A Woman in Hardware Ch. 15


Helen awoke to the strong smell of drying sex ripening in the late morning air. She stretched with her arms above her head, pointing her toes, her tits stretching on her chest, and felt extremely content. The board had accepted her direction and she was about to move ahead with the largest acquisition in the company’s history. Not only that but she felt wonderful, last night she had been well and thoroughly fucked, that was the only word for it, she was a well fucked woman.

Helen ran her hand over her breasts allowing the nipples to pop with the sensation remembering the previous evening. Her hands wandered lower, rubbing through the crusty residue of her son’s dried semen on her abdomen. Helen wondered how Sue and Jill had missed the dollop of cream left on her belly. Her legs languorously spread as she lolled on the bed one finger slid between her labia with the remembrance of the loving she had enjoyed. She thought about waking her son so he could watch her masturbate. Helen loved to tease him. She would play with her pussy rubbing her juices around getting herself unbelievably wet while she watched his gorgeous prick harden with the sight. Finally, she would rub her hand over her pussy covering it with her freshly aroused juices and then spread them all over her tits so he could suck on them while he slid himself into her.

Helen glanced at the clock, to see how much time they’d have, to find out, they had no time at all. They had slept in and the three women had one o’clock hair appointments. A quick shower was all they really had time for, but Helen always took time for a morning kiss. Chris and Jill were curled up in a ball beside her but Sue was on the other side of the bed lying on her back with one leg bent at the knee baring her pussy to the world. Helen got out of bed and went around to the other side. She slid her finger into her pussy once again coating it with her slippery mix then leaned over to give Sue a good morning kiss while she slid her thoroughly wetted finger deep into Sue’s puss.

Sue wasn’t even awake yet as her hips began the movements of love, humping up against the intruding finger, seeking more stimulation. Then she opened both legs wide and brought her knees up giving Helen as much access to her now heaving hairy cunt as she could. Her mouth opened under Helen’s allowing Helen’s tongue to enter her as she moaned out the pleasure of her awakening. Helen slipped a second finger in and continued to stimulate the now bucking, jerking body, bringing it almost to orgasm before quickly pulling her fingers out and startling Sue with a hard smack on her buttocks. Sue’s eyes shot open to see Helen’s smiling face above her.

“Call me a cum slut, will you,” she laughed, “That will fix you. We have a hair appointment in less than an hour, you can just go to it horny, and we’ll see who the slut is. Come on get up and help me wake the sleeping beauties. Just a kiss no fooling around, after last night we need that appointment.”

Sue rolled over with a sexually frustrated groan and grabbed the first body she saw which happened to be Jill. Rubbing her body against Jill’s she thoroughly kissed her awake. “Wake up honey, we need to shower and get to the hair dressers.”

Jill tried to snuggle into the warmth of Sue’s voluptuous body. “Just a few minutes more.” She begged as she tried to reignite the kiss knowing that Sue was a sucker for a very long loving kiss. The two of them began to rub their bodies against each other bringing arousal.

‘Damn that Helen,’ Sue thought to herself, ‘she’s got me so horny! I have to figure out away to get her back soon.’ This, of course was a game the two women had played on each other for years. It added a lot of spice to their sex life and in reality they both enjoyed it thoroughly. Helen had gone to the other side of the bed and kissed her son as Jill continued to snuggle into Sue. Chris knowing the women had a hair appointment wisely got out of bed, kissed his mom once more and headed to the shower in his room. He knew if he started anything, he eventually would end up blamed for their being late or, heaven forbid, missing their appointment all together. It was a cross he had to bear being the only male amongst three beautiful horny women but somehow he was sure he could survive it.

Helen glanced down to the bed to find the two women by this time not only kissing, but also each of them were franticly rubbing their pussies against the other’s thigh. Sue was hoping she’d get in an orgasm before Helen hauled her out of bed. Helen just chuckled to herself knowing that two horny women would have to head to the salon. With mock severity, she interrupted their play and sent Jill to her room for a shower. The two women headed for Helen’s shower for a quick rinse and Sue borrowed a pair of underpants and a tracksuit from Helen so she did not have to go to the other side of the house to her suite. The one draw back was that Helen’s bras did not fit Sue and so she would be braless. In her osmaniye seks hikayeleri current state of arousal, Sue knew that her nipples swaying back and forth under the top would stay in a constant state of erection causing her no end of sexual frustration.

The servants normally had all evenings and weekends off at Helen’s insistence. But as they were having a dinner party tonight, Sue had requested they be on duty until desert had been served. This scenario had been worked out with the servants, years ago which pleased them no end, because it meant they could be home with their own families most evenings and weekends. Since the servants were on duty until this evening, Helen called for the company car. It was nice to be able to go into the city without having to worry about parking.

The company had informed Helen, when she first started, that she would have a chauffeured limousine. At the time, she had told the board that she felt it was an extravagance. The board had explained to her that they did not want her stressed by the difficulties of city traffic. She now realized that it was even more useful than that. The drives to and from work were valuable time. In the mornings, she prepared her approach to the day. In the evenings on the way home she took notes as to what she felt had not been accomplished that day which of course lead to her following morning. Helen now felt that far from being an extravagance it was some of her most valuable time. Sue normally drove to and from work in her Crossfire, because Helen had found out that this was her most valuable thinking time without interruption.

It was a strange relationship with the George, the chauffeur, at first Helen treated him as a fixture because he embarrassed her. She was uncomfortable with servants in general but George seemed to be an extravagance that made her feel as though she were putting on airs. Every morning he would greet her with the door open and a touch of his hat. Always it was the same greeting, “Good morning Ms. Anderson,” with a pleasant comment about the weather. As time went by, although very little conversation past between them the atmosphere between them warmed until about a year ago Helen had asked him to call her Helen now considering him a friend. His response was a resounding no. He had explained to her that he had to stay in the habit of calling her Ms. Anderson so that he would never make the mistake of being informal at an inappropriate time.

There were a few things Helen didn’t know about George. He was extensively trained driver of an armored limousine, who carried a weapon. It was a strange world these days and the board intended to protect what they considered their most valuable asset. When Helen had asked him to call her by her first name, he had gone home that night and told his wife whom he loved very much, “If anyone ever comes after her I’ll die defending her if I have to.” His wife who loved him very much quietly kissed him and said, “Yes dear,” and that was all that was ever said. Although George wouldn’t have been able to explain it, his wife understood, he had his priorities straight love came first, his loyalty to Helen second. That’s why he had said anything to his wife at all.

When the ladies stepped out of the front door of their home there stood George with the back door of the limo open and waiting. The car as shinny as the day it came out of the factory. George touched his hat and greeted each of them individually, closed the door behind them and walked around to the driver’s side. After sliding behind the wheel, he looked into the rear view mirror and asked, “Where to Ms. Anderson?”

“We’re off to the salon over on Eighth George. You needn’t hang around. I’ll give you a call on the cell when we’re about through. In about twenty minutes, the limo pulled smoothly up to the front door of the salon and the ladies got out each thanking George before entering the salon for the full works. They chatted amongst themselves discussing various “do’s” and for a moment there was a tear in Jill’s eye as she remembered her first visit to a salon with her brother. But she quickly brightened when she saw a new style that she felt would compliment her long blonde hair. She wanted to look good because she had heard the rumors that Peter Montgomery was a handsome man and with typical female vanity, she wanted to look her best. Not surprisingly, both Helen and Sue had the same mission in mind.

Thanks to Sue Chris had heard how good-looking Ann Montgomery was so he was busy, with typical male vanity, going through his wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit. The one that would make him look stylish, sophisticated, but still cool and debonair. For a man who dearly loved two older women he had completely forgotten there was going to be another woman there tonight. Fortunately dressing for one was by default dressing for the other. He then began to pace around the house anxiously awaiting the arrival of the women to see if they approved his selection of clothing. He also reminded himself to praise the women about their new hair do’s. He knew there was nothing worse than a male who didn’t recognize and complement the efforts a woman went through to look gorgeous for the opposite sex. Secretly he had always wondered if it was for the opposite sex or a game of one up man ship against their own sex and had long since decided it was a bit of both. He didn’t recognize his own concern about what he would wear was similar vanity.

In his need for the ladies’ comments about his own attire he was looking out the upstairs window when George brought the limo smoothly up to the front door and let the three freshly coiffured beauties out. He had to admit they looked stunning even though they were still wearing casual clothing. He rushed down the stairs to greet them at the door. He complimented them appropriately planning to take each one aside and compliment them individually. Sue held him to one side as his mom and sister headed up stairs to change into their evening attire.

“Honey, I want you to do me a favor.” Sue purred in Chris’s ear. “I know you saw what your mother did to me when she woke me up this morning. I saw your one eye open watching her finger my pussy. I’m still feeling horny. Would you please go upstairs and give her a good licking, now remember you can’t kiss her because she has all her make up on, but if you could get her sitting on the edge of the bed you could slid that talented tongue of yours into her pussy. You know how much she likes that. Now this is the favor part, when you have her hot, horny, and ready to cum, I want you to stop and then tell her that Sue says to say hello.” Sue smiled and went on to say, “Do you think you could do that for me?”

Chris laughed in response. “Sure I could. She’ll squirm although dinner.” Then Chris eyed Sue closely. “Mom really does have you worked up, doesn’t she?” Chris then turned her around and hugged her from behind grasping one track-top encased but braless tit in one hand as his other hand slipped beneath the front of the tracksuit and panties. His prick hardened as he rubbed it against the swell of her bum, while he kissed her neck, his fingers finding her warm hairy wetness. With a few practiced thrusts, he buried his fingers deep into her softness reigniting the fires that Helen had initiated. As her pelvis heaved forward against his probing digits, she began to moan and Chris knew she must have been hovering close to climax. He quickly withdrew his fingers, sucked her lubricity off them, and with a final kiss on her neck sent her off to her suite over the garage, her body racked by horniness.

He then went up stairs to find his mother, but first he took time out to go to his sister’s room and tell her how beautiful she looked with the new hair do. Jill was in the midst of changing with her back to him, bent over pulling on a second stocking when he entered her room. Her garter belt around her waist the straps hanging loosely. He admired the sexy blonde pussy pecking out from between her thighs, the softly rounded globular bum, and the dangling breasts bouncing as she struggled with the stocking. “Sis you’re so damn beautiful,” he said as his breath caught in his throat. Startled, she stood, and then smiled at him not the least embarrassed that he had walked in on her. Chris always made a point of telling his sister how beautiful he thought she looked remembering the days when his sister had been so insecure. Now she was a confident radiant woman no small thanks to his efforts. Satisfied she was content, and not wanting her to think he complimented her for a cheap feel he turned and left her to complete her dressing.

Seeing the progress his sister had made he hoped that he would catch his mother no further along. He needn’t have worried, when he entered his mother’s bedroom she was still in the nude holding one dress then another up to herself, her rounded buttocks sexually seductive, as she looked in her dresser mirror. She turned to him and did the same first with a black number then a red. He knew she would look great in both; the black dress was almost backless plunging to the point where her buttocks began to swell. The red instead dipped to just above her navel. It beautifully draped over her breasts exposing the inner curves of her loveliness and all of her sternum.

“Mom,” he said, “you’d look magnificent in both of them, but tonight I’d prefer you in the red.” He took the dresses from her hands and carefully placed them on the bed before tuning to her. He watched the slow raise and fall of her lush pendulant breasts as he approached her. “I think why I like the red tonight is because you’ll be facing me at the table and I will admire you here and here,” he said, while he began to kiss her down her sternum. He took his time kissing the sides of her breasts before sucking an engorged fat nipple and the surrounding crinkled areole into his mouth. His mom’s hand held his head against her as he tenderly manipulated the sensitive flesh with lips, tongue and teeth.

When he heard her breathing begin to increase, he allowed his hands to grasp her curvaceous buttocks, easing her back against her dresser before dropping to his knees and kissing the swell of her abdomen just above the abundant forest of curls. His mom’s hand never left his head. He heard her sigh deeply as the checks of her bottom rested on the edge of the dresser giving her the support for what he had in mind. His tongue trailed down her tummy leaving a glistening trail of saliva as it passed through her pubic hair and rested on the hood over her clit. As his tongue wormed its way into the protecting hood, her sighs changed to little moans and she leaned back on the dresser until her back was against the mirror.

He lifted one leg, waiting so she could adjust herself if she needed to, before lifting the other leg and placing her feet on his shoulders against his neck. Helen allowed her knees to drop away exposing her arousal to her son. Her outer labia had swollen and spread allowing the inner to drop and swell bedewed with her feminine preparedness. Helen’s arms squeezed her breasts together as her hands came down between her thighs to hold his head tightly against her burning flesh. Her pussy began to flow its juices onto his penetrating tongue. Her liquid taste, tantalizingly exquisite on his tongue. Her moans filled his ears. Her pelvis began a small rhythmic movement searching for completion. It was then Chris stood, placing her feet on the ground, and with an impish smile on his juice covered face said, “Sue says hello.”

Helen’s eyes shot open, then with lust-hooded look and a salacious seductive smile she laughed and said, “She really has you pussy whipped. Don’t worry I’ll get you both when you least expect it.” Helen then placed her forefinger in her mouth sucking on it before sliding it up and down between her pussy lips several times and returning it to her mouth to sample her own flavor. She knew her son loved to watch her play with herself and he was now probably as horny as she was. When Chris turned his back and left the room, he had to use his hand to adjust his hardness. He was so horny he felt he could screw a knothole in a fence and enjoy it.

Helen dressed quickly now in a bit of a rush. She wanted to check with the servants to see how the meal was coming. By the time she got downstairs Sue was already there supervising the setting of the table and adjusting the lighting from the large chandelier and the wall sconces that lined the room to a soft warm glow. Helen gave the room a quick once over knowing that Sue would have things under control. She gave Sue a quick peck on the lips by way of thank you making sure she didn’t damage their lipstick, before running into the kitchen, as much to check on the meal as to escape the sexual fire that had coursed through her body the moment her lips touched Sue’s.

Rather than examine the meal she would have preferred to give Sue’s cunt a long tongue-lashing and watch her body writhe under her dancing tongue. It would be fun to tease that hot succulent twat for and hour or two before letting her cum. Helen’s thoughts had forced her to soak her panties already and she had put them on just fifteen minutes ago. She ran back upstairs to change, putting on some sensible absorbent cotton briefs instead of the miniscule thong she had originally chosen.

As she came out of her room, she saw Chris in the hallway. He was looking very sharp and she told him so. “But dear you really need to put on a tie. I know you think an open collar is more dashing but you want to impress her mother as well. Try the tie with the stripes I like so much.” With that, she gave him a pat on the check instead of a kiss and headed down stairs to await their guests. Chris followed moments later, tie in place, to be greeted by Sue.

Sue’s eyes were twinkling as she complemented him on his choice of clothing and then she whispered in his ear, “Thank you for doing that little favor for me.”

“How the heck did you know I did anything,” inquired Chris?

“Watch the way your mom walks, see how she holds herself? Look at how her hips roll making that sexy bottom end of hers twitch. That is your mother with her finest sensual look without being too blatant. She is the epitome of a classy sophisticated woman in need.”

Just then, the only person with her hormones even remotely under control came down the stairs. Her beautiful blonde hair made up in such a way to make her both regal and stunning. Jill’s flashing blue eyes and dazzling smile once more overpowered her brother. As horny as he was he almost lifted her skirt in front of his mom and Sue. He wanted so badly to taste the beautiful blonde cunt underneath. He knew the two older women would love to watch him suck the sweet ambrosial nectar from between the tender thighs of the young goddess. Instead, he controlled himself and his aching hard-on, once again complimented her on her looks. Jill saw the look of hunger in her brother’s eye, pleased her looks had impassioned him.

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