A Visit to Uncle Solomon’s


As the cab pulled up to the front of the big house that sat back far from the road on my uncle’s estate, Connacht, I found that I was a little nervous. It had been some time since I had been here. I remembered fondly my enslavement to my Uncle Solomon.

Here I was, nineteen years old and the college graduate he had wanted me to be. He had said I was very intelligent, and I had to prove it to him. I proved it; and next fall I would start a master’s program at the University. But right now, as I pushed the door bell, I felt nine years old again. I was all trembly.

I was dressed as I knew my uncle liked his slaves, in a white gypsy blouse and a long , full skirt, and, of course, the white, nylon panties. The nipples on my small breasts were as hard as rocks. Would he still like me, I pondered.

The door opened and he stood there smiling, naked as I have always remembered him. But older. His beard and hair were white. But his great eyes were still those black gems whose very glance used to make me shiver.

I knelt before him, as any respectful slave must do.

I looked straight at his cock, just beginning a slow steady raise. I bent forward a bit to kiss it, trembling.

He held out his hands and lifted me up. “Hello, Chemi,” he said. Then he took me into his embrace and kissed me -lightly at first, sort of feeling my face with his lips -then with a passion I remembered, his tongue a hot rod searching my mouth. I felt his cock, hard against my belly.

As we unembraced I noticed that the lights to the ‘training’ room were off. It was a room I remembered fondly. But we didn’t go there, as I had expected -one usually did that first at uncle Solomon’s. No, he took my hand and we went to the elevator -that meant one thing, we were going up to the master bedroom, the penthouse.

As the elevator made it way up my Master stroked my hair. “You never did get very big, did you Chemi?” she said, more than asked. “You would think that a daughter of mine would get at least near my height.”

I was barely five foot, my uncle/Daddy/Master was six feet tall.

And then we were there. The two room suite that sat atop the great house at Connacht. It looked like there were even more books than I had remembered. But there did not seem to be anymore paintings. I immediately went to mine, painted when I was nine years old. I gazed up at the little naked girl with one hand just grazing her groin.

“You were very beautiful when I painted that,” he said,

Well perhaps, a little skinny, I thought -not that I had gown that much in ten years. I took off my blouse to compare. Well, my little AA cuties were certainly an improvement over the flat chested darling in the painting. But I was hardly six inches taller than that little girl, hippier -for sure, tho.

“I wanted you to see this,” my Master said, pointing to a box next to a very large monitor. “My new pride and joy,” he smiled.

I did not recognize it. My dual degrees were in computer science and micro biology and I have seen some marvelous state of the art machines. “Something you made yourself, Master?” I asked. For I knew that my uncle had been building his own machines since before the beginning.

He put an arm about me and pinched my nipple. “No,” he said, “A friend gave it to niğde seks hikayeleri me. It’s the prototype for a new super computer. I finally have something that can almost keep up with my visual ideas.” He dropped his hand to the track-ball and the universe evolved from a bright point on the big monitor.

“You should see this on the big screen,” he said. I knew he meant the big projection screen down in the living room. When I had first seen that I had been astounded. What did it look like now I wondered.

“Leave your skirt here,” he said and we went back to the elevator.

The new universe must have been a hundred or so micro seconds old by now. The new screen, for there was no way this could have been the old one was twenty feet across, the sight was brilliant -bight colors saturated as no video screen I had ever seen. I swear you could make out individual quarks.

We went into the training room. I knew where the switch was, and turned on the light. I went directly to the large table in the center of the room. I knew that my Master always like to start here -and usually ended here too. The other tables, all of various sizes and heights were rarely used.

I sat on the edge of the table as my Master fastened my bracelets. When I had first been introduced to these I had thought that they were specially made for my uncle -like the supply of seamless white nylon panties he kept. But one summer one of the surveillance cameras that dotted the house and grounds had gone out and uncle had taken a wall down and I had seen all that cabling tied with my bracelets. My Master had adopted cable ties for his games.

When he had the four as tight as he wanted them he clipped the excess nylon with some dykes and then laid me out on the table. Next he brought out the spool of nylon string and tied me down to the table, my head hanging over just so. When he was satisfied that I would not be able to move he placed a clothespin upon each of my nipples.

Ooo, I had forgotten that little touch. The almost pain was thrilling, as it was meant to be.

Then he approached my head. His hard cock slipped into my greedy mouth. ‘Finally!’ I thought, ‘finally!’ This is what I had been thinking about thru the long ride from the airport. three hours of my panties getting wetter and wetter as I anticipated getting my Master’s lovely cock in my mouth. I sucked exuberantly.

“Slowly, love,” he gently chided. ” You are going to be here at least three weeks.” He caressed my hair, occasionally sighing. “O, Chemistry Anne, I’ve always loved you best.”

I actually believed that. He had twelve daughters, each the daughter of three other daughters and he had always seem to favor me. I suppose people outside of our family would probably, if they were to learn of it, think my uncle/daddy/Master was some sort of horrible monster. We were all his slaves, his sexual slaves.

He has his own moral code, which, as far as I know, he has only violated once. He does not enslave a girl until she is nine years old. He does not take her virginity until she is eighteen. I was the exception to that -I finally forced him to take mine when I was sixteen.

We are a very happy family, perhaps due to the his belief that you have to be taught that a thing is wrong for it to feel wrong. Uncle Solomon -for that was who he was when I was growing up -is very rich. I’m not sure how he makes his money. None of us actually lives with him. We each live with our mothers in houses that he has provided. Those that want to, work, otherwise uncle Solomon provides -sometimes excessively I think. There is no reason that my mother needs two Mercedes motor cars.

My Master grunted and I felt my mouth being filled with his essence. O, it was much sweeter than I had remembered and I made a mental note to ask him about his blood sugar levels. He pulled his spent, but still mostly hard, cock from my mouth and bent down to kiss me. His tongue swished around in my mouth as he shared his seed with me.

He popped the clothespins from my nipples and cupped my small tits in his hands. Then he loosed the bindings a bit and scooted me down to the other end of the table. He removed my wet panties. I lifted my legs and he pressed them down against my chest, tied them down tight. He placed my crotch at the edge of the table and fastened me down.

Then he pulled up a chair, sat down before my exposed cunt and began to express his oral compulsions.

I was in heaven. I knew that I would be here, in this awkward position, trussed up like a roasting bird for quite some time. My Master enjoy eating cunt, enjoy inducing orgasms -sometimes stretching them out, other times trying to see how many he could urge in a short period of time. His fingers would probe my vaginal cavity, my anus.

He was noisy and sloppy and very happy. He always said that the feeling of power he got from dictating the character and timing of our orgasms was magnificent. He would slurp and suck and bite and lick as flush after charge after eruption of orgasm followed one upon the other. He could do this for hours.

Or, as was often with me, and was true this time, his slave fainted. Morte Petite; the little death was his gift to me. The room full of light, the wonderful quiet, the feeling of being in a god’s arms.

When I awoke I was lying in his bed It was night, for I could see the stars thru the skylight above his bed.

“Ah, my darling slave,” he said, smiling. “You are back among us.”

I smiled back, “Thank you, Master,” I said softly.

He kissed my lightly and put a thermometer into my vaginal cavity. “If you give me a daughter she will be seven eighths me,” he said. He removed the beeping gadget from me and read its result. “Hmm,” he said, consulting a chart. One that I recognized, as I had sent it to him. “I think, my darling Chemistry Anne, that you are fertile.”

“I think the missionary position will be best; do you have a favorite position, my slave?” he asked.

I shook my head no. I did not tell him that he was the only man who had ever had me. That this would, in fact, be the second fuck of my life.

The people at school thought that I was Lesbian, as I would have nothing to do with all the boys who seemed to follow be about. That was the problem, of course, they were boys. And they seemed so whimpy. The strong temperament of my uncle/Master made others rather insignificant when compared to him. And besides, I felt that he owned me, and that I did not have the right to let others use me. He had never said that I was his exclusively. All he had said went I went off to the University was to ask if $1000 a month allowance would be enough.

I laid back into the bed and he knelt between my wide spread thighs. His eyes were bright and I was afraid to look into them. He stroked my labia major, before pushing a few fingers lightly into my hollow. He brought the fingers out and put them in his mouth. “You were always delicious, my slave,” he smiled, then returned to probing my vagina.

It was a wonderful feeling. But then I was used to receiving wonderful feelings from him.

That was the reward for giving him my utter soul. It is a wonderful feeling, submissiveness. It seeps thru me infusing my soul with love for my perfect Master I looked up at him, sure that his every action was guided by his need to use me; but also my need to be used. Giving you soul to your Master is love perfected, I am sure.

“You are very tight,” he grunted, as he shoved, slowly, his wonderful cock into me.

I tried to relax, but I didn’t know how. It felt so pleasant having that part of my body stretched in ways it had only been once before. This time there was no pain -my hymen was gone. Still it was difficult for me, and I could see from his strained look, for him. But he was also smiling that smile that could melt my heart.

It was that ‘we share a secret’ smile that I knew from my youth. I suddenly knew that he knew that no one had me in the intervening years. “You are very special, Chemistry Anne,” he said. Abruptly he shoved his entire balk into me with a single push.

Ooo, I had my Master fully into me!

Then he began to fuck me; slowly, at first -getting us both used to it. He pulled my body to his, wrapping me in his long arms. His hips moving slightly faster as he began to fuck me more enthusiastically.

O, it was wonderful being with him like this. To be so overwhelmed by my Master, to be surrounded, almost, by him, as his great cock surged in and out of my small body. I knew that I was his in ways others, who aren’t slaves, can never be. I was totally his, he owned not only my body, my mind, my soul, but my entire being -everything that I was, that I would ever be. He owned me and I was incredibly happy as I finally understood how wonderful a thing it is to be a slave to this man who is my uncle, my father, and, yes, my god!

My Lord Master breathed harshly as he increased his pace. I think I squealed with the strange and filling feeling of having him probe my body like this. I had not remembered fucking being so soul structuring. But then I am, after all, just a novice. But, o, is was so wonderful!

I felt quivers in me -or were they from him? He suddenly stopped moving as I felt the first tinge of orgasm shudder thru something deep within me. Then he sighed. I don’t remember ever hearing such a strange sound from him before. I thought I knew all the ways he reacted to orgasm, the sounds he made when ejaculating into one of the cavities of his slaves.

Then we were exploding together. I can explain it no other way.

Then he just lay on top of me, his sweat and mine commingling as his seed spread up into me. I knew that I wanted that seed to find its home in my tubes. I wanted to be fertilized and give him his daughter.

I found my self weeping.

“What is the matter, little slave?” he asked, suddenly concerned.

“I am so happy, my Master,” I said.

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