Ann’s Fetish Search Ch. 04


Three weeks had passed since I arrived in Houston. Over that time, I had trained two interns on how to treat an older woman with respect and how to make her cum. John and Sam had many hours of being between my legs, licking and kissing my tight little pussy. I had many orgasms and my husband Steve had received quite a few videos. The sad part was I had not had sex in three weeks. I missed Steve and called him to see if he would drive down from Dallas for a romp in the hay. Steve was incredibly happy to oblige and told me he would come down after work on Friday.

My Friday nights had consisted of the two boys practicing their technique on my clit. However, this Friday was going to be different. When our shift ended on Friday, I told the boys that we would not start our training until 10 pm. I explained that there was something I needed to attend to. They agreed and said they were looking forward to seeing me.

Steve arrived about 7 pm. We immediately hopped into bed and fucked like two rabbits. He threw my ass around the room a couple times. I had numerous orgasms and he came twice in me. As 10 pm approached, I told Steve that I wanted him to hide in the bathroom attached to my bedroom and watch the boys eat my pussy. He burst out laughing. He could not believe that I was going to make them eat a cream pie from my freshly fucked hole. I explained that they both needed to learn what a pussy looks like that had been fucked properly. Steve, as usual, was game.

At 10 pm, there was a knock at the door. I was is in bed totally naked, legs spread open. I yelled for them to come in. The came to the bedroom door and nearly passed out. I was spread out on the bed waiting for them. I asked who wanted to be first and John said it would be him. I pointed to my pussy and told him to treat it right. John had learned his lesson well over the last few weeks. He slowly kissed my inner thighs and made his way to my very wet hole. John’s tongue darted into my freshly fuck pussy. Wetness filled his mouth. He backed up a bit. I looked down at him and told him that he must be doing something bartın seks hikayeleri right because I was so wet. That was the ego stroke he needed, as John quickly dove into me deeply.

The feeling of his tongue probing me made my insides contract. Soon, I felt some of Steve’s gift reaching the opening. I placed my hands on the back of his head and held his mouth to my pussy as I fed him some of my husband’s warm seed. John slurped up the juices without ever realizing he was being my little clean up boy. I let John clean me until I experienced a small clitoral orgasm, then called for Sam. As they changed places, John looked at Sam and told him that he had gotten me very wet and he was giving Sam sloppy seconds. Inside, I almost died laughing. It was John who was getting seconds.

Sam dove in with abandon. He slurped and sucked whatever John had left inside me. I made it a point to do some Kegel exercises to make sure all of Steve’s secret sauce was dripping out of me. Sam too brought out a small orgasm, but quite honestly, my clit was so sensitive, the wind would have too. Once he finished, I had them put on condoms and kneel on either side of me on the bed. I told them to start jerking and the first one to cum would get bonus points in the contest. The two of them nearly broke their cocks off trying to cum first. John was the first to explode. His body arched backwards then fell forward and his condom began to turn a milky white. Sam was not to far behind. The two of them collapsed onto the bed next to me. I turned and gave them each a small kiss and told them to leave and to make sure I got the video of them flushing their useless cum. They both agreed and left.

As soon as the door closed, Steve came out of the bathroom, rock hard. He climbed on top of me and told me that was the hottest thing he had ever witnessed. He slipped his cock deep into me and we fucked again. It took Steve quite a while to orgasm as this was his third time this evening, but it finally happened, and he immediately collapsed and feel asleep. The next morning it was all he could talk about. I had the rest of the weekend off and we both enjoyed our time together.

Monday morning, I saw the boys at the hospital and told them that one of them would get lucky on Friday night. However, I wanted each of them to abstain from cumming for the rest of the week. I told them that whoever got to have me, needed to have a really big load. They both looked at each other and smiled broadly. They asked who had won the contest and I told them it was a secret until Friday.

Friday rolled around and the boys were horny and anxious to discover who was going to receive the golden ticket. They both arrived around 7 pm. We had drinks and I slowly drew out my decision to increase the sexual tension. At about 10 pm they were both ready to explode. I took them both to the bedroom and had them undress. I told Sam to kneel on the bed by the headboard and John to kneel on the bed at the foot. I did a slow striptease for them then climbed onto the bed. I placed my head by Sam’s crotch and pointed my tight hole at John. I looked up at Sam and told him that he lost and that he would get second prize. Sam looked dejected right up until my hand took his cock. I kissed the tip of his cock softly, then let it slip into me mouth. His eyes rolled back, then closed as he let out a soft moan.

I then felt John’s hands around my waist. Within seconds, I felt the heat radiating off his hard cock against my waiting pussy. Then came a thrust. My pussy quickly swallowed his cock up to his balls with a loud slurp. Sam’s thick cock throbbed against my tongue. I darted my tongue just below the tip, causing him to squirm. Sam thrusted his hips gently as he fucked my mouth. John began to pound me harder and harder. My pussy responded by clamping down hard. He commented on how tight I was and how good I felt. Suddenly Sam’s body stiffened. I knew he was about cum, so I deep throated him and slipped my finger into his asshole. He let out a surprised howl them pumped my throat full of cum. It did not stop. Soon, I was drowning in Sam’s cum. I pulled back and bit and my mouth filled with warm goo.

The sight of Sam cumming down my throat set John off. His hands grabbed my waist and nearly crushed me. He pushed his cock as deeply as it could go inside me. He growled and shook as he pumped his seed deep into my womb. I could feel the warmth of his cum filling my belly. His week without cumming was paying off in shear volume. As he finished, I felt him thrust twice more as if to be sure I received every drop. Once they had both completed their tasks, they fell to the bed. We laid there for a while catching our breathes. I rolled over and told John that I had not cum yet and that I needed his tongue in me. He looked sheepishly at me. His horniness had left with his ejaculate. I grabbed his head by his hair and shoved it between my legs and demanded he finish the job. John did not have it in him.

Sam told him to get out of the way and dove in where John had failed. Sam expertly excited my clit until it exploded in ecstasy. As I came, I buried my pussy into him, then wrapped my legs around his neck in a death grip. Sam seemed to be fighting for his life between my legs, but I did not care, I was cumming. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw John, with his semi rigid cock in his hand slowly stroking it. Watching Sam eating me was getting him hard again. Finally, before I actually killed him, I released my grip on Sam. He fell to the bed and gasped. I told John that he had his chance and needed to stop stroking and get dressed and get out. I let Sam catch his breath, then took my panties off the nightstand. I placed them against my pussy and allowed them to get soaked. I handed then to Sam and told him that I had changed my mind, he had won the contest and my panties were his trophy. He held them to his face a drew in a long slow breath, then said he would cherish them.

Sam slid off the bed and got dressed. As he left, I heard him high five John in the living room. I locked the door behind them and hopped in the shower and let the warm water cascade over my body. I could feel John’s cum slowly sliding from inside me, down my legs. The taste of Sam lingered in my mouth. I closed my eyes and thought about my trip to Houston. My finger slipped down to my clit and began to play.

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