Bill Meets Jessica Ch. 06

Anal Dildo

After the initial mind control Jessica put me through, she further convinced or coerced me to move in. Most of my stuff ended in a warehouse excepting for some of my clothing. She is taking me deeper into submission, I’m losing the knowledge of who I am or was, her obsessive control over me makes me dependent of her and a willing subject to her whim. My likes for her make me weak and we both know it.

“You need me Alexa, you are no longer capable of living without me.” Jess said.

“Please Jess, take it easy.” I said.

“Alexa, just obey me and all will be fine, maybe some practice too.” Jess said.

“Ok fine, but I have to get back to my job.” I said.

“About that slave…” Jess said changing the way she addresses me.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“You are going to quit. From now on you are mine as my servant, maid, slave, lover, husband/wife.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, internally I´m still trying to resist but finding it harder by the day. Her work on my mind and body has put me at her feet, and even if not agreeing with her in everything I notice that I obey her always and cannot get a grip on myself to stop her or escape from her, she is too irrestible to me. I admit that she is the one, just wished I had some input into the relationship.

“Who are you?” Jess asked.

“Alexa, Bill.” I said.

“Who are you to me?” Jess asked.

“Alexa.” I said.

“To who do you belong?” Jess asked.

“To you Mistress Jessica.” I said, feeling the power she now has over me.

“What are you to me?” Jess asked.

“I’m your girlfriend/boyfriend, slave, lover.” I said.

“Good Alexa, you are learning well, you will be married as Bill and Jessica, in our intimate ceremony it will be Jessica and Alexa.” Jess said.

“Please Jess.” I said still trying to avoid the inevitable.

“Once you’ve dropped your old job, your new one will be me attending my needs, I will take care of yours also.” Jessica said.

“But?” I asked.

“I told you Alexa no whining, you are mine.” Jess said.

“Yes, you are right.” I said.

“Now phone your employer and quit, then pick up whatever you have to get from there and be back.” Jess said.

“Yes Jess.” I phoned and informed my boss that I was quitting and would be going to pick up my things today. He was disappointed with my departure.

“You will dress as Alexa, panties and bra under your Bill male clothes when you go to pick up your things. I know you are fighting it but get used to it, let yourself flow, there’s nothing you can do because you are mine, fighting me is useless.” Jess said.

She was right I no longer could go against her decisions and when I try, I just cannot disobey her, “Yes Jess.” I said.

“I love you Alexa. I will always keep my word for the outside world you are Bill, but for me Alexa.” Jess said.

“Yes you have told me more than once.” I said.

“Good my love. i’ve decided I´ll take you over to your office and then we have the rest of the afternoon off.” Jess said.

“Since I´ll be going with you, I want you sexy add a garter belt, let me choose your underwear, in time it will be easy for you to choose and wear.” Jess said.

“Yes I guess it will be that way.” I said.

“Of course it will, the more feminine I make you the more submissive you will become. Put this on.” Jess said.

“You are in a kinky mood today.” I said.

“You a right.” Jess said.

Jess enjoying herself as I put the underwear on, knowing my destination, she chose salmon like color for me, which is very feminine and very humiliating and yet I cannot go against her, just in thought I can, “Do you like it?” I asked.

“You bet I do and your destination with that on is turning me on.” Jess said.

“You know this is humiliating for me.” I said.

“Yes I know, you feel exposed bolu seks hikayeleri and I want that, it trains you to be feminine and discrete at the same time and your total submission to me.” Jess said.

“I´m not complaining, just asking why this way in order to quit my job?” I asked.

“The reason is that all the exercises to control you have to work deep into your core. Every now and then it can backfire and would like to avoid punishments with you which imply painful moments.” Jess said.

“By painful, you mean?” I asked.

“Flogging, plug your ass, put you in bondage, get you fettered, etc.” Jess said.

“But that is too much.” I said.

“Obey me and this can be skipped as punishment, but not as fun, remember I´m not letting you go, it´s too late for that. The quicker you accept that, the better life will go for you. If I have to discipline you I will, it will hurt, but I do it out of love for you.” Jess said seriously, noting that there´s no game in what was said.

“Yes Jess.” I said and finished dressing up with male clothes.

“Let´s go sexy.” Jess said, we left the house, she drove me to the office.

“Will you let me do the farewell by myself?” I asked.

“This you can.” Jess said and I got off the car and went to the office. My boss wished me well and said that if I change my mind I´ll be welcome back. If my boss only knew what I´m into now, he’d know I’d never be back. Said goodbye to everybody else and left with my belongings. I put the box in the back seat.

“You turn me on so much.” Jess said and kissed me as soon as I sat in the car.

“You are turned on alright.” I said.

“Very wet, if I had my cock with me I´d find a discrete place and fuck you.” Jess said.

“You cannot be so horny always.” I said.

“You make me horny.” Jess said with a sexy smile.

“I´ll have to start with the excuse of, darling I have a headache.” I said.

“You wish you could, remember you are my slave.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“We are going home now, you know what for…” Jess said.

“No, please not now.” I said.

“I have to work on you further, sorry darling.” Jess said.

“But, I just requested if we could avoid it now” I asked.

“You should have said, yes Jess.” Jess said.

“Yes Jess.” I said.

“You are quick fixing it, but too late, I have to take extra precautions with you.” Jess said.

“What will happen now?” I asked.

“Silence slave.” Jess said and remained in silence until we got home.

“Please.” I said.

“Get your butt into the house and get rid of your male clothes, now.” Jess said, I did quickly and remained in underwear.

“Mistress?” I asked.

“Good slave, now nude.” Jess said and I got all the underwear off as she watched me, which added to my humiliation, Jess very aware of it.

“Mistress?” I asked.

“Get the latex hood on and wait for me in the guest´s bedroom.” Jess said.

I had the hood on in no time, Jess took her time. She came over dressed in leather high thighs, gloves, latex hood and her cock. With her, the collar and cock cage.

“Slave get the cock cage on, then put the collar on so that I buckle it.” Jess said.

“Mistress.” I said as I finished and waited for her to buckle the collar, which she did.

“Now give me your hands.” Jess said and as I did she put leather cuffs on and tied ropes to them, she passed the rope over the beam and pulled them up high until I was nearly on my toes. A gag was placed in my mouth and a blindfold.

“Hm.” I said.

“I told you it could backfire and it did, I love you Alexa and you are mine.” Jess said and started to spank me softly with her leathered hand. It is even agreeable to me as my buttocks feel the leather. The soft feeling is soon replaced by a hand that starts to get harder on me until it burns.

“Hm.” I said.

“I´ve just started, I´m only warming you up dear.” Jess said. Her gloved hand is getting hard on me now.

“Ah.” I said as I feel the sting.

“I love you Alexa.” Jess said and as she did, her hand went hard on me, again and again.

“Ah, ah, ah.” I said, her gloved hand going from one cheek to the other. She then stopped. I feel my backside burning. I heard her go away and then back. She fondled me, her cock pecking my butt.

“Alexa you are going to get acquainted with the flogger.” Jess said, I tried to move when I heard that, but obviously could not.

“Ah, mm.” I said trying to yell.

“Shush, slave, not much you can do.” Jess said and I felt a thud on my cheeks. Jess took her time between strokes, moved from side to side flogging me, the last four strikes are hard on me.

“Ah, ah.” I cried every time I feel her leather extension on me.

“I love you Alexa, I know it´s painful for you, submit to me, obey me.” Jess said.

“Ah, hm.” I said with tears falling on the latex hood I have on.

“I like you too much, baby.” Jess said and I felt her lubricated cock slide into me. It´s the first time I feel her this way in a standing position. Jess fucked me hard, which I did not expect she could in this position.

“Hm.” I said as she fucks me, my prostate started giving me the feeling of her invasive tool.

“You are mine, girl, ah, ah, ah, ah.” Jess said as she had her orgasm, pumping into me.

“Hm, hm.” I said feeling her. Jess slipped out of me and left. Minutes later I´m lowered and untied by her, I stretched my arms, then the gag and blindfold is taken off me.

“Kneel and kiss my boots.” Jess said, I go to my knees still getting my mouth settled from the gag and my eyesight in place again.

“Thank you Mistress.” I said knowing that dominants even in punishment expect to be thanked as a way of loving care towards their slave even if painful.

“Good slave, that is the attitude I expect from you. Lick them.” Jess said, and I licked her boots.

“More Mistress?” I said after licking both boots.

“Gently get my cock off and lick me clean. From now on my clit is a cock to you as well.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“Even if smaller in size my cock, is far more powerful than that clit you have, do you understand girl.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress, I know you have the right to call me what you wish, sometimes when you call me girl and in certain situations I find it humiliating.” I said.

“I know dear, that is also part of your training, you have to get accustomed to feel as a female when I´m before you, nothing else but my girl, my slave. You will first have to think it, then feel it and in a couple of weeks putting panties on before me will be natural.” Jess said.

“Is there another way Mistress?” I asked.

“No, as I see and want you darling, there´s no other way. Now lick me pet.” Jess said in what I could call a loving way.

“Hm.” I said naturally as I licked her clean, until Jess was satisfied with an orgasm, which I enjoyed giving her.

“I like you nude, it makes you look a slave before me, but when dressed in female clothing it´s easier to call you Alexa, in time I will call Alexa when nude.” Jess said.

“Just as long as I´m Bill when male clothes are on, I can withstand with this change I have accepted with you.” I said.

“Good slave, go to the bathroom clean up and dress up without panties, I want my dinner prepared and served.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, cleaned and dressed up in my maid´s outfit. I set the table and got the dinner fixed.

Jess saw that I only set one place and said, “Even though my slave I do like company, so set a place for yourself, you will always have it, unless you do not behave.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I said and set the place for me and asked, “As beverage, what would you like?”

“Both wine and water, I see you set the glasses correctly, good slave.” Jess said.

“Dinner is served Mistress.” I said, Jess sat down I served her and she had a first tasting of the meal.

“Good slave, in cooking you are also an asset.” Jess said.

“Thank you Mistress.” I said and the meal went with pleasant conversation until we both finished.

“It´s dessert time.” Jess said.

“I´ll get it for you Mistress.” I said.

“I have another dessert in mind.” Jess said.

“Tell me please.” I said.

“Get under the table and eat me. Get your knee pads on.” Jess said, as soon as I did, I got under the table and found that she was nude there and got into the job, loving it.

“Yes slave, this is a very good dessert for you and me. Every orgasm you give me will be like a dessert helping.” Jess said and I munched her pussy.

“Thank you Mistress.” I answered and carried on eating her.

“Hm, yes, yes.” Jess said when her orgasm appeared. I carried on until her second dessert helping is delivered. She tapped my head.

“Yes Mistress?” I asked.

“Stop and listen.” Jess said.

“In this order I wanted done. Bring me a coffee, clean everything up, go to the bedroom and bring my leather gloves, latex gloves, my tool, condoms and lube, then place my cock in and suck me until I tell you to. You will get the gloves on yourself put a condom on my cock and lubricate it, then ask me to get up and place yourself at the head of the table, bend over requesting me to fuck you slave, better if you beg me.” Jess said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and got the coffee to her, lifted up the rest of the dinner table and cleaned up. In silence I made my way to the bedroom, getting everything, then back to her leaving everything set for the occasion.

“Come here and kiss me.” Jess said and we kissed long, deep, sensually.

“You are sexy and sensual Mistress.” I said.

“Yes, for you I am.” Jess said with a sexy smile and moved the chair out. I lifted her short leather skirt and placed her tool smoothly into her and started sucking it. Jess with her leather gloves on guided my head pushing me down her shaft. It humiliated me and again, I´m long past and far too late to change the road I got myself into as some tears appeared. Jess enjoyed the situation. Both her hands made me stop when they touched the side of my head, moving a little the wig I have on, which she fixed immediately.

“Mistress I need you inside me.” I said as she wanted me to ask.

“If you want me inside you get me ready slave, get the condom on me, this time with your mouth.” Jess said.

I got the latex gloves on and then opened the condom pack and did as she asked, which became difficult to achieve, “Sorry Mistress, it´s difficult to do.” I said.

“You are not a cock sucker yet, I´ll make you practice slave, now get it on with your hands.” Jess said.

I did pull it over her tool and lubed it, her skirt still up. I got the gloves off and with my hand got hers as asked her to get up with that motion. I bent over the table and said, “Please Mistress I need you, fuck me please make me yours.”

“You are slut I’m not sure if I should fuck you, you don´t deserve it.” Jess said.

“Please Mistress, I need you in me, your cock is wonderful, fuck me please.” I said.

“Are you sure you want to be fucked?” Jess asked.

“Yes Mistress, I need you, own me in every way, please, I feel good when you fuck me.” I said.

In complete silence Jess slid into me and started fucking me hard, it hurt at the beginning, she had a hard orgasm, then another and minutes after another, “Mm, mm, mm, ah, mm.” her body trembled and she lay on top off me still fucking me in a slower way, “I love you Alexa.” Jess said.

“I now know you do Jess.” I said.

Jess withdrew and said, “Get cleaned up and ready for bed, love.”

“Yes Jess.” I said.

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