A Special Surprise


A little note of explanation is in order, as this story represents a change of pace for me. I had one of my favorite men over recently and asked him to tell me a fantasy about the two of us that he hadn’t shared before. I was so delighted and turned on that I wrote it down as a story, from HIS perspective. Oh, and then we fucked for hours. 🙂 Enjoy.


I had no idea what was coming. I arrived at 1:43 pm and we kissed inside your front door. Then I hung up my wet jacket in the closet.

“Do you want a cup of tea?” you asked. You were wearing a pale pink silk dressing gown that showed off your cleavage in a white, lace bra. Your tits looked incredibly full and succulent. I’d been thinking about sucking them as I walked over the bridge in the rain.

“Sure, Earl Grey would be great.”

We sat down at your new glass table while the kettle heated up and pushed our chairs together. You showed me the Bettie Page coffee table book you’d ordered off Amazon. I could tell your mind was somewhere else, not really on the pictures, even though we were both enjoying them.

“You like that one, don’t you?” you said, pointing.

Bettie was dressed as a 50’s housewife, turning her head from the stove, ass thrust slightly out in her pencil skirt, wearing tall thick heels.

I nodded, feeling the flush, the rush of blood to my cock, the tightening of my asshole. Of course I did.

You put your arm around me, hand resting lightly on my ass. “Nice and firm. Did you wear your Saxx underwear for me today?”

“Uh huh. The pair with the apartment building and silhouettes of people in the windows on it.”

You smiled. “I wonder what kind of voyeur designed them. Somebody like me, I bet.”

The kettle started boiling and you got up to make the tea. Thrusting your ass out like Bettie, a taunting smile on your face. Knowing how fuckin’ hungry you make me.

“Did you jerk off today?” you asked me with an edge in your voice.

“No, it was all I could do to focus on the technical white paper I was writing,” I said.

“That’s good,” you said. “You can keep your hands off your cock a little bit longer. I’ve got a treat for you.”

You opened the fridge and took amasya seks hikayeleri out a small mason jar full of milk. You poured a generous dollop into each of our mugs, and handed me one.

I took my first sip. “Thank you. This is really good.”

You were watching me closely with a slight smile. “It is, isn’t it?”

Something about the tea was just heating me up. Not just my cock: my hands and feet and everything, the top of my head. I felt this rich sense of fullness as I looked at you and watched you drinking too.

I often don’t take milk with my tea, but it seemed like just what I needed on a rainy March afternoon.

You pointed to the kitchen counter. “Why don’t you bring the box of tea bags over here?”

I could not figure out what was going on, but I complied. I frowned slightly as I sat down. Then, with my eye for words, I noticed that you’d scratched out the word “Earl” and replaced it, handwritten, with “Lady.”

“Aha. Wow.”

You played with my hair. “I figured you would catch that since you are so verbal. And words make so much difference to you. Do you like the new name?”

“I sure do.”

“Maybe that should be the permanent name for this tea. ‘Lady Grey.’ Or maybe better yet, you could write to the company – a nice, eloquent letter – and suggest that they replace ‘Grey’ with my surname. I bet you’d like to see that when you’re at the grocery store, wouldn’t you?”

“I would definitely buy a few boxes.”

“If they really knew how to market, they’d replace this boring artwork with a picture of my face. Showing my tongue. You know how I do it. I’d like to wear sunglasses, but I’d also like everybody – everybody – to see my face.”

My voice had dropped right off from the power you were exuding. “Yes, you deserve that.”

I took another sip of my tea. It was so good. My cock was visible through my jeans, pressing up through my underwear, the steady glow of arousal all over me.

“Seems like this is the tea you’ve always wanted to drink,” you said softly.

I nodded.

“Well, I’ve got something else to tell you,” you said. “Actually, to show you. I went to Zovo Lingerie for a fitting last week while you were on your business trip.”

You pulled your dressing gown open and showed me the intricate lacework on the bra. Your tits were bulging right out of it, pushed up and heavy. It looked fuckin’ amazing.

I put my face against them, feeling the comfort. “I really like this.”

“I’ve gone up a cup size,” you said, again with that edge.

I was confused. I had certainly noticed your tits looked exceptional, but perhaps I’d missed something. “What – how?”

You smiled. “Come with me to the bedroom.”

You led me into your room where the curtains were closed and your sex toys, including your plugged-in Hitachi Magic Wand and your big purple vibe, were laid out on the quilt. One I didn’t recognize.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“They had a sale over at Forbidden Fruit,” you explained. “It’s a pump.”

You lay back against the headboard and smiled as what you said registered in my mind.


You nodded. “I read about it in that Jezebel round-up of sex toys that you sent me at Christmas. I know it’s your dream.”

You slowly pulled your full, heavy right tit out of your bra, making direct eye contact with me. You squeezed the tip of your nipple and a small drop of white goodness appeared.

I couldn’t stop looking as it trickled down over your areola.

“Lick it up,” you commanded. “Don’t let me make a mess, boy.”

Kneeling on the quilt, I ran my tongue over your hard nipple, tasting the fresh warm version of what had been in my tea.

“That tastes so good,” I told you. “Do you know how many times I’ve masturbated to this? Fantasized about your nipples squirting out in the shower?”

“Fuck yes,” you said. “I bet it leaves your pajamas, your T-shirt, and your underwear soaked with cum. Why don’t you pull off those jeans and show me your Saxx?”

I ripped everything off except my underwear, showing you my hard cock and the big wet stain in the crotch.

“Good boy,” you said. “Here, have some more.” You squeezed that nipple again and more came out for me to drink.

As I devoured your milk, you moaned with pleasure from the sensation of my mouth on your ripe, full tits. I manipulated your left nipple with my fingers, and milk came trickling out. I licked it up.

“I’ve been pumping five times a day to get here,” you told me. “Before I leave for work, in the toilet on my coffee break, usually at lunch, in clients’ bathrooms. Even when I’m in the car. I did it parked out at Golden Gardens last week while people walked by. I’m sure many saw what I was doing through the windows.”

I threw away my underwear because my cock was too fuckin’ hard now.

“Why don’t you get a real drink going here, boy?” you said roughly. “Don’t be shy. Suckle Mama’s big, nasty tits like you always do and fill up on me. Fuckin’ fill up on me! Take my milk.”

Oh fuck yes. I started drinking your milk, sucking you right into me, while you writhed against me. Savoring your lactation together.

You showed your teeth and groaned. “I need your hand up my hole.”

You spread your thighs crudely and I lubed up and put it in you.

“Four fingers. Does that feel good and full for you?” I asked, taking my mouth off your nipple for just a second.

“Thumb too,” you said, breathing heavily. “Yeah. Fuck! Now keep sucking me. Suck me!”

You reached for the Hitachi and turned it on. As I swallowed your milk hungrily and pushed my hard-on into your thigh, you placed the wand at the top of your cunt and teased yourself. I focused totally and completely on sucking your nipple. Drinking, drinking, drinking. Drink the Lady. A privilege, full of purpose.

The steady drone of the Hitachi felt amazing against my hand and I could tell it was hitting your swollen clit just right. Your whole body started to stiffen up. I pushed my fist up, slowly and inexorably, against your G-spot. You tensed even more. And more.

And then you let out a raw scream of pleasure as your well-deserved climax hit. Thrashing and rolling, milk spilling out of my mouth, over your body, across the sheet. On and on.

When you let the Hitachi fall to one side, I kept rubbing your clit. The shocks of pleasure never seemed to stop coming.

We lay for a long time with my hand up your cunt. My balls were still loaded with come and it felt so good. I could hear the rain, steady and soothing, against your bedroom window.

Finally, after a long warm silence, you said: “My. That was so good. Can I offer you some more tea?”

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