Auditor Tales Ch. 08


On my way to the airport I had numerous flashbacks of the weekend in the woods. My dick stirred in my pants. Only the thought of Francis’ body made my dick stand up. The taxi arrived at the terminal and I went inside to check in for my flight to Oslo, Norway. I would stay there for four weeks to execute a complete audit on the sales operations of our subsidiary. Little did I know what was ahead of me.

I arrived at the hotel late in the evening. Although the bar was still open, I could not buy a beer. No alcohol after 11.00 pm. What a joke. To me it seems I was landed on another planet. I went to my room. Laying in my bed visions of Francis flew through my mind. Her big breasts, her firm bottom, her tick thighs. I started to stroke my erect dick. I saw Francis’ legs spread open. I saw her piss flowing from her cunt, splashing on my chest. I remembered more. Francis spread her cheeks and I saw something coming from her anal opening. Suddenly the sperm flew from penis into the air. It landed on my thighs and chest. My whole body shook like mad. I could not breathe. What happened on our last night? I could not remember anymore. How that could be erased from my memory?

When I arrived at the company offices the next morning, I was welcomed by the general manager. He introduced me to his PA, Miss Anne Trondheim. After a short explanation of what my work would include he asked Anne to introduce me to the accountant. Anne asked me to follow her. We walked to the office where I met Mrs. Gertrude Bergen, the accountant. I saw a nice lady in her forties, blond hair, pale face and a curvy body. She had a firm handshake, which I like. Although I should maintain a distance we both instantly felt attracted to each other. Gertrude introduced me to her two assistants, Dina and Birte. These young women were pretty attractive. Suddenly I was aware of the fact that the four women I had met so far were very well shaped and had large breasts. I was sure I would enjoy the hours I would work with them.

On this first day I was much occupied with the initial audit work. I prepared the audit files, scheduled the work for the first week and before I knew it was already six in the afternoon. Gertrude appeared in the small office, where I was working.

“We will leave the offices in a few moments so I could give you a lift to your hotel,” she said.

“That would be great. Thank you. I file my working papers first. It won’t take a minute” I replied.

Gertrude was waiting for me at the door and I followed her to her car. I noticed she had a nice body. Shapely hips, great bottom and legs to die for. On our way to my hotel Gertrude did all the talking.

“Tomorrow we can have lunch together. You did skip lunch today, didn’t you?”

Before I could answer she said that we should have lunch together tomorrow. She continued talking and before I knew we arrived at the hotel.

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow” I said and got out from her car.

The evening was quite uneventful. I had dinner, read a book and went to bed. The next morning I had a light breakfast and took a taxi to the office. The first person I saw was Anne the PA. I wasn’t sure but it crossed my mind. Her appearance seemed to be much different than yesterday. The next one I saw was Birte. I could not believe my eyes. Her blouse did hardly cover her big breasts. She smiled at me and her eyes seemed to scream “Look at my tits. Suck my nipples. Stick your dick between my tits”. I could not be true. It had to be a dream. I am a pervert.

I went to my office to get my working papers. I had scheduled this day to discuss all the flows within this sale company with Gertrude. As I went to her office I found her as pleasant as yesterday. She was not different than the day before. So it had to be a dream. Nobody changed. However, Gertrude has bigger tits than Birte. That I was sure off. We both worked hard that morning. Lunch was very pleasant because I was sitting with four lovely ladies. That afternoon I started my audit on accounts receivables the responsibility of Birte. Her big breasts distracted me from doing all the work I had planned. Sometimes, unavoidable, I touched her breasts that made my penis stand up in my pants. I was sure Birte noticed that. At six Gertrude came into the office.

“If you can get your eyes of her breasts I’ll bring you to the hotel.”

I bilecik seks hikayeleri could not believe my ears and I followed her to the door.

“I have to go to the toilet first, you wait here or would you like to come with me?”

Again I thought I was dreaming.

“I’ll wait here” I stammered. My face became red.

“It’s up to you” Gertrude said.

The next days went by as if the wind blew these away. I worked very hard and the women were most cooperative. Late Friday afternoon I could close my files and rest a little. Gertrude came in the office and suggested to go for a drink in a bar nearby as we earned something for the hard work done. We both went out and walked to the bar. It was crowed with people.

She ordered two beers, waived her hand to somebody she knew and stood very close too me. There wasn’t much space anyway. I could feel her breasts against my chest.

“You like my tits touching you, Martin?” Gertrude could be so direct.

“Yes, I like that.”

“Do you like more things, Martin?”

“Yes I like more things”.

“Will you tell me? I tell you what I like. I like kinky things. And if I am not mistaken you like kinky stuff. Your eyes are telling me that”.

My face went red, I was so embarrassed. How could she tell that from the look of my eyes I like kinky things? But my face showed her she was right. I ordered two more beers. I didn’t want to say something. Gertrude pressed her tits firmly to my body.

“Oh, come on, you can tell me. I am not a little girl. I have been around.”

I looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Will you join me for dinner tonight”? I asked her.

“I love to; I know a nice place we can go to.”

“Fine, and what will we do after that?” I replied.

“We will go to my place” she said. Her tone was such that I could not say no.

Gertrude’s apartment was nicely decorated. With much taste I noticed. “There is white wine in the fridge. I have to go the bathroom. The beer has filled my bladder. Or do you want it”.

“I’ll have some later. I need to empty myself as well. Mind if I join you?” The words came out before I knew it.

“Sure, please do. You want to watch me while I do it, don’t you”.

She sat herself down on the toilet seat. She spread her legs and started to piss. The yellow stream came from her pussy splashing down. I lowered myself to have a better look. She took my hand and held it under the stream of piss. This exited me so much that I nearly fainted.

“Lick your hand, Martin, taste my piss. You will like it and there will be much more.”

The stream stopped and I licked the piss from my hand. Gertrude opened my pants and took out my erect dick.

“It’s your turn. Let it go. I want it over my body.”

The pressure on my bladder was enough to spurt a jet stream of piss. It hit her face. She opened her mouth to get as much piss she could swallow. She aimed the stream at her tits. Her blouse was so wet it showed her big tits.

“Stop it, Martin. Just fuck me. Don’t slow down. We will make love later. I want just a big fuck. Put your dick in my cunt.”

Gertrude laid herself on the floor and without undressing each other I shoved my dick in her pussy. She was wet with her juices, her own and my piss. Only after a few strokes she came. The spasm of her cunt muscles made my dick erupt the semen she was after.

“That was nice. You can fuck. That’s for sure. Let’s shower so we can continue later what we broke off.”

Finally I could see her body. I fucked her, pissed her wet but haven’t seen her body. She has very nice large breasts, wide hips, great bottom and awesome legs. Gertrude’s body was smashing. I just had to look at her for a few minutes. I could easily fall in love with her. I wasn’t sure if I could stand her directness but her body was worthwhile looking at.

Later on we sat on the couch sipping our white wine. We looked at each other and we knew there would be more on the menu, maybe not tonight but certainly on another day.

“Come to bed with me, Martin, I want your body next to me and to warm me up”.

The night was very pleasant. We both caressed each other. I laid my hands on her big tits, squeezed her nipples gently. Gertrude gently stroked my dick. She led it to her wet pussy and it slided in very easily. Slowly we fucked. We easily set the same pace.

It was very nice. Gertrude and I came at the same time. I felt my sperm leave my body to end up in hers. Her juices wetted my balls. We didn’t go to sleep that night. We both filled ourselves up with each others body. Finally we felt asleep. It was already morning. We could see the sun rise between the mountains.

The next two weeks I spent the nights in Gertrudes bed. We made love every single night. During the weekends she showed me the town and its surroundings. I have to say, Norway is a nice country. But on the Saturday nights we went loose. We made sure we had enough to drink because we wanted to get wet with each other piss and drink as much we could from each other fountains. I still can remember each moment. Then the last weekend came. Gertrude wanted to invite me to a special and of course kinky party.

“Don’t get frightened, Martin, but most guests are women and most of them are lesbians. So you may not have the opportunity to fuck all the women, but I am there as well as Dina and Birte. You like Birte, I know, and she likes you. You will see how see behaves on a party. Anne will join us to. It is her first time, so she will be surprised, I am sure off”.

At nine in the evening we arrived at a place just outside Oslo. I noticed that over 10 cars were already parked. So, at least 20 people should be inside. The door was opened by a gorgeous tall blond naked woman. She greeted Gertrude as a good friend and introduced herself to me as Sarah and then showed us the room where we could undress and freshen up ourselves up. Sarah said that I was one of the two males that were expected this evening. I didn’t know what to think of that but I would certainly enjoy myself.

A bit later we went to a spacious room where the bar was located. I was right. Certainly 20 or so people were inside chatting with eachother. I saw the accounting staff as well and noticed that Birte looked so lovely without clothes. As she saw Gertrude and me, she came over to us and had a look at my body. She nodded her head as an appreciation of what she saw.

“He’s cute and has a good set of tools” Birte said to Gertrude.

“I know, I played with his tools every night for the last 3 weeks” Gertrude replied.

Birte smiled and whispered something in Gertrude’s ear. Gertrude laughed and nodded her head.

“Yes, he is kinky, but we will teach him tonight what really kink is”, Gertrude said.

I saw a couple of woman sitting on a sofa, spreading their legs and just pissed in the air. Some others were rubbing their cunts while watching. So, this is what the party is about, I was thinking, stroking my erect cock while watching these women’s piss hitting the air.

Birte took my hands away and rubbed my dick over her large breasts. Oh these are so soft, I thought and came instantly. The sperm flew over her tits and Birte took my dick in her mouth, sucking until the last glob of sperm hit her throat.

“Suck my cunt, Martin, I am longing for that since you arrived. Suck my clit, lick my lips and suck up the juices I will pour into your mouth”.

In a second I was on my back lying on the floor. Birte lowered herself and I had the most perfect few of her pussy. My goodness, how beautiful she is. Before I could lick her tick wet lips a spurt of piss hit my face. Then another one and then with full force she let her piss stream leave her body. I was drowned in her piss and loved everything of it. Someone was stroking my dick. I did not want to come, I wanted more from Birte’s body. I started licking her piss wet pussy, put my tongue in her love hole. My hands were seeking her large breasts. I found her nipples, squeezed these gentle and caressed her tits. Birte was moaning of pleasure.

‘Lick my cunt, touch my tits, drink my piss’ she cried out. Another spurt of her warm piss hit my tonque. Her taste was incredible. Never tasted piss like this. I kept licking her wet pussy and then she came. She squirted her juices on to my face. Suddenly the face of Dina appeared. She started licking up the juices from my body while Gertrude was still sucking my dick. Birte moved aside to give Dina access to her lovely bottom. Dina started to suck her anus and put 3 fingers inside her. Birte kept on moaning, making sounds I didn’t understand but she liked what we were doing.

‘Dina, more fingers my love. Put it deep in my arse, until you feel the shit inside me. Martin, move aside, let’s Dina do her work. I want her to eat my shit.’

But nothing happened. It was just her way expressing her excitement. I stood up and went to the bar for a drink. On my way I saw several women making love with each other. Not many were sitting alone. A few were standing at the bar but I couldn’t see Anne or Gertrude. I sipped my beer and I felt something touching my back. Soft tits were pressing against my body.

‘Hello gorgeous, what to drink from my source’? It was Anne. I turned around and saw her lovely naked body. Her tits were marvellous, maybe not as large as Gertrude’s, but firm with big nipples. Her cunt was hairy and her ass was big.

‘I would be my first time, but seeing all these women, pissing and drinking it made my horny as hell. You will be my guinea pig. Come on and sit on that sofa. I want you to look at me while I am pissing. And I want to see you drinking my piss.’

I did what I was told to. I opened my mouth and before I knew it was filled with her tasty piss. Could I only stay with these four women, I would never be thirsty.

While she was pissing in my mouth and over my body I felt another spurt of warm piss. Gertrude was standing next to us and started to piss as well. This was the moment I needed to relieve myself. I took my penis and aimed first at Anne. My piss hit her cunt first and then her tits. Gertrude took my penis and lowered her mount over my piss stream. She drank the lot. Anne turned to Gertrude and pissed over her tits. When our streams died out we looked at each other and a warm feeling came over us. We loved each other. Soon Dine and Birte joined us. We all were wet with each others piss. We kissed and headed for the bar to fill ourselves up. The night was still young.

‘I show you around, Martin, you will see things you may not have seen before’. Gertrude said.

And so she did. I walked beside her and saw those lovely breasts I have caressed, kissed and sucked the past three weeks. My penis was erect again. Some of the women were just chatting, but others were really making out. A woman was lying on the floor while another one was pissing over her body. And there was a line of another ten, presumable waiting their turn.

‘She is their toilet slave. The only reason she is here, because she will drink the piss from all of them’, Gertrude explained.

Gertrude rubbed her pussy. The scene made her hot.

‘Can you please lick my cunt, Martin, it is itchy and I want to come’.

I went on my knees and licked her pussy as of my life was depending on it.

‘Oh yes, you’re so fucking good at licking pussy, my dear,’ Gertrude screamed.

She came instantly and if nothing had happened she took my hand and guided my to another area. Four women were sitting in sofas but their but were hanging over the edge of it. They were rubbing their pussies furiously. And than it started. One went to middle and laid herself on the floor. She raised her legs and folded herself so her knees were touching her shoulders. A few grunts and her piss left her cunt hitting her own face. She opened her mouth and started to drink her own piss. This was such an exiting few that I had to stroke my erect penis and I saw Gertrude rubbing her big breasts and wet cunt. But it was not finished. Another grunt and her anus opened. Slowly a big turd came out of her anus. The other three women were standing around her and started to piss over firm bottom and trying to hit the turd oozing out of her anus.

‘Have you ever tried this Martin or, have ever seen someone doing it?’ Gertrude asked.

‘No, I haven’t.’

‘Get it you aroused.?’

‘Yes, it does’.

‘Yes me too. Would you like to do something like this?’

‘I don’t know, Gertrude, I have to get used to the idea. I you want to do it with me, I believe I will. You are such a lovely lady and I have loved you the last three weeks, drank you piss and yes I may taste your shit as well’.

Gertrude looked me in the eyes and I looked in hers. Yes we love each other that much that we would do anything to please the other. We went back to the bar for a last drink.

‘Let’s find Anne, Dina and Birte. We can go to my place to finish where we left here, with the four of us. After that I bring you to the airport. Come back soon, Martin, we can have a great time together’.

To be continued.

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