Adventures of Fritz Ch. 02


“MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, damn” Fritz whispered as he struggled underneath his bed.

You see, earlier Fritz heard the washroom door being close with a loud click of the ancient lock. This ment that someone was in the washroom to do something private.

In the 2 flat, in Chicago where Fritz was living, the heating system was made up of hot water fed cast iron radiators.

At a young age, Fritz learned that the wall between his bedroom and the only bathroom of the home, shared the same radiator. If you laid on your belly under the bed and at the right angle you can see from his room into the washroom without being seen.

Tonight was going to be an awesome night to spy on who ever entered the washroom. His Aunt Ressie just came from Austria to visit and his parents where having a big get together with family and friends. Many wanted to see her and hear about back home. On such occasions, Fritz knew it was going to be a smorgasbord of panty dropping women.

The party was in its last hours, as Fritz laid there with a hard on, he was taking in the slow motion unveiling of his best friend’s Mom. Mrs. Sands was wearing white stretch pants with red open toed shoes. Her cantaloupe sized breasts were free from a bra and swung freely in her polka dotted sweater.

All Fritz could see, was from her shoulders down because of the angle. This was good, because the voyeured could never see his eyes. Fritz was teasingly squeezing his penis as he ogled her breasts.

Slowly rize seks hikayeleri she wiggled out of her pants to reveal her white panties. The crotch area of her panties were noticeably holding back a mass of wild hair. Mrs. Sands lowered her panties to sit on the toilet and there it was, a quick flash of her light golden brown thatched snatch.

Fritz thought that Mr.’s Sands pissed so long and so loud it would have woken him if he were sleeping. He was playing with his penis more as he watched quietly. While peeing, Mrs. Sands seem to be weighing her breasts in each hand. Slowly her nipples appeared and she seemed to be pinching them as she was still peeing.

Fritz heard that slow broken dribble sound that alerted him, that the good part was coming. He quickened his strokes so that he could cum. She was just squeezing out a few last dribbles and stood up to wipe herself off.

“Oh man, look at those moist lips” Fritz muttered

As Mrs. Sands stood up wiping herself off, she parted her thick bush to get at her pussy lips. By doing this she was flashing the pink folds of what seemed to be a rather large and well used pussy. Fritz thought that she spent more time then most, on wiping herself off.

Fritz quicken the pace on his cock, objective was to cum before she left. His fist was flying but there was no lift off.

“Damn, cum already” he muttered as the show was ending.

Before his eyes, Mrs. Sands quickly dressed, flushed the toilet and left the washroom. Fritz laid there frustrated with a hard on and no happy ending. He decided that waiting for the next victim may take awhile, but it was smorgasbord night and he had to do it.

Then he heard it, “Fritzie, Fritzie” followed by three short raps on his bedroom door.

“Oh Man” he thought as he was laying underneath his bed. He figured that someone was coming into his room soon. He had better get his ass up into his bed or his secret spot was done for.

Fritz flew into his bed, just as his aunt Rezzie was opening his bedroom door.

“Fritzie are you sleeping” whispered his aunt Rezzie

Fritzie pretended to be fast asleep as his aunt entered his room. She was in the room to get some care packages from her luggage. These gifts were to be pass out to those still at the party.

“Fritzie I have leather hozen for you” said his aunt in an even softer voice.

His aunt placed the shorts on his bed. She came to what she though was his sleeping face and gave him a good night kiss. As she leaned forward her right forearm accidentally touch his hardness. Fritz felt her quick withdrawal. Then in what seemed like eternity, he felt her hand going underneath the covers. His aunt softly grasp his penis and measured it’s hardness.

Fritz continued his soft sleep breathing, as his aunt searched for the opening to his pajama bottom. Fritz often laughed at his PJs, because where “Bugs Bunny’s” mouth was printed, he could hang his penis out of the opening.

Aunt Rezzie soon found the mouth and the carrot that dangled out of it. Fritz was still hard from watching his friends Mom as aunt Rezzie gave him a few short tugs. She rolled his foreskin up and over the head. Back and forth she went until he really got sensitive.

Aunt Rezzie was jerking him off again not caring if he was awake or sleeping as she picked up the pace. “Mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh” Fritz moaned as he neared the end to a 3 hour penis teasing night. She quickened her pace as she sensed that he was going to cum.

“Shhhhhhhhhh be good boy for auntie” she said

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK” he moaned as his penis seemed ready to burst like a water balloon. Fritz was ready to mess his pjs when he felt it.


“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yessssss” he said, as his aunt quickly placed her mouth over his penis, catching and swallowing what seemed to be a never ending orgasm.

Fritz was sweating all over, as his body felt numb. His aunt licked him clean, placed his penis back and patted it, as to say good night to it. After this weird good night kiss, she turned and left the room to join the party that was still going on.

Stunned by his good fortune, all Fritz could think about was, where was his aunt going to be sleeping and how can he get into his best friend’s mom’s pants.

Fritz closed his eyes and fell asleep, dreaming over and over on how tomorrow may be like when he visits his best friends house…

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