A Terrible Mistake


Author’s note: Although this is not a story of non-consensual sex, be warned, this aunt displays a lot of reluctance.

Bella Carter finished typing her husband’s number and tapped ‘video’. Suddenly her husband’s friendly face was smiling at her.

Bella cleared her throat nervously, “Darling, I’ve got some good news.”

Her husband’s smile got even wider as he said, “Great baby, but did Billy bring round the money?”

He didn’t wait for an immediate answer as he continued, “You were so right to tell me to sell that stupid car. I decided this morning that I’d be a fool not to solve our temporary financial difficulties by getting rid of it. Billy had told me a few days ago that he would be willing to pay $5,000 as he’d always wanted to own a Mercury Cougar XR7, but at the time I didn’t think I could part with it. Well I’d already decided last night that I had been a fool, so I phoned Billy and he said he would pay me today.”

Bella was staring in horror at her husband, Jim, but he didn’t seem to notice as he continued, “Of course, what I wasn’t expecting was that Billy would bring the payment in cash to the office this morning, but you know what he’s like, he always seems to have a lot of cash on him. Well with me having to come here for my business meeting, I didn’t want to bring all that cash with me, so I was relieved when Billy said he would drop it off to you on his way home.”

Bella was still staring at the screen as Jim finished.

Jim waited impatiently for Bella to confirm she had the money. “Well?” he asked.

Bella was almost robotic in her answer, “Yes, of course he dropped off the money. I have it in the safe.”

Jim looked pleased, “I know you don’t like him, but I hope you were friendly to him and gave him a drink. After all he has done us a favor by buying the car, even if it is to his advantage.”

Bella looked blankly at Jim. She was thinking that she had certainly been friendly with Billy, far too friendly. She thought back to earlier that evening.


She had been thinking about their financial situation. She was thirty-five, Jim a few years older, and she felt that life should be more financially comfortable than it was. They had a tremendous business opportunity as long as they could obtain a large loan from the bank. The bank had said that they could agree the loan, but only if their present outstanding loan was repaid in full. The problem was that, although they had borrowed from friends, they were still just $5,000 dollars short of the money they needed.

Bella had suggested to Jim that he could sell his beloved car, a Mercury Cougar XR7, but he said he couldn’t bear to part with it. It was so frustrating. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Jim to have a share in a valuable business. It would mean him working away from home even more than he did at the moment, but they could cope with that.

Jim worked freelance sharing an office with Billy. Billy, who was Bella’s twenty-year-old nephew, had inherited a small fortune from his mother, Bella’s older sister. It all seemed so unfair to Bella. Billy’s business always seemed to be successful, whereas Jim was always having to work extremely hard to make money. In addition, Billy was such a sleazeball, His eyes would devour Bella’s lush curves whenever they met. Bella would try to avoid meeting him, but Jim only laughed at her and said that Billy was harmless.

Jim was so tired when he came home that sex had become a rare event. Eventually Bella had accepted that although her husband appreciated her big blue eyes, long blond hair, big breasts and big round ass, she would need to take the initiative, although not in a way that required any effort from Jim.

At first, he would lay back and she would just give him a quick handjob to help him get to sleep, but then she found two videos in his bag. One of the videos was the art of fellatio and the other was a POV of various big breasted women on top, riding the viewer in a cowgirl position. She realized that, when Jim was away, he must be masturbating to these fantasy videos to help him get to sleep.

Bella spent a long time studying the videos until she believed she knew exactly what to do. Jim was laying back as usual waiting for her to grasp his penis, when she pulled back the sheets and started sucking his cock.

Pausing she whispered, “I’m your Hot Lips Honey,” and returned to administering fellatio.

He started in surprise but then just lay back and enjoyed her new-found abilities as she licked and sucked, caressing and teasing his balls as she had seen the women doing in the video.

She held back trying the cowgirl position until the weekend. He thought he was going to enjoy the now usual blowjob and lay back expectantly with his head on the pillow. She was applying oil to his cock, but seemed to be using more oil than usual. He soon found out why as she slid down, impaling herself, and started steadily grinding her hips backwards and forwards.

This was his fantasy position muş seks hikayeleri and he actually bestirred himself to reach out his hands to grasp her tits as she rode him. She had all the techniques, swaying her hips like a belly dancer as she interlocked her hands behind her head, pushing out her chest and really pumping her hips.

“I’m your Hot Slut baby,” she whispered as she moved her body seductively above him as she fucked him.

Falling asleep for him was now no problem. His only difficulty came when he was away from home on business. He really missed seeing her until she came up with a solution.

When she spoke to him on video, she would wear a tight black dress which she would peel off. Then taking off her bra, she would massage oil over her big breasts. She always wore black stockings with a white garter belt and a pair of flimsy see-through panties which were quickly discarded.

As she wriggled her body in front of him, stroking her breasts and pushing her hand between her legs, she could see Jim lying back on the bed jacking off furiously. She smiled warmly at him as she saw him cum, comfortable in her knowledge that he would now have a good night’s sleep.

As Bella told Jim that she’d put the money in the safe, her mind went back to the start of the evening. With Jim away, all she could do to comfort him was the video call. She had just changed into the tight dress Jim liked so much. She knew that he would be disappointed that they had failed to get hold of that final $5,000 and she wanted to do all she could to help him have a good night’s sleep. She was determined that when he watched her on video, she would be the sexiest yet.

She had changed into her dress far earlier than she needed to. It would be a good five hours later that she would be communicating with Jim. She dabbed some perfume behind her ears and on her neck to make her feel sexy. She still hoped that her Uncle Ivor would come up with the money. On a previous occasion he had couriered two thousand dollars in cash to help them out. However, she knew he’d been ill lately, so did not hold out much hope.

It was about six o’clock that she heard the doorbell and could see Billy through a pane of glass beside the door. She opened the door a few inches with it on the chain.

Billy’s smarmy voice came through the gap.

“Evening Auntie Bella, may I come in?”

The last thing that Bella wanted was for Billy to enter the house while Jim was away, especially with her wearing the tight black dress.

“What do you want?” she snapped.

Billy was surprised. Jim had obviously not told Bella that it was Billy who had bought the car.

“I’ve got the money, the $5,000,” he answered quickly.

Although Billy always enjoyed an opportunity to see Bella, today he was in a hurry. He was going on to the Paradise Massage Parlor where he was going to have fun with Busty Brenda. Of course, Brenda’s tits did not compare in size to Bella’s champion melons, but at least Brenda was available. Also, he had already taken the Viagra and a booster pill, so he was impatient to be off.

Bella hesitated. Why had Billy brought the $5,000 they needed? Was it a loan?

Billy sensed Bella’s hesitation. “I can take it away if you like,” he said turning as if to leave.

“No, no!” cried Bella, removing the chain and opening the door. She turned and walked back into the room as Billy followed her, stepping through the threshold, then he stopped. He was staring incredulously at Bella in her tight black dress. Her big round ass clearly defined by the clinging material, but as she turned to face him, he swallowed in his excitement at the sight of her big breasts pushing out the fabric.

“Oh yes, the tight black dress,” he said in with a lewd grin.

Bella blushed hotly at his words and his lecherous look. She inwardly cursed Jim. Her husband could never hold his drink and she dreaded to think what he would have told Billy in one of Jim and Billy’s heavy drinking sessions.

Billy took a wad of $100 bills from his inside pocket and laid them on the table.

“Is this a loan?” asked Bella.

She had asked the question in a sharp tone, but inside she was feeling tremendous relief that Jim had somehow managed to find a way to get the $5,000.

Billy smiled, “No it’s a payment.”

Bella looked blank. “I don’t understand,” she said puzzled.

Billy had by now grasped that Bella had no idea that Jim had sold him his car. However, he was enjoying feasting his eyes on Bella’s curves and he was in no rush to get away. He decided to be mischievous.

“I know how desperate you are to secure $5,000, so I’ve come to make you an offer.”

“What sought of offer,” said Bella suspiciously.

“Look Auntie Bella,” said Billy, “you know I think you’re a beautiful woman. All I want this evening is to enjoy you. If you agree, the $5,000 is yours.”

Bella stared at Billy aghast. She’d thought it all seemed too good to be true. What a bastard! She was going to tell him to go to hell, and yet she hesitated.

Billy saw her hesitation and became hopeful.

“Look, no one need know. It will all be over after an hour or two. I gather you were hoping your Uncle Ivor would send the money. Well tell Jim that he did.”

Bella was still staring at him.

Billy continued, “Look I am a gentleman. Whenever you want to, you can stop what we’re doing immediately.”

Bella’s thoughts were in an agony of indecision. Having sex with Billy was unthinkable, but there again, she and Jim were in desperate need of $5,000. The fact that she could stop at any time was reassuring. She wouldn’t be forced to go further than she was willing to go.

She took a deep breath and eventually broke her silence, “Jim must never know.”

Billy couldn’t believe that his deception had succeeded. His pulse was hammering as he tried to sound calm. He just nodded and said, “I’ll leave this money on the table. Shall we go upstairs?”

Bella hesitated then stepped up the stairs ahead of him. Her mind was spinning as she walked into the bedroom followed by Billy.

Billy tried to sound matter-of-fact as he said, “Look, I’m not too demanding. I’ll just undress and lie on the bed. I’d like you to fellate me, but you can keep your clothes on.”

Although Bella was shocked at the blatant request for her to accept her nephew’s cock in her mouth, she was relieved that she could keep her clothes on. She thought that she could just close her eyes and think she was fellating her husband.

It seemed incredible that Billy was willing to pay $5,000 for her to give him a blowjob, when he could probably get one from a good-looking whore for $300. It made her feel that, although she still thought of him as her sleazy disgusting nephew, she had almost a feeling of pride that, with her beauty, she could make the $5,000 that she and Jim needed.

She looked away from him as he stripped off his clothes, until she heard him say, “I’m ready.”

Turning towards him she could see him lying back halfway down the bed, his lower legs dangling over the end. This was the position she always made Jim relax in. It meant that she had easy access to fondle his balls while she sucked him. It seemed coincidental that Billy should take up the same position.

Billy’s cock was not erect but had a thickness about it, even when flaccid.

She decided to be businesslike. Grasping the bottle of oil, which she always kept at the side of the bed, she splashed it liberally over Billy’s penis and testicles. She then knelt between his legs at the foot of the bed and began massaging his cock, smoothing the oil on his genitals.

Almost immediately his penis stiffened into a thick throbbing erection. She had been trying not to look at Billy’s face, but now she didn’t need to try. Her gaze was totally concentrated on the large throbbing tumescence in her hands. She couldn’t believe the size of it. Now, as well, with his penis no longer flopping forward, Billy’s large testicles were obvious, two large plums nestling in his balls’ sack.

She was transfixed by the size of his cock, with the big knob head sitting on top. She cautiously slid her hands up and down his huge manhood, extracting a moan from Billy. She wondered momentarily whether she could get away with just giving him a handjob, but immediately dismissed the thought. He clearly wanted her to earn the $5,000 with a blowjob. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and slid her lips over his corona.

“Oh, fuck yes!” moaned Billy.

She tried to think that it was her husband she was sucking, but it was difficult when the cock she had in her mouth was so much bigger than her husband’s.

She started her usual tricks of squeezing and scratching his balls. She licked up and down the shaft then teased the red eye at the tip before running her tongue round the rim of his corona.

Billy was in heaven. He couldn’t believe that his bitch of an auntie could be fooled so easily. The thought that he was getting a free blowjob from her made the intense sensation in his cock even more pleasurable.

As her left hand squeezed his balls, her right started sliding down to his anus. Bella knew that, with his balls being squeezed and a finger in his asshole, the intensity of Billy’s orgasm when she sucked him hard would be amazing. He would be well drained and she would have her well-earned $5,000.

Now she really went for it, sucking him hard and working his balls and asshole. In the sweet agony of his orgasm, Billy screamed, “Oh Auntie you Hot Lips Honey!”

Although Bella continued sucking him, she was shocked that Billy had used the words she had used with Jim. Clearly on one of his drunk evenings, Jim had told Billy all about the way she fellated him.

She was still thinking about this as she suddenly heard Jim saying, “Swallow it.”

It was only at this point that she realized how much cum she had in her mouth. By telling herself that this was her last act of degradation, she looked defiantly at Billy and swallowed all of his jizz.

Jim was smiling at her as he said, “I expect you want to use the bathroom.”

She got off her knees without a word and tried to walk with dignity into the bathroom, where she spent 5 minutes rinsing out her mouth.

She took a few deep breaths in the bathroom before she came out. She was feeling vaguely proud of herself. She had done it. She had fellated a nephew she loathed, but she had gained $5,000.

She stepped out confidently and then stopped as she saw Billy lying on the bed, stroking an erection that seemed larger than ever. As she wavered, Billy got off the bed and walked towards her. As he came in front of her, he went to pull her towards him to kiss her, but she hurriedly pulled her head back.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. “We’re finished.”

“No, no,” said Billy, “we’ve only just started. I’m going to take your clothes off and fuck you.”

“WHAT!” she screamed. Then she tried to make her voice calm.

“You said that when I wanted to stop, I could stop. Well I’m telling you now that I want to stop.”

Billy then deliberately also made his voice calm, “Fair enough, I am certainly not intending to force myself on you. I don’t believe in non-consensual sex. I will just get dressed and leave, taking my $5,000 with me.”

“Oh.” It was an exclamation from Bella that indicated she had clearly not thought through what ‘stopping’ would mean.

She thought quickly. She could stop now if she wished, but she would forego the money. Her act of performing fellatio on Billy would have been for nothing. Probably, she thought, Billy wants me to decide to stop now so that he can keep his money having received a free blowjob. Well to hell with him.

She looked at him defiantly. “I will continue,” she said with a steady voice.

Billy smiled and pulled her to him again. As he went to kiss her, she turned her mouth away and he realized that she was not going to make it easy for him. So, with her turning away, she exposed her neck which he now started kissing and licking.

At the same time, the fingers of his right hand went to the top of the zip at the back of her tight black dress. She heard the whirr of the sound of the zip descending down her spine and she started to panic. It was at this point that she realized that Billy was holding her tightly round the waist with his left hand so that she would really have to push him off to escape.

Having unzipped her dress, he started pulling it off her shoulders. Stepping slightly back allowed him to tug it off on to the floor. Bella was starting to feel very vulnerable. She was now only wearing the sexy underwear which she had intended her husband to admire on their video link.

Billy pulled the bra straps off her shoulders, looping her arms through to release them. She realized that, when he next put his hands behind her, he could pull her bra off easily by just unclipping it at the back. Billy seemed to be moving slowly and deliberately as if to intentionally tease her. In fact, Billy was trying not to frighten her. He knew that the further he progressed in stripping her and getting his hands on her flesh, she would feel more and more committed to allowing his intimacy to continue.

He slowly reached his hands behind her to undo the clasps at the back of her bra. As he did so he could feel her tensing and on the verge of saying ‘stop’, and so he decided to encourage her to allow him to carry on.

“At $5,000, this will be a very costly experience for me,” he whispered in her ear.

As he said the words, he could feel her relax into a decision of acceptance. After all, she was desperate for the $5,000. She didn’t realize that in reality the money was for the car that Jim had sold Billy and that Billy was getting sex with her for nothing.

As he felt her tension slip away, he unclipped her bra and pulled it off her. Her big beautiful luscious breasts tumbled free and for a couple of seconds he just stared in admiration of what he had exposed. The shape of them was just what he had hoped for, only even bigger. He was delighted to see large purple areolae around her nipples, while the nipples themselves were like two big succulent strawberries.

Bella had never felt so exposed as when Billy removed her bra. His mouth hung open, drooling as his eyes devoured her sumptuous hooters. She went to put her hands over her breasts, but Billy grasped a wrist in each hand and pushed them together behind her back. He then held her wrists together with his left hand, not so strongly that she couldn’t pull them apart, but strongly enough to indicate that she should keep them together behind her back.

With his right hand, he slowly started to caress each breast in turn, gently stroking his fingertips over the sensitive areolae and nipples.

Bella had her eyes closed, trying not to think about what Billy was doing to her. She managed to keep her breath steady until she felt his tongue licking her right nipple. As the nipple erupted to his licks, he enclosed it completely with his lips and sucked it into his mouth. A warmth spread through her breast. It was a feeling she hadn’t had for years. Jim was always so tired that he had no energy to concentrate on pleasing her.

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