A Surprise Scottish Incest Ch. 02

Alexis Fawx

An author is lucky if s/he gets to work with a talented editor. In my case I have had the good fortune to have ChadCastle28 to edit this. But any errors are mine, not his. All persons engaging in sexual intercourse are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 02

As Rudolph Argyle pressed the head of his cock to the anal sphincter of Kandace MacCallum’s lovely ass, he found out that she already knew to press out as he proceeded to press in. Just as soon as the head of his love pole entered her rectum, she cried out for him to stop.

“Your cock is too big, and my rectum is so small that you will have to pause frequently so that I can adjust to your size,” she informed him. “You wouldn’t want to tear my insides, would you?”

“No, my dearest lover, I certainly would not want to hurt you in any way. Just tell me when you want me to start pushing in,” he replied. Then he added, “If you want to be on top, just roll us over, so that you can control how much of me you can take before the next pause.”

“Let’s do that now,” she replied. “You can probably accommodate my weight more easily than I can yours.” So they rolled over until he was on his back with his arms wrapped around her to hold her on top of him as she slowly impaled her ass on his oversized member.

One hour later Kandace had pushed his entire mighty tool inside her anus. When she felt his pelvis bump against the globes of her ass, she cried out in joy that she had taken all of him. Five minutes later he rolled up onto his knees, and hers, and began a slow withdrawal until once again only the head of his cock was within her. He pulled the fingers of his right had out of her pussy, and lubricated his shaft with more of her vaginal secretions. Meanwhile, Rudolph felt her body shake with another orgasm.

When he had pushed himself completely back inside of her, she halted him again. Then she told him, “I’m ready now. Please fuck my ass, slowly. I’ll tell you when to speed up.”

On his 4th push into her Kandace said, “Please, Rudolph, fuck me faster and harder. And please finger my cunt once more.”

He was happy to comply with her wishes. After ten more minutes of vigorously fucking her ass, he shot a load into her as her cunt muscles tightened around his fingers in the biggest orgasm of the night. Pulling them onto their side so that they were spooning, he finally softened enough that she could expel him from her ass. They fell asleep that way and slept for five hours.

After sleeping in Kandace’s bed, Rudolph awoke to the very pleasant sensation of himself spooned around his stepsister’s naked body, with his morning erection poking her in the ass. He started to pull away when she awoke, turned in his arms to face him, and asked, with a grin on her face, “Mr. Argyle, just where do you think you are going, at this hour of the morning?”

“Why, my beloved Ms. MacCallum, I need to relieve my bladder before these sheets get any wetter than they already are,” he replied. “Feel free to join me for another shower before our day begins.”

“My lover, my stepbrother, I just might take you up on that offer. Then, when we are dressed, we could, if you are willing, go to our nearby donut shop and café where you will be my guest for breakfast. But we are due at Shira Cohen’s office at 9:15 this morning. Since I don’t want to rush our meal, I suggest that we refrain from sex in the shower, this time,” she told him. As she did so, she realized that this was the longest first thing-in-the-morning conversation that she had ever had with a man.

Rudolph agreed with her plan, especially when she disclosed to him the name of the donut franchise. He loved their coffee, and the food was always satisfactory when he didn’t make breakfast at home.

The visit with Shira Cohen, the real estate broker, was also a success since the very first place she showed him more than fit the bill. So they returned to Shira’s office where a lease was prepared and signed, and then rent and a security deposit were written out in two separate checks for the property. As it was vacant, Shira handed Rudolph the keys and said she was happy to have him as a tenant.

After this Kandace drove him to his hotel where he gathered his belongings, settled the bill, and then returned to their apartment complex so that muğla seks hikayeleri Rudolph could move his things into his new apartment. Then, at Kandace’s suggestion, they returned to the leasing office to have a private conversation with the leasing agent about early cancellation of her lease so that she could move in with him, since he had leased a three-bedroom apartment, despite having intended to rent a one-bedroom unit. A move out for Kandace was arranged for the middle of the month.

Over the days between then and the middle of the month they were able to clear her old apartment and move into his new one. The last item that they brought over was her bed, which they slept in every night. And every night their passion for each other grew. On the morning after their seventh night together, Rudolph told Kandace to go and buy a new dress to be worn to dinner that night at the best restaurant in town.

While she suspected what he had in mind, Kandace still was taken aback by Rudolph’s proposal of marriage after their meal, especially as he knelt in front of her and presented her with a magnificent engagement ring consisting of a 2.5 carat sapphire surrounded by a dozen white diamonds totaling 1.5 carats. He asked Kandace to be his bride, and she readily agreed.

When they returned home that night they made slow, sweet love, doggy style. Then they fucked, anally, like lovers who’d been separated for far too long. Then they fucked again, this time with Kandace sitting on him in the reverse cowgirl position. When they awoke the next morning they were both very sore, but very satisfied. And they were very happily engaged.

Two weeks later they were married in Las Vegas, where they spent their honeymoon. With no one in Vegas aware of their familial ties before the wedding, and the fact that they had agreed that Kandace would remain a MacCallum afterwards, they were very happy to be married to each other. And each night of their honeymoon was like the night he had proposed. While he did fuck her ass slowly, she insisted he fuck her pussy hard and fast. And they finally settled on four positions for their fucking: missionary, doggy style, reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl.

When they returned to the city of their residence they decided that by the time his lease had expired they wanted to own a large house ten miles or so outside the city; hopefully on a 10-acre wooded lot with a small private lake. That far from neighbors they could live the life they chose. They could hire a cleaning service to come in weekly for dusting, vacuuming and mopping. All other chores they would perform for themselves. Since they had many clients in the city, they drove where they had to go, separately, although sometimes he hitched a ride in her van when he knew he would spend all day in his office.

At night they just cuddled with each other in the nude until bedtime. While he would caress her tits and play with her cunt as they cuddled, she would stroke his cock, which always led to her sucking at least one load before they made their way to the bedroom. As they had already stripped off each other’s clothing as soon as they locked the door for the night, this form of cuddling was easy. And every time that she sucked him off, he would return the favor by eating her pussy.

And when they went to bed he was sure to slide his cock into her cunt while they explored each other’s head, neck and chest with their hands, their lips and their tongues. So they seldom had need for external lubricant before he began his slow exploration of her feminine channel with his eight-incher. He might slightly change the angle to hit different parts of her welcoming vagina. And sometimes he would make love to her doggie style so he could push even deeper into her core. And when Kandace approached her first orgasm while he was deep within her, Rudolph loved the way her internal muscles would squeeze him until he came as well.

When their breathing had returned to its normal pre-coital level, then he would take her hard and fast, usually in some other position. But he only fucked her anally at a slow pace until she begged him to fuck her harder and faster. When he had exploded into her a second time, usually as she had her second orgasm since they had gotten into bed, Rudolph would wrap himself around her and they would drift off to sleep.

One night, as they cuddled before heading to the bedroom, Kandace asked him if he wanted children right away. He told her that he thought that they should be married for a couple of years before attempting that. She agreed, saying, “I think we definitely should spend time being us before adding children to our lives. But I eventually want at least two.”

The next night, while cuddling, they talked about the fact that she never called herself “Kandy” and he never called himself “Rudy.”

Rudolph said that he never liked nicknames. Kandace said the same was true for her. He said, “Answering only to my full name always made me feel more like a grownup than a child. By the time I started college no one called me anything else, unless it was to address me as ‘Mr. Argyle,’ as most of the professors did.”

Kandace said that the first time a student at school dared to address her as ‘Kandy’ she politely, but firmly, told him that if he ever did that again she’d kick him so hard he’d need a seat cushion for a month, along with pads to absorb the bleeding. “The poor fool didn’t listen to what I had said. The next day he did it again I kicked him as hard as I could where the sun never shines. I may also have kicked him in the crotch, because he walked very gingerly for two days. He apologized and said he would never do that again.” She added, “The word got around and from then on people only called me Kandace or Ms. MacCallum.”

As she told him this he slid a couple of inches away from her, covered his family jewels with both hands, and solemnly promised never to piss her off like that kid had done. She pulled him back into a cuddling position and said, mock menacingly, “If you pissed me off I would only kick your ass. I’d never endanger that glorious cock and those fabulous testicles that keep me so satisfied.”

That night they only fucked once; but it was a slow doggy style as they lay on their sides. And when her orgasm caused him to shoot his load into her waiting pussy they fell asleep with his massive member buried within her. Those were the nights when they would get the most rest.

Two months after returning from their Las Vegas honeymoon, they began talks with Shira Cohen, now a good friend to both of them, concerning the kind of house that they wanted to buy. Five months later she showed them a property that she had been offered that suited them perfectly. It had 5 bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom plus a finished basement that would later become a playroom for their children. It was also connected to a natural gas pipeline, which enabled them to cook with gas. There was even a satellite dish, which allowed them direct Internet access at the highest download and upload speeds available. Plus they were only two miles from the local schools.

The best part was a four-car garage that was connected to the house by a wide hallway that accommodated a mudroom and a laundry room. Because the house roof, and the garage roof both had solar panels, as well as the hallway between the house and the garage, the garage was kept heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer. Kandace told her husband that it suited her perfectly. The only condition he had was that her van had to be replaced with a Land Rover when she drove to clients in bad winter weather. Rudolph told her “my family back in Scotland always had one in the garage, for weather emergencies. She agreed saying that her van wasn’t that good in bad weather.

They bought the house for cash and informed the leasing office that they would not renew their lease when it expired in four months. But, Rudolph assured them, “I will begin adding staff to my business over the next five years, and I will send them here first for their initial housing needs. That assurance made their departure from the property more joyous for the leasing agent.

Life was good for them as their businesses thrived. Soon enough their second anniversary had come and gone. Kandace had her IUD removed and they began serious baby-making sex. One month later her doctor confirmed her first pregnancy had begun. So they were able to return to their slow love making and wild fucking that they normally did. And, of course, they continued their nude cuddling after dinner.

But Kandace’s first trimester of her first pregnancy was marred by her frequent bouts of morning sickness. Her clients got used to her frequent postponements. Later she only made appointments after noon, by which time her system had stopped making her sick.

Eventually the morning sickness faded and they could both work full days, while enjoying each other at night.

One night in Kandace’s seventh month, Rudolph was caressing her belly and massaging her back, which had begun to ache a lot during the day. He loved to pamper her this way and she usually felt better, and more amorous, when they went to bed. But this time she wanted to discuss something with him.

She began by asking, “Rudolph, are we going to remain unclothed as much when the baby comes? Are we going to let our child watch us cuddle and everything sexual that we do?”

“I see no reason to change when the baby comes,” he told her. Then he added, “If our child sees us as we are there will be fewer questions to answer. Besides, you wear panties over your Tampon when it is your time of the month, so the baby will not mind wearing a diaper until it is potty-trained.”

Kandace thought about this for a few moments, and then stated, “Of course, we will all have to wear normal clothes if we should have visitors, and if our children want to have friends come over.”

“Very well reasoned my beautiful wife,” Rudolph said.

Then she posed another situation. She asked, “What kind of age would you want our first child to be before we have another? And at what age should we begin permitting them to have sex with others. Are we going to permit our children to have incestuous sex with us or with each other? And how shall we manage that, because having watched us they will want to do what we do: and being nude in the house may encourage them to begin sooner, rather than later. What do we do then?”

Rudolph thought about what she said, not venturing to speak until he knew what he wanted to say. “My dearest love, you have raised some very serious issues. We should not put off this discussion too long, but I think we should spend a week or more thinking about these questions. I also think we should write out our own answers to each one on our computers. Then we should email each other our answers. And then we can discuss what we wrote, perhaps even side by side.”

When they sat down to compare their individual answers, they were more than pleased that there were few substantive differences. Kandace expressed herself on one of Rudolph’s points this way: “I know that when we have two or more children this might be an issue if they are both males or both females. But if they start to have feelings of a sexual nature for one another, I think we should encourage them to talk to us before they act. And I believe both children should be able to tell us why they want to do this with each other. If they can do that, then they will be able to proceed with our blessing.”

Rudolph also said that he thought the same should apply to having parent-child sex. If their children could explain why they think that they should be allowed to have sex with their parents, then it would be an indication that they should be permitted to do so.

He added, “When they ask us, as they will, if we have ever had sex with a sibling, because they want our approval to have sex with one another, we should not hide the fact that you are my stepsister and I am your stepbrother. That fact alone should be the basis for our giving them permission.”

Kandace followed his remarks with this thought: “I think that we should encourage them to explore their bodies, the other’s body, and our bodies whenever they ask, but not before. And they should ask us before having sexual intercourse of any type with any other member of this family so that we can verify their ability to do so without hurting each other. And we especially want to impress upon them that both persons have to ask to have sexual intercourse with the other before they can do so. I want no one being forced to do anything, as you know.”

With that they agreed that they had adequately covered what and how they would teach their children about permissible sexual relations within their family. Rudolph then picked Kandace up, harder as that was with all the baby weight, and took her to their bedroom. That night he had her fuck his ass with one of her dildos. He told her that he wanted to be prepared if they had a boy who wanted to fuck his father’s ass.

To be continued…

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