Brazilian Hair Removal


I have had my pubic hair removed for years now. I have big growth there and for hygienic reasons, I searched a cosmetologist who does pubic hair removals for men too.

All those years went fine with this. Nothing sexual or something like that ever happened. She was very professional. After her treatment, I was always hairless downstairs nicely and quickly and almost painless.

In some of my visits, she tells me that she is going to a major surgical procedure. I am of course very sorry for her.

She tells me that although the procedure is major and it takes a long for to her recover. She is going to be just fine after that.

We have had conversations before about how few there are professionals removing pubic hair from men. So she asks me if I have any place I know where to have my hair removed when she is out of the line?

I tell her that I do not have any glue. Maybe I have to go to another town or something to find one.

She tells me that if I am okay with it she could try to ask some of her colleagues she knows doing Brazilians for women if some of them would be comfortable taking a man that she can recommend as a good client.

I say that it would be very nice and good service if she could do that.

She tells me that many women do not take men for Brazilian because they are afraid that the client might be some pervert that wants something more also.

A few days after I have a message from her where she tells me that she had agreed with some of her colleagues that she would take me. She gives me also time and an address.

I immediately send her a message back. I thank her and tell her that I will be there when it is agreed.

A few weeks later the time comes. I have had of course looked from the Streetview where the place is and how it is like immediately when she had sent me that message. It was not that far and it seemed to be cosmetologists that worked at her home.

I drive to that place and see that thing is like a have thought. The place is a nice house in a suburb. I drive my car to the yard. There are already two nice cars in that yard. A quite new Mercedes Benz and a small Ford.

There is a sign on one of the doors that says, COSMETOLOGIST.

I take that door and press the doorbell.

A nice-looking petite woman in her forties comes to open the door for me. She has a nice fitting salon shirt that shows her curves very nicely. She is quite petite like mentioned but she had all the nice curves. Wider hips, narrow waist, and nice poops. When she turns around I can see also that she has an awesome butt. She wears leather-like leggings that look very hot on her.

She smiles and welcomes me in. She that she does not usually take men to this but I have had so good recommendations that she is glad to help me the time needed.

I thank her for the help needed and she tells me that I seem to be that nice gentleman that is told.

I do not know if there is a little bit of flirt in her talk. Definitely, she is quite different than my regular cosmetologist. I hope that I have no sexual reactions because that would be embarrassing for me and for my recommender.

She shows me to the room where she works. It is attached to a lobby where I came in. It is the typical room where is all those cabins and the chair in the middle of it.

She tells me to take my pants and underwear off and she starts to heat the body sugar in the micro that she has in the room too.

That all is familiar to me so I just take my clothes off.

She adjusts the chair in a flat position and tells me to go lie on it on my back.

I do as told and lie there pending mu another knee and keeping another quite straight.

She moves to my side where I have my leg straight.

“Seems that you are trained well and assume good pose immediately,” she says with a little flirt on her voice again.

“Been sinop seks hikayeleri there and done that quite many times,” I say to her, and she laughs.

She moves my balls and penis a little and investigates from which areas I have had hair removed earlier and so on.

“So you have had hair removed from between your buttocks, perineum, and balls. Also little bit from above your penis,” she says.

“Yes, originally I went to remove hair just between my buttocks but bit by bit she has increased the area to that over the years,” I answered.

“Is that so. She did not ask you anything?” she laughs.

“I think that just happened. Hard to limit that removal to just that area. She just wanted that there was I clean line every time and if there was accidentally removed some hair from another area she fixed that to look good,” I say to her.

“That sounds likely what has happened. Why in the first place did you want to get rid of the hair between your buttocks? Usually, people want to get rid of the hair from their sex organs if they have Brazilian,” she says looking like through my eyes.

“It was mainly from hygienic reasons I think. There was so much that hair that I wanted to get rid of it,” I answer.

“Okay, that was mainly the reason. Maybe there are also others but you do not have to tell me them. At least not yet,” she says and laughs again a bit of flirting manners.

My face goes little red but I laugh with her.

She starts the hair removal. She makes it quite the same way as I have used to. She starts from my perineum lifting with her other hand little my balls away. Then she takes my balls and then she removes the hair around my penis and lefts the same amount of hair on top of it.

“Turn around,” she asks.

I turn and lie on my stomach and part my legs.

She starts the hair removal between my buttocks.

“Your buttocks are quite tightly together in this position. Rise on your hands and knees so I can work there better,” she tells me.

This is new. In my former hair removals, I have always been lying like that but I obey.

“Maybe you should also lower your head to resting on that chair. You may also arch your back and relax,” she tells me.

I move as she wants.

“That’s good. You are so cooperative. Now there is a great view,” she says with a flirting tone.

She removes the hair. She takes her time. Especially around my anus. This is taking more time than my regular visits have taken. She spreads my buttocks several times to sure that any hair has left.

“Have you had any skin problems from hair removal? This is a quite sensitive area,” she asks.

“Not so much. I think my skin has taken that good,” I say.

“Okay, I try to think what grease would fit for your skin the best. There is always needed to spread some grease right after hair removal,” she says.

I knew that. My former cosmetologists also used some grease quickly after removal.

“Are you sure you have had any feelings down here? In the certain area, this looks a bit red,” she says.

I have to admit that lately, I have had some itch on my anus but I am not comfortable telling her that.

“Maybe I have had some itch a few times there but it has passed,” I answer her with a little red on my face.

“That is quite common to have something like that in that area. It is better to be cured before it goes bad,” she says.

She look silently between my buttocks a moment. Then she slaps gently to my buttock ad says: ” Just keep right in that position. I will be back right away.

She leaves the room and I stay there waiting on my hands and knees and ass in the air. I feel a little humiliating but think that it is nice that anyone else can not see me like this.

Then she comes back saying: “Nice that we are at our home. I asked my partner to look at that.

Maybe I have some question mark in my look because she ads: “A doctor”.

Okay, that is better I think but it is still embarrassing and I do not know if I like some guy to investigate my anus.

Then I hear steps when someone is coming in.

That is not her husband. She is a woman so I do not know what kind of a partner she is but better like this. She is a little bit like Amazon. She is tall and has wide shoulders like a swimmer. She has black leather jeans on and a t-shirt that shows big pair of tits. She has strong hands like an athlete.

“Hi, I came here to look at your skin problem,” she says with a nice and little deep voice.

I can just say hi back to her and she walks behind my ass.

The cosmetologist goes on the side of me and spreads my buttocks.

The doctor watches it and says: “That had to be looked better.”

I hear that she snaps the gloves on. I see that they are black. Never seen a doctor wearing black surgical gloves. The other woman has pink ones but their hand sizes are so different that they could never use the same size gloves.

She is feeling my anus with her finger and asking if it hurts. I tell her that it doesn’t hurt and she keeps asking where exactly the inch I am having occasionally does appear?

“You can tell me. I am a doctor and this is quite common for my patients,” she says waiting for my answer.

“I think it is right in the spot where is the hole,” I answer with my red face.

“Okay, that is something that I thought it could be. The redness around your anus is not that bad. Maybe you have just been too rough with toilet paper or just used some toy in this area but I think that it does not cause itch,” she says professionally.

“Some toy?” I scream in my head.

Is she saying that she thinks I am using some dildos or buttplugs in my ass? My face is so red. I have some toys that I sometimes use but have not had used them near past.

“Anyway, always if a patient comes to me with an itch on an anal area the digital palpation is made. I will check your prostate at the same time at the same money,” she says with a laugh and she takes something from her pocket.

It seems to be lube. So she was already prepared to finger my anus when she came in with those gloves and lube.

She spreads a bit cold and slick lube with her finger to my anus. Then she puts the finger just a little in and asks if it hurts. I say to her that it does not hurt so she processes deeper and at the same time rotating her finger and investigating my anal walls.

At some point, she is knuckles deep with her finger. She rotates the finger and presses every spot.

“It does not feel that you have any hemorrhoids in here. They can cause itch too. Next, we have to look in,” she says and takes something again from her pocket.

“This is a little bigger than my finger but with this proctoscope, I can see the mucosa,” she says and lubes the scope.

The other woman spreads my cheeks again with a firm grip and the doctor pushes the scope in.

I moan a little when she does that quite quickly in one move. It is certainly bigger than her finger.

“Sorry, I was a little too enthusiastic to stick the scope in,” she says with a smirk, and the other woman laughs.

She looks in with a lamp she also had in her pockets. What else she had in them?

She rotates the scope and watches every spot.

“I think there are not any major problems. A little irritation but nothing else. I will order you some suppositories and grease to use regularly for a few weeks,” she says and takes the scope off.

I think that that is that and I can leave now.

“I promised you to check that prostate also when you are already here in that nice position,” she smirks and adds some lube to her fingers.

“Let’s check something else at the same time,” she says and rams two fingers completely in my ass.

I moan again from the surprise and stretching.

The other woman takes hold of my hips and says: ” Don’t move. Just keep calm and steady. Relax your muscles.”

I try that but her fingers are not that little. She presses with her fingertips my prostate. Almost massages it.

“I think there are two things we must consider. First, you are quite tight in here and I mean all your pelvis area. From the anus, it can be noticed quite easily. Your prostate seems also to be under quite pressure. Do you have a regular sex life? Masturbation counts too,” she asks.

I tell her that I am single and if I like to have something regular in that area it must be with myself.

They laugh at my statement.

“What I would recommend and I don’t recommend to all of my patients in a situation like this but seems that you are not that negative to all anal than men tend to be so I think the best and quickest solution for your prostate pressure is anal sex. With a toy, finger, or some others member,” she says professionally two fingers buried in my ass probing my prostate.

I do not say anything and I just listen. She wants me to have anal sex?!

“The dilation would also stretch you some and would make good for your pelvic muscles,” she says and keeps massaging my prostate.

“I think what we need for the irritation. So could you Amy bring those suppositories and grease from my upper drawer?” she asks from another woman.

She leaves us and the doctor takes her fingers out of my ass.

“Remain that position. I give you the first treatment before you leave,” she says and we wait.

While waiting, she tells me that she knows just the best therapist for me. She could tell my situation to the therapist and I just would go in and have some help.

Amy comes back with some packages and the doctor opens them. I can’t see what is in there because she is behind me.

“I put some comforting cream with a launcher first,” she says and I see her having some kind of a syringe in her hand like the one they give you vaccines but without a needle.

I feel the coolness on my anus and she starts to empty the syringe and at the same time push it in.

I feel that my ass is full of something sticky.

“This is actually a lubricant which is particularly meant to use in anal sex. While it lowers amazingly the friction it also heals and cools the mucosa,” she informs me.

“And Amy took that from her upper drawer? Did she mean bedroom? Why does she have this kind of stuff at her home?” I just wonder in my mind.

Then I can hear something ripped apart.

“Then this suppository. Put one in every night when going to sleep,” she says and I can feel something blunt at my anus.

“Always put that lube first so the suppository goes in easily although it also has lube of its own,” she informs.

She presses it in. I think that suppositories are usually quite small, but this feels big

“Be sure that it goes as far as you can push it,” she says and I feel her knuckles pressing my anus.

“Now you can rise and cover that nice hairless ass of yours,” she says with a smirk.

“Put this first on,” Amy says and gives me some tight-looking plastic pants.

I look at them wondering and she says: “That suppository and lube can make a little mess so if I would be you I would use those also at night.”

They are squeaking when I put them on and they are really tight. Both of them are looking at my efforts.

“Not that bad looking in those either,” says the doctor with a smile and Amy agrees with her.

I go red again and see that there is a little erection pressing out of those pants. They give me a smirk and I put on my clothes quickly.

I pay the hair removal and the doctor says she is in touch. I also have a new reservation for hair removal in a few weeks.

What is going to happen next here and what is going to happen in the therapy?

There is part 2 coming at some point…

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