Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 10


Warning: Contains scat scenes


Later that evening Danny was lounging around on the couch watching tv, feeling a little bored. God was it good to have a mother like his around! She walked in the living room just in time for a little fun with her son.

Dianne was in her soft cotton sweatsuit which draped off her bit titties and fat butt.

“How’s my baby? Are you ready to play some more?” she asked walking in.

“Yeah Mom, let’s play.”

She stood in front of him and turned around, offering her plump ass. Danny got on the edge of the couch and put his hands on her fat ass cheeks. Through the soft cotton material her butt seemed really squishy and unusually nice. He put his thumb on the inside of her crack and grabbed as much as he could, spreading her cheeks, but there was just too much ass for his hands. He slid down to the floor and sat between his mother’s standing legs, then arched his head back and began to rub his face in between her enormous bottom.

Dianne had pulled her shirt up just over the top of her mammoth breasts. She stood there fondling her big nipples as her son worked his nose deeper in her butt crack.

Danny was rhythmically moving his face around in her soft tushy when her butt gurgled a hot stinky rush of gas that went right in his face.

“Oh honey, I’ve got bad gas and I have to fart a lot.”

“Ooo, Mom, I love it.”

She felt his mouth munch deep in her assfat trying to get at her anus. She leaned back into him, pressing on his face.

“You’re so good to me, you’ll put up with your Mommy’s stinky farts.”

She felt him squeeze her cheeks together. “Okay Mom, lets see what kind of noises we can get you to make.”

“Okay, here goes.”

Her fat ass burbled out a long flubbery noise. Dianne grunted again, “Huhhh!” and pushed out another burst of gas in her son’s face.

Danny pulled down his mom’s sweatpants just so her tear dropped lard ass spilled out over the elastic waist band. He looked and marveled at this disgustingly gigantic rear end that was his play toy. He kissed his mother’s smooth naked flesh all over her round bum.

He dug his hands into her deep crack and spread her ass to see her wrinkled poop hole. He stuck out his tongue and flicked her stink hole a few times, wondering when it would go next. “Pfffff” was the sound it made as he licked it.

Dianne bent over with her hands on her knees so her son could get at her rear more easily.

“That’s right. Lick Mommy’s dirty little shitter. Suck my asshole baby, yes.”

Danny was holding her ass apart burdur seks hikayeleri and managed to put his lips over her crapper and tried to blow air up her butt. Feeling this Dianne pushed on her anus and dumped a nice fart directly into her son’s open mouth. Danny loved the feeling of his mom’s puckering butthole and hot gas in his mouth. He worked his tongue in her loosening shitter and then blew as much air as he could up her ass.

“Fill me up baby, don’t stop.”

Danny inhaled and put his mouth back on her anus and blew in another lungful of air. It was like he was blowing up a mattress, the way he inhaled and blew out repeatedly. Now she was really full of gas for her son.

Dianne arched her back and pushed her butt out obscenely for her ass worshipping son.

“Here it comes darling. Get ready, put your mouth on my fart hole.”

When Danny cupped his lips around her sphincter she loosened her hole and unloaded a big wind of gas in Danny’s mouth. He couldn’t swallow it all and just looked at his mom’s pulsating, puckering sphincter talk.

“Yeah Mom, that’s awesome. Keep working your shit hole like that, I love the way it moves.”

Dianne pushed and pulled at her anus for her son, expanding it and contracting her wonderful crap ring.

“You love my butt hole, don’t you? Tell me you love Mommy’s shit pipe!”

“Mommy, I love your shit pipe, I really do!”

“I know baby. I love that you love it.”

She stood up, turned around and knelt in front of him of the floor, her sweats partway down and top partway up over her wide jugs.

They embraced on their knees and sloppily licked each other’s mouths and faces. She pulled his shirt off and pressed her heavy boobs into his soft bare chest.

“Do you want to put your big cock up my butt? Do you want to jack off in my asshole?”

“Oh Mom, yes I want to fuck your ass. Are you ready to get your butt stuffed?”

“Oh yes honey, I want you to go to town on my bottom. First I want you to tongue fuck it, then you can slide that big handsome pole up my ass. C’mon honey.”

She got up and got on the couch. She leaned back and pulled off her sweatpants, but her huge melons were still hanging out from underneath her shirt.

Dianne brought her knees to her chest and held her hands on her fat ass, speading it wide for her son.

“Get in there and suck my bottom. Eat my ass baby.”

Danny loved seeing his mother in this position. She was all ass, tits and anus. He took a few fat doggie licks on her bud and worked his long tongue in circles around her sphincter.

“Oh, I love the way you touch Mommy’s anus, yessss.”

Danny loved feeding from his Mother’s shit dumper. He pointed his tongue and pushed against her wet hole. It wasn’t hard to sink his tongue in, and he loved the smooth texture inside her bum.

It was an obscene sight. Dianne looked between her legs watching her son tongue fuck her nasty ass. He dug his tongue as deep as he could in her rear and Dianne kept pushing open her butthole. She was panting and let out another fart in her son’s face, this time with his tongue up her rear. Danny cupped her anus with his mouth again and blew some air up in her. Then with his tongue back inside she farted on him some more.

He looked up into his mother’s sweet eyes and they smiled wonderfully at each other as he was bobbing his whole head to rhythmically tongue-fuck his Mother’s butt.

“Fuck it, fuck it baby,” she said in an oddly clear tone.

Danny noticed his mother’s giant clit was standing straight up out of her large labia folds. He put his fingers on it and stroked it like a little penis, still working his tongue in and out of her crap pipe.

“Will you suck Mommy’s big clit baby? Suck Mommy’s dick?”

Danny loved her big clit and took it into his mouth. He pressed his tongue on its underside and wrapped his lips around it and bobbed his head just like it was a cock. He plunged a finger in each of her holes and plugged away at her like this for some time.

Dianne’s moaning reached a crescendo and she came really hard in her son’s face. Streams of liquid gushed out on his chin and fingers.

Her ass was dripping wet now and he looked at the spectacle of his horned up mother’s exposed vagina and shitter, big tits and wonderful loving face with the nasty expression, holding her legs back to her chest.

He took two fingers and easily slid them up her wet rectum. He pulled them out, admired her gaping ring, and pushed them back in. He repeated this a few times with three fingers, his mother grunting.

“Stuff my butt. Shove your cock in me!”

Danny stood up to pull off his pants, his thick dong springing out. He got back on his knees and pushed his fat dickhead right up against his mom’s anus.

He pushed and her anal ring let in his tip. Then he felt a tight squeeze and saw his mother smiling at him. She had her mouth open and curled down in an obscene anal grunt type of way, but was somehow smiling watching her son’s thick meat work its way in her rear.

As he sank his meat a few more inches she squeezed it real tight again with her shit ring. He pulled out and looked at her gape, then plunged back in deeper. He went in and out of his mother’s juicy bottom this way for a couple minutes.

They stared at each other ecstatically in the eyes as he plunged her shit pipe real good, thick, and balls deep. He picked up the pace until his big balls were slapping against her ass.

“Fuck it good honey! Pump my ass full of your jizz sweetheart. Can you come for Mommy? Cum up my asshole baby!”

Danny was pinning his mother down with his hand on her thighs, spreading her open and fucking her fat ass real good. When she started asking him to come, this sent him over the edge and he unloaded his cum shot after shot deep in her bowels.

He collapsed on the floor watching her gaping ass flex and pucker.

“Are you gonna eat your cum out of my ass?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Oh yes baby, do it for Mommy.”

He stuck face right by her ass again and she pushed real hard exposing her pink butt insides. Then there was a little farting noise, her grunt, a little splatter on his mouth, and his semen came running and splattering out of her butt.

“Ooo, eat it sweetheart. Eat your cum from Mommy’s ass.”

He stuck out his tongue and licked the cum gushing out, running along her skin. He slurped up his cum and stuck his tongue up her butt. He put in two fingers to clean her out more, but two fingers wasn’t enough.

Dianne watched her son finger her butt, as he now was twisting four fingers in and out of her poop tube.

“Do you want to fist me? Do you want to fist my bottom?”

“Yes Mom, I’m going to get my whole hand up your butt.”

“Yes! Oh Yes!”

He worked five fingers in up to his knuckles and Dianne was grunting and pushing. Her ass was wonderful as it took in his whole hand, even past his knuckles. Now he had his hand in his mother’s warm rectum so that even his wrist was deep in her sphincter. His hand twisted and moved up her butt and he was able to pull it in and out a few times with a little brown on it. He continued to fist his mother’s ass, twisting his hand inside her, and they both moaned in anal ecstasy.

He could feel some logs he packed up her shit pipe and now they must be ready to come out.

“Are you going to shit for me Mom? Here, your sweats are on the floor, so you can just unload on those.”

“Thank you baby, yes I’m ready to shit now. Watch me darling.”

He spread her ass and waited as her puckering sphincter finally let out a few messy turds which dropped onto her sweats on the floor. Danny cleaned her bottom out with his fingers and licked the shit off her butt so that she was good and clean.

They were both very much in love and feeling happy and satisfied with their butt fun.

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