaska. They were planning to be gone for six weeks, leaving me to look after their house in the country. It was late July and temperatures had crept into the mid-90’s the day I arrived. After a cursory check of the house and grounds I decided to shoot some baskets on the old goal in the driveway. I stripped off my shirt and was soon tickling the twines.

I had been at it for a good twenty minutes and had worked up a healthy sheen of sweat when someone cleared their throat behind me. Sandy, my parent’s next-door neighbor was standing there smiling and holding a glass of iced tea.

“I thought you could use a break,” she said.

“Thanks, it is hot out here,” I replied accepting the glass and draining it in three swallows.

“Wow, you are thirsty. Why don’t you come over for a swim to cool off and I’ll pour you another glass.”

Instinctively, maraş seks hikayeleri I started to decline her offer, but I was really hot and a swim sounded awfully tempting. As I hesitated she took the decision out of my hands by stepping forward and hooking her arm inside of mine.

“I won’t take no for answer,” she insisted. “Besides, I can tell you want to.”

“I don’t have any swimming trunks,” I protested half-heartedly.

“We’ll think of something,” she promised.

As we strolled arm in arm toward her house Sandy mentioned that her sixteen-year-old son was staying with her ex-husband for the summer so I should feel free to use the pool whenever I felt like it.

The thought that she was coming onto me never even entered my mind. After all, Sandy was fifteen years older than me. She was attractive for an older woman, with shoulder-length blonde hair, a pretty face, very large breasts and long , tan legs that more than offset the fact she was a few pounds overweight. However, I had known her since I was a kid and she seemed almost like an aunt to me.

As we walked through the gate to Sandy’s back yard I received a big surprise. Stretched out by the pool in a skimpy string bikini was her younger sister, Melanie. Melanie had gone to my high school and was a senior when I was a freshman. Just the sight of her in the school corridor had given me an instant hard-on back then. Amazingly, for the first time since my wife’s death my cock began to twitch at the sight of a woman.

Melanie sat up as we approached and I tried to keep from ogling her gorgeous body. Two tiny, triangular patches covered her 36C tits and I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin fabric of the bottoms. Like her sister, she was tan with long legs. Her blonde locks were slightly longer than Sandy’s, falling midway down her back.

“Hi Keith,” she said looking me up and down appraisingly. “I haven’t seen you in forever. You’ve certainly grown up nicely.”

“Thank you,” I answered, trying hard not to show how thrilled I was with the compliment. “You look great.”

This brought a pleased smile to her pretty face.

“Do you want to go for a swim?” she asked, making a show of stretching, thrusting her perfect tits toward me.

“Ummm — I don’t have any trunks,” I said stupidly.

“You’re not going to let a little thing like that stop you, are you?” asked Sandy from behind me in a mischievous tone.

Before I could answer she slipped her arms around my waist and unfastened my shorts, pulling them down around my ankles. There I stood with quite a bit of my rock-hard eight inch cock poking out of my bikini briefs.

Melanie’s eyes grew wide and she slowly ran her tongue across her lips. “My, my, my — you have grown up nicely,” she cooed, her blue eyes locked on my engorged member.

“You know sis,” Sandy said. “Since our guest doesn’t have proper swimming attire we should probably just go skinny-dipping.”

“That would be the polite thing to do,” Melanie agreed.

Reaching behind her back she untied her top and let it drop to the deck. Her gorgeous, firm breasts were capped with cocoa brown nipples that in their hardened state were nearly an inch long.

She grinned at my unmistakable appreciation and held my eyes seductively as she stepped out of the bottoms, revealing a neatly trimmed triangle of blonde hair and glistening, swollen pussy lips.

Sandy stepped out from behind me and pulled her t-shirt over her head. Melanie unhooked her sister’s bikini top and pulled it away. I was blown away by the size of Sandy’s tits. They were easily the biggest I had ever seen in person with gigantic nipples the same color as Melanie’s. Of course, they did sag a bit, but in a way they were even sexier. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from them.

Melanie knelt and removed both Sandy’s shorts and bikini bottoms in one motion. I was surprised anew when I saw she was shaved bare, showing off a pussy nearly identical to her sisters.

Sandy took my hand and led me to the pool’s edge where she and Melanie quickly removed my sneakers and socks before each grabbing one side of my underwear and yanking them down.

“Mmmmmm,” Sandy purred as she began to run her fingernails lightly over my ball sack which was as tight as a drum.

Meanwhile, Melanie wrapped her hand around my thick cock and began slowly pumping it up and down. I closed my eyes, enjoying the attention my long-neglected dick and balls were receiving. Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t hold back much longer. But, just as I was preparing to shoot a fountain of cum all over the hands that were bringing me to the brink I was unceremoniously shoved into the pool.

Behind me I heard two quick splashes and a lot of giggling. The coolness of the water not only felt wonderful on such a hot, summer day, but also managed to take the edge off of my spasming cock.

Immediately, I found myself surrounded by the naked flesh of the beautiful sisters. Sandy was behind me, mashing her huge tits into my back and grinding her snatch against my ass.

Melanie wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing me deeply. As our tongues intertwined her slippery tits rubbed against my chest. What an incredible sensation!

Finally, we broke our kiss and Sandy reached around and took hold of my stiff rod. Melanie spread her legs slightly and her sister guided my cock into her waiting slit.

Much to my delight Melanie’s pussy was tighter than I expected. After a few thrusts she had taken my entire length, but it was a snug fit and the muscular walls of her vagina gripped me firmly.

Before long I knew I was ready to explode once more. Grabbing an ass cheek tightly in each hand I drove my cock into Melanie’s cunt furiously.

“Yes baby, cum inside of me!” Melanie encouraged.

This time I couldn’t hold back and I exploded inside of her like a firehose. I held her tightly as I let go of more than a year of sexual frustration with a satisfying groan.

After what seemed an eternity my tremors subsided and I slipped out of Melanie’s snatch. Sandy wrapped her arms around me from behind and gently kissed my neck.

“I think somebody needed that,” she said. “But, don’t get too relaxed. We’re not finished with you yet.

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