My eyelids slowly opened. My vision was a little blurred. I tried lifting my hands up to wipe my eyes but they were bound behind the chair I was sitting in. It was cold and I was without clothes. As my vision enhanced I saw a woman walking into the room. Once this woman got within clear view, I recognized her. It was my girlfriend, Amber.

I listened to her boots tapping on the floor as she walked my way. Amber had an amazing look to her. Dark colored hair with a purple tint wrapped around her head and I loved her piercing’s. I’ve always loved a girl with her eyebrow, lip, and tongue pierced. Who doesn’t love a girl with a tongue ring?

My eyes focused on her face as she put a cigarette between her lips and lit up. Smoke blew through her nostrils. She inhaled, her cheeks caved in as I watched the smoke drift from her soft black lips. One hand held the cigarette while the other ran down her artvin seks hikayeleri front side. Ambers fingers traced the black and red leather corset that covered her body. Our eyes met for a moment before hers shifted to my erection.

“I see someone is excited,” she said with a smile before taking another drag, then blowing a cloud of smoke into my face. “It’s good to see that you are turned on by my actions.” I shivered at the touch of her fingers lightly rubbing against my hard cock.

A moan escaped as she squeezed my member as hard as she could. Bending down, her mouth wrapped around my whole shaft. Deep throating had always excited me. Her hand grabbed my nipples, I clenched my teeth. Laughing, she pushed the chair over. I laid bound to my seat, looking up at those devilish eyes.

My eyes followed her as she positioned her vagina over my face. Confusion arose because she wasn’t putting her privates down far enough for me to enjoy the smell or taste. Drop after drop turned to streams of urine. My mind was blown as she pissed on my face. The urine ran down my neck and on my chest, dripping down my sides. It was unexpected but I found myself very excited by this.

No time was wasted, as she sat on my face. I did the best I could to tongue at her clit. Changing my speed and motions but it was difficult when I was tied down and couldn’t use my hands or fingers. She became frustrated, got up and left the room. It didn’t take long for her return.

“I want you to hold this dildo in your mouth. Hold it still and don’t you dare drop it. I WILL get off”

My mouth opened with stupid words, “What if I can’t…”

She put her boot along my neck, not hard enough to cut off my air supply but hard enough to make it difficult to receive air. “There is no question on whether you will or will not hold it successfully. You are my bitch and you do what the fuck I say”

Giving in I took the dildo in my mouth and clamped my teeth down onto the rubber base. Amber slowly slid down onto the dildo. I held as hard as I could as she started to ride the dick. I no longer knew whether I was turned on or not, I was too worried of dropping what I was to hold.

Her pussy glistened as she grew wetter. I knew it wouldn’t be long. The pace just seem to quicken more as the minutes past. My eyes could only stare at the cock penetrating her tight wet hole. I couldn’t help but wish it were me penetrating her hot wet hole.

Screaming out in pleasure I felt a drop or two of cum hit my face, right next to my mouth. Cum ran slowly down the dildo. She stood up and allowed me to lick her ejaculate from the dick. Freeing my hands her mouth formed a smile, “Feel free to use one of my porn films to get off. I think I am going to go to bed. Sweet wet dreams hun.”

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