Bunker Break Pt. 04: Conspiracy


As in the last chapter, this story contains wetting, peeing, and implicit consent watersports.

Disclaimer: All characters are of age and purely fictitious; similarities to real human beings are not intended. Any similarity is to be regarded as accidental and done without the knowledge of the author.


Laura was thrilled by her experience so far.

Her plan had always been to get into some peeing action with a stranger, and she had set out to prepare their holiday accordingly. She was pretty sure she had identified the right girl and had made sure she got plenty to drink along with herself and Gillian. She had enjoyed to watch Marianne’s rising desperation and was amazed by the long time the girl managed to hold on. When they reached the bunker, it had seemed like the perfect place to squat in privacy and take advantage of the intimacy to spy on their guide relieving herself. Playing the dungeon game was the perfect excuse to prolong their guide’s desperation by feigning ignorance of her mounting despair. The video of Gillian forcing Marianne to stay with them had culminated in a close-up wetting scene when the young girl had peed her jeans in front of them.

Totally turned on and craving for some action, Laura had considered to piss her panties in front of her companions. But the humiliated girl just wouldn’t look up and Laura needed to devise a plan for catching her attention.

She knew she had found the perfect excuse, when she glanced at the embrasure — immediately, a plan formed. Setting the spare camera on the tea box, she got up and filmed Marianne’s ongoing disgrace from a new angle, zooming in on her exposed breast, her soaking wet jeans and the puddle on the mattress between her legs — undisputable witness of her accident. Gillian was fondling the girl’s boob as she slowly approached them. Instead of calling for attention, she was going to impose herself on the girl.

Handing the cam to Gillian, she stepped right between her friend’s legs, her foot almost touching the crotch of her black leggings. Marianne had lifted her gaze and was watching Laura’s approach, she noted. Relishing in the young guide’s confusion, she straddled the girl, bringing her own crotch tentatively close to the girl’s face. Observing how Marianne looked down in shame on her own pee-drenched clothes, Laura used the occasion to lift her skirt over the girl’s head — would she cry out in shock when she realized she was less than a foot from Laura’s moist panties? Laura felt her bladder almost bursting — she was really desperate, there was no time to draw out her game.

As Gillian started a conversation with their guide, Laura tentatively relaxed her sphincter muscles. Immediately, she felt urine filtering through her urethra, filling the little space between her short labia and soaking into her panties all along her slit. Regretfully, she clenched shut and stopped the flow. The flimsy fabric of her light-blue thong couldn’t absorb much fluid… Feeling her own pee desperation and listening to her companions’ dialogue on Marianne’s humiliation turned her on. She enjoyed adding to the girl’s sorrow by pointing out that she had set the precedent for peeing in the vagabond’s place; implying her responsibility for the damage done and yet to come as they prepared to follow her example. She was so turned on, she had to touch herself! Slipping her hand into her panties, her fingers found her wet slit. Caressing herself, she slid her fingers along her groove. Gently, her middle finger disappeared between her labia as she stimulated her inside. Holding it in her vagina and pushing hard against her urethra, she released a few drops of fresh pee into her hand. Rubbing back and forth, pee and vaginal juices created a very slippery slope along her vulvar vestibule, finally covering all of her labia in goo and smearing it all over her clitoris. This felt so good! How she wished to just release the pent up pressure and pee forcefully into her hand, into her panties, feeling it gush past her clit and all over herself! Feeling close to orgasm, she withdrew her fingers.

Had Marianne been watching her? Did she realize how close to wetting herself she had come? Was the girl aware what the consequences of such an accident would be?

Unfortunately, Laura couldn’t see the victim of her game. But she knew she had left her slit ajar, parting her inner labia as she withdrew her fingers. Experience told her: her thongs would be fully see-through by now. Her vulva didn’t have any secrets to Marianne and Gillian anymore, she was completely exposed despite the fabric providing an excuse of decency. And she knew the face of the former was less than a foot from her crotch as she now squirted briefly into her panties. She felt her urethra swell and release a spurt of clear urine into her panties. She felt some of it trickling along her thighs.

Yes, Marianne had noticed it — she shrank away and cuddled against Gillian. Immediately, Laura peed again. She feared Marianne might object to being peed on and wanted gerçek seks hikayeleri to make sure she got at least one good shot on the girl before she had to retreat. She was so excited by her own naughtiness — how daring to simply pee her panties whilst straddling a stranger! Hands back in her panties, she pressed hard against her crotch, stimulating herself whilst suppressing the urge to pee. She almost came as she felt her fingers parting her labia, rubbing her nub between them. Nearing orgasm, she almost lost control of her bladder and pee squirted onto her hand.

Restraining herself, she cut off her climax and stopped the flow. Still fingering herself, she realized Marianne hadn’t said a word, just skidded down a bid. Enthused, Laura knew what she had to do.

Pulling her hands out of her panties, she let go again — freely peeing her panties for a couple of seconds. She could hear it pattering on the girl’s clothes and skin, an immense turn-on. Bending her knees slightly and lifting her heels off the ground, she brought her body closer to the wall, stretching upwards. Her panties could only be centimeters from Marianne’s face, she thought, as she peed again. The sound of her dripping urine had changed, indicating it now fell on exposed skin and no longer on fabric: She was relieving herself on her victim’s décolleté.

Stopping the flow once more, feeling the pent-up floods in her bladder yearning for release, she moved her hand into her skirt. She heard Gillian speak, pointing out her accident to Marianne with an undertone of accusation. Would the girl fall for it? Would she believe that it was her own fault that Laura was wetting herself now?

Yanking her panties aside, Laura couldn’t wait any longer. Whatever Marianne would think, Laura was decided to finish her naughty toilet all over the unsuspecting girl. Starting her piss, she felt a gush of hot urine pass her hand and splatter on the girl’s décolleté. Using her fingers to spread her labia a little more, pulling up a little and tensioning her abdomen, Laura brought her hips forward and pushed hard, knowing her jet of pee was now directed almost fully forward. On tiptoes, one knee leaning against Gillian’s breast, the other against the cold concrete wall, she stretched as far as she could. Was she peeing into the girl’s face? At the very least, Marianne was getting a thorough golden shower, Laura smiled in ecstatic bliss.

Savoring every instant of hosing down her victim, feeling her pee splash back against her thighs and calves, Laura leant against the wall with her free arm, curving her back and relishing in the pleasure of releasing the unbearable pressure on her bladder in a torrent of lightly scented pee on an unsuspecting, innocent girl. The forbidden act absolutely turned her on. This was so much better than her original plan of simply wetting her panties in front of the girl — so much naughtier!

As the last trickle of urine left her urethra, Laura ran her fingers along her slit, sliding her middle finger along the center of it as soon as the last drops had left her bladder, stimulating her clit to finally bath in an overwhelming orgasm.

Flushed with hormones, trembling, she almost fell on Marianne’s lap. Rubbing her private parts against the girl soaked in her pee, she managed to draw out her orgasm in a kind of aftershock. Hugging the weeping girl, she took some time to recover from the giant wake of pleasure before forcing herself back to reality.

It was urgent to make up an excuse and load the blame on Marianne to avoid any trouble resulting from her mischievous act. Fortunately, she was quick-witted and her machinations worked as intended on the shy, bashful, and introvert girl. ‘It might not have turned out as well,’ Laura thought, ‘had she not humiliated herself in front of us just minutes ago.’

Indeed, Marianne had been primed to accept blame and feel guilty by having lost control of her body and wetting herself in the most embarrassing accident she ever had. In her current state of mind, she was ready to accept anything to purge her shame and disgrace and recover her dignity and the esteem of her companions.

With the fine flair of a lady relishing in other women’s distress and humiliation, Laura had sensed the opportunity. Suggesting to get out of their wet clothes, she had moved quickly and stripped first Marianne off her top and bra, then herself. Whilst Gillian dealt with the remainder of the girl’s clothes, Laura had seized the opportunity to push her exposed pubic mount right into the girl’s face, labia on lips, before she settled on the — now nude — girl’s lap for more furtive pleasuring.

The girl had been so accommodating, she decided to one-up the game. After all, she knew Gillian was as desperate for a wee as the two of them had been prior to their respective accidents.

Gillian had relished undressing their guide, touching the wet fabric drenched in her and Laura’s urine. Wet garments were a huge turn-on for her and whilst she enjoyed exposing the young girl’s full body to her and Laura’s stares, she was looking forward to some solitary moments outdoors. A premature squirt left her overstressed bladder as she knelt in front of Marianne. She was bent forward like a submissive dog, pulling the girl’s jeans from under her buttocks, her own buns high in the air, legs spread to fit Marianne’s feet between her legs. ‘Doesn’t matter,’ she thought as she felt the warmth spread in her crotch, ‘my black leggings are dripping of pee already — feels like they soaked in a liter of Marianne’s and Laura’s pee.’

Taking the girl’s shoes off and sliding the jeans off her feet, Gillian observed how Laura cunningly planted her crotch in the abashed guide’s face. ‘What a wonderful pussy!’ she thought, looking up from her low vantage point to her friend’s tight bottom and cleanly shaven vulva.

Clothes removed and Laura sitting back on Marianne’s lap, Gillian turned and went upstairs to spread the clothes in the sun to dry. First she had thought about hanging them into the tree, but they would be visible from afar. Finally, she settled on spreading them on the grass around the bunker area, taking great care to make sure they were fully spread and didn’t touch the dirt.

Undoing the laces of her shoes, she felt another spasm in her lower body. She was the only one who had not yet had a chance to relieve herself. Her bladder hurt, she was almost agonizing with the need to pee. Her tight leggings pushed firmly against her belly and bladder. Yet she knew she mustn’t just give in to nature’s call and thoroughly wet her leggings as she stood out here in the sun. Laura would want to watch her pee, and they had agreed she would pee herself in front of their guide. This had been the plan from the outset: Gillian was going to have an accident. Hence the choice of black leggings — they would hide the traces of pee from the general public, like they had done before when she had one of her accidents in public, wetting herself on purpose. She clearly was a little exhibitionist and enjoyed turning on Laura with her naughty acts in plain sight. But the pressure was too much. They had waited for too long. Bent forward as she was, trying to loosen the knot in her laces, she felt another spurt fill her vulvar vestibule and soak between her labia into her leggings. Rivulets of pee were running along her legs as she desperately tried to stop the flow. The hot gush had felt good — warming up the stale wetness that was quickly getting cold despite the warm summer sun. Yet she had to stop it — she couldn’t allow urine to soak her hiking shoes, or she would risk getting sore feet on their way back. Unlikely that they would dry in the sun before they had to leave again.

Finally, the knot ceded and she opened her laces. Stepping out of her shoes, she felt naughty and consciously peed again, this time holding her hand at her gusset, rubbing the golden fluid into the fabric as soon as it left her source. How wonderful it felt to be publicly naughty, feel the hot pee run along her legs before dripping off her naked feet! Soon, she was standing in a small puddle on the hot concrete roof of the bunker. The pressure in her bladder diminished to more bearable levels. Stopping her flow and walking around in the sun for a couple minutes, she savored the feeling of warm, wet fabric on her skin. Yet only too soon it was time to get back down into the cold bunker.

The thought of the chill in the cold cavern made her shiver. No, she wasn’t going back in there with her soaking wet pants! Stripping out of her leggings, she noticed how cold her shirt was. It had been thoroughly soaked by Laura’s pee splashing from Marianne’s chin. Spreading long-shirt and leggings on the grass, she stood proudly in the open wearing only her sheer black panties and white sports-bra. Both were drenched in pee, too, but she enjoyed the wet fabric on her skin, the light breeze giving her goosebumps, her nipples standing proud. Admiring how her dark areolae shimmered through the thin bra, she decided to return inside without removing the last of her garments. She loved to show off her body a little, and was looking forward to presenting herself to their guide in this sexy outfit. She just hoped she’d get to pee soon — not knowing what turn things had taken downstairs during the last ten minutes, she was hoping for Laura to indicate how to proceed. Would she get a chance to wet herself in front of them?

When Gillian reentered the room, Laura suggested “You have been outside just now, and I wonder if the view is different above than through the window slit. Here, the embrasure frames the picture, giving a clearer focus on the far sight instead of the immediate surroundings.”

Gillian immediately understood. Laura was up to some mischief of hers. She kicked off her shoes, asserting she feared to be getting a blister. This was quickly done, since she had only slipped into them to avoid the sharp concrete chunks strewn on the stairs and in the bunker. She told her companions that her leggings needed to dry, too, since they had gotten soaked on the mattress when she was holding Marianne,; omitting mention of her voluntary solo-accident outside. Then she stepped on the mattress.

“I’ll have a look.” She commented, moving towards the two women and the embrasure.

“Please, may I step over you?” she asked, “I can’t get close enough to the window.”

As Laura released her hold on Marianne and leant back, she stepped with one foot between them such as to straddle the sitting girls, standing. Marianne instinctively retreated, lying against the wall at an angle rather than sitting upright like before: As Gillian had taken her pants off, she had been pulled away from the wall. Cuddling with Laura, being held in the older lady’s arms, she had not missed the cold wall to lean on. Moving close to the window, Gillian stood about two feet from the wall in such a position that Laura was sitting behind her, facing her butt, and Marianne was sitting in front of her, facing her pubic mount.

“You’re right — the view is much more focused here and you don’t have the bright sunlight all around you. This is the version I would paint, were I …”

She couldn’t continue to talk: Laura was tickling her in the hollow of her knees. Gillian struggled and sunk to her knees, now kneeling upright in front of Laura above Marianne’s chest. Laura was excited — her scheme was playing out fine and Marianne didn’t seem to have a clue yet. She took hold of the camera and got ready for action. She zoomed in on Gillian’s ass partly covered by black cheeky sports panties about ten centimeters above Marianne’s naked chest. She knew what was going to happen next and decided to help it a bit. Holding the camera steady and bending sideways such that Marianne could see her, she mouthed:

“Tickle her!”

Marianne wasn’t sure if she had understood right. She couldn’t ask, not even silently, as Gillian would have seen the movement of her lips. Instead, she removed her arms from between Gillian’s legs to reach up and gesture behind her back.

Laura nodded, moving her lips:

“Yes, tickle her! Go for it!”

Timidly, Marianne’s hands approached the back of Gillian’s haunches and gently tickled her skin. The woman immediately began to wince. Doing so, she moved her knees closer to Marianne’s body. Laura concentrated on the camera, rocking back and forth on Marianne’s pubic mount, stimulating her most sensitive parts whilst enjoying the anticipation of what was going to come.

Suddenly, Gillian rocked her hips back and bent over, leaning with her arms against the wall above Marianne. Only then the girl realized, what had happened: her tickling had caused Gillian to pee in her panties, a shimmer of wetness quickly growing in size along the gusset. Now pee started dripping from the black fabric, a trickle forming between it and her cleavage. She felt the warmth spread between her breasts and run along her belly, collecting in her bellybutton and running off to the sides. In shock she realized what Laura had meant, when she proposed a remedy against Gillian telling her parents: Gillian needed to pee herself in front of them! Instinctively pulling her arms up and back, she must have hit a sensitive spot in Gillian’s waist, since she felt another abrupt movement. Gillian sat up straight again and in a new burst, pee began splashing on her décolleté, a rivulet forming towards her neck and collecting by her collarbones before running off her shoulders. This was a longer spurt and Gillian seemed to have trouble stopping it.

Laura taped everything without Marianne’s knowledge — she couldn’t see the camera hidden behind Gillian. When Laura saw Marianne removing her arms, she tickled Gillian again, who was struggling with her still pressing desire to pee. She brought her hips forward to evade Laura’s touch, bending over backwards. Since her knees were placed in the girl’s armpits, this movement brought her panties right against Marianne’s chin. She gave in to the urge and send another hot stream of her collected pee through her urethra, hitting Marianne directly underneath her chin.

Marianne moved her arms up in shock, allowing Gillian’s panties to get even closer to her face. Struggling to escape from her uncomfortable position, Marianne pushed against the wall, pulling her feet towards her behind, trying to sit up. Instead, she found her bottom sliding towards her feet, helped by Laura’s pushing back against her thighs as she bend her legs and her feet finding resistance pulling against the edge of the mattress. It didn’t help that her arms — stuck in the space between Gillian’s haunches and the wall — were actually exerting a down and backward force as she tried to extricate them.

Surprised at the effect of her movement, Marianne froze again. She found herself lying flat on the mattress, her forearms above her head against the cold concrete wall, her feet on the stone floor against the edge of the mattress, her legs bend with knees high up, Laura leaning against her haunches and still sitting firmly on her lap. Gillian hadn’t moved, but instead of straddling her bosom she was now towering right above her face.

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