Can Do Ep. 09


“Harder, babe, you ain’t tryin’.”

“Any harder and I will break you. And my cock. It is difficult to keep this position.”

“Thats all you got? It’s only been two hours for fuck’s sake. Show some backbone, salope française.”

“Is this hard enough, yankee cunt who is con comme ses pieds?”

“Unngh! Fuck. Yeah, now we’re gettin’ somewhere.”

‘Somewhere’ was Zenova’s cock buried in Trinity’s ass as far as it would go. The blonde wasn’t sure what her lover had called her, but it sounded grossly offensive. She smiled. It was an upside down smile because her head was jammed on the canvas, ass in the air, legs bent forward to form a crude ‘C.’ She looked up over her breasts at Zenova, who straddled her crotch in a standing scissors.

The brunette’s cock was deep in the blonde’s ass. Her own cock was encased in Zenova’s bowels. In the middle, their pussies were joined by a thick double dildo. Cum leaked from everywhere, mixing with the sweat of exertion. Trinity was twisted up, stuffed full in both holes, licking at the semen dripping down her abs and chest to her mouth. She was getting thoroughly fucked and enjoying every second of it.

Too bad we can’t do this in a regular fight, she thought sadly. The Consortium doesn’t allow toys or appliances. Got to be all natural. Maybe I can get into this position with just cocks in asses and a good pussy mashing. Bet none of my future opponents would last very long.

Two hours was a guess. Trinity couldn’t see the sun; the pavilion doors were closed, except for the one away from the sun, facing a rickety farmhouse above the tree line. Light came from the single big bulb overhead. It might have been ten minutes; it might have been all afternoon. It didn’t matter. She’d been on top earlier, listening to Zenova chuff and wheeze as they pounded each other’s ass. It was the brunette’s idea to use the dildo. Trinity was going to give her a special sloppy blow job for that flash of brilliance. Later. Now, she was enjoying fucking and getting fucked at the same time. It wasn’t quite the same as a double pussy penetration, but it would do until they got bored and tried something else.

Zenova shuddered; she was coming again. Warm cum flowed out of Trinity’s ass and down her back. She responded with an orgasm of her own, a whole body experience that rattled her brain as well as her cock and pussy. More cum leaked from the brunette’s ass to join the stream already flowing between the blonde’s breasts.

“You done?” Trinity sniggered. “How many is that? I think I’m still ahead. I made you come two more times than you made me come.”

“Who is counting?” Zenova gasped. “It is not how many climaxes, but who is conscious afterwards. That will be me.”

“Bring it on, cunt. I got more for you, too.”


Trinity stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She should be on the floor. She should be holding an ice pack to her crotch. She should be reaching for ibuprofen to ease the aches in her twisted muscles. Instead, she felt alert, eager for more sex.

She couldn’t remember why she was in the bathroom, didn’t know when she’d come in. It was dark, the only illumination a dim flicker from a night light somewhere behind her. She saw the glow in the mirror.

Water. She’d wanted something to drink. Both bottles of wine were empty, and she wasn’t in the mood to wander downstairs to raid the wine cellar. There was a glass close by. Maybe.

Her fingers found a round cylinder. She held it up to make sure it wasn’t body lotion or baby oil, both of which they’d used earlier. The glass was mostly clear, with smears along the inside and something congealing in the bottom. She sniffed, then ran her finger down the inside and dabbed a glob on her tongue. Only afterward did she think about what it might be. It was partially dried semen. From the taste, it was a mix of hers and Zenova’s.

When did we do that?

She looked around the room, seeing towels piled on the floor in the middle of a slowly drying puddle of water. The glass shower walls were spotted with droplets and splotchy smears similar to those in the glass. The tub was empty, but wet.

Oh, yeah. We were in the tub and needed something to hold the cum from the mutual underwater blowjobs. We didn’t want it to float away as random streamers in the bubbles. The wine glasses were too far away. Zenova got this from the vanity. We got it half full and shared. Yeah. That was nice.

Trinity filled the glass without rinsing it, swirling the water to dissolve as much of the cum as possible, before draining it in a long, slow swallow. She smacked her lips, savoring the diluted taste of their combined cum on her lips.

Not quite as good as the fresh stuff. Kinda flat.

Even after the water, she felt empty, like a shell waiting to be filled. The need was insistent, pushing her out of the bathroom, towards the bed where Zenova sprawled amid rucked up sheets. The brunette lay face down, one arm and part of a leg draped sensuously over the mattress edge. Her muscular thighs and ass glistened ısparta seks hikayeleri with sweat and drying semen. Trinity looked down to see her cock erect, swaying as she walked, a growing drop of cum forming atop the slit. She grinned with evil purpose.

She’d lost count of her orgasms. They weren’t the controlled, pussy- or cock-centered climaxes. Each had been a body-wrenching, eye-crossing, jaw-clenching spasm that started at the base of her skull and in her crotch, meeting in her nipples before spreading out to her fingers and toes like an electric shock. Even her ears tingled when she came. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be able have more than one massive orgasm. She should be collapsed next her lover waiting for the world to stop spinning, fading into unconscious bliss. Yet, she and Zenova had given each other many of the climaxes, at one point coming almost constantly as the bed rocked and shuddered while they fucked like end of the world.

It was just over an hour before–she thought–when she realized what had happened: the ‘gift’ Ronja and Yelena had given them. They were enhanced, at least for this day. She told herself she should be worried. Enhancement was not something accepted on a whim. Both Zenova and the amazons had said it. Yet, she felt clear-headed and alert and aroused. Aside from not being able to remember things coherently, she was fine. There would be a price. Later. Now there was an empty pussy and mouth available for her cock. If Zenova woke up, it would be great. If not, well, the brunette had come inside her when she was passed out earlier. She could do the same.

“Hey, Zenova, do you want me in your cunt or your mouth?” No answer. “Then I get to choose. Decisions. Decisions.”


The heady aroma of sex filled the kitchen air. A drying smear of well mixed cum coated one side of the table. They’d tried to have breakfast, but the urge to fuck was too strong this morning, even after a strenuous night.

Zenova stood at the counter spooning yogurt into a large bowl as Trinity waited at the table, her finger drawing random patterns in the congealing semen. They wore their robes, mostly. The belts were gone; the fronts hung open about their breasts, exposing erect cocks. The material was stiff in places. dappled with cum, saliva, and a little blood. From the partsTrinity remembered, it had been a good afternoon and night.

Zenova sprinkled a spoonful of the aphrodisiac powder onto the yogurt. She dipped the spoon in the powder again, giving Trinity a questioning look. The blonde thought for a few seconds, then shrugged. Zenova dusted the yogurt with a second spoonful before setting the bowl on the table with two spoons.

“Is this going to mix well with whatever Ronja and Yelena gave us?” the blonde asked. She eyed the bowl with a mix of anticipation and worry.

“Unknown, ma chérie. We had the powder for breakfast yesterday and it did not seem to disagree with the enhancement. Perhaps they do not mix at all. Of course, adding more might do something unpredictable.” Zenova smiled in a way that let the blonde know she hoped unpredictable was a good thing.

Trinity reached for her spoon, feeling suddenly hungry. Before she dug into the tart mound of curdled milk, Zenova began stroking her cock–already hard–over the bowl. Seconds later, spurts of warm cum coated both powder and yogurt. It was an incredibly arousing sight. The brunette grinned wickedly, then sat in her chair, spoon in hand.

The blonde rose quickly, stroking her own raging erection to a quick orgasm, encouraged by what her lover had done. More globs of cum joined the exotic mix. For good measure, Trinity stuck the head of her cock into the bowl. The sudden chill made her shiver and Zenova laugh. The brunette sucked the creamy coating from the glans before Trinity sat again. Both women began enjoying a truly unique breakfast.

They took their time over the creamy mixture, often feeding each other. Both laughed so hard they smeared more than a little yogurt, cum, and aphrodisiac on their faces, which they licked off with exaggerated care, before doing it all again.

Bowl empty, licked clean, Trinity and Zenova washed and dried the dishes and flatware, putting everything away as if it were a perfectly normal day, and neither of them was under the influence of a powerful–maybe illegal–supplement. The word made Trinity feel more comfortable than ‘drug.’

The blonde turned to walk into the garden for either wine or a wrestling session. Zenova twisted her quickly, laying her on the table, the still-wet cum soaking into the back of her robe. Legs splayed, she hauled the brunette atop her, feeling the olive-skinned cock fill her pussy. Trinity wrapped her legs around her lover–the word came automatically now. They rocked on the kitchen table, hands in each other’s hair, tongues wrestling, Trinity’s cock rubbing deliciously against Zenova’s abs. The table creaked but didn’t give. It was made of sturdy stuff, like she and her lover, Trinity told herself with an internal grin.

Five minutes of raucous fucking brought the pair to near simultaneous climaxes. Both were sweaty. Cum leaked from the blonde’s pussy to mix with the cum from the earlier orgasms, the ones when they first got to the kitchen and Trinity fucked Zenova from behind while they were on their knees on the table.

“Wow, babe,” Trinity gasped. “You get better each time. If my dick wasn’t covered up, I’d of shot a load at least a foot in the air. As it is,” she stuck her hand between their pressed bodies, pulling it back coated with sweat and semen, “we both got a cum bath. My pussy is leaking, too.”

Zenova showed a vacant smile. Her eyes were unfocused. She backed off the table, helping Trinity stand as well. The women leaned against each other, more for the closeness than to recover. Their cocks were already rising again.

“We need to be more careful,” the brunette said. “The table is from an old farmhouse. It is strong, but not unbreakable.” She wiped up the puddles on the tabletop with a kitchen towel.

“Yeah,” Trinity agreed. She wiped the cum that dripped over the edge with the hem of her robe. “Don’t know what we tell your grandmother if she comes back to find the table duct taped together.”

“There is tape made from ducks?”

“Yeah, babe, there is.” Trinity pulled her lover’s arm. “Let’s go into the garden. There’s more room to roll around without breaking things.”


“Stop pushing. You will get me stuck.”

“Quit whining. I didn’t have any problem. And mine is bigger around than yours. Remember?”

The women lay on the double chaise in the garden, warming in the morning sun. Trinity held Zenova’s cock in a firm grip, glans pressed to the opening of a half-full bottle of white burgundy. Fat threads of semen floated in the wine. The blonde ran a thumb along the ridged underside of the pulsing cock.

“Think of it as a really tight pussy,” Trinity urged the brunette, “It wants you to wriggle your cock inside it and fill it with…”

Zenova pushed forward, mouth open. She grabbed the neck of the bottle as she came. Long spurts of cum splatted onto the white-gold of the wine, eventually subsiding to dribble along the interior of the glass in oozing rivulets.

“Not bad. I was more impressive, though. More cum, less drool on the insides, and I didn’t cross my eyes.”

“Which only means you did not have as intense an orgasm as I. You are not as potent as I. Nor as quick to recover.” Zenova’s grim mouth belied her confident words. The orgasm had affected her more than she was willing to admit.

“Whatever you say, babe. The important thing is that we have half a bottle of wine laced with cum. Take a swig.” The blonde felt a growing lassitude after her own orgasm. Maybe the enhancement is wearing off, she thought sadly. Too bad. I’d of liked to get in some serious wrestling.

Zenova swirled the bottle, turning the wine cloudy with the dissolving cum. She took a long pull at the liquid and handed back the bottle. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Trinity drained the last of the mixture, smacking her lips in exaggerated appreciation.

“Wine and cum. Wonder why nobody thought of it before,” the blonde said after a small, satisfied burp. “Gives everything a je ne c’essette kiwi. That’s French, you know.” She winked at the brunette, who laughed and pushed her onto her back in the chaise.

“Yes, I know. Your pronunciation is terrible. I will help you with your accent.” Zenova stuck her tongue down Trinity’s throat.

The women fucked languidly for a few minutes. After another orgasm each, they curled up in the chaise and slept.


A gentle breeze wafted down the long hall stretched before them, all the doors they could see were shut tight. The women were naked, cocks soft, with no signs of the strenuous sex of the past hours. The light wind ruffled their hair, which was no longer damp with sweat and cum. Hand in hand, they strolled along the hall, again reaching the end well before they expected. Two doors stood partially open on either side. The large dial atop the door they needed to open shimmered in blues and greens. An occasional flash of electric purple lit the surface like submerged lightning. Both pointers were well past three quarters on the Yes side, twisted together for half their length. Trinity sighed. Zenova laid her head on the blond’s shoulder. Neither moved for a very long time.

“Is this what it is like?” Zenova asked, breaking the silence. Her words faded quickly, as if they stood in a padded room instead of the vast open space. “Is this how it feels to be wanted? None other than Grand-mère have ever said I was wanted. This feeling is not the same. I like it.”

“You’re asking the wrong girl, babe,” Trinity answered, She chuckled, a deep, sonorous sound that filled the hall, then evaporated. “I’ve never felt wanted before, either. Not my parents. Not my sister, not really. Not even Mel, except as a way to get what she wanted. Heck, I’m not sure I ever wanted me.”

“But you feel it now?”

“Yeah. I don’t know how I ever got along without it. Without you.”

“Do you think we are done? I mean, has the enhancement worn off? It has been less than 24 hours.” Zenova looked down at her flaccid cock, infinite sadness on her face.

“You know more about it than me.” The blonde was oddly at peace; for once she had no worries. “I really wanted to tangle with you on the mat. Not punching or kicking, but just a really long, really gooey wrestling match. I’d even let you win.”

“Truly?” Zenova laughed. “I was going to let you win.”

Their cocks rose, almost painfully stiff.

Trinity slapped the brunette’s erection playfully. “You know, as long as we’re here, we should…”

She found herself pinned against the big door, the large dial looming over her head. Zenova pressed her body against the blonde, tongue probing an eager mouth, cocks rubbing. Trinity lifted her leg, propping the foot on Zenova’s thigh. She felt the long olive-skinned shaft slide into her. A whole body tremor shuddered through her; she nearly forgot to flex her Kegel muscles. The brunette groaned into her mouth, trembling in ecstasy.

“Don’t come yet,” Trinity pleaded. “Stay inside me for a while. You don’t even have to move. Fuck me slowly. Fuck me forever.” She nibbled her lover’s earlobe.

“Only if you promise to do the same to me when I am done–in an hour. Maybe two.”

They took their time, each driving the other to multiple orgasms, until they rolled in a large circle of cum on the floor.

I wish we could do this outside our heads. Trinity heaved a mental sigh. Fucking endlessly is great, but we’re only imagining it. The real thing is what I want. Another climax rippled through her, and she passed out.


Zenova held Trinity in the same modified camel clutch Yelena had used on Ronja Saturday night. The brunette’s cock was buried in the blonde’s pussy, her arms under Trinity’s armpits, reaching around to grab the sweaty chin. She licked a pale earlobe, nipping at the tender flesh.

Trinity was arched back, arms useless except to flail, which she didn’t. There was no use; they were in the middle of the ring and there was nothing to grab. She didn’t recall waking up in the chaise or getting into the ring, but it didn’t matter. Her cock was hard, cum flowed down the shaft to coat the bulge of her balls and drip onto the canvas. More cum leaked from her pussy as Zenova came yet again inside her. They’d been wrestling for a while it seemed. There were several body-sized sweat patches on the mat and more than a few splatters of cum overlaying the dried cum and blood from the day before. An orgasm shuddered through her. The brunette breathed heavily in her ear, apparently on the cusp of her own climax.

Looks like we’re not done, the blonde thought. Feels good. Kinda stretched, though. I’ll think about tapping out–after I come again.


Trinity worked her cock further into Zenova’s pussy. Her legs were wrapped around her lover from behind, spreading the sweaty, cum-soaked thighs as far as possible. The blonde held the brunettes arched back across her body, left arm stretched over the neck and under the dusky left arm. Her right hand slapped at Zenova’s upright cock, occasionally scooping up the cum from damp abs to smear it on breasts or lips. Zenova didn’t seem to mind which it was as long as Trinity used her mouth to lick it off.

She wriggled her hips to reach more of the brunette’s pussy. Zenova flexed her Kegel muscles, sending a thrill down Trinity’s spine. She didn’t come; she was getting better at holding herself back for fewer, more intense orgasms, rather than more frequent, less powerful climaxes. She looked down at her lover. Zenova’s eyes were unfocused. The selfish bitch was going to pass out rather than tap out. Trinity slapped the slack face lightly.

“Hey. Don’t do that. I need you awake. If you pass out, your pussy goes limp. Where’s the fun?”

“V…v…va te faire enculer. Salope.”

“Yeah, you, too. I’m gettin’ good at understanding that kind of French. Thing is, babe, I don’t want to fuck myself. I’m havin’ more fun fuckin’ you. Stay awake, bitch. You can tap out when you want, but if you go to sleep, I will fuck your ass with my cock and two fingers.” Trinity grinned placidly.

Zenova glared at her, but her mouth was amused. She contracted her interior muscles harder. Trinity sighed and patted the hard cock. Oh, yeah, she thought, I can do this all day.


Legs tightened around Trinity’s head briefly before relaxing. Zenova had come again, spewing warm cum between the blonde’s breasts and onto her stomach. Trinity was too busy licking at a cum-filled pussy to pay much attention. She had to concentrate because Zenova’s mouth was clamped on her own pussy, tongue deep in the wet vaginal folds, digging out as much cum as she cold reach. The women lay face to crotch–had been that way for a while, Trinity believed. Erect cocks pointed at each other, nestled between sweaty breasts. Their orgasms formed a mixed cum swamp somewhere around their navels. The blonde felt rivulets of it seep across her side as she rolled herself back on top.

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