A Son’s Discoveries


The limo from the Funeral Home dropped John and Leslie Simmons at the front door of their home. It was the middle of the afternoon on Friday and at long last there ordeal was coming to an end. It had started over a week earlier with a phone call that Leslie received saying her husband, John’s Father, had been injured in a car accident and for her to come to the hospital. Fortunately John was just home from College and he and his Mom hurried to the hospital. “I’m so sorry,the doctor had said, We did all that we could but his injuries were too severe.”

They learned that Steadman Simmons Jr,s luxury car had been hit broadside by a large truck and that he really never had a chance. Though he did have his seat belt on and all airbags deployed it just wasn’t enough to save him.

As they entered the home, Leslie said “I’m going upstairs, soak in a hot tub and lie down for awhile. Thanks for being so strong for me this week hon.” She gave John a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

John grabbed a beer and walked out onto the screened-in porch at the back of the house. He gazed out at the perfectly landscaped back yard and gardens all surrounded by a high brick wall that had been painted White for many years. This was a large comfortable home that sat on about an acre of ground .

John thought about his Father and all that had happened in the week since his Dad had died. His father had been the only child of a prominent Southern family and had followed in the family tradition by becoming a lawyer. His marriage to Leslie didn’t happen till he was 31 and already established with a growing law practice. Their only child, John was born 4 years later and was raised mainly by his Mother as his Father seemed driven only by his ambitions.

He was a kind and giving Father if not a very loving one. John never was without anything he really needed but he learned early on that no matter how important an athletic event or some other school function that he was involved in , his Father would not be in attendance. There was always some excuse but deep down John always thought that his Father never really tried all that hard. His Mother, on the other hand was always there for him and quick with a hug or a kiss, even though the kiss was always on the cheek.

John thought his Mother was very pretty but in a rather subdued fashion. Her rich dark hair was always worn up and never upgraded to a newer style. Her clothes were the same, always as good as money could buy but very subdued and nothing sporty about them.

John had spent many Summers at expensive camps for boys, and while he was there, his parents often took vacation trips to places all around the World. At the time John never thought this strange as the camps always offered great adventures and his parents always came home with great gifts for him . Of course like all summer camps much of the competition included a lot of swimming. Now for some reason the thought popped into his head that he had never seen his Mother in Bathing suit.

John walked through the Kitchen and up the back stairs to a large room over the four car garage. This had been John’s bedroom when he lived at home but his dad had turned it more into a library or reading room when John had left for college. John still loved the room, it had a cathedral ceiling and large gables on both sides that featured many swing out windows. The bed had been replaced by overstuffed chairs, a couch and beautiful wood furniture. The far end of the room still featured a stone fireplace with floor to ceiling bookshelves on both sides.

John scanned the many books and spotted a novel he had begun reading several years ago and never finished. He took the book, sat down on the comfortable couch and before he realized it he had read for several hours.

“So here you are, Leslie said as she walked into the room. I thought I might find you here. You always loved this room when it was your bedroom didn’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s still probably my favorite room in the whole house.” John answered as he looked up at his Mom. John almost did a double take at what he saw. His Mom was wearing an off-White silky looking robe and her look was different than John had ever seen. Her shiny dark hair was pulled back from her face and hung in a braid more than half way down her back. But what John had trouble keeping his eyes off of were his Mothers boobs. They seemed twice as big as John remembered and they hung low on his Moms chest. She was barefoot and had no make-up on, to John she looked beautiful.

“Oh I feel much better after that bath and nap, and it feels like a load has been lifted of my back.” Leslie said as she sat down at the other end of the couch.

“I know what you mean , I feel the same Mom. John answered. I think I loved my Father but I just couldn’t feel any emotional loss, I spent the whole week feeling guilty.”

” Don’t you dare let yourself feel that way Hon, your Father was good man but he had a very straight and narrow view about how things should be. Love and affection were emotions that he wasn’t familiar with, marmaris seks hikayeleri as long as he provided well for his family he felt that was enough.”

“Did he dictate your whole lifestyle to you Mom?” John asked.

“Well I guess you could say that, as I said he was pretty set in his ways. What brought that up?”

“Because I’m looking at much different you! John smiled. I’ve never seen your hair down , never seen you in a robe and never have seen you barefoot.”

“Maybe I’m losing some past inhibitions and establishing some new freedoms.” Leslie said with a slight blush.

“That makes me very happy Mom and I think it makes you look 10 years younger.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Leslie giggled as she slid down the couch gave John a hug and a short kiss right on the lips.

“Another First, John said, So much better to get a kiss on the lips than all those years of just on the cheeks.”

“Another part of your Fathers influence, he was not much into kissing and thought there was strict code to be followed. But that’s behind us now so prepare to receive all kisses on the mouth.” Leslie answered.

“Fantastic, John whispered, I’ve always wanted them there.”

“So now that there is just the two of us, that’s the way it will be.” his Mom smiled up at him.

She leaned in against John and he naturally put his arm around her shoulder. This brought a jolt to John as he felt her large breast push into his side and the smell of her hair as she rested her head on his chest. As John glanced down he saw that her robe had pushed away from her at the top and gave him an unobstructed view of possibly the best cleavage he had ever seen.

As a teenager John had always been fascinated by girls with a big chest. In college he had discovered the pleasures to be had from a willing partner with just such endowment. His busty girlfriend had loved to tease him by not wearing a bra or sometimes going topless in his apartment. John had never tired of this behavior. But now it was his Mother and should he feel guilty about the growing hardness in his shorts?

His thoughts were interrupted by Leslie saying “I talked to David Meadows, an attorney at the firm and his Fathers best friend. He said that after a brief look at your Dad’s will and other information, that we should have no financial problems. Your Father, as you can imagine was very serious about preparing for all situations. He also said he had already been contacted by the insurance company, for the truck that killed your Dad, and that he didn’t expect any trouble getting a fair and generous settlement.”

“All that being said, Leslie added, You mentioned earlier about your lack of emotion toward your Father and I have to confess that although different, my feelings were somewhat the same. Your Father and I had a comfortable marriage that gave me everything I desired except for one thing —–passion!”

“It seemed the more success he had with his practice the only thing he needed from me was obedience and acceptance of his straight and narrow ways It was a very fair trade-off for the good lifestyle he provided, but that is behind me now and I really want to change some things and live a little differently. I certainly hope that my handsome son understands and will help his Mother come out of her shell.” Lslie said as she smiled up at John.

John lifted his Mothers face and kissed her gently on the lips, a kiss that lasted a little longer than John had planned but neither of them seemed to want it to end. John finally pulled back a bit and looked into her eyes as he said “I can’t think of anything I would rather do.”

“That makes me very happy John boy.” she said as she snuggled even closer to John. This did nothing to lessen John’s growing erection but he wasn’t about to change positions now. But Leslie pulled away, turned on the couch and lay back with her head in John’s lap. Her long braid was over the edge of the couch and her head was right on John’s erection.

She moved her head around a bit and smiled up at her son. “When I was in college there was a saying that went around. Is that a pencil in your pocket or you just glad to see me?”

“God, I’m sorry Mom, I don’t know what happened.” John said as he blushed furiously.

“I’m crushed, Leslie laughed I was hoping I still had the power to turn a strong young man on.”

“Oh you definitely have that power.” John answered, relieved that his Mom didn’t seem to be the least bit upset.

He also noticed how her heavy boobs had spread out to the sides and that her nipples were now poking out against the silky fabric. John jumped at the chance and giggled as he said ” I notice your power window buttons are showing!”

“My what? Leslie answered and than she saw where John’s eyes were directed. She laughed heartily as she sat up and put her arms around John I guess we have a mutual attraction for each other.”

John responded by pulling her to him and putting his lips to hers. The feel of her boobs against his chest seemed to control Johns emotions and he slipped his tongue out against her lips. Very slowly he felt Leslie’s lips open and her tongue joined his for a little dance. John thought he might come in his pants, the feelings were just that strong.

But after a long passionate kiss, Leslie pulled back and buried her face in Johns neck. “That was so good, she cooed, I’m so happy we can be so open with each other and I think it’s going to be a fun Summer.”

“Me too” John answered as he hugged her tightly to him

“Let me go slip some clothes on and I’ll meet you in the back yard in a few minutes.” Leslie said as she got up from the couch. She leaned back over kissed him on the tip of his nose and walked out of the room.

A few minutes later they were walking around the perimeter of the large back yard. “I always loved the privacy the high fence gives us and I tried to influence the landscaping.” Leslie said as they viewed the manicured grounds.

“It’s great Mom, John replied It’s amazing how much the trees have grown since my first memories here.”

“You were only three when we moved here and it was a real comfort to know that you were safe out here. Another thing I wanted to get your opinion on, Leslie started, what would you think of a swimming pool out here?”

“I think that would be fantastic Mom , what were you thinking?”

“Well of course your Father would never hear of it, but I always thought just a basic rectangle shaped pool and maybe a small cabana house” Leslie answered.

“I think that would be great Mom, let’s look into it.”

“Good, she replied, I want to get outside and get a tan. Your Father never thought it was proper for a lady to be anything but lilly White.”

Leslie had put on a pair of shorts and a sleeveless blouse and John commented “You’re full of surprises, I guess I didn’t realize you had arms and legs.”

“As white as they are they just about blend in with the White brick wall.” she said with a good laugh.

“Secondly Hon, we have to go shopping for a new vehicle, as you know they totaled your Dad’s car. I never liked riding in that big Black Mercedes but your Dad thought it was very proper. He even talked at one time about a chauffeur but thankfully he never followed up on that. She went on, My eight year old convertible is fine for around town but I want to do some traveling and I think we need more room. What I really hoped was that you and I could see some of this country that we missed while you were at camp.” she added.

“I would absolutely love that” John replied.

“You’ll never know how much I missed you when you were at those camps, was it terrible for you?” His Mom asked

“I never looked at it that way, John said “but now that you mention it I remember always thinking about you but not much about Dad.”

“How about pizza for dinner?” John asked

“That sounds real good, if you call and order it I’ll stop and get some beer and some other snacks.” she said

John called their favorite pizza parlor and ordered a large pie. He watched as his Mother pulled out of the garage with the top down and headed out the driveway. She had put on a baseball hat with her braided hair trailing out the back and John thought she looked sexy as could be!

John drank beer as he munched on some pizza and Leslie drank some wine as she did the same. They were sitting in the library watching an old movie on TV.

“You want one more beer, Leslie asked, I’m going for another glass of wine.”

“One more would be great.” John replied.

She came back, just as the movie was restarting ,gave John his beer and sat down next to him on the couch. A little while later as Leslie sat her empty glass on the table, John said “It’s starting to rain.”

“Should we close the windows?” Leslie asked

“If it doesn’t bother you Mom, I love the cool breeze.” John said

“I’ve got you to keep me warm” she giggled as she leaned over into John.

He put his arm around her shoulder and smelled the fragrance of her hair as she let her head rest on his shoulder. As the movie ended Leslie looked up at her son and said “I’m going to bed hon, I have really enjoyed being together today and hope we can have many more.”

“Me too Mom.” John replied as he leaned down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

He watched Sports Center on TV for a while, closed all the windows, made sure the house was locked and went to his bedroom.

John always slept in boxer shorts and he lay on his back listening to the rain pick up outside. He must have dozed off but he came too with a jolt as a loud clap of thunder banged outside.

As his eyes became adjusted to the darkness he heard his Mom walking down the hall toward his room. Just as she entered , a flash of lightning illuminated the room. John could see that she was in a thin strapped white silky nightgown and that she had combed out the braid. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and hung down her back.

“John, she whispered loudly, this storm woke me up and I’m scared, can I get in with you?”

“Sure.” John said as he moved to one side of his King size bed and held back the covers.

Leslie slipped into the bed and lay facing away from him. “I’m sorry hon ,I’ve always liked the rain and even the lightning but the thunder scares me.”

“I won’t let the big bad lightning and thunder get you Mommy” John half giggled

“Oh you, she answered than you better hold me so I know I’m safe”

As John turned toward her she slid back to him so that they were laying in the “spoon” position. As John put his arms around her his face was buried in her silky hair and this had an immediate reaction as his cock sprung up as a bumper between him and his Mothers round ass .

“Oh this is much better.” Leslie cooed as she squirmed a little against John.

The cool breeze from the storm raging outside was a welcome relief for John as he got comfortable with his arms around his Mother. Every time there was a burst of thunder, Leslie would move back firmer against John’s cock.

“Why don’t you take those shorts off and get more comfortable?” his Mom whispered.

Without a word John turned from his Mother and pushed his shorts on to the floor next to the bed. When he turned back toward his Mom he found that she had pulled her nightgown up and now had her lovely bare ass against John’s steel hard dick.

“What is this?” she giggled as she reached behind her and took hold of John’s cock.

” Ooooooooh” John sighed as she moved his cock down and positioned it between her legs.

“That’s much better don’t you think?” as she continued to squirm around on John’s rock hard cock.

Very quickly John felt a gush of hot cunt juice fully lubricate his hardness. He felt her fall into a rhythm as she moved her cunt back and forth over John’ engorged member. John moved to meet each of his Mom’s thrust as she kept changing her angle just a little until finally John felt his cock penetrate into her pussy.

“Oh my God yes!” Leslie cried as she stopped and than slowly moved back until John was in her velvet cunt clear to the hilt. They both moaned in pleasure as they slowly started the age old ritual.

John slowly pulled back until just the head of his dick was still inside and than slowly thrust forward till his muscled stomach was resting against his Mother’s butt.

“Oh don’t stop, don’t ever stop!” Leslie screamed as John picked up the pace and slammed into his Mom’s pussy as it continued to gush all over John’s embedded cock.

After a few minutes of this steady fucking Leslie yelled “I’m going to come, I’m going to come!!” and went into overdrive working her cunt onto John’s cock.

Just as she went into the uncontrolled movements that accompany an orgasm , she brought John over the edge and he poured hot stream after hot stream into his Mother as they both reached an unbelievable orgasm that seemed to go on and on as both of them had a series of jerks and shudders.

“I’ve never felt anything close to that.” Leslie gasped as her breathing tried to come back to normal.

“You are the best.” John whispered as he lay with his softening cock still in Leslie’s soaking pussy.

“Can we just sleep like this?” Leslie laughed

“We can try.” John replied as he reached around his Mom and without thinking filled his hands with her breast.

“I wondered when you would get around to them, let me help you.” Leslie said With that said Leslie pulled her nightgown over her head filling John’s hands with the smooth heavy feel, of his Mom’s bare breast.

As he felt the hard nipples bore into the palms of his hands John felt his cock come back to life inside her cunt. John could never remember feeling so content as he held his Mom close and listened to the rain.

The sun was coming thru the windows when John woke up. He turned looking for his Mom but the bed next to him was empty. He heard water running in the bathroom down the hall and in a minute his mom walked back into the bedroom , she was stark naked. John tried to take in all the scenery at once as his cock jumped to full attention. Her silky long hair hung over her shoulders and tried to hide her large hanging breast. Moving on downward John couldn’t get over the thick dark bush that was right at the top of his Mom’s long legs.

“Good morning my love. Leslie said softly as she stood on one foot and spun around for John’s viewing pleasure, So does any of this do anything for you?” she asked

“Well for one thing it makes my dick so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it” John breathed

“Is that right? she laughed, let me see.” She walked over and jerked the sheet off of John.

“Oh my God, it’s beautiful.” she exclaimed as she knelt next to the bed and took John’s cock in her hand for a closer look.

“As you may have guessed, your late Father’s sexual appetite wasn’t very great and he was just a little lacking in the equipment department. Leslie said as she toyed with John’s cock I have a strong oral fixation that was never satisfied with your Father, that was something only whores did as far as he was concerned. So since I have been wanting this for so long, could I have the pleasure of sucking your cock?”

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