Beholder’s Eye: SPE love blossoms Ch. 04


“Let’s move on to take the secondary sample,” I heard Dr. M say.

At that point I felt like saying something like “Please let me enjoy my after-glow.” But instantly I thought better of it, as the doctor had only expressed contempt at any signs of self-assertiveness by me. So, I kept my mouth shut.

“Doesn’t he need some time to recover?” asked M’am for me.

“He will be given a small refractory period. However, given what we know about him, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Dr. M responded.

Despite my lack of experience in this world I was being subjected to, I knew exactly what she meant. She had just congratulated M’am, my owner in our Female Lead Relationship, that she had on her hands a totally submissive male slut who loves CFnm and having his little baby dick measured by women. However, there was another component to my sexual constitution that she was later to exploit.

Dr. M turned to M’am: “Before we take a break, first things first. I think it’s time for his clitty cage.”

M’am went to her purse and produced a shiny, plastic, and pink object. It was a chastity device. Yes, I had been warned to expect a fitting. What I hadn’t expected is that it would be M’am herself that would have it on her person. She had previously assured me that such things weren’t her style and that I should just go along with her mother’s fitting as part of the program. But this was something different. Here she was literally being the bringer of the cage I was to be placed in. She took it out of her purse. Clearly, she purchased it and meant it for me. I began to think her assurances were just a trick and in fact I would remain “locked up.”

As she approached me with a gleam in her eye, I seriously began to consider that maybe she was getting pleasure from this. She walked like a confidant panther from her purse to me and then asked, “Are you ready, Wally?”

My jaw was left open again, and she squatted down and began to pull my ball sac through what felt like a ring. Still tight, it was very difficult. It took some effort and massage, but my sperm-makers slipped through finally. Then I heard a click. Dr. M approached with something in a box. The box was gold colored, ornate and festive with a small red and gold gift bow on it. I realized that these gals had planned this way in advance.

M’am looked away from me and towards her mother. I couldn’t see my owner’s face, but the good doctor’s was beaming with pride. Dr. M gave her the box with the instruction “wear it well.” Upon receiving the gift, the two ladies hugged and held each other for a moment in solemn love. Then the doctor changed the mood by rocking herself slightly from right to left and it became quite apparent that M’am almost immediately began following her lead. They were expressing excitement much like what you’d see after an announcement of upcoming nuptials. They were celebrating and began making “whoo-hoo” noises (while Maggie began to tear up herself) at the fact that M’am now owned me and my orgasms. They had bottled my manhood. They contained everything that made me a man. Well, almost everything. But still, my tiny dick and big balls belonged to M’am. Worse, my containment was to be referred to as a clitty cage. I found out later that I had qualified for very nearly the smallest size available.

“Go ahead, open it,” Dr. M said.

M’am opened the box and inside found a beautiful silver necklace containing attached a very special gift. It was a key. Thankfully, she locked me in my new cage with one that came with it, and this was a spare, so I was a little less nervous about a lost key.

M’am thanked her mother and then put the necklace on. She turned around and smiled at me. I could see her extreme joy in her smile and in her misty eyes. She walked up to me, kissed me on the forehead, and said: “You’re mine now.”

“Not quite dear,” interjected the doctor. “There should probably be a ceremony. He does have to publicly pledge his genitals to you. But we’ll discuss that later. In the meantime, I feel like a little [while holding her left thumb and index fingers close together in the international symbol of little dick] break. I have bubbly in the fridge that Mr….oh hey, have you selected a nickname for him yet? I’ve been calling him shrimpdick, but do you have one you prefer?”

“Personally”, she answered after some thought, “I really liked dietdick. Also, there’s babydick, which I’m really starting to love. But calling him that would actually be a step up…I’ve been thinking, maybe Nano-dick is the best term. What do you guys think?”

“Too clunky,” replied the doctor.

“I’m partial to babydick,” said Maggie. She continued, “But maybe something simple will do, like Tiny.”

“Hmmm…Tiny. I don’t like it. Seems like it leaves him off the hook,” M’am’s mother said.

“Babydick please.” The words escaped my mouth but I couldn’t believe I said them.

“We discussed this before, and even though I like the name, that should be reserved for special occasions like when you’re extra aroused,” M’am said. She continued, “Come to think of it, I find the current state of your…..little bitty clitty very inspiring. That’s it! Mr. Clitty! It’s too small to be a babydick, right, samsun seks hikayeleri ladies?”

After some debate, the gals decided that the name Mr. Clitty would do for now. The deciding factor was that Maggie liked it. Nobody was really cared too much what I thought at this point.

“As I was saying earlier, I have some champagne in the staff lounge, in the fridge, and some glasses. Mr. Clitty, you and Nurse Maggie can go and fetch the bottle and glasses and you can serve us before we continue your examination,” Dr. M ordered.

“Yes, Doctor!” I said with great enthusiasm. Just then, Maggie dropped another shocker.

“Oh, I forgot something! I’ve got a surprise for babydick, ahem, Mr. Clitty…got him a gift,” Maggie revealed. After saying “I’ll be right back” and pleading for the doctor’s indulgence before being granted it, she left the room — leaving me alone with M’am and Dr. M.

“Are you really that happy with this one…after all that I’ve taught you?” the doctor inquired.

“Yes, Mom. I’m not going into all the details right now. But he makes me very very happy.”

Dr. M seemed to take this response as her final answer, but then she came over to me and said “Well. You make her happy and that’s good. I wish the both of you many happy years together. But. Make sure you treat her right. One of the services I offer here is permanent chastity and making men impotent and if you don’t follow the rules right, you may end up unable to get even your diminutive member erect ever again!”

“Mother don’t scare him!” M’am screamed.

“I’m sure he’ll be a good little boy and listen to his mistress, ” Dr. M said before I asked a question.

“Do men actually pay you to have you tie them up and stuff?” I said in half panic.

“Some do, and they and put in years of service as submissives around the clock. Others desire the kind of, shall we say, medical services we are giving you today. Of course, some go even beyond that.”

I looked at her perplexed.

“Well you see, some men like to become permanent slaves. They often end up having their tiny useless needle dicks permanently locked up …” and with that Maggie came into the room. The doctor stopped and said “Ah, there you are…”

“Permanently?” I desperately asked like a frightened little boy.

“Mother, please. “

“Ok, ok, Erin,” using M’am’s real name. “But you should have told your boy here what it is we do. He can take it. Can’t you, Mr. Clitty?”

“Yes, I can…” I sheepishly replied. “Please Erin. I would like to know what generally happens.”

“Ok, I’ll tell you myself,” M’am said while walking slightly towards me and looking straight into my eyes. “This facility is dedicated to female supremacy, even more so than me. That means no one that works here is a switch. Everyone either considers themselves better than men, and their weak little dicks and vulnerable balls, or down right hates men. I’m actually on the liberal side here as I would still consider you a partner. Although I would consult you, I’d have final say in all decisions of course.

Anyway, I’ll give you an example. Last year we found out this judge who was our client, the one with the smallest dick we had ever had — that is until you came around — was here without his wife’s permission. That was a big non-no. This place is either for single men, or for men who have permission from their significant others so they can get services they can’t get from their wives. The judge’s wife found out and made a lot of problems for us. We can’t afford that kind of attention. So, we made them a deal. The judge would never cheat again, and he could keep his property and there would be no divorce. And we wouldn’t get any publicity.”

“How?” I asked.

The good doctor explained with an evil grin: “We custom made a small device, even smaller than yours actually, that is to be worn at ALL times. Of course, the overall effect of wearing the chastity cage, especially one so tight, would be to reduce the size of the penis to micro levels. It not only stops erections, it renders a man unable to pee in a urinal. They have to pee sitting down. Men’s penises wither away, and as they can no longer use them, nor stand up to pee. Many end up wearing women’s clothes permanently. It is a total loss of their manhood. The reason they’re stuck, is because we make a permanent security key that only we and the boy’s mistress have. His wife literally controls his boy bits now. She was delighted of course.”

I made an O shape with my mouth. That’s all I could do. In sheer astonishment.

“I think you’ve made your point, Mom,” was M’am’s way of ending the conversation.

At that point , Maggie approached with her gift to me (or was it to us?). She gave a bag containing tissue paper to M’am who quickly fished out what looked like really big socks.

“Stockings!” M’am said.

Maggie corrected her, “Actually, after seeing what you had picked out for Mr. Clitty’s cage, I thought I’d pick these up for him.”

Now, I had never in my life dreamt about wearing girly anything. So this wasn’t something I wanted or anticipated. But boy, did they start giggling. It was uproarious, but the doctor stopped them as it was about time they move on. So they approached me and basically helped put the stockings on. Despite the fact that I never once fantasized about this, the fact that they were dressing me turned out to be extremely erotic.

The stockings were white, and long. They reached all the way up to my thighs. On the top of each sleeve was placed one red bow, facing forward, and one facing backward. Maggie surprised us all by grabbing some red lipstick from her purse and spreading it across my lips. Finally, she took the final step of completing my humiliation by taking the red and gold gift bow from the box that had once contained M’am’s necklace and placing it right on top of my pink clitty cage.

“Perfect,” Maggie added.

“Yeah, perfect. My perfect little man,” M’am whispered.

I was then ordered to fetch the champagne, and Maggie accompanied me to show me where the staff lounge was.

I felt extremely awkward and embarrassed. Wearing the outfit somehow made me feel more exposed than being simply nude in the office after hours. I followed Maggie down the hall and she turned to the right going deeper into the complex that was Dr. M’s office. I followed her every ass wiggle and despite being caged, I admired her truly wonderful rear. I think she noticed as she looked back.

“Get in here, Clitty. Stop checking me out! Man, your eyes are burning holes in my scrubs,” she said with clearly flattered and horny abandon.

I went in and she closed the door. I faced forward looking at what seemed like a plain staff lounge. There was a fridge, a table, and counter space. There was also a much smaller table by the window.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass and hot breath on the back of my neck. My dicklet jumped a little but immediately ran into the limits of the little pink cage it had been encased in. This was an amazing feeling however. Wanting to burst out, having my ass exposed while wearing stockings up my thighs, and my little genitals encased in a micro cage, drawing attention to their diminutive size. It was almost too much to take. Then I felt something else. A pair of teeth chomp down on my left earlobe. It was amazing. This woman wanted me.

“After that description of what kind of trouble I can get into, I’m not sure what you’re doing is a good idea..” I said while turning around and looking at her, “I’d like to keep my little guy functional.”

Maggie laughed it off: “Oh don’t worry about her, this will be just between us, Babydick.”

She clearly preferred calling me that.

She broke my deer-caught-in-headlights trance to move past me to take out the champagne from the refrigerator. Then I saw her gorgeous body stretch out to open a cupboard and bring down a silver tray.

“Do us a favor and go to the last one. Open the one on top, there’s glasses there,” she said. As I moved, she commented, “Fuck yeah. Yeah, you got such a nice assssss.”

“Thank you.” I said. “It’s probably my best feature.”

she came towards me and said, “I disagree. You have the cutest little dicklet I’ve ever seen. Really nice head.”

“Thank you again,” I responded.

“Buy yeah, ….that ass…” she lingered for a lusty 5 seconds.

And with that, she insisted we shouldn’t keep the good doctor waiting and that we should get back. She quickly grabbed a bottle opener. Then she had me hold the tray and then placed three glasses on top. I noticed we were one short but at this point decided not to ask any more stupid questions. We headed back with her holding the champagne until we got to the door of the examination room. She then intelligently placed the bottle on my tray as she observed that Dr. M. wouldn’t want her to be carrying anything.

The gals were elated at our entry with M’am wolf whistling and absolutely loving my servitude in my new clitty cage. Maggie had me set the tray down and handed me the bottle opener. It was quite strange wearing white stockings with an exposed ass and chastity cage while opening a champagne bottle. But I loved the feeling as I could feel at least one pair of eyes on my ass. I served them the champagne and they engaged in conversation. They talked about Fernando, M’am’s co-worker. They talked about how he couldn’t do basic accounting tasks and that he had stupidly given sexual attention to a few ladies that hadn’t asked for it. I was kind of surprised given what I had learned about the office. As the conversation went on though, it began to dawn on me that they probably knew exactly what kind of guy he was when they hired him. In other words, this was yet another game they were playing. As I quietly watched their glasses and offered refilling them when the level of champagne got too low, and sheepishly smiled as they toasted to “Mr. Clitty” and “another locked up boy,” they hinted they would soon find a way to bring Fernando back to reality. One of female superiority, I took it.

The Dr took a break, and soon Maggie excused herself. I assumed they were going to to the powder room, so to speak. This left me alone with M’am. I didn’t wait for instructions, rather I took the glasses and placed them neatly on the tray. Then I took them over to the sink where normally medical professionals wash their hands after doing an examination. I washed out the glasses and set them aside.

“Good boy, Wally,” I heard her say.

I walked over to her and embraced her, giving her a deep passionate kiss. This did not take her by surprise, but instead she reciprocated with all her force, using one of her hands to squeeze my left ass cheek.

“You enjoying yourself?” she asked.

“Yes.” I responded. I looked down at my cage, and pointing at it asked, “But this? You said it was just a formality, right?”

“Oh, I don’t know, it looks pretty good on you, especially with that bow,” she laughed.

Drawing close and in between kisses on her cheeks, I whispered, “You serious, baby? I thought you said this wasn’t your style, and don’t you like to look at my little baby dick?”

“Yeah, I love your little clitty, your little button dick,” she whispered even softer than I had, as I embraced her neck and kissed her lips while pressing our foreheads together. “It’s just for tonight. I’ll take it off when we get home. I’m gonna want your tiny firecracker inside of me tonight after all this.”

My clitty jumped in its cage.

“Have you figured out how they’re going to get a sample from you?” asking angelically in that soft whisper, M’am was more intoxicating than ever.

“They’re going to stimulate my prostate,” I said the truth without a moment’s hesitation.

“Yes, and then…” she hesitated for one second, “Maggie is going to take your ass.”

“How?” I asked as my eyes bulged.

“Maggie is our most experienced top. She literally loves to fuck men. She has many different sized dildos and strap-ons. Don’t worry, she’ll be using the smallest one she has on you, although that’s still two inches longer than your tiny dick,” she informed me to my great shock but also excitement.

“I would have thought you’d want it first,” I said.

“She’s more experienced and she lobbied hard to be the first one to take your ass with her cock. That’s what she calls her dildos. She also reminded me that we share so much together and that I owe her big time,” she let the cat out of the bag, finally.

“She mentioned that. She came on to me too,” I admitted.

“Yes. She’s like that,” she nonchalantly said.

But before I could do anything about it, Maggie and the Dr. returned. The Dr. had a small cup in her hands that looked like a small beaker while Maggie had on a megawatt Cheshire Cat grin glued to her face.

“Ok, Mr. Clitty,” the Dr. said, “go ahead and put your arms on the exam table and bend over slightly. We’re going to examine your bussy.”

“My what?” I asked.

“Your B-U-S-S-Y. In other other words, your mancunt. Don’t worry. We are professionals.”

At this point I wish I had been given an opportunity to drink some of the wine they partook in. I was very nervous, here about to lose my butt virginity in front of my girlfriend’s mother and all.

I felt some rustling, something like a box (?) being opened and then the unmistakable sound of a latex glove snapping into place. I felt a hand once again on my ass, a bare one, gently pushing on my right ass cheek so as to separate the fleshy twin gateways to my most private spot.

“Separate your legs a little more, Wally,” Maggie sexily breathed.

She once again used her ungloved hand to push one cheek apart from the other while lowering me just enough (as I gripped the examination table for dear life) to expose my nether regions once again. Then 5 seconds later, I felt it. On my secret hole a cold and wet but gloved finger seemingly licked me. Then two fingers spread the gooey lube around and ever so lightly in. I tensed up.

“Relax, baby. Let go of any tension in your shoulders and especially your throat,” she instructed. Boy, was she good. She put me at ease and gave me great advice that worked.

As she placed a finger at the gateway of my hole, she told me to breath and relax, paying attention to relaxing my upper body. I felt a wiggle, and a spreading of copious amounts of lubricant accompanying each movement. After a moment of this flirtation I suddenly became aware of two things: Two fingers were now in my ass and a moan was escaping my mouth. I felt dirty. I also felt hot as fuck. I spread my legs just a bit more.

“Oh yeah, you want it, don’t you?” Maggie teased.

I admitted it: “Yes. YES, I do. I want you in my slut ass.” I was shocked by my own words.

Now a third fingertip came in. I became aware that the longest one of the finger trio was mostly in. Her other hand grabbed my ever-tightening balls. She squeezed them. She squeezed them REALLY tight. The feeling of being filled to the point of being slightly split open while my G-spot could feel its approaching invader — all while having my nuts mashed was incredible. I moaned. Her ungloved hand let go of my heavy nuts and went first for my stomach and then for the small of my back. She applied stabilizing pressure there and suddenly two fingers made it. My special spot had two fingers pushing up, and I almost swooned in rapturous delight. This she held. We held that position for a moment further and then she slowly but ever gently went in and out but my seemingly a micron, like a slow motion vibration. Holy shit, I thought: “This woman is owning my ass.” I knew better than to say that out loud though.

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