A Vacation Story Ch. 01



This is my first submission on this site, and I hope you all enjoy it. Please rate and comment on this story, I’d love some feedback.

On the character’s appearances: I didn’t put too much in the way either character looks because I want this to be part of your fantasy, but if you’re interested I was imagining Becky to look something like Rosie Jones, and Steve to look something like Sam Claflin.

This story is told from two different perspectives, every time you see ***, the story is changing perspective.


The AmericanEnglishman


The car lurched and it shook Steve awake.

“Ah, crap,” he heard his father say.

“What happened?” asked Becky.

“These roads. We’re in a hole. Let’s see…” his father trailed off as he pushed down on the accelerator. They didn’t move. Steve’s father shifted the car into neutral and hopped out.

Becky had returned to staring at her phone, composing a text. Steve leaned over to his sister, keeping his voice low, “God, this happens every year.”


Their Mom piped up, “What’re you two talking about?”

“Nothing, Mom,” replied Steve.

“Mhmm, sure. Steven, how about you help your Father?”

“Why can’t Becky? She’s bigger and stronger.”

Becky laughed. “Finally,” thought Steve, “a reaction.”

“Very funny, Steven. Go help your Father, the last thing I need is for him to pull his back out.”

Without any more complaint Steve hopped out of the car. As far as places to get stuck went, this wasn’t a bad one. It had long been a Walker family tradition that each summer they loaded up their SUV and drove out into the wilderness of Colorado to their cabin. Coincidentally, it had also been tradition that the car got stuck in a mud hole in the road. The rain in summer turned the dirt roads to mud in certain places, and it was an inevitability that Steve’s dad would find a way to drive into one. This year they’d nearly made it to the cabin before it happened. Steve looked up at the canopy of lush green trees and took in a breath of fresh air to wake himself up. Out here the only sounds you could hear were that of wildlife. Well, that, and his father’s grunting.

Steve walked to the back of the car, noticing how deep the mud hole was where the rear right tire sat.

“Dad, one of these years we’ll make it all the way to the cabin without having to do this. I believe in you.”

“Your Mom send you out here?”

“No, it’s because I’m such a loving and caring son. I’m offended that you’d even suggest helping you out wasn’t my own idea.”

“I see Freshman year has not dulled your wit. Here, get under the right side of the bumper, let’s see if we can push us out.”

Steve got into position and on the count of three the two of them tried pushing the car up and out of the hole, without much luck.

“Dang, well, I really screwed us up this time,” he said.

“Nah, Dad, don’t sweat it. We’re nearly to the cabin.”

“Tell your Mom to try using the gas a little.”

Steve walked up to the passenger side door and tapped on the window. His Mom rolled down the window.

“Ma’am, you know why I pulled you over today?” he joked.

“Your Dad need me to get in the driver’s seat?”

“Yeah, we’ll yell up when we’re ready. Becky, you sure you don’t want to get in on this. Lifting SUVs out of mud holes is good wholesome family fun!”

“As tempting as the offer is Steve. I think I’ll pass. The road looks super muddy.”

“It is. Oh well, you’re missing out on one hell of a good time.”

Steve could hear his Mom scoff and Becky laugh as he walked back.

It made Steve happy to hear his sister laughing at his jokes, dumb as they were. Before he’d gone off to school he and Becky had always been close, but the year apart seemed to have created some distance between the two of them. They was only a years age difference, so they’d been in school together most of their lives. Even though they’d had slightly different interests it never stopped them from hanging out in and out of school, they’d even eat lunch together. It was definitely weird being separated for a year, but Steve was puzzled by his sister’s behavior the two weeks he’d been back. She wasn’t cold, but it was like there was a hesitancy, a discomfort coming from her whenever they interacted.

Steve got back the rear of the car and let his Dad know they were good to go. His Dad yelled up to his Mom to put on the gas a little. Steve and his Dad lifted and pushed but to no avail. The wheel spun in place and as it did it kicked heaps of mud up onto Steve. He was covered.

“Ah, shit!”

His Dad chided, “Language, Steve.”

“Whatever, sorry.”

“I don’t think this is gonna happen now,” announced his Dad to the family. “We’re only about a mile and a half from the cabin, so everyone just grab your stuff and we’ll hoof it up to the cabin. Steve, I’ve got some gravel in the garage, you and I are gonna have to come back down nevşehir seks hikayeleri here later and give it another go.”

“Sure, whatever you need. I’m gonna change out of my shorts before we head up.”

“Be quick about it.”

“I will. I will.”

Steve walked up to his door, opened it and pulled out his backpack. He unzipped it and rooted through for a pair of shorts.

“Oh my god,” said Becky, “you’re covered!”

“Not for long.”


Becky stared as inconspicuously as she could at her brother. She stared at his fingers as they fumbled with the button on his shorts. Time felt a bit slower as he pulled apart the waist of the shorts and revealed the waistband of his boxers. His forearms had driven the bottom of his shirt upward a bit and she could see the lower part of his flat stomach. “Fuck,” she thought. He began to pull down his shorts revealing more of his underwear, and eventually his thighs. They were nicely muscular. Steve had been on the swim team since middle school and had the body to show it. Becky had noticed when he came back home that his shoulders were a bit broader, his chest a bit thicker. He fumbled with the shorts trying to get them over his shoes. Finally they were off. There Becky was, 4 feet from her brother in his underwear. She felt a small lump in her throat.

It didn’t help that Becky had been texting about her brother to her friend Rachel pretty much the whole car ride up to the cabin. The night before Becky and Rachel had been at a house party and Steve had come to pick them up. Rachel had not shut up about how hot her brother was since.

Becky got the first text at 10am

“Your big bro is such a gallant fucking gentleman.”

“Lol, what are you talking about.”

“I dunno, last night I was just noticing what a fucking stud he is.”


“O come on gurl. He is. U think he would go for me?”

“I dunno.”

“Gurl, you gotta put in the good word.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

“I dunno be like, my friend Rach is so hot, if you two had sex and she forgot to take the pill you’d make the fucking hottest babies lol”

“wtf you’ve got the weirdest sense of humor”

“whateva, you and I both gotta get some summer strange b4 we head off to college. Gotta practice. He’d be good to practice on.”

Becky tried to think of something to say in response, but found herself too bothered to write back. She couldn’t tell exactly why she’d been upset with Rachel for saying all those things, but she was. She thought she must’ve just been protective of her brother. But the truth was that deep down she felt that there was something different in the way she felt about Steve; something most sisters didn’t feel for their brothers. But she could never quite put words to that feeling.

But here Steve was in front of her. And she realized all too quickly what that feeling was. Not only was she fond of her brother, not only were they good friends. But she was also attracted to him. Her Dad’s voice broke her focus.

“Steve, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m changing like I said.”

“Yeah, but…I didn’t think—just grab your shorts and change back here.” He added in a slightly more hushed voice, “you shouldn’t be undressed in front of your sister.”

“Dad, it’s fine. It’s not a big deal,” said Becky. The last thing she wanted was for people to insinuate there was something weird between her and her brother. It was a bit too close for comfort.

“Ewww you weirdy, you wanna see me in my undies?!” Steve yelled from the behind the car.

Becky knew he was joking with her, but her heart skipped a beat at the mention of her desire. She decided to grab her stuff and head up to the cabin, try and settle down.


Steve returned from behind the car to grab his stuff from his seat, only to find his sister wasn’t there. He stepped back to look up the road and saw his sister was already setting off to the cabin.

“God, she’s skittish.” Steve said.

“Yeah,” his Mom said, “I think she’s had a tough year without you around.”


“Yes. I don’t think she realized how much she was going to miss you.”

“Dang. Well, maybe there’s something she and I can do while we’re out here to cheer her up.”

“I think that would be great, sweetie.”

The rest of the family grabbed their stuff and head up to the cabin.

Later that evening, after they’d trudged up the road to the cabin, after Steve and his Dad had gone back with the gravel and finally gotten the car out, the Walkers were finishing up their dinner.

“Delicious, honey, thank you,” said their Dad, “Let me get the dishes for everyone.”

“Oh, thank you sweetheart,” replied their Mom, “So Steven, Rebecca what do you think you’ll get up to while we’re here?”

“I dunno,” said Becky.

“Yeah, me neither. I figured we’d just play it by ear. I do want to do some hiking though. And get out on the lake,” was Steve’s answer.

“Well, no need to worry too much, we have two weeks up here.”

Their Dad returned, “Well, kids, I think I’m gonna hit the hay, but I turned on the hot tub, it’s ready to use if you want.”

“Oh, that sounds great. Becky, you wanna?” asked Steve.

“Um,” she hesitated, then, “yeah, sure.”

Man, his sister really was acting weird.

“Kids, I’m gonna head to bed too. Just be sure to cover the hot tub when you’re done.”

“We will Mom.”

Steve’s parents went to their room. Steve turned to her,”Looks like it’s just you and me. Meet you out there.”

“Yeah sure.”


Becky returned to her room and grabbed her bikini. “Oh, god,” she thought, “the hot tub with my brother!” She felt like she was going to die. “How am I supposed to act normal for the next two weeks trapped up here with him?” She began walking to the door, determined to go and tell her brother she would, in fact, not be joining him. She stopped at the door, her hand inches from the handle. “Becky, stop acting weird! What would you normally do? You’d normally go to the hot tub. Now stop acting so suspicious and act normal.” She turned back to the bed, looking at the bikini. With a deep breath she began stripping down.


Steve was already in the hot tub. He sat with his head resting on the edge. He was trying to think what he could do to help get Becky out of her funk. The sliding door to the house opened and his sister stepped out in her bikini. She looked beautiful. Steve had always thought his sister was gorgeous, but no one knew that, cuz you don’t tell people weird things like that. But Steve couldn’t help but watch as she stepped up to the tub. Carefully she lifted one foot and placed it in the water, the rest of her leg quickly following. Steve watched as her thigh, then ass, then stomach, then breasts, disappeared under the water. Becky settled opposite him.

“God this is nice isn’t it?” he said.


Steve tried to think of another thing to say, but nothing worthwhile came to him. They sat there for a moment. Steve just looked at his sister, trying to appear inviting. Becky noticed his look after a while, and smiled awkwardly back. She slid under the water a bit.

Their feet bumped.


Becky felt a shock run through her body and quickly withdrew her foot.


“Don’t worry about it.”

Becky felt ridiculous. She couldn’t believe how she was acting. She’d noticed Steve admiring her as she got in the tub, and then the way he was smiling at her while they sat. It had gotten her heart racing.

“You know Becks, you’re awfully jumpy.”

“What no. No, I’m not.”

“You sure about that?”

“…Okay, yeah, I guess I am. I think I’m just stressed…”

“What about?”

“Oh. Y’know, college…”

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”


They sat in silence together. “How long do I have to stay out here before I can leave?” thought Becky. She figured it was at least another 10 minutes. Becky took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and was relieved to feel her heartbeat slowing a bit.

“I really missed you, y’know.”

Becky’s heart started racing again.


“You did?” she asked.

“Of course. You’re like my best friend.” Steve thought that might cheer her up.

“Yeah. I missed you too.”

“People always say they miss their families and you go off and think you’ll be fine, but then you get a few weeks in to the semester and it hits you. I’d be on YouTube and I’d see a funny video or something and I’d want to share it with you, and then remember you weren’t around…It was a bummer.”

“Steve. That’s really sweet.”

“Oh, come on it’s not that sweet.”

“No it is.”

“You’re right, I’m so fucking sweet.”

Becky giggled at this. Steve felt a warm feeling in his stomach. “What’s that about?” he thought.

“But you like school?”

“Oh, yeah, it’s great. College is amazing. It’s great finally getting to focus mainly on the things you’re interested. I’m taking a lot of gen-eds right now, but most of them are cool. I’m looking forward to next year when I don’t have to take so many.”

“Do you like living on campus?”

“Yeah, my dorm’s not bad. It’s worth it to be close to parties.”

“College parties!”

“It is so nice to be away from Mom and Dad! Getting to stay out til like 3 and not worry about sneaking in. You’ll love college.”

“Do you go to a lot of parties?”

“Eh, not so much. Probably twice a month. Not very many. I didn’t want to be one of those people who shows up to school and then has to drop out cuz they partied too much.”

“Yeah, that would suck. Hey, Mom and Dad, I’m back! I know you missed me a bunch, so I decided to leave school!”

Steve and Becky laughed. That was the first joke Becky had made around Steve since he’d gotten back.



“I was thinking, we should go on a hike tomorrow. Just the two of us.”


“Um, yeah, okay, that would be fun.”

Becky had finally relaxed. Here she was talking with her brother, having a normal conversation. Like it used to be.

“Where do you wanna go?”

“There’s that trail that leads up to the overlook? We can just go up there and then reverse. That should be about 3 hours.”

“Yeah, that should be good. What time do you wanna leave?”

“Umm, how about 8am?”

“Sure. Then we better get to bed now.”

“Oh yeah, it’s pretty late.”

Steve stepped out of the hot tub first. Becky found herself looking over his chest, abs and arms again. She got out next. They both began toweling off.

“Alright, Steve. I’m gonna head to bed. Goodnight”

“Well, hold on. C’mere and give me a hug.”

Becky felt her heart beat quicken despite herself as she stepped closer to her brother. She stepped into her brother’s out stretched arms. She was able to nestle her head right beneath his. As his arms came around her shoulders one of his hands played with the string on her bikini at her neck. If he played with it too much it would come undone. His hand moved on from the strings, settling on her shoulders, and he held her against him.


There was something urgent in the way Becky was hugging Steve. She held him tight to her. It didn’t feel like he was being hugged by his sister. They stood there for a while, neither one moving much. Steve didn’t want to break whatever it was this moment was. He began to get that feeling, the feeling you get where you know if you wanted to, you could kiss the person in front of you. He could see it playing out in his head. He would pull his chest away from her a little, he’d look down, and she’d look up at him. Their eyes would hold for a moment, and he would lean his head in. Their eyes would drop from one another’s and each would focus on the other’s lips. Right before the moment when their lips met they would stop, for the longest split second, and then kiss. Steve realized he was aroused. He quickly pulled back from his sister.

“Alright, good night sis.” Steve quickly stepped inside and went to his room.


Becky was left alone outside, a cool breeze brushed by her. She could feel her nipples harden. She was alone out here, she realized. Her brother had gone to bed, and so had her parents. She leaned against the house. Her hands dropped her towel from to the ground and began to caress her stomach. They moved in small overlapping circles that slowly crept closer to the thin fabric covering her pussy and her breasts. Each hand brushed against that fabric, testing it. Each hand eventually slipped under. Her right hand began gently massaging her left breast, running her thumb along her cleavage. Her left hand inched closer and closer to her pussy. She slowly began dragging her middle finger across the wet folds.


Steve pulled off his trunks and walked into his en suite bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet and firmly grabbed his hard dick. It flexed, reacting to his touch. In his minds eye he saw a beautiful woman in a bikini slowly peeling off her bathing suit, revealing her round soft breasts and succulent vagina. As he slowly moved his hand up and down along his dick he imagined he was sitting on the edge of a bed, she was straddling his lap; his mouth was sucking on her nipple. Steve began stroking his dick faster.


Becky’s hands were now moving so forcefully that they undid the knots of her bikini and the fabric had fallen away. She stood naked against the wall of her house roughly playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clitoris, working faster and faster. She imagined her brother’s lips nibbling on her ears, moving down her neck to her collarbone and then covering her breasts with kisses. His lips would descend lower and lower, eventually reaching her belly button, and then down to right above her pussy. He kissed and licked right around her pussy, teasing her.


He imagined the woman grabbing hold of his dick with a palm she licked wet and stroking it, before rubbing it fervently against her pussy, the juices covering his dick until she was ready for him to penetrate her. She sank down on his cock and began rocking back and forth.


The imaginary Steve had finally started to lick Becky’s pussy. Her right hand dropped her breast, and ran upwards, through her hair and then searched along the wall for a place to hold onto as her left hand continued to rub her clitoris. She imagined his hands holding her legs firmly apart and caressing the back of her thighs while he continued to lap at her pussy. Her hips rocked back and forth. She was there. She was about to come.


Steve continued to jack off. In his mind he and the woman were going at it. She’d pushed him over and was now riding him cowboy, his dick going deeper and deeper, one hand on her hip and one hand on her breasts. He was there, right on the edge, when he looked into the eyes of the woman and finally saw her face. It was Becky.


She came, “Ungh, Steve”

He came, “Ohh, Becky.”

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